10 vs 1: Speed Dating 10 Guys Without Seeing Them

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Published on


Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 7 323
banished4eva 2 hours ago
so cute
Fabric Day ago
Dj is sexy
Charldene Morgan
She’s ugly
TheDerpyFox 2 days ago
THE COMMENTS ARE FULL OF SPOILERS!!!!!!!! (Just letting u know!)
Ken Mercado
Ken Mercado 2 days ago
She looks disappointed after seeing him
Hyro Yokoyama
Hyro Yokoyama 2 days ago
I liked Jay. So cute, my type
James Giouba
James Giouba 2 days ago
This girl knows how to find a cute boy by words because the last two were actually the most attractive
Sindy Rubio
Sindy Rubio 2 days ago
Cody was the cutest one
Steven G
Steven G 3 days ago
All these videos everyone talks about boba it’s so annoying like there are other drinks out there get over it
Steven G
Steven G 3 days ago
70% of girl are shallow Appearance isn’t everything ladies people’s personalities are better than their look
darkneji190 3 days ago
8:49 “he seems really nice” Nice guys don’t be to nice, that doesn’t mean be an asshole just means you need some bad boys qualities
Robert Jaynes
Robert Jaynes 4 days ago
so basically she was click bait...
Marina Perez
Marina Perez 4 days ago
I wanna speeed date 😭😭😭😭
honey 5 days ago
CODY LOOKS HOT AF WTF and then i heard his voice and his tattoos 😭😭 edit: he sounds fun too. i like the way he talks omg. look at him jamming to his music!! damn girl can i take him?
robert10197 6 days ago
can we all stop pretending that looks don’t matter.... you have to be attracted to someone physically first
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown 6 days ago
Okay but why no love for DJ though.
Brii !
Brii ! 6 days ago
Love love love these! All versus 1 videos!!!
purpleweebdweeb 7 days ago
How did Sean get to round 2 😂😂😂👌
PureBeauty511 7 days ago
A part of me wants to judge this girl for not giving Cody a chance. Another part of me understands the importance of physical attraction, so I kind of get why she wasn't as excited at the end. A third part of me hopes she comes to understand that physical attraction, I feel, is not solely dependent on looks. Your view of someone changes after you get to know them better. Cody may have looked a lot hotter later on when she got a chance to see him in action (meaning, how well he gets along with people, how compassionate he is, how much he cares for her, etc.)
Lizzy Grant
Lizzy Grant 8 days ago
DJ and her make more sense appearance wise, but damn this was painful to watch
uhh blicky triggered the gun
she lookss like typical asian not really that attractive tbhh my opinion
Abbie Grier
Abbie Grier 8 days ago
give me Cody!! UGH why is physical attraction AFTER personality attraction such a deal breaker?? I admit, I am prone to do the same thing, but also like, Cody is cute and honestly, looks fade but the heart is what it is. I can't judge her but dang....I had hope for them:(
Kallie Chaidez
Kallie Chaidez 8 days ago
1:47 lol i live in Bakersfield
Thadnill 9 days ago
So... looks and appearance is apparently a *huge* (the only) deal for her. So why would you then even want to blind date someone when you in the end only go 100% on looks? Makes no sense, they should have used another girl for this.
Kota Cullison
Kota Cullison 10 days ago
She should of picked dj😭
Bljk Derteig
Bljk Derteig 10 days ago
I m watching a 42 minute ad to support you haha
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 10 days ago
the host girl looks like the hipo from the Madagascar cartoon lol. also the guy who said it's not 50/50 but rather 100/100 is smart, so many women forget that.
Mathew Carmona
Mathew Carmona 10 days ago
I love how only Asian ppl show up😂
Juglana Regiana
Juglana Regiana 11 days ago
Winner looks like diplo .....
StickNik 11 days ago
4:50 - This guy: "In a relationship it definitely takes two... it's not 50-50 it's 100-100"
Lucy Villain
Lucy Villain 11 days ago
Cody was so sweet and seemed like a really fun guy (like the way he was dancing/lip syncing at 6:46 - 7:00)... and I thought he was pretty attractive too, shame the girl didn't like him :/ If I was from the States, I'd be down for a date without a question haha
Alumic 11 days ago
Sean speed dating pleaseee
Destiny Riekeberg
Destiny Riekeberg 12 days ago
She should of picked DJ they look like such a cute couple who agrees----------->
James 12 days ago
I wanted her to pick DJ so badly I think he would have been much more her type. DJ looked and dressed more maturely than Cody. Cody is like a player fun guy who goes to the gym and gets tattoos. DJ is......bae x
Samiii Hajadu
Samiii Hajadu 12 days ago
Cody is so attraktive wthhh
Bacon 12 days ago
Why is the comment section so much more judgmental when it's a girl doing this vs a guy. Big eye-roll. So what the girl has a preference on looks. Damn. She didn't reject him, she just said she wouldn't know.
Yeet Catherine
Yeet Catherine 12 days ago
what does a sex symbol mean
ROXELL 12 days ago
I’d totally date him for his looks and more.If a guy has a good personality but he isn’t my type, I still give it a chance.People start to look more attractive when they have an amazing personality.Really attractive guys start to look ugly when they have an ugly personality.
Cameron Rotten Lemon
I got so hyped when i saw Sean 😂😂
Nicole Kavanaugh
Nicole Kavanaugh 12 days ago
I liked her so much until she didnt wanna go on a date w him anymore cuz he wasnt her "type." I get having a type or whatever, but that was just plain rude
Jack Delaney
Jack Delaney 12 days ago
But the real question is... Do you really read ALL of our comments??🤔
selina xn
selina xn 12 days ago
Omg he’s wearing pink socks yungblud vibes
JANELY ESPARZA 12 days ago
We luuuuv Cody
Ashley Rheaume
Ashley Rheaume 13 days ago
The problem with this is that you can love someone's personality but if you're not attracted to them it's not going to work for a relationship. That's how you make friends 😂
frank a
frank a 13 days ago
does anyone like Sean...he is a pig and one of the most annoying people on here. imagine thinking ur a sex symbol when u look like that? WHO LIED TO HIM LMFAOOOO
Nicole Atencio
Nicole Atencio 13 days ago
I feel sorry for that dude. He's pretty cool. Don't know what's wrong with that girl. Tss
Papphase 13 days ago
Cody is so sweet
samuel sinaga
samuel sinaga 13 days ago
Why there's no follow up stories? I mean pardon my english. But i think you have responsibilities to give us some follow up
angel & nat
angel & nat 13 days ago
I like Cody a lot
Skylar  Greer
Skylar Greer 13 days ago
He was dancing the ENTIRE time 😂😂
QuiteDecent 13 days ago
I was rooting for the boxer
JoeCnNd 14 days ago
Kudos to all the brave souls that risked the rejection. It's pretty scary to get turned down by itself let alone in front of 2 million people and counting on youtube.
Jessica Couren
Jessica Couren 14 days ago
I need to stop reading the comments before I watch these 😭 lol
JoeCnNd 14 days ago
0:48 dudes ear is wiggling... That's weird as hell. I wonder if it's just from the earbuds getting yanked down.
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee 14 days ago
oh females amirite
bb yoongi
bb yoongi 14 days ago
omg RJ was so cuuute 🥺😭😭😭
mia higgins
mia higgins 15 days ago
Cody dancing is me...😂
Waad Elamir
Waad Elamir 15 days ago
we want lesbians!!
Cadence V
Cadence V 15 days ago
DiegoV01 15 days ago
Can we please get an extended scene of the sex symbol guy, wtf was that about 😂
JomoWhore 15 days ago
I feel like I'd really wanna do something like this just because dating is so hard and annoying and I'd be really curious to see who I'd be into without knowing what they look like, because I have a ~TyPe~ you guys so... yeah lol
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