10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

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Published on


Jun 23, 2019

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Comments 6 290
Kiyahnah 2 hours ago
You should do Cody speeding dating 10 girls. It’s what he deserves after this!!!
mickey s
mickey s 3 hours ago
Cody was so handsome & so sweet, his background & how he views things is going to take him far & she really did miss out
Pip Mousey
Pip Mousey 8 hours ago
Not even gonna lie dj is hot
Anna grace Jones
Anna grace Jones 8 hours ago
she should’ve chose DJJJJJJJJJJJ
sn0wy1 11 hours ago
she should of picked DJ i was rooting for that man!
Atom Bomb
Atom Bomb 11 hours ago
Civilized Barbarian
Civilized Barbarian 12 hours ago
Can a guy that repeats the trope: "I like strong independent whamen" please explain to me what you mean? I mean, I'm 24, had 3 long relationships and 2 of those girls would fall in that category, but the other one would not I guess... She was my delicate baby girl. Also in more casual settings I've been with the two types a few times. Those type of stuff never had even a flimsy weight on my attraction level or my willing to invest in her. And before the comments like: "oh you're intimidated by a strong independent women" comes flooding in, that's not true at all I just gave a little bit of my background to disprove that. It's not even that I like or dislike it, it's just that it means as much as the girl liking cold water or fresh water or chocolate ice cream vs strawberry. So for it being repeated so much. Sounds weird.
Jonathan Santos
Jonathan Santos 15 hours ago
I like how cody was just dancing around while people were getting eliminated
Keimo Pay
Keimo Pay 16 hours ago
I like girl with personality
Gameplaye Z SSO i innych gier
Who thought that it would be DJ ?😂
Carol Souza
Carol Souza 17 hours ago
I just want to know what songs are in cody's playlist because it looks great
it's just aunika
it's just aunika 17 hours ago
Should've picked dj
Phillip Porter
Phillip Porter 17 hours ago
Her: Yeah I think he is the best pick! Sees him Her: Yeah uh.... I dont think we'd vibe. Damn hoes...
Umm Nah
Umm Nah 21 hour ago
No one: Not a single sole: Cody: Jamming to his music
Tate Cinti
Tate Cinti 21 hour ago
She should have picked DJ
darcy butler
darcy butler 21 hour ago
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 21 hour ago
Bruh good show but way too many Asians
Anisha Zaman
Anisha Zaman Day ago
Bruh what Cody is so cute and has a great personality I will gladly take him
Andrew Sugono
8:12 😬
Andrew Sugono
She looks like pokemane bro...
I am really thought she would pick DJ
Dunotpie_gamer Lover
I Will wote DJ if i was her
jazmin urena
jazmin urena Day ago
is there ever going to be like an lgbtq+ version of these dating eps?
alphach1mp Day ago
It's the my parents don't approve has been ingrained into her.
sarthak sood
sarthak sood Day ago
Cody guy was being a real jerk amongst the other guys..
Ty Buie
Ty Buie Day ago
You guys didn't put a black guy in this experiment. But you put 2 black girls in the reverse experiment when there was a white guy doing the choosing. Jubilee needs to just stop putting black folks in their experiments altogether if they aren't going to sample these groups ethically
Haseeb J
Haseeb J Day ago
There was a black guy
Britaniax Day ago
@jubilee bring him back and let him find love
Britaniax Day ago
She was rude saying she didn’t expect him to look the way he looked I would date him he was sweet and answered every question good you can tell he has good heart and his goals are real the fact that she was dissing him because of his looks she will never get far in life if that’s how she thinks
health nut
health nut Day ago
Uhhhhhh.... Ivan is a girl. Wtf??!!!!
Alexandra Pitman
isnt cody from the other one of these?
Alex#0016 Day ago
I was expecting her to go with cody
Varified Cheeto
I really hoped she would choose Codey and the universe gave me what I asked for
Sean messes everything up
lindsay barry
Yes, make more of these. These videos are how I found your channel. Absolutely an amazing idea for a video.♥️♥️♥️ Love the channel btw.💕
Dead Day ago
“I don’t know if i would vibe with him” that’s legit the point of the vid to vibe sith someone then see how they look she just looking for an escape
So like nobody gonna talk about how cute Ivan's voice is??
Ashley Bissett
Ashley Bissett 2 days ago
show me more sean damn it
Reigiñe Andrea
Reigiñe Andrea 2 days ago
I want to be on this show lol please recruit me!!
Bobba Fett
Bobba Fett 2 days ago
Cody sounds like Eminem at the last part
Shelby Thomas
Shelby Thomas 2 days ago
Cody was my man. Poor dude you'll find someone I swear:(
ReblazeGaming 2 days ago
Can they actually get new people? Not just this same pool of people from every video.
Lame O
Lame O 2 days ago
Sean my man has back woo
Netho Prodigy
Netho Prodigy 2 days ago
at least he didn't talk about his credit score this time
ItsOracleX 2 days ago
I thought she would choose DJ tbh
king stugotz
king stugotz 2 days ago
Whats the name of the song with the piano at the beginning?
Kailey Strafford
Kailey Strafford 2 days ago
Can we get a queer version of these please!
SpecialSalmon 2 days ago
this is one problem from girls they’re choosy in my suggestions for girls out there dont act and speak before moving rather move and realized the guy you’ve choosen then thats time to judge
Vasilil Stan
Vasilil Stan 2 days ago
What kind of parents won't let their son read Harry Potter?
Allison Thomas
Allison Thomas 2 days ago
Her reaction to him is so upsetting she literally picked him. He’s a great looking man
ReblazeGaming 13 hours ago
@Jeeroy Lenkins Oh I do agree with that point about gender and how guys get it worse, but if you check the comments, most people seem to be upset at the way she didn't really like him after she saw him. But I just think it isn't shallow at all. Just the fact that you said " I wouldn't even stop to look twice at her in the street." shows that you don't find her attractive which is perfectly fine, just as she didn't find him attractive. I don't have a problem with it being a girl rejecting a guy based on appearance, the same way I don't have a problem with a guy rejecting a girl based on appearance : )
Jeeroy Lenkins
ReblazeGaming My bad about the phone part, missed that bit lol. You actually do make a lot of good points, I just do feel that if the situation was reversed there would be a lot more upset people in the comments. Guys do tend to get a harder time for having preferences than Women do. Example - Girls can reject a guy based on his height, weight, looks etc and no one really bats an eyelid about it, but if a guy was as vocal about his preferences say a girls weight, he would most likely be attacked for it. This is the point I was trying to make with the whole gender thing.
@Jeeroy Lenkins No I wouldn't have a problem, why would I? I'm a guy and have sadly had to turn people down after they send me a picture of themselves after texting, also wtf does gender have to do with anything, you people are so quick to say "white knight" but I just think looks are important as well. And btw they have a phone to take notes on who the people are, she said it herself.
Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy Lenkins 2 days ago
@ReblazeGaming So you're telling me if a guy did this to a chick you wouldn't have a problem? Stop being a white knight. She was also really rude playing around on her phone during the blind conversations, I can only imagine what she would be like on an actual date.
ReblazeGaming 2 days ago
@Jeeroy Lenkins How is that being shallow? Looks are very important, as much as people try and say it's more about personality, for most people looks are 50% and personality is the other 50%, you seem so annoyed just because she isn't attracted to this one guy lmao.
Laviomella 2 days ago
I’d literally take him-
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