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If you’re looking for beauty hacks, quick recipes, style tips, and more, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with a few essential items and a bit of cleverness. You’re gonna love these life hacks. New here? Don’t forget to subscribe to Crafty Hackers to be the first to see our newest DIY projects and hacks. And give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Let’s get started!
Jewelry Cleaning with Coca Cola
Is your silver jewelry tarnished and not sparkling like it used to? We’ve got a quick and easy fix, if you want to restore the shine. Give this a try. Grab a bottle of Coke, some toothpaste, and a small bowl. Pour some soda into the bowl, and drop your jewelry in. Let it soak for a bit, then dry it off with a paper towel. Next, take a soft-bristle toothbrush and some toothpaste. Polish your jewelry, and watch the dirt disappear. Those bristles can get into all the nooks and crannies of even your most detailed jewelry pieces. See? Good as new. You can do this with rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Easy, right?
The To Do List
Add a bit of excitement and fun to your boring to-do list with color printouts, decorative clothespins, some string and a cut box top. First, cut out your pictures. Lay them out. This is just a box top, right? Nope! We’re going to repurpose it. Use an exacto knife to cut off the side of the box top. Stencil out the following on some construction paper: Done, and To-Do. Hot glue the letters to the top of a cork board. Now pull out your craft string. Hot glue the string to the back of the side frame of the cork board. String it around the front and attach the other end to the back on the other side. Now take your box top. You know, the one you cut a section out of, and glue it to the bottom corner of your corkboard. You’ve just made a holder for finished projects. Now use double sided tape to attach the word “done” to the bottom near your holder. Now you can clip your pictures onto your board to give you colorful reminders of your to-do list. When you’ve complete a task, move the picture to the bottom holder. So much more fun than a checklist, don’t you think?




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Comments 80
Lilly Dodd
Lilly Dodd Year ago
Good video but, jeez that girl’s voice is sooo annoying
Sarah 4 days ago
I realized that well watching
Layplayzroblox 1221
Have you seen troom troom oh god no
Danielle Perez
Danielle Perez 27 days ago
@Crafty Hackers lol love these hacks I'm going to subscribe now
Aimee-Leigh’s World
Lilly Dodd don’t be rude x
shabina patel
shabina patel 3 months ago
Lilly Dodd ikr
Chickin Little
Chickin Little 3 hours ago
"Aluminium" mmmmm
Tododeku 4 life
"This is just a box top right?" Me:in meh mind"Well yeah" "No!" Me again: halp ;-;
Phoebe Mawuko
Which girl
Connor Man
Connor Man 5 days ago
The gamer sent us!
Princesst08 McNair
How come evertime I shut my eyes to go to sleep the music got louder
Equestrian Cat
Equestrian Cat 11 days ago
I love this voice over person SO MUCH MORE than troom troom
Roocifer Roo
Roocifer Roo 15 days ago
Coke: We are a good drink Me: You take away the rust of jewelry... what are we doing to our teeth?
Brynn Winner
Brynn Winner 15 days ago
Cool 😎 love your diys
Alyssa Dana
Alyssa Dana 18 days ago
Violet X
Violet X 20 days ago
1:57 “This is just a boring box top, right?” “NOPE” 😂 this killed me
Danielle Perez
Danielle Perez 27 days ago
I love these hacks so amazing but that lady's voice 🤔
Krazy Koala
Krazy Koala Month ago
Potato chip can!!?!! They are called pringles child 🤣
xmoon.eclipse Month ago
Dude dry shampoo is not so expensive I’ve got one for like 69p
Help my taco fell on the floor and now im sad
Yeah I don’t think titties work like that.
gacha_ demon8
gacha_ demon8 Month ago
0:56 u ThInK iM gOnnA wAsTE mY pReCIoUs CoKe?!
Emily Hernandez
Emily Hernandez Month ago
Video: puts jewelry in coke Me: wtf Video: this is how u clean ur jewelry Me: ummm what Video: then let it sit i the coke then take it out and wash it out with toothpaste Me: that dirty stuff is coke ur just making it look like it was dirty well done but u didn’t get me
Tran Hao
Tran Hao Month ago
Does it works with pepsi
Shalyn Sacco
Shalyn Sacco 2 months ago
did she say, vit-ih-min C???? 3:53
Honey_Bae 2 months ago
I hate this voice
Olivia S
Olivia S 3 months ago
that girl really annoyed me her voice lol
Eric Danforth
Eric Danforth 3 months ago
and some toothpasta
Eric Danforth
Eric Danforth 3 months ago
tweekin221 3 months ago
The girl says "get a permenat marker" Uses EXPO Marker
Sheetal Modi
Sheetal Modi 3 months ago
Why cleaning not doing makeup.
Zelda Blackwood
Zelda Blackwood 3 months ago
Ur not coming to my tea party due to failed hacks? BETHANY I MADE BISCUITS
Jessica The fox
Jessica The fox 3 months ago
The gir: Potatoe chip can Me: WTF IS THAT JUST CALL IT PRINGLESSS
Yasmine Ansary
Yasmine Ansary 3 months ago
"Cucumbers are high on vitimin c"
Kylie Bailey
Kylie Bailey 3 months ago
Roses are read violets are blue I came for the thumbnail and so did you
Kea Le
Kea Le 3 months ago
Anyone else get triggered when she said vit-imn and not vitamin 3:53
Joselyne Celis
Joselyne Celis 3 months ago
Good video but I can already tell that they are all fake
A s h l y n n : /
A s h l y n n : / 4 months ago
Sounds like she’s trying to sound like troom troom
•Gacha •Cookie•
yeah here it's a hack whit contour but if i contour them by boobs will be still small -_-
lillian Wess
lillian Wess 4 months ago
Why do you talk so black not rasest
Reem Alhakimi
Reem Alhakimi 4 months ago
Roses are red Violets Are blue I just got click baited And so did you
Kylie Schultz
Kylie Schultz 4 months ago
Tear free children's soap doesn't mean no tears as in stinging eyes, it mean no tears as in damage to your hair
Lucid Leech
Lucid Leech 4 months ago
Zsolt Nagy
Zsolt Nagy 5 months ago
Good video!
Ieesha fierro
Ieesha fierro 5 months ago
your teeth are still yellow sorry not trying to be rude.
EMMA ARTHURS 5 months ago
I hate the music. It gave me a headache. The boobs.... You need to know there is a lot of kids that to watch diy hacks but can't because you are showing kids boobs. I know it's a little but still. If my mom or dad walked in when it was the part she was drawing on he boobs with her makeup my parent would give me a huge long talk. I'm sorry but I rate this zero. This does not help at all. 👎👎👎👎
unicorns4ever unicorns!!!!!!
What happen for the one to make your teeth white what if you are elegiac of lemons
Ruth Duong
Ruth Duong 5 months ago
good job on the thumbnail you totally ''show how to do that''
Pinkangel_sing 5 months ago
dry sham-poo...MAKING YOUR OWN DRY TRAM-POOOOOO FOR A FRAC-TON Of ThE CoSt aT ThE DrUGG StOuUrEe!!!!!?????!... but seriously she needs grammar classes like she has the vocabulary of a 4th grader like come on now.
Janica Folly
Janica Folly 6 months ago
who only came for the thumbnail or is that me ;-;
CoyoteBoyo 6 months ago
The Skye Show
The Skye Show 6 months ago
Vit A min 😂
Lollipopii :3
Lollipopii :3 7 months ago
8 : 30 _ 9:05 what a waste of nail varnish
Lollipopii :3
Lollipopii :3 7 months ago
‘ put a sprinkle of cocoa powder in ‘ Puts over half a bag in Also the voice over was not in time with the actions
Sophia Ettadlaoui
Sophia Ettadlaoui 7 months ago
buying corn startch and cocoa powder is maybe $4. so why would i spend $4 when i can just get a whole thing of dry shampoo for $1? Think about it.
Angel Devil
Angel Devil 7 months ago
Good video, way better than trom trom.
Rajamanickam Senthil Ganesh
Who came here after the talko 😂😂😂
L. G Carl
L. G Carl 7 months ago
Deported Dora
Deported Dora 7 months ago
Thanks for all the boob hacks and stuff, but is this narrator a 10 year old?
Muffin Muffin
Muffin Muffin 8 months ago
Like eho would show the dirt
Natasha Barnes
Natasha Barnes 8 months ago
I are know how to pick a lock
Beauty Account
Beauty Account 8 months ago
Ur fkn voice is KILLING ME
Random channel Subscribe and be a happy llama
Anybody else thinks this is the cheap copy of 5-minute-crafts?
bella keightley
bella keightley 9 months ago
*i found the annoying side of youtube guys*
Lexi Rules 2002
Lexi Rules 2002 9 months ago
“Yea same here”
ebony marshall
ebony marshall 9 months ago
@simplynailogical this is even worse than TroomTroom
ebony marshall
ebony marshall 9 months ago
@simplynailogical this is even worse than TroomTroom
Robin Parson
Robin Parson 9 months ago
That fact that one of the most popular drinks can serve as a rust remover probably says that its not that good to put into our bodies...
Germar Gladney
Germar Gladney 10 months ago
That voice
ᏰᏒᎥᏖᏖ 10 months ago
The buttons to hold earrings?! Holy buttflapps, Batman! *So useful!*
GamerGames yeah
GamerGames yeah 10 months ago
I Love you're videos I watch them when my TV is not working I love you so much
Necy Repolles
Necy Repolles 11 months ago
omg you are copying 5minute crafts and your voice is so annoying
paul wiedner
paul wiedner Year ago
MIND blown to Mars
Bxby Diys
Bxby Diys Year ago
The girl voice isn’t annoying and the video is great
Клубничка _ТW
Много болтаешь!!!
oK bOoMeR
oK bOoMeR Year ago
You don't need hacks to make yourself beautiful you already are beautiful
Olanrewaju Atoyebi
Loved it 😍
Mahnoor Ali
Mahnoor Ali Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-hGrgfyfsC6s.html Hacks for daily use
Victoria K
Victoria K Year ago
Ok is this troom troom's second channel
Gouthami Gouthami
Marcella Year ago
Okay, who else was triggered by her voice?? And dem horse teeth.......
II3asyII Year ago
Who clicked on this video because of the thumbnail
Giselle Tkach
Giselle Tkach Year ago
Man that boob contour is so butchered
Giselle Tkach
Giselle Tkach Year ago
Dude I'm blonde so cocoa powder is probably not a good dry shampoo idea for me
Alva Westerlund
5:55 LOVE IT!!!!!!! 😍😍😍
Nicole Lain342
7:09 cute those are so ugly
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