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Knowledge is power, and everyone knows that. However, sometimes, learning at school is so dull! Forget about boring lessons with our incredible ideas that help to study faster and easier and also bring a lot of fun! With our cool ideas, you can try a lot of physical and chemical science tricks and learn a plenty of new things. You'll find out that science can actually be fun and it may also surprise anyone.
The first batch of quick science experiments for kids is literally mind-blowing! Check out that PVA glua and paint hack! It's so stunning. Another awesome idea is marker spider races - who will win in this magic game?
If you want to run your own magic science show, you better learn the following trick - take a large flat dish of milk, add some drops of different food colors and put a cotton ball soaked in dishwashing soap into the middle. Enjoy your own amazing firework of color!
I hope that now you see that you don't need anything special to do magic tricks. Sometimes, it can be just paper or water. Check out our cool water and oil tricks and surprise all you friends with your skills. For this craft, you'll also need some food coloring and aspirin. Pour some oil into a transparent glass jar, add up water and coloring, throw a pill, and enjoy a colorful geyser!
Check out that awesome sugar and soda trick! Be careful with fire and ask your parents to help you with it.
Surprise your friends and family with awesome (but a bit messy) chemistry hacks. For the most impressive one, you'll need potassium permanganate, liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide. Mix them all together, add hydrogen peroxide last, and behold the magic!
There are more awesome crafts in this video, don't forget to tell us which craft you liked most of all.
00:58 - Orbeez trick
01:32 - Spider race
03:57 - Aspirin trick
11:27 - Cool physical tricks
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Oct 3, 2018




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5-Minute Crafts KIDS
5-Minute Crafts KIDS 11 months ago
*_7:31_* That was ... fun 😄
Weird Monster
Weird Monster 3 days ago
I got an add right then =_=
Gayaraa The Weirdo
Phước Bạch Ngọc Secoth Secondth ???
lyka cute
lyka cute 16 days ago
Yassshh its great!
SibZ TV 26 days ago
But its fake its edit :P
Jyoti Kukreja
Jyoti Kukreja 10 hours ago
2nd hack is not true
Zoey Villanueva
Zoey Villanueva
zheng yi
zheng yi 2 days ago
The glue ink looks like black frost
Mai Laus
Mai Laus 2 days ago
“Kid friendly experiments” 1:55
Rainbow Kpop
Rainbow Kpop 4 days ago
I did the glue + ink
Soni GIll
Soni GIll 4 days ago
Using a wine bottle A knife Somebody is probably vaping This is totally “kid friendly” 👍🏼
xXWinter PlayzXx
xXWinter PlayzXx 5 days ago
The purple thing that came out usinh hydrogen peroxide is called: Elephant Toothpaste
Jermelyn Diones
Jermelyn Diones 5 days ago
Fire one scary and cool
Lunar Plays
Lunar Plays 6 days ago
Tbh sometimes these experiments are not for kids.
MoonStar Gacha
MoonStar Gacha 7 days ago
Me when I see the sledgehammer thingy: Whoa there buddy we don’t have to go that far
ItzCrazy Edits
ItzCrazy Edits 7 days ago
7:13 May I ask where kids are going to get those chemicals OwO
Ryan Jay Pumihic
Ryan Jay Pumihic 7 days ago
Kid friendly plays with fire
Vani Srivastava
Vani Srivastava 8 days ago
How is that soap experiment done
Narendra Kumar
Narendra Kumar 13 days ago
Magical Thought
Magical Thought 17 days ago
Who all see video and read the comments 😊😊😎😎
Magical Thought
Magical Thought 17 days ago
Who all only see this experiments didn't do,will be same as me
James_YT Santiago
James_YT Santiago 17 days ago
GUSTAVO666BR Error1010010101010
3:36 how to make a portal to the 4th dimension
I am Greg
I am Greg 23 days ago
My question is how much wine does 5 min craft drink
Yelløw_Sunsėt Pøtãtø
Last time i got ink in my mouth the doctors came over it was not pretty.
Annie Froberg
Annie Froberg 26 days ago
This video is soo creative I kind of wish my school did experiments like that
Sario Armamento
Sario Armamento 26 days ago
Wow science
Stephanie Games
Stephanie Games 29 days ago
Guys we don’t need fire extinguishers we needs spoons to put out fires from now on!
ice eslabra
ice eslabra 29 days ago
None of the 4 exps are fake
JA CA Month ago
Kid smoke?
Mohmmad Khan
Mohmmad Khan Month ago
You are chiting of sara BEAUTY corner
NitroTiger Yt
NitroTiger Yt Month ago
🙋 this is Jarvis Johnson, he found out this channel is fake. Go sub to him at Jarvis Johnson
XXdogqueenXX Dogs
1: I woke up 2: I went outside 3: I found my dog that should have been at heaven 4: I cried in happiness and took her home
Sharlese Jones
Sharlese Jones Month ago
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Sue Lan Lyew
Sue Lan Lyew Month ago
Everyone knows about the starch and water one right?... ;^;
Printology ink
Printology ink Month ago
Title:12 KID FRIENDLY SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS 2:38 man uses vape - _ -
Shivangni Dubey
Shivangni Dubey Month ago
5:57 its reverse
Gacha- Blueberry
OH yeah... NONE OF US have seen ooblek...
Amisha Singashni
Now how can i get that egg back out of the bottle
Catherine Spakousky
Title: Kid friendly science experiments Me: Ok soo kids using matches and knives is safe?😂
Joseph Eluekunnel
So kid friendly the thumbnail has an eye on it
Plebbygames Month ago
*"Kid friendly!"* **Gets lighten candle and wine**
Valeria Sanchez
Valeria Sanchez Month ago
No way! They did their own clickbait this time!
Lam Anh Tran
Lam Anh Tran Month ago
0:46 it is like Earth with a bunch of trees growing out from it.m
Tracie Badiang
Tracie Badiang Month ago
What what thing did you use!? The spider thing didn’t work
Meera The Unicorn
At 7:51 I was scared
Mimi K
Mimi K Month ago
6:51 the next monster in stranger things
Zach Playz
Zach Playz Month ago
The demogorgon is better.
Fathima Rani
Fathima Rani Month ago
Water and asprin is fake
magnolia. Month ago
0:39 I mean, as long as you don't stain your mom's *gUcCi tEa tAbLe* then yes, this is indeed kid friendly
Atom Lara
Atom Lara Month ago
Fraud Fraud Fraud Fraud
*Gacha Madison*
*Gacha Madison* Month ago
1:55 yup kid friendly play with fire children
R3P3R Flamezz
R3P3R Flamezz Month ago
2:31 Very Kid Friendly
Gummy Truwu
Gummy Truwu Month ago
0:19 witch craft??
I Draw And Stuff.
9:50 is that obbleck? ( sorry if I spelt it wrong.)
Rajan Dhillon
Rajan Dhillon Month ago
It isn't science 😂😂😂😂🤣
Priyanshu Saraf
Priyanshu Saraf Month ago
after watching this video,i got to know that water is green in color
Kashish वर्मा
Which experiment is fake
Tanishq Singh
Tanishq Singh Month ago
Read more
suza erizan
suza erizan Month ago
Mancis one and canddle
suza erizan
suza erizan Month ago
And the sand
Nhân Huỳnh
Nhân Huỳnh Month ago
What is music 9:35?
Mateusz Kamza
Mateusz Kamza Month ago
HOMEMADE OOBLECK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Cheska Genosas
Cheska Genosas 2 months ago
It was kinda annoying when the first experiment was always replaying
GD MewPinkCat
GD MewPinkCat 2 months ago
6:51 WOAH
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