100 Bath Bomb Challenge GONE WRONG (We FLOODED Our House & Cost THOUSANDS in Damage)

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So I thought it would be a good idea to throw 100 Bath Bombs into my tub AT ONCE. As you can tell, it went HORRIBLY WRONG & we ended up flooding our house & caused thousands of dollars in damage...
Thank you Bubbly Belle for the free 100 bath bombs!
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Aug 30, 2019




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Comments 24 196
Bubbly Belle
Bubbly Belle 5 months ago
OH NO!!! 😱 You have such an amazing attitude Lauren and I thank you for your kindness towards our company. We will DEFINITELY be donating 10% of every purchase through your link to help pay for the damages. I feel like it's the least we could do! STAY BUBBLY, BB
Lin chan
Lin chan 24 days ago
@MiaMyla Gacha that's kinda mean
culinary comedys
culinary comedys 26 days ago
esperanza Month ago
PLZ DO PART 2!!!!!!!!
Ayomide Fatejo
Ayomide Fatejo Month ago
@MiaMyla Gacha XD
Jemma Lewis
Jemma Lewis 2 months ago
sad cries cries
Abby Everhart
Abby Everhart 10 hours ago
FYI keep Lauren 💜 away from bath bombs
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 11 hours ago
Please dont do another bath bomb challange ever again
SkyGamerwolf 11-_-
SkyGamerwolf 11-_- 11 hours ago
6:30 pennywise is coming now and subscribe to her channel and me
SkyGamerwolf 11-_-
SkyGamerwolf 11-_- 11 hours ago
Which I have 9 subscriber 😂
Sugar Cookie Sprinkles
JUMP IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Janene French
Janene French 11 hours ago
I am sooooo sorry
Priscilla Ortiz
Priscilla Ortiz 11 hours ago
Me while watching this video: PoP gOeS tHe WiEsEl
Maríana Una Harðardóttir
EEEEEE-- 0:00
Sarah Bianchi
Sarah Bianchi 12 hours ago
Rest In Plastic rings bathtub
Shirralee Roberts
Shirralee Roberts 12 hours ago
Is the dog ok ?
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 12 hours ago
Lauren: Once we throw these in and these start we can't stop it." Lauren 40 seconds later: 😮
Cole meee Roberts i got presents
1 like =1 pretend did laruen
Alicat_ Gacha
Alicat_ Gacha 12 hours ago
God Lauren
Sayneb Hilowle
Sayneb Hilowle 13 hours ago
l love it
kirb 13 hours ago
Oof thats a lot of money
Annika W
Annika W 13 hours ago
Golden Pug
Golden Pug 13 hours ago
Get ready for impact!
Black Mint
Black Mint 13 hours ago
dO iT aGaIn!
Golden Pug
Golden Pug 13 hours ago
Get the holy water
Katelyn and friends
Katelyn and friends 13 hours ago
Katelyn and friends
Katelyn and friends 13 hours ago
Wilsa Taveras
Wilsa Taveras 13 hours ago
Open it Allred’s
This didn't make me laugh, it gave me anxiety and flashbacks to when our toilet overflowed.
Mariam Shengelia
Mariam Shengelia 16 hours ago
Lauren : *Crying because of causing a lot of damages in her BRAND new house* Kylie Jenner : *Sets 5 million dollar mansion on fire* Oh well-
Aria Lee
Aria Lee 16 hours ago
OH NO!!!
Selena Chamberlain
Selena Chamberlain 17 hours ago
Oh my god poor Lauren lol
Sofia Galindo
Sofia Galindo 17 hours ago
Omg a orange is orange
Cookie cream
Cookie cream 17 hours ago
Oh on
Steven Stokes
Steven Stokes 18 hours ago
Me:thinks of her babysitting a kid and doing a video Me:huh I'm very cazy
Phoenix Gamble
Phoenix Gamble 19 hours ago
I feel so sorry! 😢😢😢😢😭
Gabrielle Lincoln
Gabrielle Lincoln 22 hours ago
Lauren: *destroys her house with bath bombs* Lauren: AAAH Me: *drops cup* My cat: It's World War Three
Melody Mellon
Melody Mellon 22 hours ago
that did not make me laugh l"m so sorry Lauren
Minodh G de Sylva
Minodh G de Sylva 23 hours ago
Sonia Sultana
Sonia Sultana 23 hours ago
O NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😈
Sandra Gacha
Sandra Gacha Day ago
Lauren:I think this one is the prettiest its like galaxy Me:Sees the hand and says "Lauren you already have one like that in your hand -_-"
Karolina Caplikiene
Lawnside even though your house and destroyed you can still live
Sarah Griffiths
I will give you all of my money for it
Isbella Burton
I’m liking for support
Poseidon4642 Day ago
She really should've saved de-stress for the end lol
Alison Ramirez
Oh RIP hous 😂😂😂
Alison Ramirez
RIP bear 😂
Alison Ramirez
Alison Ramirez
😨😡😐😨😱oh no
Tiger Rose
Tiger Rose Day ago
Imagine calling for professional help and having to explain what happened
Brittney Taylor
sorry I WAS going to make an emotional speech comment about how brave you were to use this many bathbombs on an untrustable bathtub but i got bored so I scrapped all the stuff I had already written down so meh :P imma just say this tho… do a vid with mr beast and I bet they will give you some randomness (maybe even a murderous banana man with a balloon as its weapon) trust me
Susana Ulloa
Susana Ulloa Day ago
i ded😭
Cora Seath
Cora Seath Day ago
I didn't laugh I cried for you I cried for you I've only been watching your channel for a fuel pump for a little bit for a little days now but I feel really bad
Avah Murray
Avah Murray Day ago
we fixted it tho it think
Avah Murray
Avah Murray Day ago
i feel you every time it rained there was a leake in my room throh my fan a light :(
Cassie Cain
Cassie Cain Day ago
Oooooooooof i feel bad for Lauren...
sushicatlrj Day ago
Luren:its safe After vid---whol house flods
Rin PlayZ
Rin PlayZ Day ago
Lauren: Welcome to Lauren’s Zbombs that will blow your mind!...LIKE BLOW YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!
jackie ertolahti
Wholey shit
Denise Moore
Denise Moore Day ago
What 🙊🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Denise Moore
Denise Moore Day ago
What 🙊🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
girl steve
girl steve Day ago
Lydia Riggs
Lydia Riggs Day ago
Idiot Films yt
Lauren is like the Blue Bear broke
Scribble Sconez
Bobby: *_*panics and tries to stop the flooding*_* Lauren: *_*sits in the bathtub & watches*_* _same, gurl, same_ 😂👍💙
Sarah Turek
Sarah Turek Day ago
Next videos