10 Video Game Records That Will Never Be Broken

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Constant evolution is a part of human nature and thus people have taken a great liking towards the Guinness Book of Records, the publication that indexes all the exceptional things in the world. As gaming has become more and more influential as a medium it was impossible to stay away from the tempting domain of record breaking achievements. In what follows, we will be showcasing 10 amazing video game records that are quite impossible to break.
Thumbnail: Okan Kaya, Australian Gamer who played Call Of Duty For 135 Hours.
Narrator: Davide Arbisi


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May 7, 2017




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Comments 80
NotLynx Day ago
wanna be friends 33
Riley Kim
Riley Kim 10 days ago
i cant even beat darksouls
John Connor
John Connor 14 days ago
I have a weird feeling we’ve played a single game for longer hours than just a day with or without breaks 😂
Issei hyouto ,
Issei hyouto , 21 day ago
Wat an second I played minecraft for 12 days no sleep 4 minutes sleep
Saltyboi 243
Saltyboi 243 23 days ago
American dad intro speedrun?
ZxWolfZer0Cx 26 days ago
i played games when i was 5 year old (no joke)
Pupontherun 27 days ago
0:30 that went well
Count Sebastian DragonVisch
Internet destroys the planet i was number 1 once
ScrappyDappy Month ago
BILLY MITCHELL WAS NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO GET A PERFECT SCORE ON PAC MAN! he was a FRAUD. look up apollolegend’s video about him
Why I am a Gamer
Jao Jao
Jao Jao Month ago
I started playing games at 3
tyrant viper gaming
Am i alone in 2020
Syx Dagoth
Syx Dagoth Month ago
all of these can be broken. Clickbate normie bullshit
Mitchuation Month ago
29hrs of wow? I’ve never played it and could double that shit. What a joke.
Play Games
Play Games Month ago
oo my god I broken this recode
Александър/Alex. Дaлчев/Dalcheff
Dark Souls one of the hardest game ?!?! GTFO here dude, its hard only for casuals. But yea, playing with these weird controllers is challenge I guess
Knekten Month ago
update: Billy Mitchell lied!
Bloodhound A&GV
Bloodhound A&GV Month ago
Almost all of the games are irrelevant
Amalia Moreno
Amalia Moreno Month ago
How about adopt me
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
Bruh, the Mario record has been broke
FlyingNOOB 2 months ago
1:51 wtf, really? That's is darkly comedic. Fk me. The woes of gaming.
SkY LiGhT 2 months ago
SkY LiGhT 2 months ago
Light weights -_-
NightstalkerDG The Scythe Cancer
Damn my best is 2 days playing with a controller but needed to sleep cuz I was forced
Odalyzo 2 months ago
It looks like you're gonna need to change an item in this list... lol
Xiprus724 2 months ago
Right off the bat of this video we get a video game world record broken 10 times over lol
Anonymous Gamer
Anonymous Gamer 2 months ago
He sounded like will from the inbetweeners at first 😂
FAST N BULBOUS 2 months ago
My recently achieved WR for the 'Classic Word Drop' skill game in the brand new 'Scrabble Go' game will never ever be beaten by anybody. What I scored is literally not possible in one turn. My best score is usually about 1800ish. But on this freak turn I got exactly 2000 points which is insane, and what the most amazing thing is, is that I recorded this feat as well, on my very 1st time using out this new recording app. and here it is... ruvid.net/video/video-KLlcImWPpC4.html
Brent Moore74
Brent Moore74 2 months ago
Guy: plays pac man Kid: can I play when your done Guy: sure Also guy 3 hours 33 minutes later: OK your turn
playergod 2 months ago
3:17 sounds like my dad
WolfGamingATMP 2 months ago
How about pinkleaf winning the hardcore tower of hell in seconds
Mozambique Here
Mozambique Here 3 months ago
I could beat the marathon ones I can game for ages
Nijorin 664
Nijorin 664 3 months ago
10 shitty records that nobody gives a fuck about............sounds about right.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 3 months ago
Most of these are probably broken now
Jeff Vedrode
Jeff Vedrode 3 months ago
Dang, his heart rate went all the way up to 168 when he won!
☢ G-Zone ☢
☢ G-Zone ☢ 3 months ago
What about those records that were achieved during a specific game event? Surely, those records will never be broken at those already passed events unless you literally traveled back in time to beat em.
joe france
joe france 3 months ago
Wow what an actually horrible video..... yeah a 29hr wow marathon is unbeatable.....
kasim khan Abdali
kasim khan Abdali 4 months ago
I completed metal slug 1 bu just using one coin.
FrisktheKid 4 months ago
3:34 "The fastest speed run in super Mario Bros. - 4:57 :260" Kosmicd: Hold my 🍺
Inna Rhino
Inna Rhino 4 months ago
This Video gets Into my damn Notifications Every Time.....
koekoek jonge
koekoek jonge 4 months ago
Mario record already broken
Amber Abalama
Amber Abalama 4 months ago
Billy mitchell, LOL !!
brodie yenawine
brodie yenawine 4 months ago
Love hot the first one is like 2 seconds lower atm
OMgGpits Trip
OMgGpits Trip 4 months ago
I fart while eating tRY TO BeAT ThAt reCoRd XD
F.B.I Official
F.B.I Official 4 months ago
4:43 i have no words
Leith Kawana
Leith Kawana 4 months ago
Lil poison 1v1 me skrub
some random dude
some random dude 4 months ago
this video has an unbreakable record Video to remain longest in my recommend
Degenerate Taco Meat
Is that Mount and Blade: Warband music?
LethalGalaxy 5 months ago
Lil poison (aka bugha)
Sprinxee 5 months ago
One like = 1 Prayer for Headphone Wires
Red Book
Red Book 5 months ago
Lol 4:57 seconds is already broken.
Bowling Lettuce
Bowling Lettuce 5 months ago
Guess What: THE NEW RECORD NOW IS 2:55 .7 BY SOMEWES (Super Mario Bros.)
August4Life 5 months ago
The super Mario record got beaten lol
conspiracy 5 months ago
darbians wr has been broken
SRT BOT 5 months ago
10 records thats been broken... nice job but these still standing records
Kaledo Flex
Kaledo Flex 5 months ago
The new best record for mario is 4:55
Baris Hayirli
Baris Hayirli 5 months ago
I mean that Mario one has a new record
samghost13 5 months ago
I played Turok for about 48h using a lil bit of speeding up vitamins ; ) At the end i was so fucked up that i do not realize that i can put that thing in the middle and ending the game i was jumping around seeing things that not existed. It was my first and last 2 Day Marathon. 24h are okey with breaks to eat and rest.
tidesx 5 months ago
koalla btw
koalla btw 5 months ago
I'm sorry but the actual time as of now for super Mario Bros is actually 4:55 and it was done by someone else. One of his competitors actually. And the funny thing is is that it was done on the first attempt of the said to be impossible 4:55 run!
Chris Dale
Chris Dale 5 months ago
I have played all day and night before for two days straight it's not hard stupid but not hard
Jonathan 5 months ago
5.5 days but at what K/D ? :P
yellooh 5 months ago
Kept me hooked.
Cameron Stutts
Cameron Stutts 5 months ago
Didn’t know you guys were getting awards for this.. should’ve been recording
Deutschland Deutschland
i played WoW for over 60 hours without breaks.. it's not so unusual, the game's designed to be played like that ...
Timon 5 months ago
I broke one
Molesso 5 months ago
3:19 transvestigation alert!
RoboPowGaming 5 months ago
First one has been beaten by 2 seconds, lol inaccurate prediction
Sonic The Artist
Sonic The Artist 5 months ago
these people dont have a life...
Alma Serna
Alma Serna 5 months ago
This is so outdated
Computer Comrades
Computer Comrades 5 months ago
#10 already broken, this video is a lie. I give dislike.
MrMarksmanxX 6 months ago
you actually got a weird thumbnail on this vid
Manuqtix Manuqtix
Manuqtix Manuqtix 6 months ago
Get Lost Music
Get Lost Music 6 months ago
greef!! !
greef!! ! 6 months ago
this video is actual dogshit theres something thats just not true at all in about all of the things in the list
hazXx 6 months ago
RustyThief ate 1 watermelon by himself. I am a watermelon myself. Beta that Rusty
whoollveer 6 months ago
Died of 48 h playing not stop? Weaaak I played 67 h and was totally fine just tired
Alex Gibbs
Alex Gibbs 6 months ago
Playing wow for 29 hours....I have beaten that. Didn't think it was news worthy to be grossly pathetic.
Jason Todd
Jason Todd 6 months ago
I played a game called 'Real Life' for 17 years, can you beat me?
Jared Lising
Jared Lising 6 months ago
that first mario speedrun guy got instant karma the videos name is instant karma in speed running with the thumbnail of him with a coat
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