1000+ Pepperoni on 1 Slice of Pizza CHALLENGE!!!

Matt Stonie
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1000+ Pepperoni Slices on 1 Slice of Pizza!!!
Who else thinks they have the Power of the Pepperoni??
Fun challenge today as I attempt to Stack over 1000 Slices of standard Pepperoni on a Slice of Cheese pizza...
Then Eat It!!!
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Jul 31, 2020




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Comments 100
Dragon S
Dragon S 39 minutes ago
That must taste horrible
Yadah Raker
Yadah Raker Hour ago
Did he even put it in the oven?
X Caliver
X Caliver 2 hours ago
don't die
Team Gaming
Team Gaming 2 hours ago
No cren voz big no podeys comer peperon
rekha patil
rekha patil 3 hours ago
Can anyone explain what is pepperoni
Dragon S
Dragon S 39 minutes ago
It's meat
H S 3 hours ago
andreas;-; 3 hours ago
perfect for the cursed image category
Farid Wafiy
Farid Wafiy 4 hours ago
This make you fat bro
anup hulyalkar
anup hulyalkar 4 hours ago
the one issue i had, he never heated up the pizza and the pepperoni
no. 4 hours ago
This is what you call a pepperoni pizza
Possessed Knight
Possessed Knight 5 hours ago
He’s the kid every parents and grandparents want
christian D
christian D 5 hours ago
When Matt gets infected during the zombie apocalypse and the timer appears in screen
Panayiota Vogiatzis
Kat 7 hours ago
He already lost at the start all of them are touching the plate
Fateh Sahi
Fateh Sahi 7 hours ago
Who else is sitting in bed hungry at night?
ryan 8 hours ago
Ngl I was expecting all of the pepperoni to fall
Kamari Dalton
Kamari Dalton 9 hours ago
Me :oops I spilled it Matt: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Spoopy Potato
Spoopy Potato 10 hours ago
This is were 40% of all meat goes to
Tirtho Rahman
Tirtho Rahman 10 hours ago
Mdnt Tinker
Mdnt Tinker 11 hours ago
Nobody: Me: "Counting how many pepperoni's he dropped"
Haneul Yoongi
Haneul Yoongi 11 hours ago
انه لديد وياكل بي الملعقة
JayJay_ 12 hours ago
Mad Motherfucker
Mad Motherfucker 12 hours ago
Oatmeal kid Gaming
Oatmeal kid Gaming 12 hours ago
Touching 1000 pepperonis
Batuhan Sağlam
Batuhan Sağlam 13 hours ago
Cool BeanZ
Cool BeanZ 13 hours ago
The thing I feel really bad about in this situation is his plumber....
SovietSlogna 13 hours ago
Gunna entered the chat
I'm not gonna say nonsense. Year 2037 *Matt stonie Challenging the fastest eater in the world*
Tayfun A.
Tayfun A. 13 hours ago
His cholesterin is worse than my grades
Matija Špoljar
Matija Špoljar 14 hours ago
Where is Gray, the husky?
joey labranche
joey labranche 14 hours ago
I don't even want to imagine the cholesterol level of this dude.
Tristan Froment
Tristan Froment 14 hours ago
how many slices of pizza would you like on that pile of pepperoni?
Marc Grecco
Marc Grecco 14 hours ago
How are you still alive ? You eat so much garbage.
Dragon S
Dragon S 37 minutes ago
He eats like this like once a week but works out and eats healthy every other day.
SlickCheese 14 hours ago
waiter: how many pepperoni’s do u want on your pizza Matt Stonie: yes
Jordan 14 hours ago
when my mom says I have to much food in my mouth imma show her this video.
Panda Boss
Panda Boss 14 hours ago
me: how is he gonna carry that next clip also me: oh ;-;
Khaled Albanna
Khaled Albanna 16 hours ago
He wasted more time counting than eating
UK Bus and Lift Enthusiast
Omg he ate a rat: ruvid.net/video/video--JiA_5Uu4Rc.html
Öykü Dila
Öykü Dila 16 hours ago
if those pepperonis are raw, just say hi to taenias bro. 🐛
Δημήτριος Τζαμάρας
Yes, but can he eat the hair cake??
Zoeya Power
Zoeya Power 17 hours ago
This is disgusting.
Tasty bee
Tasty bee 17 hours ago
올오오 18 hours ago
아니저건 너무짜서 못먹겠는데..?
The Half-Washed Guy
The Half-Washed Guy 18 hours ago
Patrick vs Matt; ruvid.net/video/video-NbS6OeHsSiA.html
Gordon’s Food Reviews
He lowkey carrying RUvid though
DNA GAMING 18 hours ago
how do u not gain wieght
Dragon S
Dragon S 36 minutes ago
He works out and does these challenges once a week
Kerem Kütük
Kerem Kütük 21 hour ago
i think he did it, because he lost a minute for a slice of pepperoni that falls on ground.
Mr Popara
Mr Popara 21 hour ago
His poor bsnk account
Aroniscool0 21 hour ago
That makes me fat
SlogoSniper 23 hours ago
Got some pizza with your pepperoni there?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 23 hours ago
Its takes him 1 month to digest
fatherbeans Day ago
Still waiting on the 1,000 slices of pizza on one pepperoni
Saif Saif
Saif Saif Day ago
I like worm on a string
Every Restaurant when you say “Extra pepperoni please”
Adam Day ago
Looks more like a pepperoni cake
Potato Dragon
that vegan teacher watching this
Mert Tokatlı
me: ı am very sorry abaout that toilet:ı can't belive it He is Matt Stonie
Lania Dleraziz
why is nobody talking about hes dog? its so cute!
CNEOR FF Day ago
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Day ago
Now we wait for 1000 slices of pizza on one pepperoni...
Navinya Kamble
Try Indian thali
Tim Tucker
Tim Tucker Day ago
Can man tits santal do this.
Amber Day ago
i’m getting acne watching this
MandyLina123 Day ago
Any normal person: whoa, that is a lot of pepperoni. Me: I wanna eat this. My body: You cant handle the calories. We totally all gained weight just watching this....also....he is missing some pizza with his pepperoni.
Jennifer Rodriguez
yoyocake 1234
You could atleast make it look better by baking it ;-;
Ian Fabian
Ian Fabian Day ago
Yo lo ago en dos segundos
VHplayz Day ago
n. r.
n. r. Day ago
My acid reflux screamed while watching this..
PantherFan11 Day ago
Only Ricky and ray will be the pepperoni god
ZeroTwo Day ago
uncooked pepperoni, I wouldn't want that
To0tS_ 2OO8
To0tS_ 2OO8 Day ago
Hey can I get extra pepperoni
xdVorce Day ago
is the blue stuff he always drinks powerade?
Dragon S
Dragon S 34 minutes ago
It's water
will Day ago
Sponsored by Rennie???
Pengwin Day ago
It’s not even Pepperoni Pizza, its just Pizza Pepperoni
Francesca Maisano
Yep this video definitely clarifies he’s not a vegetarian
Jake Hernandez
Italy liked that*
Googly Google
My dad:where does he put it? Me:he ate it
Maxo 835
Maxo 835 Day ago
Thats way too many pepperoni
Codex 3838
Codex 3838 Day ago
The burfles like this element...
oneX_X ZeroX_X
3:04 when you know you have no life
Illumynite Day ago
Would you like some pizza on your pepperoni?
Pink Duck
Pink Duck Day ago
Eating 35 McChicken sandwich from McDonald's or KFC or you can go to Popeyes
ghost the epic
vegans be like omg im not watching this and then they faint
Edem Tisha
Edem Tisha Day ago
How’s he eating all these without growing big ???🥺
Dragon S
Dragon S 33 minutes ago
He does these challenges like once a week
The most realistic answer is he doesn’t eat for the rest of the day and possibly the next day too, not including the exercise he probably does
Riley Utley
Riley Utley Day ago
Macara Thomas
He eats like a monster oh my Lord
LeeAnn Citizen
Kxxg Adri
Kxxg Adri Day ago
How is your jawline still sharp bruh
Gaming Day ago
I am so hungry
Ranz Daniel
Ranz Daniel Day ago
i hope he will always be healthy
Latef Latef
Latef Latef Day ago
انته شنو من معده 😆😅😄😃🤣😂😁😀
Laura Her
Laura Her Day ago
OMG ! I just helped him vomited !
Just a regular person
Normal people eats a Pizza with pepperoni. Matt is eating pepperoni with pizza.
Legend Roman
Legend Roman Day ago
what is pepperoni made of and how much it is there in usa
Mitchel Salazar
Bro, te vas a morir de tanto comer
epicc Day ago
surprisingly he doesnt sweat a lot like the others
How the hell You're skinny?!
Fasting for a day or two after and exercise
Dase channel
Dase channel Day ago
A pepperoni pizza? Nah a pizza pepperoni
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