10 Ways JAPAN is 10 Years Ahead of the World

Drew Binsky
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DID YOU KNOW Japan has bullet trains that can travel 320 km/hour? Or superior toilet seats that can heat up your butt, clean it spotless, and check your blood pressure? Or interactive robots that can serve you lunch, analyze your facial expressions and be your customer service agent in phone stores?
I just finished my 6th visit to Japan, and every time I leave this country, I have a hard time comprehending what I just experienced.
In this video, I take you around Tokyo and show you 10 ways that Japan is 10 years ahead of the world.
Anyone else agree with me?
Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Dec 25, 2017




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Comments 100
Drew Binsky
Drew Binsky 6 months ago
Thanks so much for watching guys!! More stories like this from every country on my Instagram: instagram.com/drewbinsky. Join me over there and say hi!
FB05. FF
FB05. FF 16 days ago
Im indonesia💗🇮🇩
KPop Rocks !
KPop Rocks ! Month ago
●Japan has the lowest levels of Covid19 testing in OECD countries www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/04/these-are-the-oecd-countries-testing-most-for-covid-19/ Mass testing has been credited with playing a crucial role in South Korea's success in containing the spread of the virus. The country has tested 11.6 per 1,000 of its population.
KPop Rocks !
KPop Rocks ! Month ago
Who says Japanese keep their rule well & polite ? Lol Japanese Shoppers Annihilate Face Mask Delivery at Costco Japan【Video】 soranews24.com/2020/04/19/shoppers-annihilate-face-mask-delivery-at-costco-japan%E3%80%90video%E3%80%91/
KPop Rocks !
KPop Rocks ! Month ago
JAPAN is 10 Years BEHIND of the World , Japan is still stuck in an analog era since 1980's. Japan is still using fax machine to run their business, many Japanese people doesn't know how to use their computers, peoples have to carry heavy coins to everywhere they go etc..
Kaks 2 months ago
You just cured my depression 😂
Ivana Andreo
Ivana Andreo 13 hours ago
My favorite country. Every day that I am not living In Japan I die a little
Mohammed Amin
Mohammed Amin 18 hours ago
If Japan had a brother it will be Korea and China
Ibrahim Kaleem
Ibrahim Kaleem 19 hours ago
I can literally see masks.
Mercury 2 days ago
Japanese gamers : Fast reflexes Me : *Pretends to be fast but still losing*
Quadra Quentine
Quadra Quentine 2 days ago
This is not japan..where groping oba san Just kidding chill
Reena Chacko
Reena Chacko 4 days ago
Catat Goo
Catat Goo 4 days ago
Great.... another reason to want to go to japan
García Glz
García Glz 4 days ago
I don't see anything futuristic in Japan at all, and I live in a remote zone in Mexico!
Astr0 Feline
Astr0 Feline 5 days ago
I’m glad to be Japanese
Michael A. Wibowo
i love japan !
Kim Jaden
Kim Jaden 6 days ago
I was so pissed that Japan's wifi is so slow and their food has radiation
꧁༺Shiven Saini༻꧂
I personally thanks Japan for... DrAgOn BaLL Z Anime Series.
Bobby Hamilton
Bobby Hamilton 7 days ago
Jennifer Mardini
Jennifer Mardini 7 days ago
Jennifer Mardini
Jennifer Mardini 7 days ago
WUKID videos
WUKID videos 8 days ago
U.K just made a deal with Japan and gone are the days of the EU. We are going into the future babyy :) Uk and Japan are a great fit. Both innovators
Jakob 35
Jakob 35 8 days ago
They have Pokémon. We still have Standard animals
You forgot another one......... *ANiME-*
jordanaus75 8 days ago
If Japan is so advanced then why is the Tokyo metro system so so very complicated where all these different private metro companies owning different tracks which you have to buy different tickets for? And why, when you go to KFC or Burger King, don't they have EFTPOS facilities so you can pay by card? And, if you go to a capsule hotel they make you walk around the lobby in a towel and bare feet because they won't let you take your bag up to the floor where the bed is, and you are tripping over all these bags dumped in the lobby? Yes they have the bullet train and lots of neon lights but advanced?? My arse.
yt Anteng
yt Anteng 9 days ago
Japan is Amazing country
Chris Countryballs
How normal people want to go to japan: Vacation How weebs want to: *Anime*
Around the world
Around the world 9 days ago
I did not impress cause just war happens and modren countries going backwards more quickly then the third world countries... Just imagin this toilet little bit stop work if faults happen in machine what gonna happen....??? Every thing on top yakhhhhhhhh Never prefer this modernism....
Sean Palo
Sean Palo 10 days ago
I used the vending machine and i wrote the code for an "ice tea" turns out it coffee but the coffee tastes like water
Captain Zheero
Captain Zheero 10 days ago
4:38 that's a pro ramen eating
•Jeon Taehyung•
It makes me want to move to Japan, I am so much obsessed with Japan, oof
Sunglass Dubsteps
Sunglass Dubsteps 10 days ago
As a Japanese person currently living in Pacific Northwest, I'm laughing at how Drew is failing at one of the arcade games Seriously, if you fail like that in Japanese arcades, people WILL give you the looks. I've done that so many times
lick my bootyhole
lick my bootyhole 11 days ago
ARE THE JAPANESE AWARE HOW ADVANCED THEY ARE I DONT THINK SO.... maybe they’re too humble but this is something to brag about
Shahid Jaan
Shahid Jaan 11 days ago
Japan people's very hard workers. I love Japan
TOBOA TV 13 days ago
USSR [CCCP] 13 days ago
3:56 are they dressed up like anime maids?
Abra Kadabra
Abra Kadabra 13 days ago
All the best wishes to you Japan!!! It's very techy, funny, happy, cultural place! Overall, everyone knows, it's anime is the best!!!
panzer furher
panzer furher 13 days ago
I was about to visit japan in june but thanks to covid 19 im stuck here in the netherlands
mrziman 13 days ago
Been to Japan. Love the country. Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾❤️🇯🇵
Saddam Dalimunthe
Saddam Dalimunthe 13 days ago
Tokyo wa sugee
Safwan Abdal
Safwan Abdal 14 days ago
Respect to the great Japanese nation...from Bangladesh
MysticBlaze 112
MysticBlaze 112 14 days ago
2:51 Me with social anxiety: Get me there now
Walla Habibi
Walla Habibi 14 days ago
Only fast and furious fans have seen the automated parking before
Cities_ landscape
Cities_ landscape 14 days ago
China is more futuristic
Ninad Sheth
Ninad Sheth 14 days ago
Nihon desukides
Kelsey Betzelberger
I can't wait to go to Japan!
Nepals 15 days ago
This guy is such a loser
Mc Estler
Mc Estler 15 days ago
Dubai is way far away
Peter Enriqe Herlambang 1003121
3:56 - 3:57, are you cultured men?
Salty 303
Salty 303 16 days ago
So, cool (/:
Susan Espinoza
Susan Espinoza 16 days ago
I have been in few cities of Japan and yeah... I never thought I will get amaze for a toilet. Some of then have many and confusing bottons, some of then talk and others put music automatically. Japan is definitely one of my favorites countries.
Lunime Syke
Lunime Syke 18 days ago
So coronavirus already past there
Milky Ryan
Milky Ryan 18 days ago
2:19 spending 2 hours in the bathroom
The Gibus
The Gibus 19 days ago
All thanks 2 nukes and some Austrian guy
M'dir MCMXCIV 19 days ago
When you in Japan but no subtitle come out. It weird.
Clodski 19 days ago
Japan: Hits by Tsunami 2 years later Back to normal!
Clodski 20 days ago
Drew: One of the reason why Japan is futuristic is because of its bullet trains France's TGV: What about me
frank odea
frank odea 21 day ago
Love japan I'm wanting to go in the future Japan is a amazing place thankyou for video drew binsky
Noma M
Noma M 21 day ago
Abdirizak Yasin
Abdirizak Yasin 22 days ago
can i get schoolarship in japan for university?
twiny twin twins Shawn and stephen steawnMK gaming
You forgot that they are obsessed with animes
Average Gigel
Average Gigel 18 days ago
Actually, they are not obsessed with it. Anime is just part of their culture.
Khushboo Kumari
Khushboo Kumari 23 days ago
Long live japan long live world
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet 24 days ago
Anyone who think Japan is "totally awesome". Watch this! ruvid.net/video/video-dxa0GGJNWtI.html
Sean Romeyplayz ROBLOX
my theory why there like that. Before US drops atom bomb there super corrupted but after that the learned there lesson now the are super nice and super high tech CHILL GUYS JUST A THEORY
Elias Zeller
Elias Zeller 23 days ago
Well ... kinda but no
Cza 25 days ago
Yet the people look depressed
Black_wind 25 days ago
and now i will give you 100 ways Japan is behind the rest of the world by 20 years......but I guess that's the charm our country has...
mj af
mj af 25 days ago
i love #japan
Vaughn Landicho
Vaughn Landicho 25 days ago
Drew becomed a WEEB
Sri Abinesh
Sri Abinesh 26 days ago
#FADFADAA Singing Star PRABHAT लुंगी डांस हुआ पुराना आया (फड़फड़ा) का जमाना Fadfada Bhai Fadfada -- CrimeAlertTV --
INF ROHAN 27 days ago
I will enjoy playing pubg here hole day
Mini Wonderland
Mini Wonderland 29 days ago
Alii hu yar
Alii hu yar Month ago
i am going to japan to meet shizuka:)
するめ。 Month ago
英語が分かるようになりたい。😭 Japanese!!
The Shades
The Shades Month ago
Enjoy the little things, in the end the little things might be the only thing you got
Banana Plays
Banana Plays Month ago
4:27 when the cars are 15+ yrs old and it has brand new tech
devcat Month ago
I'm Japanese but I get headache while watching this video. I was born in the wrong country😫
Souciance Eqdam Rashti
Huh? Dude society is more than skin deep. Look into Japanese work place, discrimination against women, racism against foreigners and you can equally create a video 10 ways Japean is way behind rest of the world..Yeah gadgets are cool and shinny things are interesting but that is not what a society is.
Suprena _two
Suprena _two 12 days ago
Souciance Eqdam Rashti yeah
Suprena _two
Suprena _two 24 days ago
Souciance Eqdam Rashti they probably can woman in japan are treated equally as everyone else japan isn’t behind the world in anyway it’s 5000 light years away from the rest of the world
Souciance Eqdam Rashti
@Suprena _two So I assume women can get pregnant and get back as easily to their job right?
Suprena _two
Suprena _two 25 days ago
There isn’t discrimination against woman in the workplace in japan where did you get this information??
Aussie Glossy
Aussie Glossy Month ago
2:13 I actually have this .-.
computers gaming
BBC will never show this in media They will only show the natural disasters of Japan
Stan Torren
Stan Torren 14 days ago
wtf are you talking about?
Honest Travel
Honest Travel Month ago
To be fair it looks very well organised there 👍
Onelgayming Gaming
I see O2jam wohhh
Sasi Naos
Sasi Naos Month ago
If two nuclear bombs couldn't shake up Japan, nothing will ever.
Aruna Srrinivas
Aruna Srrinivas Month ago
Japan is such a progressive nation and though it is growing at less than 1 percent every year. I love Japan. 私は日本愛です
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet 23 days ago
@Aruna Srrinivas You're missing my point.
Aruna Srrinivas
Aruna Srrinivas 24 days ago
India does not have any vending machines ok
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet 24 days ago
@Aruna Srrinivas Such as used panties you can buy from vending machines!
Aruna Srrinivas
Aruna Srrinivas 24 days ago
@Sock Puppet that's okay. We should look at the good things
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet 24 days ago
So progressive yet the school students are not taught about the awful War Crimes Japan committed. Just look up Rape of Nanking or/and Unit 731.
rolando halili
rolando halili Month ago
not 10 years ahead...its more of 100 years in the future...
Jagpreet Kaur Sethi
0.02 second all of them wearing mask at their is no corona pandemic 2017 ??
Wan Iqbal
Wan Iqbal Month ago
I see SEGA. It closed down. I feel sad
I AM Stela
I AM Stela Month ago
In June 2017 I was transit in Narita International Air Port when I was going home for Summer Break and I was verry Amaized by The Toilet in there. Just like this man discraibe. The Toilet is very convinient the water in there clean your butt when you finished.
Spider Boy
Spider Boy Month ago
Five zillion times better then shitty China & russia
What What
What What Month ago
I’d move there if the work ethic got better overall
Sheena Violet
Sheena Violet Month ago
There are two more things in which Japan is the best in the whole world Animation & Art style I am weeb of course XD
Nurmuhammad Abduvoxidov
U r Jewish and u r cool bro 👍🙏😎😀❤️
Sarojinidevi Thambapillai
I have lots respect for Japanese culture.
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppet 24 days ago
School students are not taught about Unit 731, the Rape of Nanking or any other Japanese war crimes. While in Germany, Holocaust Denial is against their law. Is Japan fantastic for you?
Ashish Chauhan Chauhan
Binoood,Binod,Binod,binod,Binod,Binod,binod,BinodBinodBinodBinodBinodBinodBinod Binod
fuyue chee
fuyue chee Month ago
I would say 20 years
Kuken Balle
Kuken Balle Month ago
Touch screen menus? We have those at every McDonalds in Sweden lol
P HEMANT Month ago
Japan is the best country in the world
Ex Jx
Ex Jx Month ago
3:17 Every guy has watched that video😂😂😂
Vivek Raman
Vivek Raman Month ago
In my country India🇮🇳if govt. launch robots we are going to be steal them 😂😂😂😂😂
SAMANTHA T Month ago
I Love Japan. Tell me about it!
cross 73
cross 73 Month ago
this is trash
cross 73
cross 73 Month ago
@Oliver Tain also he said trash about my country so yeah "this is trash and always will be"
cross 73
cross 73 Month ago
another fact that i would like to tell u is that i do not hate this video it is just that he is misunderstanding the facts about japan and that really bugs me
cross 73
cross 73 Month ago
@Oliver Tain well i know for a fact that u r from netherlands
Oliver Tain
Oliver Tain Month ago
@cross 73 Are you chinese?
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Month ago
Go back and play your stupid Minecraft game!
swissnor van zyl
Japan has a lot of technology. But are they happy?.
Jamie Terrill
Jamie Terrill Month ago
Japan is the best! American made things just break. I should know I've had the displeasure to live in America.
Ozlyx Month ago
I hate Tokyo but not this Tokyo
Clodski Month ago
Drew Binsky: Japanese fashion is so cool Me: ANIME
Asian Doge
Asian Doge Month ago
Japan’s 40 years ahead of us here in Thailand (I’m jealous)
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