10 Ways JAPAN is 10 Years Ahead of the World

Drew Binsky
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DID YOU KNOW Japan has bullet trains that can travel 320 km/hour? Or superior toilet seats that can heat up your butt, clean it spotless, and check your blood pressure? Or interactive robots that can serve you lunch, analyze your facial expressions and be your customer service agent in phone stores?
I just finished my 6th visit to Japan, and every time I leave this country, I have a hard time comprehending what I just experienced.
In this video, I take you around Tokyo and show you 10 ways that Japan is 10 years ahead of the world.
Anyone else agree with me?
Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Dec 25, 2017




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Comments 9 783
rick aw
rick aw 4 hours ago
Japanese have great integrity and work ethic. They are ideal modern society we look up too.
GabrielBtw_ 6 hours ago
Me in store: Excuse me where is the drinks? Worker: Nani?!
Mic Lubijar
Mic Lubijar Day ago
The thing is Japan's work culture is very bad. They overwork. Social interaction is bad although ironically I am a social recluse. Too much man dominant society. They focuses so much on technology and work. Their population is declining.
mironyuk Day ago
Wow, google just blocked my first message i tried to post against N korea
Jerry XiaoWu
Jerry XiaoWu Day ago
All the ten things this video has mentioned are also common in China. Hope that one day the author could come and visit.
Suburban Kid
Suburban Kid Day ago
Japan is the next superpower, because it’s already in the future, only they know anything about it.
Its Electric Its *SEXY*
Zain4s Day ago
You know you're a weeb if you don't live in Japan and still understood all the Japanese in this video
abu esha
abu esha Day ago
I wanna tour there in future...
Beau Wijn
Beau Wijn 2 days ago
I am learning Japanese and is hard 😅😅😅😅
Beau Wijn
Beau Wijn 2 days ago
keyrun sharma
keyrun sharma 2 days ago
But they still blur things..
Raul Tamez
Raul Tamez 2 days ago
4:14 window, really? 😂
Thatedgydud 2 days ago
This is why I love Japan.
500 yen is a coin
Kevin Cummings
Kevin Cummings 2 days ago
My bank account won’t let me go to Japan. Or get a McDouble.
Ali Abz
Ali Abz 2 days ago
and 1000 year ahead algeria my country
layla De Meur
layla De Meur 3 days ago
If Japan's trains were in the U.S, they would be covered by Black and Mexican graffiti, trash, the seats torn apart, toilets destroyed. Wishing Jewish Zionist's did not control the USA, bankrupting it!
thestrange 17
thestrange 17 3 days ago
i hate everything in japan. the food. the people. the culture!
PenDayHo 3 days ago
And this man STILL didn’t get laid smh
Kaydence MSP
Kaydence MSP 3 days ago
How to travel back and front in time without a time capsule Go to Ethiopia 🇪🇹 for the past, And Japan 🇯🇵 for the future.
Andreas LIFE
Andreas LIFE 3 days ago
*Meanwhile in America we still living in 2010*
Manogya Singh
Manogya Singh 4 days ago
Fun fact: They got all this tech from Doraemon.
Hi, I'm a Japanese viewer. I'm happy to hear that you liked and enjoyed our country! It makes us Japanese feel proud! Also I really enjoy watching your video! It was worth learning English as if not I wouldn't have found it xD
aji har
aji har 4 days ago
They enjoying cleaness!good society...clean,clean and super clean.they really using their brain on positive things..not in politic like others society.
Kiuthrun Lims
Kiuthrun Lims 4 days ago
'..or be a cool friend to hang out with'...❤❤
Zplayzmimi 。。。
Syed Ahmed
Syed Ahmed 4 days ago
*Look at **3:31** This will never happen in india*
nword boi
nword boi 4 days ago
Japan's toilets knowing your body fat is just like Auto Chess wants to manage your phone calls
アニメガールAnime Girl :P
Mom im moving to japan... Mom:Why honey? *looks at my anime shirt* *My mom understands and says no*
Daniil Oxyuk
Daniil Oxyuk 4 days ago
4:17 WINDOW???!!!
The Chicken squad Gamers
Is that robot sounding like a vocaloid?
bruh 4 days ago
That's it I'm making my kids learn Japanese
GOPI NATH 4 days ago
I have a question : Why they wearing masks when the city are very clean?
long huynh
long huynh 4 days ago
They get sick and don't want to infect anothers.
Eben Adam
Eben Adam 4 days ago
And nigeria is 350years behind america 🤔
Chyniz Mahss
Chyniz Mahss 4 days ago
You forgot how racist this country is.
Ainur Izzat
Ainur Izzat 5 days ago
Car enthusiasts when he didn't include cars. "how did you forgot the 1990s my man.
Six Speed
Six Speed 6 days ago
This is the reason why I choose Japanese bikes than European brand bikes.
Juicy Plushy
Juicy Plushy 6 days ago
Tenno Heika Banzai!!
Sir Dinzhi
Sir Dinzhi 6 days ago
dude wtf is that toilet damn technology
syarif basri
syarif basri 6 days ago
My whole life was a lie. They told me if the usa is the greatest country. Japan: hold my toilet
Buh Bye
Buh Bye 3 days ago
You only realised this now?
You even get paid to go to university
You must be dumb,there are many countries that are better than the USA. Japan is just one of many. Finland (best education system and free health care). Sweden and Norway free college.
soa m8
soa m8 6 days ago
Japan : The most advanced high-tech toilet. India : still no toilet. OH FUCK !!!
Gora Niasse
Gora Niasse 7 days ago
Earthquake at school: Foreigner Kid: Cries Japanese Kid: First time, huh?
Sanjay Kashyap
😂 yeah you're right
Hani's Experiments
You are so close to 1 million subs. Keep it up brother 💪
Rachel Liu
Rachel Liu 7 days ago
0:08 that's the toys story I always go to whenever I'm in Tokyo Japan......wow
a thing
a thing 7 days ago
fun guy having fun: FUN FACTS! people who take things seriously: UMMM ACKSHUALLYYYYY
VIP 102
VIP 102 7 days ago
Staying away from.. White people
Keep calm and love KPOP
I was just saying how I like Japan... (//・_・//) *Nani?!*
jamjam kate
jamjam kate 7 days ago
There are metros here in dubai and its driven by computers
hamza baig
hamza baig 7 days ago
Actually i want to.. Lakn hamey visa nae deta 😂😅
MSTGOKU_ YT 8 days ago
American: I have the the best phone ha I’m up to date Japanese person: I have the best phone 10 years ahead of the world
ZachPlaysRBLX 8 days ago
In the Philippines, we have this gaming cafe everywhere that is similar to the arcade buildings in Japan, we call a gaming cafe/internet cafe pisonet
Playmaker N
Playmaker N 8 days ago
I love japan but There was a bad hurricane there 😭😭
BamBam360 8 days ago
And you don’t even mention anime. I’m no weeb, but really?
Kalesauce 8 days ago
Rats birthday mixtape👏🏼🙏🏻
Aka that asian kid单哲韵
I mean... there’s bullet train in china too....
PikaDab12 Plays
PikaDab12 Plays 6 days ago
@Sir Dinzhi lol you are a savage
Sir Dinzhi
Sir Dinzhi 6 days ago
yeah we know and also china is a very advanced country but no one asked
unlucky 8 days ago
Zrdgrjrfccdhjzr Jilzdsfegnzrvbu
No it's not Africa is futuristic of it's own way 🌛😠
Cry baby Senpai
Cry baby Senpai 9 days ago
My whole life I wished I lived in Japan an was born there
dr_ clavijo
dr_ clavijo 9 days ago
no japanese looks happy
PK 9 days ago
And dudes Are talking about the shitty desert city of Dubai. Like its so futuristic and stuff. Go there and See the people and you have to just 🤮 There is nothing like Japan and its beautiful and intelligent People with culture and just everything far far better than other countries
PK 7 days ago
Cookie Cream Nobody wanted YOU to. Cry me a river
Cookie Cream
Cookie Cream 7 days ago
I don't even understand what you talking about dude
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