100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas | CloeCouture

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Still don’t know what to be?
30 GROUP halloween costumes: ruvid.net/video/video-Y_LoBbyhn74.html
30 BEST FRIEND halloween costumes: ruvid.net/video/video-t_13BtSIbGY.html
30 COUPLE halloween costumes: ruvid.net/video/video-2fVx7bvuDFE.html
30 Halloween costumes: ruvid.net/video/video-jDhHCfVRuAE.html
30 MORE halloween costumes: ruvid.net/video/video-aON1t-Iym-w.html
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Hi! I'm Cloe Feldman and welcome to my channel, CloeCouture! I started making RUvid videos in January 2011.
My channel is a reflection of my life! I've made all types of videos ranging from makeup and fashion to comedy skits and fantasy worlds. I can make anything happen in my videos, and I want my subscribers to know that they can create anything they want in life!
I am so thankful to everyone who watches my videos and supports all of my endeavors. I love you guys!
100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas | CloeCouture

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Oct 14, 2016




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Comments 80
Emilyrose Ella
Emilyrose Ella 5 hours ago
She rocks any look👍
AMAL EID 14 hours ago
Uriel Burwell
Uriel Burwell 18 hours ago
I crying why leave just make a vid once a week
Kenzie music Rainbow loom
Do you do RUvid still
I-Ting Wang
I-Ting Wang Day ago
I-Ting Wang
I-Ting Wang Day ago
I like the deer one
Avigail Marcus
Comment here what your favourite costume is
Kids Doan
Kids Doan Day ago
Can you do 200 Halloween costume?
Yadira Elias
Yadira Elias Day ago
I like your videos ❤️
Ayesha Asif
Ayesha Asif 2 days ago
Jovana Radojevic
Jovana Radojevic 2 days ago
Klaus ROSSA 2 days ago
Wie machst du das mit so vielen aufrufen
abdul wajood
abdul wajood 3 days ago
2:27 you look like ladybug from miraculous ladybug.
Lydia Smallmon
Lydia Smallmon 3 days ago
I love this vid, but the one thing is she took the princess girl outfit, or costume and like made it a so called "Hot" version of it but they are rlly cute tho and she may have not found one in her size her VERY skinny size lol anyone her in July 2020
Unicorn Gaming
Unicorn Gaming 4 days ago
it was an ulicorn not pigusis
Qirat Farooq
Qirat Farooq 4 days ago
I am defernetly going to be the spy cute and me
Shamira Lucas Tv
Shamira Lucas Tv 4 days ago
Can’t believe she left yt 😢
Elsie Unger
Elsie Unger 5 days ago
You’re a real one if you recognize the basketball squeaking for the referee 6:44
Kasey Lippingwell
Netball Crazyy
Netball Crazyy 5 days ago
The subtitles! 😂🤣😂🤣
Sarah Aguirre
Sarah Aguirre 5 days ago
Queen Alora
Queen Alora 5 days ago
I'm just now understanding what the scream queens costume is
Christine Catterton
Love it
rasberry bubbles
rasberry bubbles 6 days ago
rename this video to: *"100 ways to be a thot"*
Ynna Macaraig
Ynna Macaraig 6 days ago
Mom: look a pegasus .me: um mom that pegasus have a horn
VanillaBeanFnaf 6 days ago
These are just clothes i dont own
Eva Vig
Eva Vig 6 days ago
Wow cloe
Luz Soto
Luz Soto 6 days ago
I love it
Gandhara Peshawar
Hope our channel may be of help to you ruvid.net/show-UCzGhJQfTTa29cYPNOIb_EUg
Claudio Velásquez
You did bad🤦🏽‍♀️😬
Mia channel
Mia channel 8 days ago
Imma be a alien for helloween now
reggie lee tiburcio
I like harley
Stepanie Grams
Stepanie Grams 8 days ago
who else's parents would freak out if you wore one of these
Elizabeth Nava
Elizabeth Nava 8 days ago
Elizabeth Nava
Elizabeth Nava 8 days ago
i miss cole from youtube:(
Katie Chapman
Katie Chapman 8 days ago
Pankaj Mahajan
Pankaj Mahajan 9 days ago
i like ariel
Irma Villegas
Irma Villegas 9 days ago
this helped alot
Bonnie Fairbrother
I used to love the show olivia the pig wen i was like 5 now im 9 and hate the show
LuLuStudios 10 days ago
I miss you chloe... SO MUCH!
Boss G
Boss G 10 days ago
6:48 refERee
Dimary L
Dimary L 11 days ago
Sooooo where the fuck is diy
Rafa Lucas
Rafa Lucas 11 days ago
1:07 OMG YOU KNOW Karen from the mean girls ?. Your sooooo cool :3
Melanie's Sippy cup
It’s about to be July and I’m planning my costume
Dallas Gibson
Dallas Gibson 11 days ago
Thanks to you my friends this year are doing group costumes
AmandaBraner11 11 days ago
Cristina Dolor
Cristina Dolor 11 days ago
Who is watching this in 2020
Rhoze Ann Belmonte
Rhoze Ann Belmonte 11 days ago
she quit youtube :(
Teleah Straub
Teleah Straub 12 days ago
5 hours
My wonder wold Adventure
Deer cloe couture if your seeing this comment I want to tell you that I love your videos and you didn’t like that right but I don’t know how to bring you bake but thies are my last words that if you believe in yourself you will come back and if you don’t want to come back we will always remember you in are haters the end
Genevieve McCumbers
I kinda miss her
Autumn Quinonez
Autumn Quinonez 12 days ago
Vanessa B
Vanessa B 12 days ago
Um, technically the "Pegasus" is an alicorn. GLITTERBUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ciara Diver
Ciara Diver 12 days ago
2:35 I am being that tbh
H o p e
H o p e 13 days ago
I guess 32 million people needed last-minute halloween costumes
Evelyn Pascual
Evelyn Pascual 13 days ago
This is my favorite video how do you come up with this idea cuz I want to channel my name is Evelyn Pascual
Sofia Salcido
Sofia Salcido 13 days ago
I’m going to be Lizzie McGuire
Angela Keller
Angela Keller 14 days ago
Who has an incredibles costume laying around
Deborah Duke
Deborah Duke 14 days ago
I think most of your viewers are kids so why is it all like little kid outfits?
Gesenia Mendez
Gesenia Mendez 14 days ago
Chloe can you try all the Starbucks drinks please
• Mari •
• Mari • 14 days ago
She quit youtube she won’t make anymore videos......
Egg scrambled
Egg scrambled 14 days ago
i dressed up as one of this and my friends mom started yelling at me because she’s upset she’s old and can’t go trick or treating
Emelie Watson
Emelie Watson 15 days ago
5:12 im not hating but i feel thats its not the best decisioto where someones culture as a costume
Gachachacha Lyrics
Gachachacha Lyrics 15 days ago
Marcus and Martinus lover
Idk why, the joker was my favorite.
Charles Gato
Charles Gato 15 days ago
Tres Duggan
Tres Duggan 15 days ago
i love all of your ideas
Kami Fein
Kami Fein 15 days ago
she quit youtube
Lizzy Vintage
Lizzy Vintage 15 days ago
we miss you cloe🥺💞
john lesly
john lesly 15 days ago
Wolf 100 Avenue kidding me I didn't know you have 100
Emma Ortiz
Emma Ortiz 15 days ago
2020 me waiting for the ear rape in the monster inc. Ones: 👁👄👁
Jessica De Haro
Jessica De Haro 15 days ago
Who wishes Chloe came back to RUvid
mason tran
mason tran 16 days ago
Cloe you should 200 DIY costumes yep you herd me go on
menchie estrobo
menchie estrobo 17 days ago
Tiger too
menchie estrobo
menchie estrobo 17 days ago
Im gonna choose
menchie estrobo
menchie estrobo 17 days ago
I like your outfits on spy
Lana Wakeman
Lana Wakeman 17 days ago
you should rename this 100 outfits i happen to have at home because im rich
Bilal Alaaeddine
Bilal Alaaeddine 17 days ago
Why haven’t you posted more videos??
Catherine Jarvis
Catherine Jarvis 18 days ago
99 is actually an alicorn
Amanda Fillion
Amanda Fillion 18 days ago
Some of them she is just wearing a dress
Lacy Richardson
Lacy Richardson 19 days ago
I’m subscribed
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