10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them | Versus 1

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Published on


Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 100
Gregory Guzman
Gregory Guzman 3 days ago
the very first guy with curly hair said everything right and from the start i knew that he was going to win. he passed with flying colours
Gregory Guzman
Gregory Guzman 3 days ago
i haaaaaaate the guy that thinks he looks like a sex symbol. i saw him say it on another video where a girl was rating guys on looks and personalities and he got one of the worst ratings on looks and on personalities because he askeed the girl what her credit score was. wth my dude. and that thing to say is terrbile thing to say as a first impression. Especially when its not true...
Bryce Parascand
Bryce Parascand 3 days ago
Be like cody, confident to the 9s
Gavin Parrish
Gavin Parrish 4 days ago
anyone else think she looked like pokimane in the thumbnail?
David Williams
David Williams 11 days ago
Jay got friendzoned and she didn't even see him.
Salma Hajali
Salma Hajali 14 days ago
Cody was really vibin
Walnut & Oscar
Walnut & Oscar 14 days ago
"The corona hills" me in 2020 quarantine: o.O
Naomi Alvarez
Naomi Alvarez 15 days ago
Dating a Chinese guy, so interesting, think i had yellow fever
julie panade
julie panade 16 days ago
Do one where they date based off of they’re playlist like the song’s they listen to
Jasmine Surreal
Jasmine Surreal 19 days ago
Cody is a fantastic dude, he shook the other guys hand, he seems open and friendly, and he's had a tough background and come through that. I relate to this personally, and my grandfather managed a boxer as well, and I do funky dancing to music! I didn't personally find him attractive, but I'd sure love him as a friend, and he'd be a bloody good one. I don't think they really dug each other, I think the dude on the end at the right was more suitable for her, she's a nice girl, cute and friendly and he seemed similar.
Lily 19 days ago
I wonder what Cody was listing too
KthyGoMeZ 23 days ago
Cody seems to be a really kind and respectful guy
Katrin Iurian
Katrin Iurian 26 days ago
This girl played Cody awful
Keith Scott
Keith Scott 26 days ago
I was rooting for Cody but he deserves better tbh
Jasmine Pemberton
Jasmine Pemberton 28 days ago
He can do better
Beverly Bautista
Beverly Bautista 29 days ago
Lemme take that Jay guy😍
Lucas Gonçalves
Lucas Gonçalves 29 days ago
7:58 that forced smile dont leave her face, LOL
R Schenks
R Schenks 29 days ago
Cody was reeeeeeaaaaallllly into that music. Respect Also, he is NOT bad looking Cody deserved more
joshjooh Month ago
Why are all the asian girls who show up on this thing the most shallow people ever. No homo, but Cody is actually a very attractive dude. Instead of asking "was he your type" and leaving it as that. You should follow up with "What is your type?"
joshjooh Month ago
I love reading... DiD yOu ReAd HaRrY pOtTeR? .....
mouna amouna
mouna amouna Month ago
Cody looks like the prince in the switch princess
Krisha Joshi
Krisha Joshi Month ago
I want Cody for me
Alby Month ago
I want Cody to be my best friend
JohnnyGal ddjdjddd
She's a bad listener
"I'm a sex symbol." Classic Sean 😂
Nafisa Anamika
Nafisa Anamika Month ago
DJ melt my heart 😍
Adam Dicken
Adam Dicken Month ago
her face > Cody's face, Codys body > her body
Ein Badner
Ein Badner Month ago
Die war anders ehrenlos am Ende
Yaretzi Romero
Yaretzi Romero Month ago
I found it really annoying that she was in the phone the whole time
Alexa L.
Alexa L. Month ago
Csubakersfield ahhhhhh
Emmy stans Why Don't We
me and my 9 year old sister are watching this. guy: the corona hills my sister: omg don't take her there she is going to get sick!!! tisk tisk tisk
Allan Bernal
Allan Bernal Month ago
tell me about yourself: sean: "im a sex symbol" lmfao 💀💀😭 i can't with this dude HAHSHS
Bayla Beck
Bayla Beck Month ago
Went from liking her to dislikinggg her
Beshi's Channel
Beshi's Channel Month ago
cody is such a mood :)
hukumsing limbu
hukumsing limbu Month ago
Some women are so shallow nowadays. They talk about good personality over looks and money but they actually want handsome rich man than good personality, character. Well, She definitely thought him to be More buff, more handsome, macho type because he was talking about gym coaching and all. She was blushing inside, he was awesome and all for her and was ready for a coffee and a date before even seeing eachother but as soon as she saw him she was like he may not neccesarily be my type or not compatible with me. Girl, You liked him and was compatible for you, that's the reason you choose him without seeing him. He is handsome according to my view. With that personality he looks even more handsome. Shallow people talk about heart break, betrayal, being hurt, not being able to find nice\good man and all. What do u expect from being shallow?😆
hukumsing limbu
hukumsing limbu Month ago
The sex symbol guy named sean is the guy who got 6 points looks wise in another video and found out he wasn't a sex symbol like he thought to be 😅. I think its him pick up line or something like that to attract ladies which seem to work for one woman and he stuck to it but it will definitely wont work in every women so, now its game over for him, he needs to stop it😆
Edi Lopes
Edi Lopes Month ago
Don't go by looks, the last guy had a great personality and was like emotional, i really think he liked her in some way, but she definitely was not into him, SAD :(
Mya Salazar
Mya Salazar Month ago
Sean is such a clown 😭😭
Snapchat Month ago
Bruce File
Bruce File Month ago
She's cute with a great smile.....sign me up!
Erengrad Month ago
i think this is why girls like her end up on the show because they put looks primarily over emotional compatibility
rosetta Stone
rosetta Stone Month ago
She has me guessing, wtf was she expecting? 🤣 🤯😂
Nata Sawa
Nata Sawa Month ago
DJ was the best guy for me
Little Flower
Little Flower Month ago
Why do people even try blind choosing on other criteria if then as soon as they see different features than what they expect they basically just erase all that they said.. I am sorry for our society views and criteria, seems that we can't go really much further then the perfect look
shintake Month ago
the black man😳😍
Rikey riley
Rikey riley Month ago
I thought this was Pokimaine for one sec
Tax fraud
Tax fraud Month ago
Can we all agree, Cody deserves better? He’s so nice 😔
Hamad Nasser
Hamad Nasser Month ago
Hi Pewds
Aviana Guthert
Aviana Guthert Month ago
DJ, Ivan, Cody and Sean look familiar. Are they from other episodes? Like the Odd Man Out ones?
FunnyGaming Month ago
so many fugly soy men WHY !?
ACE Nick
ACE Nick Month ago
She thought because he was a boxer that he would be buff. Little did she know......little did she know.
For Lorn
For Lorn Month ago
Iğiğiğiğiğ llxlslsosls
Mino Month ago
Corona Hills. It‘s breathtaking. That one did note age well
Emzz 89
Emzz 89 Month ago
I guess she is just being honest that Cody isn't her type but she is willing to try though
Mar Vert Jayson Neyra
Pretty sure she expected an african american guy. He kinda sounds black to me idk
Luckyguy7 Challenges and vlogs
I like how throughout the video Cody is just vibin
Maddeline Dominguez
What's wrong with that girl? DJ is the perfect guy. Man look at those rosy cheeks... And his goals...
Jo 2 months ago
I really liked the girl from the beginning of the video to the time she chose Cody. But yeah, disappointing ending!
Isabelle 2 months ago
I was so happy that she picked Cody cause I liked them both but then....oh girl, she disappointed me
Riley 2 months ago
jubilee would be so much better if they brought more characters other than *Long-Haired High-Pitched Voice Girl* and *Straight Guy Who Probably Only Knows One Chord On The Guitar But Brags Anyways*
Lisa Ariaz
Lisa Ariaz 2 months ago
alcoholicfather 2 months ago
yikes, the fact she was barely willing to even give it a chance once she saw what he looked like just shows the kinda person she is
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt 2 months ago
That girl is extremely ambivalent and dishonest.
Isla Budge
Isla Budge 2 months ago
I think Cody is super cute 🥺
DigitalHarmony 2 months ago
Just be honest and say you’re not attracted to him. I mean, you signed up for blind dating. It’s blind. The whole point was to date someone you’d not normally go for. But be honest.
Jake Lillis
Jake Lillis 2 months ago
pick someone based of a song of choice
Don’t care
Don’t care 2 months ago
Should’ve chose dj
Nando 2 months ago
Is Sean ironically proclaiming to be a "sex symbol"?
Danielle Blanco-Uribe
Jay is the cutest c:
Joy Choi
Joy Choi 2 months ago
omg looool I like DJ and Cody either. they are sweet
Josh Calhov
Josh Calhov 2 months ago
Do this with gay guys
Spiritual Sal
Spiritual Sal 2 months ago
this girls never getting a good man always on her phone.
Mauri Piña
Mauri Piña 2 months ago
sorry sis, but i'd take cody.
kilo gram
kilo gram 2 months ago
Damn Cody sounds like a hidden intellect. Its weird how he lost some of that the moment he was physically in front of the girl. Like he now felt he had to put on an act.
LxLynx 2 months ago
Cody deserves better, she made me cringe so hard at the end
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 2 months ago
Also...another ummm....downside is it seems like you video'd a lot of these on the same day because half the videos have the same people in them. I want to see new people, not just the same over and over.
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 2 months ago
I love all these videos, but you ask for ideas? Well I am 45 and single and would love to see you do a bunch of these with people in my age range.
Jane 2 months ago
he isn’t her type that doesn’t make her a bad person
She looks younger than me and I’m 13......
Raymaster Finlay
Raymaster Finlay 2 months ago
She looks like a Walmart pokimane
callmebigpapa 2 months ago
How about episodes with different age groups like 30's 50's 60's etc
Carlo Girardello
Carlo Girardello 2 months ago
As much as I like Cody, he doesn't realize his sexual market value yet because he is still so young. He acted like the nice guy treating this girl as she was the prize and that's why she ended up rejecting him.
RonaunaFlower 2 months ago
Why are people attacking her so much? Rejecting him doesn't make him a bad guy or anything, he is just not her type...so what? It's her choice after all
SugarTurtle 2 months ago
Jubilee: give of some ideas for the videos My first thought: lesbians
20k subs without any videos
Corona hills... 👁👄👁
BanD1TPlays 2 months ago
DJ shot himself in the foot talking about a future family. Young girls don't want that nowadays. Majority of em want to "live and have fun" before they hit the wall and become miserable. Good luck to this young girl. And this isn't an attack on her, but rather the Western Culture and the decline we are seeing due to it.
DizapOinted 2 months ago
0:14 I immediately said hell no to that. Somebody is TALKING TO YOU and your on your phone?!?! Jesus Christ
Baheshta Fair
Baheshta Fair 2 months ago
I think she’s taking notes about them so she knows who to eliminate or not
Steven Eisenstein
Steven Eisenstein 2 months ago
if your watching this in 2020 and hear Corona Hills at 3:39 like this comment
Thomasmbrad 2 months ago
Sean looks like bbn$
Thomasmbrad 2 months ago
Emely Rosales
Emely Rosales 2 months ago
I was rooting for DJ :(
I want views
I want views 2 months ago
CODY my mannnnn
Keyzya 2 months ago
Do one where you have a voice actor on the other side playing 10 different persons
eklectiktoni 2 months ago
I actually like Jay a lot. He just seems like he has so much going on in his head.
Pixel Lives Matter
Pixel Lives Matter 2 months ago
"I have to go with Ivan, he didn't have the confidence, the ..." testosterone? lol
Kim Nam-Joon
Kim Nam-Joon 2 months ago
Jisu, like Jisoo from BLACKPINK.
Mustafa T
Mustafa T 2 months ago
This girls type is a prob an Asian dude with no tattoos because I can almost guarantee that’s what her parents want her to be with. Cody should have taken a pas if you ask me 😁
Ella stella
Ella stella 2 months ago
Cody rude af been listening to music the entire episode
Krybaby Games
Krybaby Games 2 months ago
When Cody was dancing.
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