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Rainbow Six Siege is going on 5 years with over 55 million players strong. Season 1 of year 5 is starting soon with Operation Void Edge, so let's go through our second round of 107 facts about Rainbow Six Siege.
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Rainbow Six Siege is coming up on 5 years. Recently, it just surpassed 55 million players and it's continuing to go strong. With year 5 starting soon and Ubisoft teasing the new Operation Void Edge, let's take a look back at Rainbow Six Siege and bring you 107 facts about Rainbow Six Siege vol. 2.
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Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 80
The Leaderboard
The Leaderboard 3 months ago
Hope you all enjoy the video. :) Are you excited to see what Operation Void Edge brings. What would you want to see next?
FunkMaster Funk
FunkMaster Funk 24 days ago
Jack Uzumaki no they should not
FunkMaster Funk
FunkMaster Funk 24 days ago
The Quarantined Animations why?
FunkMaster Funk
FunkMaster Funk 24 days ago
ManiX207 you have never played siege before have you
FunkMaster Funk
FunkMaster Funk 24 days ago
ManiX207 wtf
Alex Price
Alex Price 25 days ago
The Leaderboard I’m from Kentucky
Liam Clements
Liam Clements 20 hours ago
Another fact: wamais birthday is today I think
6:40 he was a Finland sniper I think
Z3R0 Dragon
Z3R0 Dragon 2 days ago
Hah just killed my own sister +10
Dominik Mackowski
Finka doesn’t mean knife in polish ?
RUSH 4 days ago
Sorry but fact number 86 is wrong I am from Polen
Y O U R D A D 4 days ago
Imagine how big of a bong hit wamai would be able to take lmao
James Paul
James Paul 5 days ago
19:49 When your finger rips through the toilet paper while your whiping
Robert Lovett
Robert Lovett 5 days ago
Number 69 is Maverick. 69 Logan Paul haaaaaa
CJ WIslon
CJ WIslon 5 days ago
nokk not nook
NTS Akimbo
NTS Akimbo 5 days ago
The better video is all operators explained it’s the same video but different words
Lars Berger
Lars Berger 6 days ago
the vale is a symbol of the frogman force in denmark
ryan Perry
ryan Perry 7 days ago
when u copy the wired r6 video
Louis Serre
Louis Serre 8 days ago
Look at the vid on all R6 agent from the channels wired It has same clips same infos and same phrase turns but realised before this one 😂😂
No. • 20 years ago
I just realized Fuze was inspired by some guy in a hostage situation So... Did they fuze the hostage??
Paperburn 126
Paperburn 126 9 days ago
I just still don’t why like the SAS is trying to kill each other or like Mozzie and Gridlock are friends right? Why they trying to kill each other?!
Dragon flame
Dragon flame 10 days ago
Why should we know this stuff.
Cyberguy777 10 days ago
24 is wrong
darid_hitter823 10 days ago
Fact 108 the leaderboard steals content 😂
io io
io io 10 days ago
0:35 that warden cosplay in the top right 😂😂😂
LordChungass 10 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about how the alpha packs in the Six Invitational battle pass didn't work?
Ok ay
Ok ay 11 days ago
4:42 Cav: this is a bucket Attacker: dear god Cav: theres more
Free Real Estate
Free Real Estate 12 days ago
Original Content You Have Made lol. This is just the wired interview but one of them is official.
pokemon card twins
pokemon card twins 12 days ago
finka doesn't mean knife in polish
BrokenToaster 13 days ago
Knife is nóż in polish finka is a type of knife
no 13 days ago
Isn't like half of this just the R6 Wired video, but re-worded
Ex Peely
Ex Peely 13 days ago
Wait... so fuzes real life counterpart also kills hostages... amazing Edit: newcomer isn’t really new players it’s a bunch of smurfs
tomiczek 14 days ago
finka its NOT a knife in polish
Nie Powiem
Nie Powiem 15 days ago
Fun fact finka dosnt mean knife in polish.
Doopy Darp
Doopy Darp 15 days ago
I'm scared to google this, but why do they put buckets over your head before beating it? Wouldn't it be just as effective to beat you without the bucket? (He mentioned it when talking about Cav)
BEMW Kodiak
BEMW Kodiak 15 days ago
They said a lot of these in.. I think it was a wired interview with Alex from Ubisoft
gabolopezgil -
gabolopezgil - 16 days ago
So basically you just stole everything from Ubisofts vid
Joshua Jodhan
Joshua Jodhan 16 days ago
Bro I was 1m view yay
No 17 days ago
this is literally just the background to operators video from wired
Wigz17 17 days ago
I always wanted to know why she got that scar and R.i.p Boston bear I dont know that I thought he was just a great player
Boopy Taco
Boopy Taco 17 days ago
Echo and dokkabei have a,”friendly relationship” 🍆🍑
Ethan Evans
Ethan Evans 17 days ago
the tidbit about montey is so wrong, monty has a shield the picture is of a GIGN operator leading the way with a SHIELD which he took grenade blasts small arms and shotgun rounds to. he doesn't give out plates that's rook....... edit: and Rooks our thicc boi ;_;
Mr.Cow8250 18 days ago
Sooo...Maverick is Ironman
Keane Noble-Brown
Keane Noble-Brown 18 days ago
you copied wireds video
Casual fan
Casual fan 19 days ago
Wait pulse isn’t Mr world wide pit bull? How!
Saif Ali Sethar
Saif Ali Sethar 19 days ago
I don't know why but I think that r6 siege is just an air soft or training session.
Bannana Bomb
Bannana Bomb 20 days ago
almost all of these facts can be found from the video where a guy from Ubisoft explains operators from the game.
Carson Secchiari
Carson Secchiari 20 days ago
How long you think the Russians got banned?
asya masood
asya masood 20 days ago
Ahmad Shah Massoud is my dads cousin im very glad to see him in this (:
Julius Szabo
Julius Szabo 21 day ago
Finka doesn't mean knife in polish
DOGGO 2.0 22 days ago
Finka legit has a crush on Lord Chanka (actual lore) And I want in the next update for finka to have a engagement ring an same as Chanka I want CHINKA!
Litt1e.Brendan 22 days ago
This is borderline plagiarism
Nawar Khoury
Nawar Khoury 23 days ago
“Thick boy Montagne” Me: that’s a like
Sniperboy clark
Sniperboy clark 23 days ago
Almost everything you said Alex said
that_knightsfan 23 days ago
I wish they added Greeks to the game
Yo Jit
Yo Jit 24 days ago
So rooks armor dose something :o
Mystic Sushi
Mystic Sushi 24 days ago
You used the wrong MPX skin for the battlepass
SHRUGZ PLAYS 24 days ago
thats a cool looking battle pass. i wish we got that...
WarHammer885 24 days ago
Most of the hostages died because they suffocated while on their stomachs
ÆÜÆ Is my language
imagine he dosent even play R6
MSF. Scrug
MSF. Scrug 25 days ago
you saw all of when the deb explaned every op you copyed them
Bryan Ha
Bryan Ha 25 days ago
Who else didn’t know some ops have a real bio
XSprayz 26 days ago
Am i the only one that wants a 3d animated series about all these operators?
LeightonJks 26 days ago
why does Lesion shout Jumanji
Kawsar A
Kawsar A 27 days ago
My operator idea: Nova Equipped with 4 transluscent tripwires, when triggered, they releasena really loud noise in order to reveal the attackers position. 2 speed with a new gun
laggy shaggy
laggy shaggy 27 days ago
Pulse is based off if the guy in taxi driver his elite too
Yeather _
Yeather _ 27 days ago
22:04 “gadget realism consultant” That must have been a short lived job title
Julian Felix
Julian Felix 28 days ago
At 19:15 He started playing electric shuffle from fortnight
MERP505 Studios
MERP505 Studios 28 days ago
Dude you copied the wired interview nearly word by word and even used the same images
Spruce Moose
Spruce Moose 29 days ago
No, finka does not mean knife in Polish.
Jackson.k 29 days ago
yo castle is just a reverse mike vick
Blaik Lewis
Blaik Lewis 29 days ago
you took literally everything from a video called the operators in r6 explained
DR 3AM 29 days ago
Margret thatcher 🤮
Snipe SD
Snipe SD Month ago
5:29 Would be interresting if we had 2 married operater and you get divorce extra points
Sean Chapstick
Sean Chapstick Month ago
“Kayed is the only disabled operator” What about jäger, echo, and lesion
Patient Mule925
Patient Mule925 Month ago
So your telling me that fuze is based on GAS. Why isnt that smoke
είμαι. Apodeixis
There is no black attacker ... Fact
Mateusz Nawrocki
Finka means knife in polish?…
Terrapirate Month ago
I'm don't want to sound mean or something, but the video is almost Identical to the Wired Interview with Alexander Karpazis
S Kucharski
S Kucharski Month ago
umm thats not true 19:37 in polish “knife” is nóż not finka wdym (im polish btw)
Dillpickle44 Month ago
Bro they just watched the video were Ubisoft explains all operators and copied the facts
Frisk And Friends
Say Nook again I dare you
LAZAR Gaming
LAZAR Gaming Month ago
Why does glaz have a blood spot on his eye in his intro?
M u s t y
M u s t y Month ago
Finka means nothing in Polish , nóż means knife in Polish
Ultamata Month ago
Me and smoke have the same birthday and we’re born in the same country/city
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