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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 2 374
Nathaniel P
Nathaniel P 12 days ago
Amazing job!! 🇨🇦
morningstaR x
morningstaR x 13 days ago
It looks like you are still running h22 on that prelude. It seems like the camera is never on it long enough for me to tell. In the era of the Ks it's always cool to see some H and B series still running around.
MLJ 17 days ago
I spy TE-37 TA Wheels on that ITR 0:43
John Shanks
John Shanks 19 days ago
If you didnt chop up the trophy yet... have it water jetted into 3 puzzle pieces.
UncleHank 21 day ago
Added that racing haircut
Catch'a Z
Catch'a Z Month ago
Coming back to this video.. Will we ever get to see the Lude do a half mile event?!
Cross Starling
Cross Starling Month ago
Likes for ludes
Cross Starling
Cross Starling Month ago
Lickhee Buchumnoi
Lickhee Buchumnoi 2 months ago
YOOOO YOOOO DAMMM SON 9.6 fast like a NASCAR NASCAR boiiiii lol congratulations bro I smell 8’s.coming soon bro 🙏🙏🙏😁😎
jon sewell
jon sewell 3 months ago
what does he mean by iced-out?
Alkaest 77
Alkaest 77 3 months ago
#BoostedBoiz In 10 years will speak about you, you will be a Legend of Street Racing ^_^
MINI MII 3 months ago
chris sautter
chris sautter 3 months ago
Yo kyle that 9.6 pass had u fts that woulda been the world record set at altitude
Saint Laurent Don
Saint Laurent Don 3 months ago
Good shit
Ricky Haen
Ricky Haen 4 months ago
What’s all the smoke when you let off?
Erik Murillo
Erik Murillo 4 months ago
Winning is winning
Lambo Love
Lambo Love 4 months ago
22:12 so kyles racing this guy *shows a monster eg*
Lambo Love
Lambo Love 4 months ago
20:07 lol he tried to fist bump. A lot of people missed this
scorpion ice
scorpion ice 4 months ago
Your a moron kyle.
Sonny Grambino
Sonny Grambino 4 months ago
Prelude Life ...Just outta curosity how much $$ ya got into the lude ? I drive a 98 sh just swapped a red top jdm h22 into it ...
Tom Grummett
Tom Grummett 4 months ago
This is so much more enjoyable with swearing lmao
RISE UP GAMES 4 months ago
He needs a cage!!!
Don Edwards
Don Edwards 4 months ago
First,CONGRATS on getting the "old" Prelude into the 9's ! And second, Dude,THAT thing was RIPPIN' ! It was like the best day ever,& I can hardly wait to see /HEAR what's coming next !!
Типо не_знаешь
Hi, I’m watching you recently, I’m from Russia, I don’t understand what you say xD, but it’s interesting to watch, but the question arose: why not the Honda Prelude 5th gen?
r vargas
r vargas 4 months ago
Watching this video made me subscribe
Brock Lowe
Brock Lowe 4 months ago
Emilio’s question “Bro who are you?” So awesome.
Garrett Hoefer
Garrett Hoefer 4 months ago
Good thinking, show Hayden talking shit about the tech guys that approve your cars to race....at your home track no less. Probably not the greatest idea.
Nick Kirkland
Nick Kirkland 4 months ago
Where are yall from
Alex Mancha
Alex Mancha 4 months ago
Hoping there’s a clip of that ZJ in the back
John Dough
John Dough 4 months ago
Get a cage fool
Paul G
Paul G 4 months ago
It's crazy how this channel has grown and also Kyle. Went from the streets to the strip making 9sec passes. Great job! you and your crew.
Caleb Dougherty
Caleb Dougherty 4 months ago
@boostedboiz PLEASE READ. How difficult would it be to put an ‘06 iVtec 4 cyl into a 1993 prelude si?
Taylor Roberts
Taylor Roberts 4 months ago
What happened to Scott's yellow civic?! Bogged that thing is quick here in utah! Good run guys!
Rabbitt 4 months ago
Some badass Honda's happening here ! Sick lude. Check out my H22 CB7 swap I need help lmao ! I'm going for maximum torque steer but I need to get it to run right first -ruvid.net/video/video-R7jqJaCkPwQ.html
Katie Fornwalt
Katie Fornwalt 4 months ago
I absolutely love seeing your passion for when you make a clean pass. Everyone needs a close group of friends like you all have there!!!
Bob Poitras
Bob Poitras 4 months ago
Drag racing it’s not for Front-wheels Drive
sorry for the cussing, but... *FUCK!*
8 Bit
8 Bit 4 months ago
Are those speakers @ 21:01 on the back dash? Remove them and you'll get 8's
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme 4 months ago
"Fast dude from Utah" smashed em
Dylan Kempter
Dylan Kempter 4 months ago
The weather wasn't good it was titties lmao something I would say love it 😂😂🤟
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