10 Ways JAPAN is 10 Years Ahead of the World

Drew Binsky
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DID YOU KNOW Japan has bullet trains that can travel 320 km/hour? Or superior toilet seats that can heat up your butt, clean it spotless, and check your blood pressure? Or interactive robots that can serve you lunch, analyze your facial expressions and be your customer service agent in phone stores?
I just finished my 6th visit to Japan, and every time I leave this country, I have a hard time comprehending what I just experienced.
In this video, I take you around Tokyo and show you 10 ways that Japan is 10 years ahead of the world.
Anyone else agree with me?
Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Dec 25, 2017




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Comments 10 690
Prad Ee
Prad Ee 55 minutes ago
Ohh! Wait that world map is ridiculously wrong
bostongirlsandy 55 minutes ago
I would like to visit Japan in the future.
Kanda 019
Kanda 019 2 hours ago
Japanese proved that a population can be from a very developed nation and be humble, civilized and respectful unlike Westerners who re very arrogant, disdainful
High Plains Drifter
India is 2000 years behind.
Stockholum Central Staytion-Noruway
He's the only western traveller who's respectable towards the different countries and their cultures. And whom I respect much.
Madman Queen Killer
Madman Queen Killer 12 hours ago
K I thought this video Was about useful things, not some garbage that already exists, We have Bullet trains In Finland, and since some Americans don't even know where that country is doesn't it tell something how Futuristic that train is. Literally in my neighborhood burger King has a touch screen menu. Lol vending machines yeah more isolation and not social interaction we can see from Japan's birthrate how's that working for them. Lol arcades what is this the 70s? Even tho I like the idea of arcade games and I respect them, there is a reason why they barely exist anymore and don't get me started how much power they eat. That power could be used for something more useful. Public transportation? Have you even been in Any EU country at all? Maids lol lol are we in middle ages (still cool but cmon) Robots? More like toys that still barely manage basic task. Even tho they are pretty cool. Serosly tho your video is more about 10 ways Japan is late than rest of the world.
Madman Queen Killer
Madman Queen Killer 11 hours ago
Reading all of this comments I can see weebs and retarted people who don't know the flip side of the coin.
Madman Queen Killer
Madman Queen Killer 11 hours ago
Parking lots are cool but I prefer my expensive ass car to be safely in the ground. And those toilets are ridiculous.
Sumipun 12 hours ago
Everything is awesome here ( I live in Japan) but I really think they should lie down the vending machines. The pet bottle trash is really unmanageable
Bibaat Bibaat
Bibaat Bibaat 20 hours ago
Nice video bro keep it up Japan is the best city in the world greetings from California
ShadowCookie Girl
2:02 *me being absolute weeb screaming inside cos of hatsune miku*
Sticker Training
These weabos only looking on a good side 🤣
Divine Light
Divine Light Day ago
I want that bathroom seriously.
Rizky Rizky
Rizky Rizky Day ago
Japan is first developed country in Asia👍
Katrina Toinks
I can't wait to go to Japan this year. Ang meet my Japanese hubby 🤣😂😘😘😘
Dancing Dave
Dancing Dave 2 days ago
But its 10 mostly useless things really apart from the train.
Umar qamar Bhatti
I love japan really osm country someday i visit there
Amit Bisht
Amit Bisht 3 days ago
Japan is so advanced that humans there photosynthesise
Prospect Kids
Prospect Kids 3 days ago
When I visited China there was theses random girls that walked down the streets with purple and pink hair wearing pink gowns
Frostech. 3 days ago
that robot looks creepy
Adrian Lacson - Papart
In Japan people don’t hunt anymore animals They throw poke balls on them
D yu
D yu Day ago
Yeah!! And we already start to call all living things "Pokemon"!!
Caleb Frank
Caleb Frank 3 days ago
Almost the same as China 🇨🇳, I’m studying in China and it’s also incredible here
Di Escombreria
Di Escombreria 3 days ago
They may be advanced in many ways, but they still really haven't gotten a handle on Fukushima.
Kevin Keating
Kevin Keating 3 days ago
They are easily 100 years ahead if Ireland.
Mr.Spider 4 days ago
Love you Japan.
Nutjobs For Life
Nutjobs For Life 4 days ago
Drew: the toilets are great! Toilet: you're HIV positive Drew: ☹️
Sir Raze
Sir Raze 4 days ago
Japan: origin of gamers Japan: Best Animations Japan: Where weebs go Japan: The best economy in Asia Japan: The only asian country that can go head to head to western countries
SevenDeMagnus 4 days ago
Cool. Is it just for vacation or one falls in love with Japan, to actually live there? Thanks. God bless, Proverbs 31
Rahul Pratab
Rahul Pratab 4 days ago
Japan is 10 years ahead, u know y,,, because they have a cat robot from future helping them.
Murat Şeker
Murat Şeker 4 days ago
Don't drink at Kabukicho unless you want to rip off. I spend 4 months in Tokyo and prepared this comprehensive Tokyo travel guide www.travelcylopedia.com/tokyo-travel-guide/
Georgia Country
Georgia Country 5 days ago
Ah yes country of hentai anime hirohito and exploded nukes
Anitai 5 days ago
you know those asian level memes? They're coming.
What a weeb.
Devanand Prajapati
Yeah it's right , Japan is most development to others country.there president are not cruppted ,in India every leader are currpted big or small .all same.thats why it can not develop fast.
SYNTAX CRACK 5 days ago
I love japan culture but just one thing i don’t like it people are so serious and look stressed when i live there
Mariafe Selman
Mariafe Selman 5 days ago
Wow can't wait to visit Japan by July😍😍😍😍😍😍
puppylover 5 days ago
It's amazing what two atom bombs can do to a country
Darold Bannister
Darold Bannister 6 days ago
There's a story that some German engineers sent a drill bit to the Japanese engineers and said it was the smallest drill ever produced. The Japanese sent the drill back with a hole drilled thur the middle of it.
Oh Limes
Oh Limes 6 days ago
I only like toilets in japan
Milky Gamer101
Milky Gamer101 6 days ago
And then an earthquake destroys Japan
Milky Gamer101
Milky Gamer101 6 days ago
My friend lives in shinjuku
Alex Hez
Alex Hez 6 days ago
And Pakistan is 200 years behind compare to japan
Globe Trekker
Globe Trekker 6 days ago
If u will visit to india bro, contact me for sure.
Tasty SHOGUN 6 days ago
I can explain Japan with 1 sentence: Land of the weebs
bostongirlsandy 21 minute ago
What is weeb?
lydia games challenge reviews
I agree cuase all everything they have were don't
fridal blue30
fridal blue30 6 days ago
In the philippines when u go to toilet feels like u are in outer space...it will blow ur mind.your 6 senses will gone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hikazaya Nikushi
Hikazaya Nikushi 6 days ago
I miss japan 🥺
njamutoh bertrand
Atleast half of these are equally in China to a matching or even better degree
Karim El Mesaoudi
Meanwhile in India they are pooping on the streets😂
Joyce Osei
Joyce Osei 7 days ago
Stayed in Tokyo for 8 years back home now but am still missing NIHON.
Leon Eden
Leon Eden 7 days ago
I am Japanese. Thank you for this video, but I believe Japan is NOT a developed country. That’s why the reason western countries claims about human rights and civil rights of Japan. I want Japan to become a western-style developed country.
P Jazz
P Jazz 7 days ago
forgive me if im wrong and i mean absolutely no disrespect but i have heard from people who have traveled there, as much as it's lovely, there is always a subtle rascism. again i may be wrong I've personally never been (really want to tho)
run 7 days ago
Yet the best phone they got is Huawei Correct me if im wrong, im not from japan Edit: im thinking of korea, just kill me
mahi mahi
mahi mahi 7 days ago
If you’re traveling to japan and taking a taxi don’t open the back door because it will actually open automatically, and also close to. As a Japanese myself, I always forget that doors on the back of the cab always open and close by itself, it’s a problem for mee
53kenner 7 days ago
In some of these instances, the Japanese are actually far behind. Buying food from a vending machine in a restaurant was a "thing" in the US back in the 1930s, they were called automats. The vertical car parking conveyor existed in the US 100 years ago.
Matthew Mooar
Matthew Mooar 7 days ago
Ehhhh. Ill pass on JaaPpann
aswad salleh
aswad salleh 8 days ago
You can book hookers/call girl also from vending machines 😎😎
rafarga1980 8 days ago
But they still kill dolphins and whales, and their porn is pixelated 😅
Provola Player
Provola Player 8 days ago
日本は凄いです I genuinely put effort into this writing from my smartphone. Native Italian speaker.
Ravikumar T S
Ravikumar T S 8 days ago
Automatic door opening in a car is not correct. The driver opens the door manually by pulling a lever from his seat. Though japan is ten years ahead in terms of technology they too have some dark side like social outcast, hikkikimoris, homeless, unemployment and helpless senior citizens etc.,
Tommy Akbar
Tommy Akbar 8 days ago
Bro i love your videos I travel to I'm not a og like u but I been to about 16 countries but u make me just want to get up every day lol
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez 8 days ago
Mexico is more advanced than the USA
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