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May 24, 2019




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Comments 100
Moonshine Lovey
Moonshine Lovey 26 days ago
Comment on my comment if you watch this a 12:00 to 4:00 or more in the morning or don’t comment on my comment
Isabella Magri
Isabella Magri Month ago
This is my fall asleep thang.
ccccpification Month ago
minecraft-mp.com/server/272427/vote/ ty for all voters ! :)
Ralica Koeva
Ralica Koeva Month ago
Lie this is not riel
proxyMilan srb
proxyMilan srb Month ago
bruh why these videos helping me fall in sleep sometimes like im just turn on your video and after like 30minutes of watching im asleepy
Angela st. cerny
Angela st. cerny 2 months ago
Again don't eat hot dogs EVER! Nitrates=cancer.
Angela st. cerny
Angela st. cerny 2 months ago
Hot dogs..a big NO any time. Do not eat...EVER EVER EVER!
Angela st. cerny
Angela st. cerny 2 months ago
Fyi..eggs do not count on diet.
Angela st. cerny
Angela st. cerny 2 months ago
Cheese after the age of 16 is cellulite. Extreme moderation after that/rare exceptions
Angela st. cerny
Angela st. cerny 2 months ago
No one likes a steak well done past the age of 30. Period.
GRACIE LUTTRULL 2 months ago
Stakes are to done they need to be rare
Juana Perez
Juana Perez 2 months ago
I wonder if they even eat them
Catherine Miller
Catherine Miller 2 months ago
Friday May 24 2019
Racing and gaming F1
Because you would cook steak in a chicken 😂😂😂😂
DPM2012 3 months ago
2:38 love that one
Cleone Carter-Smith
Cleone Carter-Smith 3 months ago
1000 Subs
1000 Subs 3 months ago
I guess we put aluminum foil now.........
Nakicha Anaya
Nakicha Anaya 3 months ago
Isabella Cookson
Isabella Cookson 3 months ago
OMH HAHA her bangs tho
Stupid Gorl
Stupid Gorl 3 months ago
Who seasons steak with salt and pepper dhhdbdbdhdh
Anjaneya Singh
Anjaneya Singh 3 months ago
These videos make me sleepy. Anyone else?
Hadley Thibault
Hadley Thibault 3 months ago
Krew Fam
Krew Fam 4 months ago
Pedro YT
Pedro YT 4 months ago
Please subscribe to my channel Pedro Darwiche
Pedro YT
Pedro YT 4 months ago
Please subscribe to my channel Pedro Darwiche
Pedro YT
Pedro YT 4 months ago
Please subscribe to my channel Pedro Darwiche
Pedro YT
Pedro YT 4 months ago
Please subscribe to my channel Pedro Darwiche
Jaded Jaws
Jaded Jaws 4 months ago
They lost all credibility just cooking the steak well done.
WOW Chocolate
WOW Chocolate 4 months ago
My head: Yum! My mind: dOnT dO iT! My Stomach: Diabetes nuuuu!🥺🥺. I luv ur channel!
lacey Montgomery
lacey Montgomery 4 months ago
Is it just me or does anyone else get upset when they don't tell you what to put in the food when you can't tell what it is
Suryanarayana Reddy
Suryanarayana Reddy 4 months ago
In these 50% old recipes
Luca B. Riera
Luca B. Riera 4 months ago
im so hungry...
DIANE MANNS 4 months ago
my email is dmannsdm42@gmail.com
DIANE MANNS 4 months ago
Please provide with the name of the slow cooker you are using
ArmyJeeps 1444
ArmyJeeps 1444 4 months ago
FINALY a non annoying 5 min c- 🤬 THE 54CK
VitoZujdj Inkreta
VitoZujdj Inkreta 4 months ago
Lacey Mashburn
Lacey Mashburn 5 months ago
FOIL!! In the TOASTER?? There should be a label in the description, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Because you could burn your house.
Rayan Saeed
Rayan Saeed 5 months ago
yeh kiya potti hai
Destiny Tucker
Destiny Tucker 5 months ago
Am I the only one who falls asleep thinking how did they not burn the office down😂😂😂😂
Royale Gaming girls
Royale Gaming girls 5 months ago
I only watch them to fall asleep do you?
Daniel Martins
Daniel Martins 5 months ago
Doğan Can Teke
Doğan Can Teke 5 months ago
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Jaz&Sav 5 months ago
Remember when you watched these in the day?
Art and Craft by Mishal
Plz sub my channel
wayne mitchell
wayne mitchell 5 months ago
100 Hacks, 500 ads
Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson 5 months ago
1:04:00 I’m pretty sure I don’t want something that touched my hair in my food
ка132 голева
Michiko Naomi
Michiko Naomi 5 months ago
make me want to join
adela stancu
adela stancu 5 months ago
Mords 1
Mords 1 6 months ago
Put metal in a toaster are you frcuking kidding.
Myrna Mantala
Myrna Mantala 6 months ago
Hannah Batten
Hannah Batten 6 months ago
cool Diy idas
Cadence Moore
Cadence Moore 6 months ago
I know some wrong with theses people put some mo seasoning on that steak salt and pepper dats it? Y’all can do better
Frank Signor
Frank Signor 6 months ago
Any body else wondering why they cook the steak till all of it is brown?
Vannessa YT
Vannessa YT 6 months ago
U guys are the fakest of the fakest channel ever
EaszyClazps 6 months ago
what hapenned i was not here
Nicol Bath
Nicol Bath 6 months ago
Nicol Bath
Nicol Bath 6 months ago
MMmysticalLady 6 months ago
At 22:29 the eggs looked so rubbery. :(
Ariana Grandez Fanzone
i do wach it at night
shirley prado
shirley prado 6 months ago
How about some recipes. Like the sausage one and you put it in some kind of bread or pastry. pictures do not do the full job. Some one please answer with the solution
Aniya Dangerfield
Aniya Dangerfield 6 months ago
i do
kehosha dajotoy
kehosha dajotoy 6 months ago
wow so cool💕💕💕
Aarthi Fernando
Aarthi Fernando 6 months ago
Jennifer Joseph
Jennifer Joseph 7 months ago
5 min of bad life choices..bonus an ad every 9 seconds! Score!
Waz T
Waz T 7 months ago
Waz T
Waz T 7 months ago
Anna Sambor
Anna Sambor 7 months ago
Laila 321
Laila 321 7 months ago
gerlane silva
gerlane silva 7 months ago
hannahbanana and mintiemoo
*fans potato slices out* Me: ma ma ma poker face ma po-poker face......
nazelmasin kanali
nazelmasin kanali 7 months ago
Willow Scott
Willow Scott 7 months ago
Sometimes I fall asleep when I’m watching videos XD
Bunny Takes Over
Bunny Takes Over 6 months ago
Willow Scott me too!
Willow Scott
Willow Scott 7 months ago
And replay to me
Willow Scott
Willow Scott 7 months ago
Well saying XD
ibtissam oulou
ibtissam oulou 7 months ago
Rastik Rastislav
Rastik Rastislav 7 months ago
5munites crafts :D
Matt Priske
Matt Priske 7 months ago
5 min crafts: how to cook steak in weird ways Me: jUsT cOoK tHe StEaK cOrReTlY!!!!!
Miyanna Snell
Miyanna Snell 7 months ago
How has a ephty chicken
•Midnight_ Darkness•
*when it’s late and you have nothing to say* *potatos*
Peppa pig The gangster
Is it just me and my mom orrrr this makes us fall asleep 😴
Baruška Blažkova
Baruška Blažkova 7 months ago
Priya 7 months ago
Who’s watching this during quarantine because they have nothing to watch 👇🏻
Frogmy Fairchild
Frogmy Fairchild 5 months ago
Literally every human on the planet
Allison Lavender
Allison Lavender 6 months ago
Rainbowcakes #cake meeeeeee
Youtuber Edits
Youtuber Edits 6 months ago
Omg like thats Me
Maeve Cochran
Maeve Cochran 6 months ago
Bunny Takes Over
Bunny Takes Over 6 months ago
Rainbowcakes #cake me
deboeuf angelique
deboeuf angelique 7 months ago
Erica Serda
Erica Serda 7 months ago
I love it
Felisha Pham
Felisha Pham 7 months ago
ew well done steak
n K
n K 7 months ago
hey nice try
CHALISE LANDERS 7 months ago
but 5+5=10 so it’s not 5 minute craft havks
Khadijah Holden
Khadijah Holden 7 months ago
Mermaids Le mans
E Customs
E Customs 7 months ago
That toaster n foil gave me childhood flashbacks
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley 7 months ago
I'ma offend ppl I don't like marshmallows
Janna Robles
Janna Robles 7 months ago
dino 123
dino 123 7 months ago
dino 123
dino 123 7 months ago
Love ur vids
I.1ike.turtl3s 7 months ago
How is putting RAW steak in a COOKED turkey and adding hot broth a hack
Wilbur Foot
Wilbur Foot 7 months ago
Me: ooh i want a slow coocker too Five minute crafts: **puts exactly 3 cows 7 pigs and 12 chickens in the slow coocker** Vegan me: ...i have decided... that i want to die...
Moacir Junior
Moacir Junior 7 months ago
I liked some foods I'll even try to make
awesome experience
awesome experience 7 months ago
LIARS if this was live there couldn't be music
Công Loren
Công Loren 8 months ago
Ibrahim Hossain
Ibrahim Hossain 8 months ago
,,,,,,,,,, ৷৷৷ ,,,,,,,
Marco Kingscott
Marco Kingscott 8 months ago
Next videos