11 Life Saving DIY Hacks for Summer! Life Hacks, Crafts, Pranks and More

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Looking forward to getting a tan? Look no further with our new sunscreen patch of summer hacks!
Learn how to fix up your inflatable pool ring or create a completely new noodle floater instead. Discover how to design a towel cloak, prank your besties with sunscreen tattoos, and make homemade ice cream. Stay tuned for all that and much more!
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00:04 Pool Noodle Floater
00:54 Easy Inflatable Pool Ring Fix
01:44 Beach Towel Cloak Redesign
02:58 Smiley Sunscreen Tan Prank
04:05 Homemade Coffee Icecream
04:53 Bicycle Soda Opener
05:09 DIY Watermelon Coaster
06:27 Water Balloon Refreshment
07:34 Take Photos From Distance
08:13 Custom Logo Paint Outline
09:28 Zoom in Photos with Magnifying Glass
10:03 Thorn Leggings Fix
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Jul 24, 2019




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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda 6 months ago
Hey, Summer Pandas! 🐼✈🏔️ Not sure about you, but I'm pretty much spending most of my time in the pool!🍹😎☂️ Stay away from sunburns with my new set of summer hacks! 🌊🏊‍♂️ Let me know which of these beach crafts you’ll be trying out next?! 🍧🏄🌞 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much Love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.s. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: ruvid.net/video/video-L-Te1Yo8yAw.html
Susi Sanathi
Susi Sanathi 16 days ago
I love your videos 💋😜💓🍒
Ivo Kohout
Ivo Kohout 16 days ago
Rcvvvnn !%@!!!÷!.!$! SIADYD .. . ...L4ZKpppp
Dinka Iseni
Dinka Iseni 18 days ago
Nasir M
Nasir M 27 days ago
Alfa Agustin
Alfa Agustin Month ago
Crafty Panda tempek tempek
Canal da Dudinha
❤me manda um coracao
HaisaEnie 2 days ago
I like jacob and emely💝💓😚👍🤝♥️💌
Neyalisson Ferreira
Hi friends Emilly e Jéssica
Aiminath Maaisha
Aiminath Maaisha 16 days ago
some coke fell me :🤣🤣🤣 feel bad for you the girl: 😰😰😨😨😟😓my coke spilled maked thing everyone that iam happy but sad so i Will become rich
Ferlyn felicia lee
Mari Mdinaradze
Mari Mdinaradze 21 day ago
cool girl
cool girl 21 day ago
jessica is so the best
naiyar zar
naiyar zar 22 days ago
I don’t feel happy 😰🤕🎎🎉❔
BØJÃŅ 22 days ago
Ahhh summer😫😥
Antonia Andreea Pitigoi
7:53 7:23
Antonia Andreea Pitigoi
7:36 8:54
Antonia Andreea Pitigoi
Antonia Andreea Pitigoi
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Antonia Andreea Pitigoi
Antonia Andreea Pitigoi
Antonia Andreea Pitigoi
Naniko Basiladze
Naniko Basiladze 25 days ago
Naniko Basiladze
Naniko Basiladze 25 days ago
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Stupid Jacob kkk
Hello pretty Emily
Who is better? Crafty panda= like Troom Troom= didlike
I like Troom Troom kkk
roslyn nwosisi
roslyn nwosisi 26 days ago
This is the best
roslyn nwosisi
roslyn nwosisi 26 days ago
This is the best
nisha sabu nisha sabu
I like crafty panda
Chloe Hsieh
Chloe Hsieh 27 days ago
I love it
kristina dablo
kristina dablo 29 days ago
wow ang gagaling...
Anil gohar
Anil gohar 29 days ago
grunge there are 5gfef2uf butyl y
Kumutha Thinagar
Kumutha Thinagar 29 days ago
I like emily sister very much
Dani Andre
Dani Andre 29 days ago
Biftu Fetiya
Biftu Fetiya Month ago
Up no more network
Faye Vedan
Faye Vedan Month ago
What is the title of the music ?
Dragana Tasic
Dragana Tasic Month ago
salma sayyad
salma sayyad Month ago
Nice video 👌👏
Subir Sur
Subir Sur Month ago
A crafty panda has a beautiful crafts,pranks and much more.I am big fan of Emily,Jacob and anna
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Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar Month ago
Crafty Panda is bad
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar Month ago
123 go is the best
prova Akter
prova Akter Month ago
I want to have summer hacks please
Ajllan Dudic
Ajllan Dudic Month ago
poonam kamble
poonam kamble Month ago
I just love crafty panda I am a big fan of emily where you live and give me more information about crafty panda and there created I am making book
Fatima Hassan
Fatima Hassan Month ago
1:46 are u jessica
H S Month ago
What's the title of 1st song (0:10) please ?
Camille Corpuz
Camille Corpuz Month ago
Your hacks are cool
Izzy Karim
Izzy Karim 2 months ago
At 8.08 what is the name is that song playing
Aventuras con Melany Estrada
Ola my es melany
Bp Nussy Nussy
Bp Nussy Nussy 2 months ago
Miguel Barias
Miguel Barias 2 months ago
Friska Tyas
Friska Tyas 2 months ago
Maria Mastrorilli
Maria Mastrorilli 2 months ago
Ciao Monica
Jose A Medina Viruet
Fun fest
Fun fest 2 months ago
Nice and pls answer this crafty panda you are my idol
Jean Onet
Jean Onet 2 months ago
j'ai eu la gaule quand tu cours avec ton pantalon
Fatima Amis
Fatima Amis 2 months ago
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Charmelle C. 2 months ago
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Luciana Silva 2 months ago
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Sharan B 2 months ago
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TREV 980
TREV 980 3 months ago
Your channel is so good
Muhammed Ashraf
Muhammed Ashraf 3 months ago
Hai Emily
Risky Hanapi
Risky Hanapi 3 months ago
I love you crafty panda
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