100 Bath Bomb Challenge GONE WRONG (We FLOODED Our House & Cost THOUSANDS in Damage)

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So I thought it would be a good idea to throw 100 Bath Bombs into my tub AT ONCE. As you can tell, it went HORRIBLY WRONG & we ended up flooding our house & caused thousands of dollars in damage...
Thank you Bubbly Belle for the free 100 bath bombs!
Click Here: bubblybelle.com/ZSideSpecial to check them out & get your first bath bomb for only $1! Plus Bubbly Belle was amazing enough to offer up a percentage of their revenue via items bought through that link to help pay for my house water damage. So it's now a way you can help me out! :)
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Aug 30, 2019




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Comments 100
Bubbly Belle Bath
OH NO!!! 😱 You have such an amazing attitude Lauren and I thank you for your kindness towards our company. We will DEFINITELY be donating 10% of every purchase through your link to help pay for the damages. I feel like it's the least we could do! STAY BUBBLY, BB
Gaia McLellan
Gaia McLellan 2 days ago
Chara Universe
Chara Universe Month ago
FelixF Studios
FelixF Studios 2 months ago
OMG! You’re the kindest brand ever! I hate it when brands like Raid Shadow Legends, or something are so weird towards RUvidrs! You’re an amazing brand, and I’m definitely buying a bath bomb or two from you very soon! Thank you for being so kind. We Stan Bubbly Belle
Avrylle Omega
Avrylle Omega 2 months ago
Marley Cromwell
Marley Cromwell 2 months ago
That's sweet of you!
ARS Soto
ARS Soto 18 minutes ago
am new
-AvOcako- 19 minutes ago
“THEIR KID FRIENDLY “ Me: well it looks like it’s not adult friendly........
Mommy And Emmy
This was the first video I watched ever since I’ve known you
{ MaliRose Gacha }
{ MaliRose Gacha } 2 hours ago
When Lazuren says 'aphrodisiac' on her channel- *Mineta moment*
Bridget Farrar
Bridget Farrar 2 hours ago
omg i fell so bad
kitties 3 hours ago
Why did you think about that you need to be big brain your not that smart xd sorry
Amethyst Chinburg
Amethyst Chinburg 3 hours ago
Errol Rose
Errol Rose 4 hours ago
I can literally smell the bath bombs through my screen.
Sonia Garcia
Sonia Garcia 4 hours ago
Maybe the sewers is a little bit prettier Is that a new house Oh my God Are you guys OK
Lunar Studios
Lunar Studios 5 hours ago
"CRAAAAAPPPPP" -LaurenzSide 2019.
Mitzi Toupal
Mitzi Toupal 5 hours ago
I've whatched this so many times lol
Aha Poopoo3
Aha Poopoo3 5 hours ago
Lauren:the first time trying this bath tub. Little did she know, it is also the last
Latifa 123
Latifa 123 6 hours ago
The red one looks like lava
Jaionah Weathers
Jaionah Weathers 6 hours ago
You tried and I think you did good just be careful next time
Cailey Shellmire
Cailey Shellmire 7 hours ago
I love bath bombs and I need to get this
Poppy Latham
Poppy Latham 7 hours ago
Ok Lauren's videos are good luck. I just got a victory royal
Theresa Nichols
Theresa Nichols 7 hours ago
seth Hood
seth Hood 8 hours ago
Whelp we know now that to not MESS WITH THE TELETUBBIES
Dan Mangis
Dan Mangis 8 hours ago
I think this is on tik Tok I THINK!
Luknė Bakšytė
Luknė Bakšytė 8 hours ago
Maybe not -_-
Luknė Bakšytė
Luknė Bakšytė 8 hours ago
That sad you lost all your money after all......:(
Haridas Biswas
Haridas Biswas 9 hours ago
MM.... you should do not to this think I am so sad 😢😢😢
Haridas Biswas
Haridas Biswas 9 hours ago
I love you because you give us so much fun 💖 💖 💖
Haridas Biswas
Haridas Biswas 9 hours ago
Oo.... you should try the pink one 😩😩😩
Hannah_LovesKpop 10 hours ago
Are you ok Sorry I mean bathroom
TJCPlayz 11 hours ago
Lauren! What... Wait I can’t say anything, I’d probably do the same thing, but I would have troubles to keep a positive attitude so, good job on that
Ijana Nathaniel
Ijana Nathaniel 13 hours ago
i just realized she has vents ;-; (ennard magicly pops in the vents)
Syanna Roberts
Syanna Roberts 14 hours ago
Thanks for the bath bombs bumble v
Jack Birnbaum
Jack Birnbaum 15 hours ago
If you had gotten out of the water the level would have gone down
Ocean Alien
Ocean Alien 3 hours ago
But not enough to stop it all
Gacha_ Quartz
Gacha_ Quartz 16 hours ago
Lauren: *:(*
Dortio Plays
Dortio Plays 19 hours ago
I sub
Dortio Plays
Dortio Plays 19 hours ago
Nooooooooo noooooooooooo
jackyjustnormal :p
jackyjustnormal :p 20 hours ago
Everyone sub to her pls
R a m e n N o o d l e
Lauren: this Water is gonna be DISGUSTENG- In the end. Lauren: **MESSED UP**
EZ ROCK 20 hours ago
me looking at the bear bath bombs: so cute! :3 me when I see blue: backs away and cries
Jazmin Delgado
Jazmin Delgado 20 hours ago
Antonie :D Tonie
Antonie :D Tonie 21 hour ago
Don’t worry ill watch all the ads and not skip them. I’ve got your back:)
Ducker and Misfit
Ducker and Misfit 21 hour ago
Lee Yi Wen
Lee Yi Wen 21 hour ago
You are the best!☺️😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Mikay Fabricante
Mikay Fabricante 22 hours ago
holy moly
April Summer
April Summer 22 hours ago
Lauren at the start of the video:🤩🤩 In the middle:😔😣😭 Sees the rings:🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤩🤩🤩
lilybunny Jolley
lilybunny Jolley 23 hours ago
Oh no poor Lauren Zside 😢 😞 😔 💔 😭 I am so so sorry about that its so sad I wish I could help you but I'm 9 years old and only have 1$ so I don't think that will help
Ian Bradford
Ian Bradford Day ago
Are you kidding me. And yall were suprised?
Charlotte Ficalora
OH NO HO NO😱😱😱😱😱😱
Melissa Antonucci
that is terrible hope you are ok
I am crying inside Lauren
Puppy Moxie
Puppy Moxie Day ago
i am so SOOOOOOO sorry lauren
Renuka Roche
Renuka Roche Day ago
Lynn Desautels
One like = one bit of love for lauren
Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis Day ago
Nala Wilson
Nala Wilson Day ago
So sad about your house 😔 but at least you have A TON of fashionable rings (I only have three favorite you tubers and your one of the three. I LOVE all the challenges and game you play most of my friends at my school think your the BEST you tuber EVER
Jacob Reade
Jacob Reade Day ago
Rasheeka Hatchell
so is
Faith Angel Ibañez
lauren: we’re just gonna sacrifice our bathroom and see what happens. meanwhile... they sacrificed their whole house-
Fior Rodriguez
F's in the chat for her credit card
Mindé Beukes
Noooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaa
Muntaha khawar
Despite everything she's still positive I love her....
Kylee Russell
•.• •_• •*• •>• •
Lilly Jeffers
Lilly Jeffers 2 days ago
Sorry for your los,^€
Chris Scorgie
Chris Scorgie 2 days ago
Rip bathroom 😅😱
박현아 2 days ago
How Elss is watching this in 2020
Eugene Saporito
Eugene Saporito 2 days ago
Nahla Walker
Nahla Walker 2 days ago
noooo ./ aaaaaa
Makenzie Stoops
Makenzie Stoops 2 days ago
kill bubbly belle bath pay and then kill
Makenzie Stoops
Makenzie Stoops 2 days ago
yea leave the HOUSE
Makenzie Stoops
Makenzie Stoops 2 days ago
thank you for flooded your home ;l
[Hønéŷ Bęę]
[Hønéŷ Bęę] 2 days ago
Um...there was just a *little* leakage problem...😅
Makenzie Stoops
Makenzie Stoops 2 days ago
i love dying im still alive
Deadly poison Potato
Even though some things happen to her she still smiles and that proves her smile is unbreakable 🌸💖
Lunar Sweets
Lunar Sweets 2 days ago
what would happed if i put 100 bath bombs in my stand up shower hmmmmm
DragonCraftYT 2 days ago
me : * clicks on this vid * this gotta be click bait me agian : nope 0-0
Mayzie Melchiors
Mayzie Melchiors 2 days ago
I am so sorry for you :( I bet your having the worst day ever
Katelyn Fonua
Katelyn Fonua 2 days ago
This just shows how much Bobby loves her
[]Drwing Weebs[]
[]Drwing Weebs[] 2 days ago
**laurens face of realization when she knows that this was a mistake.**
Gaminwith Tube
Gaminwith Tube 2 days ago
i feel bad cuz im laughing 😕 it was a year ago but still 🥺
ella lynch
ella lynch 2 days ago
Uh oh
Diane Aiko Trinidad
it okie do not be sad im go be sad
TARAF Cute 2 days ago
Bella 2 days ago
hi Lauren do you have roblox
Bella 2 days ago
Anyone else was pronouncing this channel's name as "laurenst-side?"
Rolly Alindajao
Rolly Alindajao 2 days ago
Thats a bad idea cuz i frickin did that challenge haahah and i almost drown even i can breathe in 34 sec in my bathtub hehehe i kn0w im dumd than the dumbiest in the w0rld hahahah
Renneha Mobley
Renneha Mobley 2 days ago
Call your friends and ask if they our there boyfriend now how to fix it
Renneha Mobley
Renneha Mobley 2 days ago
Omg pls dont I'm sorry I have a problem my dad says dad words at me and I can't help my self now my dads going to jail not my real dad
CaylinLovric 2 days ago
It was at that moment (8:23-8:26) When she new she messed up! XD
Hayley Colson
Hayley Colson 2 days ago
Repair man: So what caused this damage Lauren: Oh I put 100 bath bombs in my bathroom Repair man in his mind:Why the heck you do that? Also Lauren:It was fun but it flooded the house Also Repair man: Well no duh Lauren I love you’re Vids and you❤️❤️❤️
Payton Jacknife
Payton Jacknife 2 days ago
TomTheBeast 1
TomTheBeast 1 2 days ago
“So, how did your house get destroyed?” *”I put 100 bath bombs into my bathtub and it overflowed”*
Audrina Morales
Audrina Morales 2 days ago
Mikel Ann Moore
Mikel Ann Moore 2 days ago
I’m sorry
Brendan Leane
Brendan Leane 2 days ago
Idk what other food is orange Lets say that again but slowly
Analy Garza
Analy Garza 3 days ago
Bruh when Lauren was showing the bath bombs the bear ones I just feel bad for the last one XD
Sophia Young
Sophia Young 3 days ago
Ethan Janis
Ethan Janis 3 days ago
that was sad:(
Ruby Kitty
Ruby Kitty 3 days ago
This video makes me so sad :( poor Lauren 🥺
Jasmine Mercado
Jasmine Mercado 3 days ago
Addy Brown
Addy Brown 3 days ago
Who else is rewatching in quarantine
Simone Jordyn
Simone Jordyn 3 days ago
Omg that sucks hopefully u can sell all the rings then pay for iy
Kk Dunavan
Kk Dunavan 3 days ago
Hi no 😨
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