11 Expensive Billionaire Apocalypse Bunkers For The Super Rich

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These Billionaire Apocalypse Bunkers cost millions and could protect you from the next apocalypse
Only available for the super-rich, Today Will from Vidello Productions explores 11 Expensive Billionaire Apocalypse Bunkers Only For The Super Rich!
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Jul 21, 2018




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Comments 100
Vidello Productions
Today Vidello looks at 11 Expensive Billionaire Doomsday Bunkers Only For The Super Rich! What bunkers would you buy with this kind of money? let me know...
iLeaRDGZ 6 days ago
Nice Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched - Panilliaan Immaterial Prevalence (Have a quick look on google can't remember the place now)? It is an awesome one off guide for protecting your family from danger minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy at very last got astronomical success with it.
Alicia Rodriguez
I hope this does not happens in my lifetime. I wouldn’t want to be around for any of it
Thomas Newton
Thomas Newton 4 months ago
Vidello Productions There is a projected closed-loop, underground, EMP-proof city that includes a complete industrial park, amusement park, water park, and sports complex, and is totally renewable and sustainable with its own monetary system, real-goods economy, and organic food supply. It will be a futuristic international showplace for 327 cutting-edge technologies with a space-age infrastructure which touts a 240% efficiency rating. It was developed by a 30-year think tank of engineers and scientists. You can email me at thomas.newton@yatsatech.com.
Holy His
Holy His 6 months ago
The bunkers shown at 5:12 seem very reasonably priced!
Sidin' With Biden
Sidin' With Biden 8 months ago
What if you want to just live in a bunker forever?
ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usa
I swear if i ever get rich i would build 1
tic CFC1888
tic CFC1888 7 days ago
These ego maniacs are pathetic... only the meek shall inherit the earth. No match for the return of Jesus Christ. Our ONLY SAVIOUR
Rachael Santiago
Rachael Santiago 14 days ago
while they tell you they don't believe in Jesus or the Bible yet they try to prepare themselves for something clearly they knw is gonna happen
Bara Robber Baron
They look cool, but I do have to wonder about the kind of society you'd enter into if only the doomsday bunker dwellers survive. There'd be piles upon piles upon piles of debris, rubble, human remains, animal remains, nature growing wild and the roads will be filled with cars. We keep this world spinning with 7 billion folks, even if you assume 90% don't do shit for this planet (which is unlikely) that's 700 million people that normally keep this world running. If we are left with 700.000 people, that means every person faces the workload that was fielded by 1000 people before. There may be functional villages but most of the world will be entirely useless and society will never return as it was. I'm all for storing some food and meds in case of shortages, having some land to grow on, a water catchment system, batteries, solar panels etc. to be less dependent on society as a whole. Spending multiple millions on a bunker so I can survive into a world I don't want to live in though? Hell no.
j f
j f Month ago
Děkuji za vzhlédnutí ,místa jsou velmi působivá.O těchto věcech většinou nediskutuji.Myslím ,že není na místě se bavit o věcech , které privátnímu sektoru.přísluší Pěkný den.5.08.2020.J.F.
LaReynedEpee Month ago
The only downside of these buildings, living in proximity to the super rich
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium Month ago
Must be where Epstein is hiding!
Justin Westbrook
How are these facilities powered?
Alicia Rodriguez
I remember a few years ago watching a program where they were building communities in mars with 3-d printers. Also, building technology to make it easier to travel to mars. I believe they will hide out in these bunkers, then take a flight to our neighboring planet. *** by the way anything you can think of they have thought of for years. They are very prepared for anything.
Guilherme Dinis
Guilherme Dinis 2 months ago
Build a comunitair bunker to keep thousands of people that gona be very nessessair in the rebuilding of the world? No Lost milions on bunkers with luxury beds, zoos, parks ,pools, bars ,restaurants oly to save a dozen of people that can't even clean a bedroom? Yes
Andi Animation
Andi Animation 2 months ago
0:48 Did he put a window on underground bunker!?
Anthony Clayton
Anthony Clayton 2 months ago
Why survive? the earth will be uninhabitable anyway.
Īrsa kay
Īrsa kay 2 months ago
Why not just take care of your planet and prevent war? Human beings are so destruction oriented
William Paylor Jr
William Paylor Jr 12 days ago
@Enter The Bunker prevention? A shelter/bunker cannot prevent anything from happening .
Enter The Bunker
Enter The Bunker 2 months ago
Prevention is better than cure!!!
Darran hanlon
Darran hanlon 2 months ago
Fantastic looking graves
Joe Blandd
Joe Blandd 2 months ago
A number of the pictures taken (particularly of the library and gymnasium) shown for the number one spot were actually of the Survival Condo (number 10 on the list). I'd assume this would be because you weren't able to get photos of the actual number 1 location, which is fair, but you could at least have said where you needed to use photos of other locations. Otherwise, this was a very interesting and informative piece, and thank you for producing it.
Marley Harris
Marley Harris 2 months ago
Lolol...they have wasted all their evil money!!! No man made bunker anywhere in the earth can hide these evil satanists from the coming judgement of the creator, and HELL awaits them all ...... Matthew 16:25 KJV. 25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.
GFW777 2 months ago
Revelation 6 verse 16-17 "They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?” ------ Isaiah 2 verse 19-21 "People will flee to caves in the rocks and to holes in the ground from the fearful presence of the Lord and the splendor of His majesty, when He rises to shake the earth. In that day people will throw away to the moles and bats their idols of silver and idols of gold, which they made to worship. They will flee to caverns in the rocks and to the overhanging crags from the fearful presence of the Lord and the splendor of His majesty, when He rises to shake the earth."
david lee child of God
bible says in the last days people will hide in the mountains and in the rocks/earth bunkers and they will be so afraid the bibles says people will beg the rocks to fall on them so they can die from the fear they will witness
Diedra Clarke
Diedra Clarke 3 months ago
Wow‼Sharing to community tab.
Vidello Productions
Vidello Productions 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing!!
j'aime les chats
j'aime les chats 3 months ago
Could you all stop involving god in this video ?
Half of these I love movie theaters but like how you will use them because if your in the middle a tornado there’s no piwer
Lori Berti
Lori Berti 3 months ago
They are nice but a complete waste of money. There won't be any nuclear war and when Armageddon happens there will be no place to hide !... that's mankind only thinking about themselves...me , me , me !!
CoZmo 3 months ago
0:05 Is where my man Mr.Beast Stayed
H0M36R0WN 73RR0R157 L337
part of chinas nuclear war plan is to specifically target the elites bunkers with deep ground penetrating nukes , 20 megaton lol most of chinas nukes are 1000 to 2000 megaton, hope they think twice b4 starting a war thinking theyll b safe
It'saTrAvISty! 3 months ago
Too bad me and most people aren't considered wealthy enough to have a place in one of those..... cause laymen like me would NEVER be able to afford this type of safety!!!🤷🤦🤷🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rolandas Rolandas
Rolandas Rolandas 3 months ago
Tak samych bogatych s perva nado unichtozyt
Rolandas Rolandas
Rolandas Rolandas 3 months ago
Amerikancy pervye bespakojatca o svoich zyrnych zadnic
Rolandas Rolandas
Rolandas Rolandas 3 months ago
Nadejus tolka chinovniki dlia sebia strojat,ochraniajus svoi zyrnyje zadnicy,chtoby nezdochnet
Rolandas Rolandas
Rolandas Rolandas 3 months ago
Interesno ruskie strojat takie bunkery dlia sebia i liudei,ili pocher nim.
SpAzMaNiK 4 months ago
1) Wealthy elites enter bunker 2) We seal them inside bunker via welding doors/hatches shut and sealing it in concrete. 3) Laugh at idiot in bunker. - These people think about how to get in and protect themselves from the outside, but not how to get back out afterward.
Quaalude Charlie
Quaalude Charlie 4 months ago
DEWs would destroy most of these , Rubbermaid Microwavable materials are the only thing that survived the Paradise Calif fires :\ QC
Olivia MissPurpleHaze
Only the rich!
Deborah 4 months ago
Do these people buy homes that are walkable to these bunkers? How on earth would they be able to get to the bunkers in an emergency?
Willow Bee
Willow Bee 4 months ago
When God wants you none of will save It. This is an example of the elite letting us know there is a God, if not why would they go to many links to try a preserve their lives. So you none believers out there it's not to late to turn to yahawah shy. You don't have to believe that God is real, I'm quite sure you won't be invited to any of these facilities, the rich there's a God but they choose to walk with the devil. They hid from God!!! Be blessed and take care of yourself and your family 🙏❤️💛💚🖤
Mazza P
Mazza P 4 months ago
Dont matter who has one in the end you end up in a box 6ft under!
Lost Luna
Lost Luna 4 months ago
If shit hits the fan, I fully plan on going to my nearest elite bunker with some friends...and weld the door shut. We might not be able to get in, but the scumbags that caused the war won't be getting out
Gloria_Diaz Dahlke
Gloria_Diaz Dahlke 4 months ago
😒😒 the GENESIS bunker, how convinience and then when you ask them about flat earth they will call you crazy ..well ,well, well..go figure...😂😂😂
Olga Lara
Olga Lara 4 months ago
I like 6...I want 6 hubby 💙💙
Mick Mo
Mick Mo 4 months ago
Ya cuz they know what lies ahead
kimm crumley
kimm crumley 4 months ago
Waste of money if bombs hit the ground they wil go through the ground you will be killed
Terry Shrives
Terry Shrives 4 months ago
The last one you showed is actually in Kentucky not New York
Das Right
Das Right 4 months ago
The funny thing about all these rich people spending money on this is when or if something like this happens. Then the guys with the guns who are guarding the place will just kill the rich and take over. Nobody gives a fuck if you spent 10 million to reserve a spot. The guy with the gun who you pay 20 an hour to watch the place will kill you and take your keys and live through the apocalypse without spending a dime.
Kennerth Allen
Kennerth Allen 5 months ago
I don't think I want to live that bad. How arrogant the lengths people go to to protect their little lives. I'll stick it out aboveground like Mad Max.
samogen300 5 months ago
This is the result of the idiot's economic pyramid that everyone is chasing, can't wait to get back out there to make the rich immortal.
Ria Sc.
Ria Sc. 5 months ago
For the rich...fuck regular people!
vintage-ic.com 5 months ago
vintage-ic.com 5 months ago
Deep state globalist corrupt politicians no longer have secret bunkers.... they are on youtube 😭😂🤣
Perry Saker
Perry Saker 5 months ago
No different to Pharaoh mummies being buried in their tombs with their possessions...these vaults will be their graves!!
Monica Regina
Monica Regina 5 months ago
whwnn this electro sistem not funcinaliti ,ever all this persons muss died!
HappyDays 5 months ago
It's pronounced "nu-clee-ur" not "nuc-you-lar." ; ^ )
Nedime Huseyin
Nedime Huseyin 5 months ago
Maybe somethings coming to earth world in isolation so goverments can easily get to there bunkers with no traffic we wouldn't even realise it
Mr59ZIPPO 2 months ago
now that's is a spooky thought.
Nedime Huseyin
Nedime Huseyin 5 months ago
Maybe corona virus is on purpose
William Paylor Jr
William Paylor Jr 5 months ago
If things get that bad what do you think is gonna happen when you have to come out? Because sooner or later you WILL have to come out. So what do you think is gonna happen when you open the door and you manicured, well fed pampered folks are greeted by people that have been living in a post apocalyptic world for the last couple years and know you're in there?
Alicia Rodriguez
William Paylor Jr lol great plan!
William Paylor Jr
@Alicia Rodriguez then again I just hitch a ride with Jim Morrison and John Wayne on the first spaceship outta here
Alicia Rodriguez
William Paylor Jr hehe! Yeah, maybe if you are talented with technology/ perhaps you can block their vision 😏
William Paylor Jr
@Alicia Rodriguez you don't know where I will be
Alicia Rodriguez
You won’t be there. they will have drones surveillance the place (as they do now- but much worse- see how they controlled people to go in doors with this pandemic) they won’t hesitate to shoot at a crowd and send out bullet proof bots. We are doomed.
Dee 5 months ago
The rich and famous are in their underground cities now while this coronavirus going on.
Tyler Thom
Tyler Thom 5 months ago
Is this B-roll actually of the bunkers?
THE GAMING OTTER 5 months ago
Do these people not understand that 10000s of people cud fit in one story of that silo instead of having it for a no of millionaires
THE GAMING OTTER 5 months ago
Aww I got a like yaay
Straight White Christian Conservative Man
The Debunkers from Freedomtoons might get jealous. Check them out if you have not a clue of what I'm speaking. Best cartoons you'll ever see.
Victor Maziya
Victor Maziya 5 months ago
Neoclaw 5 months ago
Only geediest people will survive... great
tECHNO tODD 5 months ago
Stick a bunch of people in what amounts to an underground prison for years ....What could possibly go wrong? 🤣. Ever watch AHS Apocalypse?...
J.Manuel Charriez
J.Manuel Charriez 5 months ago
Where’s my bunker 👌
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 5 months ago
This video makes total sense nowadays!!
Vidello Productions
Vidello Productions 5 months ago
in know right, make sure you check out our latest one!
Anthony Brock
Anthony Brock 5 months ago
Goddamn i wish i was That bloody rich so i could just party during the apocalypse and all this corona virus bullshit!
Justin Kurt Rivera
Justin Kurt Rivera 5 months ago
This is the most top conspiracy theories former Illuminati exposed there are plenty of underground bunkers in the world's most people will be here are the well known elites
Latoya Matson
Latoya Matson 5 months ago
You can build all u like but if your not spending all that money learning life survival skills it's useless. What happens if covid-19 breaks out? Or a kid cuts themselves severely deep or falls in your dumb pool and needs life support???? Come on now. The five year food WILL run out. Where's the large garden and protein source for extended food source??
All of the smartest rich elite will have at least 5-10 certified doctors in the bunkers with their family’s with medical equipment since your average rich person has good connections and books on how to heal wounds and perform basic surgery if for any reason none of the bunkers doctors are available, some of these bunkers do have indoor garden areas so they can grow food indefinitely, and if some of the people are smart enough to know that it’s been proven that COVID-19 can be cured and or prevented with high amounts of Zinc, (55-100mg daily) Zpack, and hydroxychloroquine the elite will most likely have stock piles of it in the bunker to save their family if someone was to become infected. So if I’m smart enough to think of all that then I’m sure some of the super rich elite are as well and are way ahead of me in how to survive while inside and outside the bunker.
Latoya Matson
Latoya Matson 5 months ago
Do these people plan on ever being sick? I see no medical rooms...
Latoya Matson
Latoya Matson 5 months ago
I'd vacation in my bunker so as to become accustomed to bunker type living.
Old Iron
Old Iron 5 months ago
How many are in use during the COVID 19 Pandemic?
Bridget Kielas-Fecyk
Only available for the super-rich and their staff. I.e. anyone who is not amongst the ultra-wealthy that's "invited" to go to such places with them must basically agree to be live-in slaves for the rest of their natural lives. Shit hits the fan and they bring their select "staff" with them, only to turn the staff into a servant class while they turn into kings. At least until things get really bad and the "staff" decide to rise up against their masters.
Benjamin Lawson
Benjamin Lawson 5 months ago
At least number 10 has actually a gun range would be fun. It's huge and got so much tech in it.
josan franco
josan franco 5 months ago
Jiiiiii??? Po pa tiiii
JR.40.1978 Daddybear
Now that's funny. I literally just drove through Tifton GA.
Jessica Eaton
Jessica Eaton 5 months ago
And when all the millionaires surface after the apocalypse they'll find they will be the servants of the billionaires; building and cleaning latrines. But then again, after an apocalypse money won't mean a damn thing. It will , indeed be survival of the fittest.
nelpe1975 5 months ago
fact: 10 out of 10 people die. sooner or later it will, inevitably, catch up with you. you better should prepare your eternal soul for its eternal future than only taking the time to prepare for your temporary Body, that you WILL leave behind...
Alicia Rodriguez
nelpe1975 maybe not here - it will be inhabitable -one way or another. Science is figuring out how to live on other planets as well.
nelpe1975 Month ago
@Alicia Rodriguez well, we (our souls) WILL LIVE FOREVER!!! For some this is a hellish & for others, a heavenly thought. The choice is OURS!!! BUT NO ONE is going to life here on earth, in this fallen creation, forever. "heaven& earth will pass away! BUT MY WORD, WILL NEVER pass away. " therefore, WHAT EVER will be tried to achieve eternal life, it can ONLY be achieved through Jesus Christ...
Alicia Rodriguez
Not if they figure out how to live forever. Which everyday science is getting closer to figuring it out.
nelpe1975 5 months ago
@Lander that's correct, for a moment & a half (compared with eternity). Luke 16:19-31
Lander 5 months ago
At least they have a luxurious experience.
Michael Spurr
Michael Spurr 5 months ago
These are the ones we know about imagine the ones we dont 😁
Alicia Rodriguez
Yup, and I believe they are building in mars as well. They will move there once it becomes completely inhabitable here.
Noot Noot
Noot Noot 5 months ago
TheFRiNgEguitars 5 months ago
Nu cle-ar, repeat after me, New Clee are!
The Crow
The Crow 5 months ago
Joe Costner
Joe Costner 5 months ago
Who's gonna sit there in a bunker ? When do you go there ? In practice, these bunkers are always empty.
Jose Alaniz
Jose Alaniz 5 months ago
tu crees que una bomba nuclear te salvaría de esa o un ataque zombie ?? dame u caso de zombie que ay ?
MJ 5 months ago
Who is going to be left...the “rich” are beyond stupid...
Ian Pearce
Ian Pearce 5 months ago
Yeah, the way they build million dollar industries are soooooo dumb.
Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson 5 months ago
Who come here because of Coronavirus
Somewon Yuno
Somewon Yuno 5 months ago
Umm solar panels. Like that won't be a tip off about your bunker. All bunkers have the exact same class, intake & exhaust vents. Block those & your billion sqft superbunker is now a giant mausoleum.
4 Clover
4 Clover 5 months ago
And here we are in the United States trying to contain the CORONA VIRUS ETC..your secrect bunker is the perfect place for them to isolate them all away from the public until their well. #saveamerica #leaseyoursecrectbunker
mladen jovanovic
mladen jovanovic 5 months ago
I would love to see how will this protect them when magnetic pole shift occurs. 😂 When all land covers water, they will be drowned like rats.
KevinProNOW 5 months ago
You have a defeatist mentality. Good luck with that...
Garvin Simmons
Garvin Simmons 5 months ago
They will be disappointed When they realize that these bunkers cant protect them from the wrath of God if they dont repent of their sins
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson 5 months ago
🙄 And the *Poor and impoverished* are also NOT protected from the "wrath of God" if they don't repent from _their_ "SINS!" In fact, MANY of the poor and impoverished are _already_ under judgment and the curses of Deuteronomy ...which is WHY they are poor and impoverished! 😒 The wicked who are *POOR* so often hate and despise the righteous who are *RICH!* 😒 Please study the CURSES of *DISOBEDIENCE* ...which include financial *POVERTY* and the blessings of *OBEDIENCE* which include financial *WEALTH* as God clearly laid out in the book of Deuteronomy. And _jealousy_ is _SIN_ BTW! 🤔
John M
John M 5 months ago
Enough with the "zombie apocalypse" bullshit
Jimmy McDriller
Jimmy McDriller 5 months ago
1,270 ft² 3:43
SHEDtalks 5 months ago
You know, If you are going to use "Sky High", by Elektronomia, please reference it in your video description....I always reference every music I use........It's not that hard
Michael Colgan
Michael Colgan 5 months ago
Expensive coffins if you ask me . If someone thinks one of these sites is worth a nuke it would create a crater 100 meters deep and 390 meters in diameter using a 100 kilotons weapon in a ground burst direct hit . Nice video well done .
T C 5 months ago
The Bible says. Even the rocks will be looking for a place to hide when God comes. NO ONE, NO WHERE OR ANYWHERE CAN HIDE FROM GOD. All these underground bunkers n etc.. Just make me laugh. Nothing will save your paganism, atheist non believing ways. God... Is the only way. No Hiding! 😂😂
The Korsh
The Korsh 5 months ago
So if the whole world gets blasted off the universe are the bunkers going to float into space?
Aye Adrian S
Aye Adrian S 5 months ago
Revelation 6:15-17 KJV [15] And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; [16] And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: [17] For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
robert mccully
robert mccully 5 months ago
The way the got into Castles was to keep anyone from leaving.. Plug up the entrance and there useless.
Cpmf Feilberg
Cpmf Feilberg 5 months ago
Very expensive houses, some above ground and others underground.
SNOOP U 2 5 months ago
I don't think I would want to survive after a nuclear blast or if Clacer Park volcano blast that would cover everything in mud and cement a mile deep. How would you get out of the bunker after it's buried? Like being in a tomb burrued alive. Party up while you can until the run out of air. You'll be better off like the 100 living in space for 100 year's then send someone down to Earth if it's safe to live
Mr C
Mr C 5 months ago
Waste of time and money, nothing will save you, nothing!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️STUPID!
Constance Luces
Constance Luces 5 months ago
Wow all the stealing and killing the human has done; run n hide really???? The human will not be destroyed by AI weaponry. Human hasn’t got a chance in hell against Mother Nature! If the earth opens up, increase heat/cold what will they do? Running from your sins; I don’t think so. What pusses!
Sean N
Sean N 5 months ago
2020 update 3/23/20 - Hope everyone yall are good and healthy, we will get through this time is short repent and be saved for we are about to Home.
ricky5538 5 months ago
They call one Genesis - yet these satanic freemasons don't know that The Bible says they can't hide in their underground caves !
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