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Here is a collection of brilliant lifehacks that will change your life!
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Aug 2, 2019




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Comments 2 608
Daniel Wegrzynowski
Daniel Wegrzynowski 16 hours ago
Samuel moreira De mello
Apex Fails
Apex Fails Day ago
🤭 disgusting food 🥘
Valery Rg
Valery Rg Day ago
like si te sirven
Gerardo Cordova izquierdo
Is craisy
Logen Brooks
Logen Brooks 2 days ago
21:42 I love that girls two different colored eyes 👀
Fixy Night Ve světě her
Omg czech 20 ,-
Dennis Kajtar
Dennis Kajtar 3 days ago
Ravioli ravioli what's in the pocketoli
Ban Heart
Ban Heart 3 days ago
5 minute craft 1h video. REALLY
Sasha Thornton
Sasha Thornton 3 days ago
At 2:03 they were like how e gonna drink it when the string is attached to the other packet
MARIA ALONSO 3 days ago
Algo útil pofavoh
Daniele Baldini
Daniele Baldini 4 days ago
victor manuel
victor manuel 4 days ago
Para que sirve el fósforo en la cámara?
Kevin Flores Gutierrez
When you are idiot I see five minutes crafht
Useless Channel
Useless Channel 6 days ago
30:43 wait how did you get 20 Czech Crowns? Arent you in America?
Useless Channel
Useless Channel 6 days ago
23:42 seriously? You want us to put the sticky part instead of the cotton part on our wound?
Barney Boladão
Barney Boladão 8 days ago
LIFE HACKS EU ESTOU HACKEANDO A VIDA HACKERMAN 01101011001010101010101010101011011100101010110101011
michael springer
michael springer 8 days ago
so cool
xXKiwi GachaXx
xXKiwi GachaXx 8 days ago
Are you really that desperate to hold someo es hand? 12:33
arturazo 69
arturazo 69 9 days ago
Es mi idea o pareciera que se corta el dedo 13:10
Katelyn Watkins
Katelyn Watkins 9 days ago
so cool
Stark industries
Stark industries 9 days ago
30:45 - Česká 20🇨🇿
Dylan Baker
Dylan Baker 10 days ago
7:11 who had tacos
Tatom Kea
Tatom Kea 10 days ago
7:33 sis u need to get new toothbrush
Science Peridot
Science Peridot 11 days ago
My question for life hack videos Why hack you life if it’s a blessing?
Youtube_notxap_ QA
Youtube_notxap_ QA 12 days ago
12:20 they killed the hand they destroyed they're hand there monsters
Crystal humphrey
Crystal humphrey 12 days ago
My little sister was watching this and then at 13:14 she said they cut there finger off😆😆
Piecakes 13 days ago
At 0:24 it tells you to wait 15 minutes ..... Name of channel “ 5 minute crafts”
Colleen Brown
Colleen Brown 13 days ago
Yo hi
bry land
bry land 14 days ago
12:11 she's so desperate for someone to hold her hand lol
Aliza Shahbaz
Aliza Shahbaz 16 days ago
Aliza pees her sl
Gustavo Dosgames
Gustavo Dosgames 16 days ago
MDS cara!
Elsie On The Road
Elsie On The Road 18 days ago
ik wist niet dat dit life was
Logical Cheeze
Logical Cheeze 19 days ago
*Spills soda* Them: Oh! Might as well turn the whole thing a nee fricking color!
Oliver T
Oliver T 20 days ago
wow thank you for sharing. Great video :)
ñaño saintard
ñaño saintard 21 day ago
Willow Willson
Willow Willson 22 days ago
Nicholas Chlam
Nicholas Chlam 23 days ago
hiiiiiiiiii what doing
Radioactive Radioactive
Most people who try this stuff will fail
Laura Das Gachas
Laura Das Gachas 25 days ago
26:03 Jeez my dog ​​keeps letting go ;-;
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