10 Weird Nail Hacks / Back To School Nails Using School Supplies!

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Do you like bright and original manicure? In the new video you will find design ideas from hot glue, a drawing in the form of mathematical formulas and decor of nails made from an eraser!
Supplies and tools:
• Press-on nails
• Vaseline
• Glittery hot glue
• Scissors
• Double sided tape
• Clear nail polish
• Empty glue bottle
• Utility knife
• Zipper
• Printed label
• Manicure tools
• Notebook in a case
• Patterned paper
• Velcro
• Nail polishes
• Acrylic paint
Nail art pens
• Glittery foam paper
• Notebook cover
• Thin brush
• Eraser
• Fine glitter
• Colored pencil leads
• Half pearls
• Pearly eyeshadow
• Eyelash glue
• Clear lip gloss
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Oct 21, 2019




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Sister and Brother
Sister and Brother 20 hours ago
So cool
H V Anjanappa
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Racheal Daniels
Racheal Daniels 2 days ago
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Ruth kemuma
Ruth kemuma 2 days ago
Are you fake or real
Adrián Martínez
I !oye it😊
Lindsay Fair
Lindsay Fair 3 days ago
I love the nail pencil idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alisha Johnstone
Alisha Johnstone 3 days ago
Holly Aman7gutyfyybbb da Sexton
I love 123 go! And this vidieo is the best so hope you find it
Holly Aman7gutyfyybbb da Sexton
Love all these vidieos and i like 123 go! To and troom troom so i love you tube so much thanks bye
Monkey Funny Epic Hacks
I like the old voice over wayyy better
Wanqing Sun
Wanqing Sun 4 days ago
you know my name is megan too
eamily Cain's
eamily Cain's 5 days ago
MaryJane Vary
MaryJane Vary 5 days ago
gulbarg julaikho
gulbarg julaikho 5 days ago
gulbarg julaikho
gulbarg julaikho 5 days ago
The pecil one I love it😍
GLMV Girl 5 days ago
That's edited
Emelia Asenso
Emelia Asenso 5 days ago
That's so cool to do but I do have a glue gun that's why so I'm I just I just want to be like you and be a 6th grader and be pretty cool and play for friends Ashley plastic but that's okay Genesis 6 over there in the middle when I said so I just want to be so cool I like your videos so much okay by what you mean
Melanie Flores
Melanie Flores 5 days ago
Radhakrishnan Pulinchari
Crafty for girls
itzmadison zebest
woah woah stop thricking
Electro Shop
Electro Shop 6 days ago
I love you troom troom i hope i meet you one day
Veena Rammurthy
Veena Rammurthy 7 days ago
I loved everything but I loved the most is pencil nail🥰😘💕
Alex Arrizon
Alex Arrizon 5 days ago
wala shamoug
wala shamoug 7 days ago
Those nails look so cool!
Gio Maldonado
Gio Maldonado 7 days ago
Jayde Cole
Jayde Cole 7 days ago
wally Mohammad
wally Mohammad 8 days ago
The purles are so good even the nail hacks
Geny David
Geny David 8 days ago
I layk the nauls.
Shadyy lol
Shadyy lol 8 days ago
A school with only 2 people.....
Arthur Gadman
Arthur Gadman 8 days ago
I Love y
Arthur Gadman
Arthur Gadman 8 days ago
I Love
Helena Dunova
Helena Dunova 9 days ago
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Karemar La
Karemar La 9 days ago
Jun Pozos
Jun Pozos 10 days ago
Piotr Roszyk
Piotr Roszyk 10 days ago
Sara Afreen had entered the chat 11 mounths ago
Adam King
Adam King 10 days ago
Hi I love your vids
Carolina Anteliz
Carolina Anteliz 10 days ago
Xiaoxian Wu
Xiaoxian Wu 11 days ago
GuestIsLove 11 days ago
Lianna Arboscello
Lianna Arboscello 11 days ago
Hi lianna
Future Shop
Future Shop 11 days ago
Katrina Lee
Katrina Lee 12 days ago
Drama Era
Drama Era 12 days ago
Like your teacher is blind and she cnat see your nails.
Laura Briones
Laura Briones 12 days ago
Artistic Cookie
Artistic Cookie 12 days ago
Did anyone notice the Gacha life uni in the video??
Alfredo Ramos
Alfredo Ramos 12 days ago
Rainbow nail polish I love it do you do it to me too
Diya Susan Reji
Diya Susan Reji 13 days ago
Sorry to ask, but who is Christine
Lila Ray
Lila Ray 13 days ago
Who is Cristine
Annieflor Amoranto
Annieflor Amoranto 13 days ago
Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox 13 days ago
all of them
Matt Isom
Matt Isom 14 days ago
Tiya Nagre
Tiya Nagre 14 days ago
I like color pencils nail art and Pearl nail art too
David Rowan
David Rowan 14 days ago
Artsy 💗 it helowe
Margarita Beltran
Margarita Beltran 14 days ago
Mike Blanchard
Mike Blanchard 15 days ago
_phyco_ childman_
_phyco_ childman_ 15 days ago
Troom troom is a Indian channel??
Athira Kp
Athira Kp 15 days ago
AZIZ KHALF 15 days ago
Hdhejdhhejegvdvvks 😚
Hollie Park
Hollie Park 15 days ago
Know one has pink nail polish or is it just me
HAKR ELITE 15 days ago
hey i love your youtube channel i have a youtube channel can you subscribe to my channel it is called bella altizer most of my channel is all gymnastics🤩🥳😂😜💩🤑😇😷🤒🤕🤕🤕 i have the virus
Rupa Halbal
Rupa Halbal 15 days ago
Waaw woow 😍😍😍
zoua xiong
zoua xiong 15 days ago
WoW I love it so pretty. 🤩😘💞💕OwO
sbw1975 15 days ago
Siti Fatimah Abdul Rashid
Yeah it is so pretty
Brix rj Marco
Brix rj Marco 15 days ago
Ellie. UwU
Ellie. UwU 16 days ago
The pencils there cute
Lore V
Lore V 16 days ago
Me to
Isabella Ritz
Isabella Ritz 16 days ago
OK I can wait for school
Tatum Lassman
Tatum Lassman 16 days ago
I like the personality but it just doesn’t work
Troy Joyner
Troy Joyner 16 days ago
All for my girlfriend
Caz Dandelion
Caz Dandelion 16 days ago
Ho is critine?..
Darren Martin
Darren Martin 17 days ago
Wow from codes
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ספיר רוט 17 days ago
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hai. Fa
hai. Fa 17 days ago
Like the way you can make your own music or something else
Akuml Imchen
Akuml Imchen 17 days ago
I Jvgkp
Akuml Imchen
Akuml Imchen 17 days ago
Goo Gle
Goo Gle 17 days ago
Jennifer Renee Abernathy
I love the hacks but they are CRAZY
Brailynn Armstrong
Brailynn Armstrong 18 days ago
Madisen Estabrook
Madisen Estabrook 18 days ago
hI YaLl
Fred the amazing Gaming I think
I have got one of them
Veena Guntur
Veena Guntur 18 days ago
Wajiha Khan
Wajiha Khan 18 days ago
School is more important then nails
Jaden Gwen Araniador
i like that nails
Gaming Shredder
Gaming Shredder 19 days ago
*if I trick you then you have to comment on my comment how you respond to it* read more
Jordyn Fu
Jordyn Fu 19 days ago
Zoha and Layan
Zoha and Layan 19 days ago
YAY i even hate SCHOOL
Filip Watz
Filip Watz 20 days ago
Jako vas volim gledati 🇬🇧👏💋💕🎀💝😻😽👍🍭🏵♥️
Ashley Dixon
Ashley Dixon 20 days ago
Let's just tape some letter shaped erasers on the teachers fingers she totally won't be creeped out are mad at all and she would totally know what to do with them. xD
monkey do do Whatley
Kloey McCole
Kloey McCole 21 day ago
Happy birthday to you
Joyce Bautista
Joyce Bautista 21 day ago
I hate that Megan she's so ugly
Fernanda León Ramos
No se si me puedes decir de los dos y agrega dos para deducir que de alguna manera, el de la de los que me quiten la venda en la casa de mi parte no se si me puedes decir de los dos y tres años de la de mi vida y la de la Reunión de que se de que se puede hacer
Fernanda León Ramos
a este ese tareas esta genere este terreno de oveja trenes o en cerezas se será ver tebeo túnel tengo tuvo generen tiene e tu
Morita Moni
Morita Moni 22 days ago
Nagen was like daning crazy at the party with her nails my favarite one is the coler pencil nails
Phoenix lily.
Phoenix lily. 15 days ago
It's Megan not Nagen.
Fernanda León Ramos
Hola. .de hecho me de de chicas juegos, y ha de ser una persona muy de cerca los distintos. .de hecho, pero
Morita Moni
Morita Moni 22 days ago
beauty police give me a amazing manecure
Dr. Namrata Patel
Dr. Namrata Patel 22 days ago
Brandy McDonald
Brandy McDonald 22 days ago
I wud choose pencil
Shasta Sexton
Shasta Sexton 23 days ago
I love this video
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall 23 days ago
Isss thattttt really ?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😫😫😫😫😫😫
Lisa Hickey
Lisa Hickey 23 days ago
Lashondra Bridget
Lashondra Bridget 24 days ago
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Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson 24 days ago
Lukáš Bystroň
Lukáš Bystroň 24 days ago
Bretney Davis
Bretney Davis 24 days ago
Hi at me treyvon Franklyn
Bretney Davis
Bretney Davis 24 days ago
Hi avafranklyn
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