1012HP AUDI RS6 Klasen 330km/h REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

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1012HP AUDI RS6 Klasen 330km/h REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL
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PL: Testujemy i oceniamy samochody - w naszych playlistach posłuchasz dźwięku silników, obejrzysz testy
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Nov 25, 2018




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Comments 2 312
AutoTopNL 2 months ago
Want to see EVEN MORE power?! ruvid.net/video/video-o4IlTRhyDJ0.html 🤯🤯🤯
Ιωάννης Κεχ
AutoTopNL how many bars is the turbo boost at race mode? 3bar or more?
Brian M
Brian M 11 hours ago
How much would all that work set one back? 🤓
Adriati Zeqiraj
Dream car🤙
Radek Holota
Radek Holota 2 days ago
Kafn Stryker
Kafn Stryker 2 days ago
why was the engine light on?
Freddy Hansen
Freddy Hansen 3 days ago
martin martin martin
Is it stock
Kawasaki Yamamoto
Finally speedometer came on, so I felt dat speed, but how about sound of the engine at dat rpm man? 21 rims looking on low profile tire is great, i need to go there to, so i can go unlimited.
SR_Sem kaasie
SR_Sem kaasie 7 days ago
Dat mooie Nederlandse accent er doorheen is zo moi
Danger Danger
Danger Danger 8 days ago
Фото Видео
The99reddragon5 9 days ago
check engine light ??
caged lion
caged lion 9 days ago
315 thats it what is that 160 mph did 192mph in my s6 v10 flashed ecu
caged lion
caged lion 9 days ago
1002 hp my as my v10 s6 pulls that hard
Belal Haidari
Belal Haidari 10 days ago
I’m watching this video every week RS6 ❤️❤️
NFS Ottopsy
NFS Ottopsy 10 days ago
I challenge this car with my 1200hp b9 a5
NFS Ottopsy
NFS Ottopsy 10 days ago
check engine light on
cdrbmw 10 days ago
Try the GPS instead. 330 km/h is more like 280 KM/h. Audi is VERY optimistic about the speed.
FrateTelevizor 10 days ago
This car is insane :D
Igor Brandt
Igor Brandt 11 days ago
Just like nothing to over 300 kmh :D
Jeroen Jansen
Jeroen Jansen 12 days ago
Yesterday I watched a test of the Fiesta ST on the autobahn and I can see the huge difference.
Marshmello !
Marshmello ! 12 days ago
I wish I could own this car I wish ...
Liren Cellvam
Liren Cellvam 12 days ago
This car does 200-260km/h quicker than my car does 0-100km/h. Simply amazing.
luca M
luca M 13 days ago
im in love
Morgan Morris
Morgan Morris 14 days ago
Looks like video game
Nathan Philps
Nathan Philps 14 days ago
That damn CEL though...
GEZ-Agent 14 days ago
Klasen hat es einfach drauf. Ohne scheisse.
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 15 days ago
Fuck that’s a tight engine bay
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 16 days ago
Sick video bro
Doli Briliantu
Doli Briliantu 17 days ago
When i was In Germany
Doli Briliantu
Doli Briliantu 17 days ago
LOL I saw that Car before in Wuppertal
Olivier Tanis
Olivier Tanis 17 days ago
Hier word ik bijna geil van
PolishBoyyHD 17 days ago
How dare you??
Ap A
Ap A 18 days ago
That’s a grocery getter!! WOW
Tim 18 days ago
Stop means stop and not drive
NichHollywood : My instagram
Looks like a hearse from the side lol. This shit boutta send you to your grave lol
Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh 20 days ago
Trailer park trash are going to love this station wagon!!! Though no wood paneling is a bit of a let down..
Kenner1986 20 days ago
Wtf I am scared haha
Walsh 20 days ago
How much does this beast cost?
lix 5314
lix 5314 21 day ago
If this video don't motivate to get enough money to buy this car and get maried with it I don't know what wil 🤣🤣🤣
Davide Lucidi
Davide Lucidi 21 day ago
Domme auto
94luuser 22 days ago
A truly piece of art. That sound is outstanding. Speechless.
Martin Halvax
Martin Halvax 22 days ago
This car is in a perfect place in Germany. It'd be a shame to use it anywhere else. Congrats to the owner. Jealous af
SnowStorm 24 days ago
Jaguar Paw
Jaguar Paw 24 days ago
Why is grass uncut on the autobahn in the summer time? In almost every video when they drive, there is tall grass. Unusual for german people
Anwar Khalil
Anwar Khalil 25 days ago
Wij zijn Nederlanders
Allan Larsen
Allan Larsen 25 days ago
Question : When can you be here ? Answer: Yes
Vlad Mihai
Vlad Mihai 25 days ago
Amazing is also how well sound insulated this car is. Going 330km/h and you can't hear anything.
Nobody like me
Nobody like me 27 days ago
Literally though of that song when you said nothing compared! Weird lol
Nobody like me
Nobody like me 27 days ago
I drove the rs6 shape before this one as a valet and I took it very fast for 2 miles it was so awesome. It had huge exhaust and wheels but I'm not sure what other mods it had but it was so fast I hit 130mph in what felt like 1 second lol.
SqueeZ ́s WAY
SqueeZ ́s WAY 29 days ago
Frau: Nein Thomas, kauf einen Kombi..denk an die Familie! Mann: say no more....
Timi Bodog
Timi Bodog 29 days ago
How big is the engine?
Claude Djawoye
Claude Djawoye Month ago
Could you use your 2 hands to drive😂
Felipe F
Felipe F Month ago
What a beast
GrumpySalmon Month ago
Still a green environmental sticker on the windscreen 😂. Ya, real car for the left winged eco-activists..
Mandlenkosi Zwane
When I'm speeding I tend to forget the consequences of that,this would definitely kill me for sure..
Khb 888
Khb 888 Month ago
If I had a car that powerful I'd give it to you any day
Troy Patillo
Troy Patillo Month ago
I'd rather have this than a Bugatti. The only stares you would get would be from real car people.
FloydDiamond Month ago
12:15 Or. Yes, it´s sex.
Glen Van Eetvelde
Kunde gij ni effe zwijge zoda ik die motor kan horen😪
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