10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

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Published on


Jun 16, 2019




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Comments 21 808
Unique Caleigh
Unique Caleigh 23 hours ago
u should’ve just said you weren’t into them
Officially Jazzy
He looks like if Logan Paul and Ed Sherren were put together. I swear!🤣
taco playz
taco playz Day ago
Nooooo i wanted Irene to win im crying alone over here😢😢😕😅
Courtney Cox
Courtney Cox Day ago
Hypnotic Day ago
Can everyone shut the living fuck up about the 2 black girls getting a low rating? The guy has a preference. To be honest, those 2 girls weren’t even that looking to begin with. There is definitely better looking black people out there, it’s just a shame that these two were picked to be on the video. If those two were not black, it’s not like their ratings would be gotten higher anyway.
Occam's Razor
If this happened in a dark alley...
Anna Heffer
Anna Heffer Day ago
He's so hot
Shunderious Collins
Dudes like a Mix of Chris Pratt and Mad sweeney
Veronica Bonilla
Wow. Rated the black girl the best in personality and enjoyed the conversation more. Avoids her because he doesn’t want to look at her. 😬
kj1 Day ago
its this chreestian song
Manuel F
Manuel F Day ago
3:45 WTF ???
Nothing But Art
Damn he loved that second woman. Lol
first last
first last Day ago
90% of communication is nonverbal.
EX0stasis Day ago
I'd say that personality is of 70% importance and 30% looks, but since you can instantly judge looks and it takes weeks or months to judge personality effectively, I would probably date based on looks as long as I wasn't immediately repulsed by personality.
first last
first last Day ago
he rates them by personality... in the same order he just looked at them by.
Mary Ann Cenido
Im seeing Ed Sheeran through him arghhhh ❤️
Matt 2 days ago
I have a feeling that a good portion of the commenters dogging him for picking looks would have done the same.
Rajtanushree Dutta
I'm an Indian and he knows to took Indian food that's impressive
AHIFon 2 days ago
One of them look like men you can. Tell
OG Bushcamp
OG Bushcamp 2 days ago
He’s so much bigger than all of them
Joe Chalk
Joe Chalk 2 days ago
What is Sophia’s @? I’m sliding in the DM’s 😤
NOCH 2 days ago
Man Dora was just the most adorable. She managed to have a bubbly personality and high energy without being annoying. I would've deffinetly picked her.
Teodora Savova
Teodora Savova 2 days ago
Omg Dora's literally so cool and cute and adorableee! She's totally my type but I'm a girl
Jesus s
Jesus s 2 days ago
fuck 😂 discarded the black broads right away . almost felt racist. girl: do you what are you passionate about ? guy: yea.. i’m auditioning for the part of archie andrews for a show called river dale it’s coming up next week 😂
Marnie grace
Marnie grace 2 days ago
Him: 'I'd choose personality over looks. Looks fade away' Also him: 'I'll pick looks'
j'yrens christenvie
it's funny when people say "they like one's personality " ? while in reality it's only the looks
Goesbymolly 2 days ago
Don't gingers have no souls? and this guys over here apologizing for relating his excitement to Christmas, without any hesitation he's like "that was objectifying, my bad" like not only does this ginger boy actually have a soul but its pure af
Obey My Sauce
Obey My Sauce 2 days ago
The winner was actually hot
notfred1233 2 days ago
6.5, 8, 7, 4.5, 5.5, 1, 1, 6.5, 6, 2.1
stektirade 2 days ago
Wow you notice how they give all the girls music to listen to so they dont hear his judgment? but in the girl rating guys they had to hear it. Double standard much guys?
Georg Schnetz
Georg Schnetz 3 days ago
his looks: 8 his personality : 0,5
RiptideWolf 3 days ago
Remix of Aaron gaming’s comment, He protec He attac But most importantly, He don’t date black
RiptideWolf 3 days ago
We know you don’t like black girls.
Jawad Sammour FlyEaglesFly Super Bowl 52 champs
Dude don’t feel misogynistic Women do the same thing and they’re much more picky than men are
Life of an ARMY
Life of an ARMY 3 days ago
So I gusse him and Dani arnt a thing?
Kaitlynn Jansen
Kaitlynn Jansen 3 days ago
To that Christian girl: Call me sometime and we can jam ❤️😂
Luiza Eloiza
Luiza Eloiza 3 days ago
Arranja um para ♥️💚💛🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💖🙋😘😁🤩
TheJhonny653 3 days ago
Can't even hate him, would have chosen the same. She is by far the cutest of them
A loud Italian
A loud Italian 3 days ago
That first girl has a nasty attitude.
Mr sparks Jnr
Mr sparks Jnr 3 days ago
Loool he’s like I like personality more then picks the fit one🤣🤣
Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas 3 days ago
Personal Rankings Round 1: I agree with him for the first 3 4th: 4 5th: Agree 6th: More towards a 4 but 4.5 is also ok 7th: 5 8th: 6 9th: 7 10th: Agree Round 2 (Personality is a HUGE factor for me so I'm really glad they did it with this, I rewatched each persons speed date twice to get a good feel): 1st: Agree 2nd: 6 (I don't like spontaneity) 3rd: 5 4th: 4 5th: Agree 6th: 10 7th: Agree 8th: 4.5 9th: 6 10th: 8.5 Overall: 6th girl, by far, I put personality before looks and seeing as she's a devout Christian? Instantly her
Henrry Reyes
Henrry Reyes 3 days ago
FM 4 days ago
“Doesn’t feel like a spark so much” *gives 7*
Marcelo Palacios
Marcelo Palacios 4 days ago
8:00 I rate you -1
Ceee M.770
Ceee M.770 4 days ago
Why are they only in socks?..
Mattymatt x gamer
the girl looks like Riley Reid
Juan Zuniga
Juan Zuniga 4 days ago
Actually rating is what people do a lot it works
Chuck Master
Chuck Master 4 days ago
People have different preferences and we gotta respect that at the end of the day because genetics and societal upbringing likely played a part in it. But speaking for myself I'm mostly attracted to black women physically.
FUTfreyday 4 days ago
That guy also has a blind date truth or drink on cut and he is awesome there
Juju 4 days ago
"Generally it would be by personality-" stfu we know you just thought she was hot
A Cursed Che Guevara Shirt
misophonia is ruining youtube videos for me.
Brandon Rosch'e
Brandon Rosch'e 4 days ago
A good one would be bikers vz non bikers
Ritz Can't Aim
Ritz Can't Aim 5 days ago
Hah I'll break the system and get a 1 in looks AND personality
Erick Flores
Erick Flores 5 days ago
The black girls got the same thing 😂😂😂😂
kirsten heart
kirsten heart 5 days ago
they married now doe
Sicarius1987 5 days ago
Who is Dani from "Can 2 Strangers Fall in Love with 36 Questions?" :-(
Mary J
Mary J 5 days ago
I feel like he was meant to be with the beautiful asian girl with long hair
John Reid
John Reid 5 days ago
Each one of these numbers didn't have a unit of measurement to go along with.
Sabrina Lunardon
Sabrina Lunardon 5 days ago
The same thing appened when i was in my junior yaer when the most pretty senior yaer's guys started to rating every single girl at the exit of the school. It was terrible, any techer sad somethings it was an objectification that no one of us asked for. This is why i don't raelly like this format, and also 'cause Andrew is litteraly everywhere! What his loking for exactly?
Sovreign Sun
Sovreign Sun 6 days ago
mi convinced Noelie is the voice of BMO
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