12 Best Spy Hacks You Should Know

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Want to follow your boyfriend? Then our 12 life hacks for spies is exactly what you need!
Supplies and tools:
• TV remote control
• Phone
• Photograph
• Airpods
• Notebooks
• Pens
• Hands gel
• Book
• Powder
• Brushes
• Cup
• Mug
• Balloon
• Scissors
• Key
• Scotch tape
• Marker
• Soda can
• Box cutter
• Manicure scissors
• Dough
• Gelatin
• Mug
• Burger
• Tampon
• USB-drive
• Hot gun
• Laptop
• Shadows
• Dark clothes
• Paints
• Palette
• Drawing brushes
• Soft toys
• Hidden camera
• Thread and needle
• Framed portrait
• Fake moustache
• Makeup
• Hat
• Man’s costume
• Man’s coat
• Black sunglasses
• Fake beard
• Lamp
• Scotch tape
• Badge
• Balloons
• Gift box
• Ring
• Writing board
• Pictures from social media
• Marker.
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May 13, 2020




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Comments 80
Sinola Rajaram
Sinola Rajaram 5 hours ago
I love the spy hacks
Laura Arqueto
Laura Arqueto 7 hours ago
Trom Trom you ar amazing and soo coool🤗😉😋
Daniel Albarenga
Daniel Albarenga 8 hours ago
OMG you do great thing
Saman Effendi
Saman Effendi 10 hours ago
Ok LoL
The Destroyed
The Destroyed 11 hours ago
That burger is fake af
Robyn Davis
Robyn Davis 11 hours ago
Yes totally if you think your man is cheating on you...TAKE HIM HOSTAGE AND BLIND HIM TILL HE MAGICALLY TALKS WITH TAPE ON HIS MOUTH!
maria de los angeles medrano castillo
Sechama. Sara
Rebeka Yesmin
Rebeka Yesmin 12 hours ago
IT,S. Badly. Ew
joshua H
joshua H 12 hours ago
Why is this so stupid??
Melanie Ramirez-Escalante
Did any one realize the Loui Vuitton bed in the stuffed animal part??
Lizett Rivera
Lizett Rivera 15 hours ago
I’m just trying to figure it all up I will see if you have a good time to talk about the next week and I’ll let him have it tomorrow night I can come and pick it out tomorrow
Joqii 25
Joqii 25 15 hours ago
6:52 you could Also use sms
your best friend
your best friend 18 hours ago
Nobody: Not your dog: Not your mom: Not even your dad: Stalkers: 👁👅👁
Naveed Rehmat
Naveed Rehmat 18 hours ago
I would love to spy on my sister with the toy life hack
Anthonella Quintero
Anthonella Quintero 18 hours ago
Am 21
Alex Hotchkiss
Alex Hotchkiss 21 hour ago
Swati Melinkeri
Swati Melinkeri 23 hours ago
I really like these ideas. Yes, I would love to be a spy.
Chris Meek
Chris Meek Day ago
Does the mug have to have water in it because I’m going to use it on my boyfriend! 😝
rinami chan
rinami chan Day ago
Omg the end? LIKE WOW ITS JUST A SUPRISE. im not even happy, not suprised.
Badee Thienthong
is this channel for 8yr or 30yr?, im not quite sure, but the one thing im sure of is that, if my wife or gf spy on me like this, i would breakup or divorce them, regardless of if i cheated or not.
DarkMaster Squad
Who's Jumpscare at 4:48
Bob stom
Bob stom Day ago
4:51 you can obviously see her
Olivia Phillips
Asks for water the dude blows on the water😂😂😂
Lintang Johar Kismunaryo
Yes i want to be private investigation
Movies Art
Movies Art Day ago
Destinie Cervantes
So useful
Emily Arnold
Emily Arnold Day ago
Cool. Hake 🦄🦄
Jonathan Jusay
The airpod might fall out of his hood hahahaha
Jonathan Jusay
And ur wasting the paint and the person is not camoflage
La Cocina Inc
8:56 who writes stuff down when they watch something and write it in a note book
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Day ago
Girl 1:Paint me like this wall Girl 2:okay DO YOU NOT ASK?
Venetian Day Spas
The wall thing dose not work
jessi santos
jessi santos Day ago
My dad would do all of these things 🙁
MiChEAl hAs bEeN acTiNg sUsPiCiOuS lAtElY Me: girl u just have trust issues.
Mason Shipton
Fuck this
How he supposed to tell you there’s tape on his mouth -_-
ishmael mensah
Use Romanhackers,tech for your best spy and spouse solution.
Beautiful Life
Romanhackers,tech has solution to your cheating spouse.
Olaoluwa Imoleayo
Wow I’m glad Romanhackers,tech got my wife tracked.
Reid Romario
Reid Romario Day ago
I accessed multiple device through romanhackers,tech
matt becky
matt becky Day ago
Romanhackers,tech helped me to track my husband location.
Dorcas 62
Dorcas 62 Day ago
I was able to go through my wife texts thanks to romanhackers,tech
Alok Singh
Alok Singh Day ago
Romanhackers,tech✅ thanks for the spouse.
Kemicihola Debora
Romanhackers,tech is the best website for your spouse hack.
kailin lin
kailin lin Day ago
Romanhackers,tech is the best on this platform.
Micon James
Micon James Day ago
Try romanhackers,tech they are the best.
Sharif dahir
Sharif dahir Day ago
Hala’s Diaries
Actually 3:52
Hala’s Diaries
3:55 she keeps saying duct tape instead of clear tape
Michelle Domingo
Why hello kitty!?
Vivian Martin
You can start with a professional spy agency 😂😂😂😂😂 wow just wow
Ava Michalski
who needs these hacks?
NinjaBoi 27
NinjaBoi 27 Day ago
Who is the hack is boyfriend
Fortnitepro JM
Finster2288 Day ago
Michael (boyfriend) : There definitely isn’t an outline of a human, with the wrong colour bricks inside it. I must have been imagining things.
*hotslut.ru?v=9hM3MZoB7Fg* 1:02
李松 Day ago
f男人拉拉拉拉拉拉阿拉拉拉拉喽什么人,还有Siri请走开你写的笨了,笨呢呢呢哎呀Siri Siri能完美的小姐,等于几甜蜜突突突。
XxGerald playsxX
kj kj
kj kj 2 days ago
Delete your channel
Maryel defeo Defeo
I the app tik tok in 6:46
Nate Chappelow
Nate Chappelow 2 days ago
She had the key when she was colouring it so then why didn’t she just use the key
PRIMAN .P 2 days ago
ı һıɢһʟʏ яєċօʍʍєňԀ hackerkelly01 ØΠ !ɢ
khoriah abd karim
Axusi QwQ
Axusi QwQ 2 days ago
4:53 On ma 10 IQ jak jej nie widzi xd
Suyapa Barrera
Suyapa Barrera 2 days ago
I think I will do that to my husband
Suyapa Barrera
Suyapa Barrera 2 days ago
Haha jk I’m a little girl lol
Evelyn Tereza
Evelyn Tereza 2 days ago
That is a toxic relationship
Reneelyn Anne Del Fonso
Yyjihuhjhyhyfhuguhguhuhni Gi
Aikka Louise
Aikka Louise 2 days ago
yes wi like it
Maiia C.
Maiia C. 2 days ago
4:40... smh
Stinky Face
Stinky Face 2 days ago
Rudy Schorea
Rudy Schorea 2 days ago
the key did not work
Brandi Schneider
Brandi Schneider 2 days ago
Oh my god like he cant see your hair
Lin zhidan
Lin zhidan 2 days ago
I love love love love love love love love love love love love Troom troom 🤩🤯💖👍
Miriam Puente
Miriam Puente 2 days ago
Hkxd,f ghgliusdzmou dslf h dsoai He jlosdzf hrs oisnerutnbuoeisrhgbusirlshgdfuposghfdlijsbdfhfsdiljhoiudsfh fvhnvuieorsbbthdfsuil ghdfzilughfdilsughzdfuklvhssfulivub
Foe K
Foe K 2 days ago
12 best ways to end ur relationship when u get caught
anna hanna
anna hanna 2 days ago
it will arrest you you Have attacked to pirvacy
Zein Ghazzawi
Zein Ghazzawi 2 days ago
The brick wall trick and the mustache tricks are terrible
Nini Ramirez
Nini Ramirez 2 days ago
💍👑🥰🦄 R g
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