1012HP AUDI RS6 Klasen 330km/h REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

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1012HP AUDI RS6 Klasen 330km/h REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL
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PL: Testujemy i oceniamy samochody - w naszych playlistach posłuchasz dźwięku silników, obejrzysz testy
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Nov 25, 2018




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Comments 80
AutoTopNL 9 months ago
Want to see EVEN MORE power?! ruvid.net/video/video-o4IlTRhyDJ0.html 🤯🤯🤯
WHITE NUKE ! 12 days ago
John Wick
John Wick Month ago
How much cost for 1012hp?
Dobermann Jeff
Dobermann Jeff 4 months ago
Very nice car! My Dog would like it 👍
Johnlavos 9 months ago
AutoTopNL how many bars is the turbo boost at race mode? 3bar or more?
Marcus Wilkins
Lambo wagon...🤔
radiotv2011 fotowoltaika
Helo what camera u use?
ReadyPlayerOne 10 hours ago
I would settle just for an original RS6. That thing is ridiculous fast even stock.
Mihai Burciu
Mihai Burciu 11 hours ago
this is a amazing. you are amazing dude. congratzzz. i dream to drive one car like this.
Victor Da Silva
Victor Da Silva 16 hours ago
Had an A6 allroad.....loved it....wish I had this... I could run over some rioters in the USA
MKLCKA Day ago
Once the highway police got to such vehicles, it would be my end!
ProDigyTR Day ago
Incredible stability in this car he’s driving 280-300 just like we drive 100
And LHD........ wow.
حسن الكناني
subhan afzal
subhan afzal 2 days ago
its alright for 158k au
Leony da Cruz
Leony da Cruz 2 days ago
This is not the POV i was looking for, and this is also not the video website i was going to as well
Xhoni Ngucaj
Xhoni Ngucaj 2 days ago
I lost my best friend bro dont go with that speed do in your home man ;)
K H 3 days ago
One day in my life, i will own an Audi RS
Miljörör för Språkpartiet
Sounds so good. no AMG pooping and stock fart cans
ig.vdbdries05 4 days ago
Jouw engels suckt echt.
TheShepTV 6 days ago
Sinead O'Connor would be honoured
Pokerovacha Pokerov
When Max starts to sing 🎤 thats a video 😄😄😄
Mike Byrne
Mike Byrne 8 days ago
My bluemotion golf will give it a run for its money 😂😂
Artona Firdaus
Artona Firdaus 8 days ago
This is insane
BlessMyHoming 8 days ago
RS6: I have the whole speedometer so I am gonna use the whole speedometer
xrlabs 8 days ago
Good googely moogely, that thing is juicy
Daness74 W.
Daness74 W. 8 days ago
Also was man manchmal von so Audis sieht,ist schon abnormal! So geht's mir ja sonst bei den dicken AMG's, die wirklich auch nt mehr ganz sauber sind mit wie die Nadel im Tacho wandert usw... Doch kommts mir bei dem ein od anderen modifizierten RS6 schon nochmal krasser vor - od sollte es mich täuschen? Irgendwas stimmt da doch nt, wie kanns so vorwärts gehn, verdammtes Beil....!?!!?✅🏁🤘💖🌻🐞🍀😎👌😘
GaborBartal 9 days ago
Is "klasen" the company that almost killed you ?
Sorin 11 days ago
I used to deliver packages to this guys, every time when i was there i would just stare at their cars. This audi was looking very good, i never knew it had so many horse power. You can find it in Oberhausen, Germany.
Mylko 11 days ago
that's not a supra but Ok that's realy cool I like it
ca3_nl _pg_yt
ca3_nl _pg_yt 11 days ago
Je bent nederlands🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
heil hiltler
heil hiltler 12 days ago
Wenn meine Panzer so schnell gefahren wären, hätte ich leicht den Zweiten Weltkrieg gewonnen
loveranking 12 days ago
gangster car
akuapiatas 12 days ago
how fast will it stop if you hit a bridge pillar? lol
delisinsen asel
delisinsen asel 13 days ago
you don't know anything but damn shit bıt bıt bıt
Hault Rxst
Hault Rxst 14 days ago
People in the comments - it's a station wagon Yea it also costs over 200k so yea
ALBER PAJARES 14 days ago
Jarmo Laeks
Jarmo Laeks 17 days ago
why engine light is on?
Влатко Блажевски
One day i want to be that cool to bring my kids to school in 1000hp car
Liang Ee Ping
Liang Ee Ping 18 days ago
The speed is insane!!
Jose Ignacio Aramburu Gortari
Nothing else like Audi... If I had the fortune, I'd go for a RS6, nor Porsche, nor Ferrari, nor nothing.
Chris Gonzales
Chris Gonzales 18 days ago
From cockpit that car has to be most stable at those extreme speeds. There little feed back from the driver. Great video
InnomotionMedia 19 days ago
RS 63 :D looool
ı love with this car hellyea
Felix Marais
Felix Marais 19 days ago
aye the car is insane and all but what rly fucks with my mind is how he’s never been pulled over on video
Erpini Erpinski
Erpini Erpinski 19 days ago
Wat is je auto ? Privé meer welke je elke dag rijd
Radek Rudnicki
Radek Rudnicki 20 days ago
"Family" combi lmao
KOGUT 20 days ago
Hello HOLAND!!! Fucking incestors!!! :D
INA7 M 21 day ago
Oh my god for real 1012hp Audi rs6 omg
Cyrille Barthelemy
Cyrille Barthelemy 22 days ago
This is not legal
Tierra Mar Aire
Tierra Mar Aire 22 days ago
Plantan 22 days ago
Check engine lamp is lighted haha
Pyrka W Maku
Pyrka W Maku 23 days ago
Check Engine ON xD
Neeexxxi 23 days ago
Is it legal in germany? It sounds waaaay too loud
Jari K L
Jari K L 24 days ago
Lord Jesus can forgive your sins and save you from hell and lake of fire, to everlasting LIFE :) The choice is yours.
Robot Burger
Robot Burger 24 days ago
Just drive and don't talk that much? How does that sound as an idea? And by the way, you're right. This is a serious machine with quite some beef under the cap. Audis have an explosive power that also escalates smooth. Many machines are tuned to have 1000HP and when you give them GAS and they just spin the wheels. Audis go forward like fucking rockets.
Daniel Corchez
Daniel Corchez 24 days ago
Respect ❤
Nani Gaschi
Nani Gaschi 24 days ago
Optional del lauto è scarsa Cruis control scarso
Liam Calpine
Liam Calpine 25 days ago
Lowered to CHAV. WHY!?
DiabloStuntTeam 25 days ago
Nothin compares to you :D :D :D
Wumpty 25 days ago
It's a real shame the UK doesn't have an autobahn our motorways could handle the speed so easily. Just a shame our government are useless and put money before the people hence why we have a 70mph hard limit. I wish i could move to Germany!!!!
Sham bote
Sham bote 26 days ago
Bye bye murica muscle car.....
Cas Van Hal
Cas Van Hal 26 days ago
Dikke wagen
First of his name
First of his name 26 days ago
Funny how he keeps saying 0-100 at 3 secs is nothing in comparison to the 100-200 pick up.. I'm just dumbfounded 😂😂
Olle 27 days ago
And im stuck with my 1.6L golf :/
Antonios Kaspard
Antonios Kaspard 27 days ago
Man the way it launch from 0-100 like 0-50 in my dad audi a5 3.2 quattro 433hp
Antonios Kaspard
Antonios Kaspard 27 days ago
Yess this is insane . But you can get a more powerful car
Antonios Kaspard
Antonios Kaspard 27 days ago
This car is insane
Patrick Richter
Patrick Richter 29 days ago
Lol this car is from my city, Wuppertal
Alexandru Filipescu
That check engine light 🙈
Miki Maus
Miki Maus Month ago
14:20 Alfa 😂
Twin Scroll
Twin Scroll Month ago
As ugly as a German, will favour a Subaru STi over this any time.
Twin Scroll
Twin Scroll Month ago
1:11 - 1:12 "It is also very Black" These Germans or Dutch think they can speak English!
K.L.K Month ago
Que Envia Sanaa
Is a beast!
Hidajet Kovačević
Y can drink coffe on gastation and still go befor car y pass but still bmw m4 is bether
why is the engine-light on? ôo
Teo Bernström
Teo Bernström Month ago
If you think that car is tuned you haven’t seen my moped
Nassim Houa
Nassim Houa Month ago
Engine light ??
pop norbert
pop norbert Month ago
Filip 93
Filip 93 Month ago
😍 Dream car
Emil Bejmowicz
Emil Bejmowicz Month ago
Mercedes Benz E 55 Amg and Mercedes Benz Sl55 Amg Pls
jawad ben ali
jawad ben ali Month ago
320 km... Wooow
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