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Larry Lawton
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Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton talks about the Unwritten rules in Prison. Prison stories galore
Ex Jewel Thief Larry Lawton spent 11 years in prison and now helps people make better decisions and fights for prison reform. #Lawton #Prison #Mob
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I do not condone any of the negative behavior described. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and do not wish for anyone to recreate or attempt any of the events described.


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May 12, 2020




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Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton 5 months ago
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Amin Jones
Amin Jones Day ago
@Glen Bellefonte uhm. Uncle Mikey got out after doing 15. First thing he does is run around lifting his shirt saying, "blood on my knife or sh** on my d**k" lifting his shirt he says, "ain't been stuck once." People are different.
Jimmy The Bus*
Jimmy The Bus* 4 days ago
Jim Kane
Jim Kane 4 days ago
I have no idea how I got to you channel but you tell a good story subscribed
Dster 4 days ago
@tony baloney thank you very much for your time. And in general I would like to tell you, you are very good man, you bring goodness in general )) (sorry for my English, is not my first language)
tony baloney
tony baloney 4 days ago
@Dster Its a real rare time when quards get attacked. Unless the inmate is mentally off. The punishment is off the charts. Disciplinary action from the prison as in write ups, is not the problem. Guards, in general, are on a power trip and if you hit one ,the guards will beat the living hell out of the inmate, sometimes every chance they get. Usually, a guard will get attacked when they disrespect inmates. Guards that treat convicts as human beings won't get attacked. It's a rare as hens teeth for one to be killed. I spent 14nyrs as a guest of the NC prison system.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 3 hours ago
"Mexicans are wearing boots"
ratso69ful 4 hours ago
I go to prison next week, thanks Larry, I was looking for something like this to help integrate me into the penal population....
abc 4 hours ago
Which prison is the best to go to for about 3 months summer vacation ? Preferably by a beach.
Eric 7 hours ago
You know Larry, it's amazing. I'm 42 years old now and did one short term back in my early 20's. I was just shy of 25 when I paroled, so it's been 17 years. All 10 of these bullet points are dead on. I'll never forget that 2 years and change I spent in the joint. And if I ever had to go back, this shit would all be second nature to me. And this was California State Prison, so it was especially political. But God bless you for putting this out there to any guys that might be rolling up on a yard soon for the first time. Because most people don't know shit about prison politics and go in blind. I sure did. Thankfully, when I got to reception, I had a good cellie that filled me in on all the do's and don'ts. They didn't get greener than me and I could have walked right into wreck and not even known why. Take care brother.
Jon Rothenbusch
Jon Rothenbusch 7 hours ago
Things must be different in the east coast prisons...none of that shit washes out west.
Tick Tock
Tick Tock 8 hours ago
If I don't clean my toothpaste from the bottom of our sink, I get my head smashed into a brick wall. Totally reasonable.
Carn Ivore
Carn Ivore 11 hours ago
I hope I never need to put this stuff unto practice. Very interesting!
Habibi K
Habibi K 11 hours ago
Where do Asian shower!!!!
2muchcensorship Liberalfools
How bout teach kids and youth how not to be a fvck up and how to stay out of jail and trouble.
Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan 12 hours ago
first cell u goto - managment \ induction. 3 second rule- dont stare for any longer at someone wait ur turn - when ,meals being handd out the unit worker has his own hustle going on, if ur jumping line or helping urself u could b fucking up his hustle DONT FUCK WITH SOMEONES HUSTLE
onetwo threefour
onetwo threefour 13 hours ago
Oh no mexicans got on boots!!
That’s a lot of comments
Joe Ventre
Joe Ventre 13 hours ago
Mexicans got on boots!
Jared Russell
Jared Russell 14 hours ago
You have to wear your boots....suited and booted, even in the cell.
MrShankspony 14 hours ago
*face palm*
OSK 16 hours ago
Thanks, Larry! I can now go to jail.
jeopardy60611 17 hours ago
I have heard about a lot of stuff you talk about when I watched MSNBC Lockup. There is something threatening about shoes. I've heard about people putting on "bobos."
Richard Schneider
Richard Schneider 17 hours ago
Note to self stay out of trouble hence no prison go figure
Joseph Green
Joseph Green 17 hours ago
Respect Larry,Good info for anyone who is a newbie and goes to prison,at least they will stand a chance unless they are stupid.
Travis Simmons
Travis Simmons 21 hour ago
As a mixed person of black and white but I look Mexican what group would I be apart of if I was ever in this situation
Michael Perkins
Why was this in my recommendations
Jonas Konstenius
Ray Quackenbush
Very good info and facts are true. I spent 22 years working as a corrections officer from Max Security down to work camp and I have seen it all.
Oscar Slater
Oscar Slater Day ago
Very effective
Great U.S. Treasure Hunt
Unwritten Rule #11...you draw a caricature of a guy, you'd better make him look like a good dude.
Mjd *
Mjd * Day ago
Do you know what rocking the mic means?
The Corrupt Author
Former C/O if a violent fight jumps off and you are in flip flops you might slip and get f#$@ed up.
Colin Toft
Colin Toft Day ago
I can't remember the guys name but a young black RUvidr said first thing he heard in prison was Mexican got on boots
D-Dog SMYTB Day ago
Peanut butter is good for more than eating...eh, eh... peanut buttfuckers.
Scott Bird
Scott Bird Day ago
PROPERGANDA......? In prison in your fake A GENUINE 100% Prisoner that tells the world the truth...I'll go with it seen it on YT...feel safer lol..off for a beer and a kip..do they never rest..mad
Dirty Heck
Dirty Heck Day ago
Dont drop the soap
Shaf Serious
Shaf Serious Day ago
Prison is hell. Yet we are all 1 ticket away from it.
running with scissors
just a passing click.....then very useful information...thumbs up!
Jason Martin
Jason Martin Day ago
Two unrelated observations: 1) No prison inmate should have to worry about any of this. There should be sufficient guard and surveillance coverage so that no prisoner ever has to worry for their safety at any time. These people are serving time, they're still human. 2) I can tell that Larry has used his experiences to build himself a better life, telling his experiences, and just becoming an all around entertainer and personality. Kudos for finding life after.
online entertainment
Ur not allowed to talk about that if it really happen so your a bluff
online entertainment
Such bullshit
Alpha Coo
Alpha Coo 2 days ago
Number 1: reminds me of Mexican got on boots
Couch Warrior
Couch Warrior 2 days ago
I'm gonna say rule #8 is #1.
Kevin Omar Iglesias
Me thinking the first rule is to beat the shit outta the biggest guy🤦‍♂️ I wouldn’t make it long...
rmcduarte 2 days ago
Ó careca,. como é que os blacks não te fuderam?????
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow 2 days ago
1st rule of life... stay out of prison.
Elaine Campian
Elaine Campian 2 days ago
how does snitching even work , if the Gaurds dont care if someones being stabbed to death in thier sleep? i mean what is there to snitch on ? hey someone sat in my seat .?
Splenda D
Splenda D 2 days ago
This episode of scared straight was very affective.
M60gunner1971 2 days ago
Must there be fudge packing in the clink?
Dan Preston
Dan Preston 2 days ago
WOW bringing back some memories bro I did over 20 yrs everything he says is spot on glad your doin ok my man peace .
Audio Solutions
Audio Solutions 2 days ago
I would love to tell my story. I’m Asian an went to prison. How I survived all the gangs. Heart checks. Non affiliated. An drawing saved my life. That look. Being small. I looked at everyone. Didn’t stare. The hard one that tried to stare me down. I would knod. No smile. But knodded. I my cell was a shot caller on the unit for tango blast. It’s a great story. Respect, be clean, don’t gossip, pay your debts, make sure people pay you. I left tdc with 10k. I set up my account and people paid for my art work. I drew ever tattoo. Drawing saved my life bro.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 days ago
This appeared in my recommended videos. Thanks for the vote of confidence in my life, RUvid.
Ninjamohawk 3 days ago
I never want to get caught doing something that gets me sent to prison, but I've always been curious about this stuff. Thank you.
Lance Roberts
Lance Roberts 3 days ago
Don’t drop the soap don’t drop the soap 😂
Lance Roberts
Lance Roberts 3 days ago
U know what the worst part about prison was. It was the dementors
spicy tomatoe
spicy tomatoe 3 days ago
This dude animated himself in way better shape than he ever was lmfao
spicy tomatoe
spicy tomatoe 3 days ago
This goofy a fake he never been in the street
spicy tomatoe
@Zerose 121 ? What the fuck is a conflicted criminal
Zerose 121
Zerose 121 3 days ago
You realize he is a conflicted criminal right .DA
QBRX 2157
QBRX 2157 3 days ago
I taught auto shop in a prison one summer, it was pretty much filled with punks and scumbags. Glad they were there rather than out on the street.
5646 6
5646 6 3 days ago
Selling memberships to hear you talk about your prison experience? Lol. I swear, the internet is full of ex cons "humble bragging" about how tough and clever they are. Get a real job Larry. Get out of your leather chair, sweat and grind and pay taxes. Tax money is important, it fed you for years.
Jason Martin
Jason Martin Day ago
He looks to be doing pretty damn good for himself, and probably pays more in taxes than you make.
spicy tomatoe
spicy tomatoe 3 days ago
JM3jUiCe 4 days ago
"Youll see some crazy Shit out in the yard...but don't look!" "They don't want you to see them sharpening a shank along the concrete wall, or some punk getting fucked in the ass in the corner..." Damn! 😬😶
Clifford Parmeter
I never want to go to Prison!
Kenny Pope
Kenny Pope 4 days ago
Don’t drop the soap in the shower.!
Waffen Division SS
It's like an anthropologist studying a primitive culture
HoldenNY22 4 days ago
Nothing about the Prison LIbrary?
Odette X
Odette X 4 days ago
#1 Rule for women: Make yourself look as ugly as possible.
Jimmy The Bus*
Jimmy The Bus* 4 days ago
Your statement makes no sense
Ian ColtsAllDay Lind- Luck- Manning
I love how he started the video . I've only been inside a couple times ( small timer ) it was more or less a jail that you'd be in while awaiting trial or if you'd been sentenced for less than 30 days but my 1st time as an 18 year old my cellie was up for 2nd degree ( he admitted he did it ) and 2nd I was on range with another up for 2nd ( again admitted he did it ) they were good guys legit , everybody makes mistakes , 1 big mistake that you regret can cost you a lot but it doesn't make you non-human
Jimmy The Bus*
Jimmy The Bus* 4 days ago
Me me me
Jesus Castro
Jesus Castro 4 days ago
1. everyone gets it in the ass...
Tito Real
Tito Real 4 days ago
tony baloney
tony baloney 4 days ago
After doing 9 years, I was let out, unexpectedly, due to some friends in high places. I had been told that all parole chances were over and I would be in for another 8-10yrs. Anyway, I was in close custody( gun towers) and one day they just told me to pack my shit, but wouldn't say why. I was put in a car with two goons who wouldn't talk and drove 150 miles to an honor grade camp. Then I figured it out. I was given $50, pair of keds,white pants(one size to small) and tshirt. A parole officer picked me up and dropped me off at my parents house. I had my parents and luckily, money. What about all the people who get out and all they have is 50 bucks and the clothes on their backs. Is there any surprise that people go back to prison on a regular basis? When I was arrested, bank robbery, the officer putting the handcuffs was a rookie and trying to juggle a gun and handcuffs. BANG! I got shot in the left cheek of my ass. Bullet went in ,hit thigh bone and shattered into million pieces. I got a good lawyer and nice settlement to draw from when I got out, but I feel for those who dont have what I did. Keep up the great job. Now I'm 67 yrs old, five grandkids, two daughters and a wonderful wife. I've had a hell of a life, lucky to be alive,but even luckier to be here to write this.
spicy tomatoe
spicy tomatoe 3 days ago
They should send you back
tony baloney
tony baloney 4 days ago
I spent 14 yrs in. I did time in the olden days, 73-81 and from 85-94. I was one of the founding members of the N.C.Prison Labor Union. I was on the board of directors, we published a news letter to all the inmates in NC and we fought the system, legally until they finally shut us down by ruling we were a secret organization inside the prisons. We weren't, but after years of legal hassles ,it went kuput! We had the Teamsters working with us. Some of your tips are spot on. The prison system has problems that are deep and no matter what, have no easy solutions. I was first in prison back when the central prison in NC was a rock building, exactly like the one shown in the movie with Eastwood at Alcatraz. Seems the same guys built a lot of prisons. Now ,they are building soulless building with a central tower, where they can watch people 24-7. The prison system might not even need changing, its the legal system that needs it. We are locking way to many people up for crimes that should have an alternative to prison. I got out in 94 and have never been in the back of a police car since. See next comment for the zinger!
tony baloney
tony baloney 4 days ago
I gotta say, you seem to know what you are talking about. I spent 14yrs as a guest of the NC prison system in two stretches 7 once in what I call the good old days and 8 in the modern ,eyes on you 24-7, days. Old days were better. You could rely on a "convict" to act like one and follow the hidden rules. Now, the younger generations are ruining the system. A legendary warden of central prison once said in the newspaper, that," if you tried two convicts on top of two phone poles,gave one a match and the other a cigarette, when you came back in an hour,both would be smoking.!". See my next comment. I might be able to help you.
Schrotti Amore
Schrotti Amore 4 days ago
We got one Rule in Germany. Never take food from a guy who's guilty for sexual crime. They sometimes work in the kitchen and bring the food to locked cells. If someone is take that food and eat it it's gonna be a very bad week for him.
ActuallyNotMe 3 minutes ago
Why? I don't get it, by sex crimes you mean like pedophiles? Like you wouldn't wanna be seen even being served food by one? Does no one eat on the days they work the kitchen?
Hope Filled Sinner
You dont need to know these rules unless you go to prison.
austin campbell
austin campbell 5 days ago
she sat on my face and i ate it like some cake i be a rapper and a trapper not an actor but a factor yall be slackers i be tittie slappers
Stephen Meyer
Stephen Meyer 5 days ago
I'm good with never going to prison.
Black Tim Howard
Black Tim Howard 5 days ago
I'm glad he brought up the fact that prisons promote racial tensions. This is a very underlooked aspect of how they keep control
Cruce Entertainment
So pretty much how the outside world works too. #prisonplanet
Jasmine Leopard
Jasmine Leopard 5 days ago
If I ever go to prison, I’m gonna be the person acting like the know a lot because I watch a lot of prison RUvid channels. They’re gonna hate me. Thankfully I’m terrified of even accidentally breaking the law, so I don’t see myself ending up in prison
hardino0311 5 days ago
DatGuy Miller
DatGuy Miller 5 days ago
What happens to...pedos in prison
Nasier R
Nasier R 5 days ago
Nathan Walsh
Nathan Walsh 5 days ago
You are so spot on. When I spent my time I heard those same rules especially the shoes. Was told 1st thing pay attention to what people are wearing on their feet. Was told if you see boots or sneakers put your head on a swivel...shit bout 2 go down!!
Lance Manyon
Lance Manyon 5 days ago
How do you do time without joining a gang ? If you have to join , how do you protect yourself from getting more time ?
Felipa Guzman
Felipa Guzman 5 days ago
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Felipa Guzman
Felipa Guzman 5 days ago
How can I stop a group of hackers beaming voices to my head as voice to skull mind torture, reading my thoughts, inducing bad dreams, manipulating my nervous system 24/7, taking surveillance on me for over 18 months?
emansnas 5 days ago
So WHY was this in my feed??
Tyler Stanley
Tyler Stanley 5 days ago
I cant wait to go to prison! Thanks for the tips Larry!
Kent Vene.
Kent Vene. 5 days ago
And interestingly enough cleanliness is big that might be surprising to some people but personal hygiene is huge if you smell bad and you're not doing anything about that expect problems. If you make your cell a mess and someone else lives in it with you that can be a problem too and never bite off more than you can chew and start a fight but you can't finish and probably the biggest rule of all that I know of is pay your debts if you have any if you are not sure if you can pay then don't play probably the number one reason other than disrespect although it goes hand in hand with that is debts when it comes to violence in prison. One perhaps strange factor is that a lot of prison violence is perpetrated by people who don't really want to hurt you they do it because you did something that by prison code they are expected to react and if they don't they could be punked out for the rest of their bid
Kent Vene.
Kent Vene. 5 days ago
Pay attention don't stare, table manners matter don't disturb sleep or be loud. If called out you must fight if called a bitch c word or other similarly disrespectful word then be ready to fight and don't let anyone talk to you like that. Don't ever feel like a minor slight against another is ever minor it's not ever minor. don't ever allow anyone to disrespect you especially in front of people period people will try to say things subtly when you're new to try you and sometimes you won't even realize what it is that they're saying. You might think they're joking 9 out of 10 times they're not joking they are looking for someone to punk out for commissary.. now also don't start things yourself unless necessary. Avoid conflict but not to the point of looking like a wuss. If conflict finds you you have no choice you must fight if someone disrespects you you must fight. and if you disrespect someone be ready to fight because they are going to fight you but if you're not about that life you can count her a lot of this by simply being respectful don't kiss people's asses because that will only make you look weak but if you just want to do your time and not catch a new charge then don't be rude don't push people to the point of wanting to fight you get a few friends that are just pretty chill and don't brag because trust me if you go in there talking about what a great fighter you are thinking that people aren't going to pick a fight with you you are sorely mistaken. They will tell you to put your money where your mouth is and your mouth may have no teeth the next day . It's a lot like high school except when it comes to respect there are deadly consequences and there are always bullies but just be tough enough to defend yourself don't ever back down but don't cause problems be polite don't kiss ass though. And don't be a drama queen don't gossip mind your own business don't rat and if you are some kind of informant or sex offender you're pretty much screwed anyway so yeah anyway it's pretty simple just remember that rather than being verbally corrected for chewing with your mouth open you may very well get punched.
Papegetter Lee
Papegetter Lee 5 days ago
Nice video Larry
isaiah the hillbilly
Thank you sir, always found this sort of thing interesting
lee van cleef
lee van cleef 5 days ago
Never offer big T a cherry flavoured condom xxl.. I found out the hard way..
sparcx86 Channel
sparcx86 Channel 5 days ago
why do you need to wear all those tattoos ? are you obligated to do that?
Rob B
Rob B 5 days ago
He’s right about that one of the most important things is who your cell use and learn to read people it’s one thing I learned real quick how to read people I can tell you who you are what you’re about what you’re gonna do if you did this what your reaction would be within 10 minutes I can tell you everyThing about you a half hour conversation with you I can tell when you’re lying when you told the truth what are you bullshitting that quick 10 minutes 10 minutes to talking to you I can tell everything about you everything it’s crazy but he’s right about the most important thing is we are Celia’s because you’re living with that person as your roommate
Patrick McCoy
Patrick McCoy 5 days ago
First time I've watched and ya just scared the corn out of me.
Rich Vanorden
Rich Vanorden 5 days ago
Fuck...fight or hit the fence. Rule #1
Crazy SOB
Crazy SOB 5 days ago
What shower would I go to if I’m mixed Hispanic and white
Mil Espi
Mil Espi 5 days ago
Whichever of the 2 you chose to let protect your booty
Michael Hope
Michael Hope 5 days ago
3 meals a day and all the sex you dont want
Jane Black
Jane Black 5 days ago
I would so kick this guy's ass in real life. He is lucky I wasn't around him in his time.
John Taylor
John Taylor 6 days ago
Big mouth. Keep it shut.
Nj Free
Nj Free 6 days ago
kapitan tutan
kapitan tutan 6 days ago
prison 101 cause all people are possible inmates..
Taffy Homwe
Taffy Homwe 6 days ago
Glorifying being in prison
Stephen Older
Stephen Older 6 days ago
I'm pretty sure killing someone is the definition of not being a good guy, unless it was out of self-defense or something.
Stephen Older
Stephen Older 4 days ago
@Mr Blue hence why I said "unless out of self-defense or something". Your example falls under "something". I realize there is some gray and it's not all black and white
Mr Blue
Mr Blue 4 days ago
People are emotional. Humans bring out the worst in each other, like if someone raped my sister & got away with it(ppl get away w/ bs in hood like that) & I found out exactly who it was. I’m killing them, everyone had their breaking point
aml3961 6 days ago
Your an idiot .lol
Larry Lawton
Larry Lawton 5 days ago
You’re * 😉
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