10 Things You FORGOT Happened In The Last Decade

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10 Things you Forgot Happened in the 2010's reacted to by Adults.
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Adults React to some of the biggest events you forgot happened in the 2010's. Watch to see their reaction.
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One Direction
The Avengers
Gay Marriage
Chicago Cubs
Ride Sharing
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10 Things You FORGOT Happened In The Last Decade


Published on


Dec 13, 2019




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Comments 3 272
FBE Month ago
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keval patel
keval patel 24 days ago
The 11th thing is the rise of Katy Perry!
Christian Joyce
Christian Joyce 26 days ago
FBE maybe you need to do a little math 2010-2019 is only 9 AND a decade is 10 years we have one more left
cybercy taylor
cybercy taylor 29 days ago
@Michaela Plumb ikr
Frank Guerrero
Frank Guerrero 29 days ago
FBE You guys forgot about Toys “R” Us it die in this decade
Michaela Plumb
Michaela Plumb Month ago
So no one remembers the world “ending”
Faith Smith
Faith Smith 19 days ago
I never knew Vine existed til last year 2019. Crazy
GaqTheGreatYT 19 days ago
ok boomers..
Get Of me
Get Of me 19 days ago
MichaelLoophole 19 days ago
11:34 "All fans around the world" oh honey, that's cute
SPFL Weekly YT
SPFL Weekly YT 20 days ago
1:26 when the boomers invade
Thea Opseth
Thea Opseth 20 days ago
Do people outside of the US/ the Americas care about American baseball?
Wania Sohail
Wania Sohail 20 days ago
SPFL Weekly YT
SPFL Weekly YT 20 days ago
No there are 3000 people who watch base ball in the uk
Nirmal Kirtisinghe
Nirmal Kirtisinghe 20 days ago
It's big in Japan and Korea, as far as I know, but not so in most countries. Cricket is by far the most popular bat and ball sport in the world, with a viewership only second to Football (what Americans call Soccer for some reason). Also, fun fact: Baseball, the sport and the name, was invented in Britain.
gijs minnema
gijs minnema 20 days ago
Nobody I know does
Mazen Mady
Mazen Mady 20 days ago
Thea Opseth well I don’t , half of the thinks there were only to do with the us
Yvette valdez
Yvette valdez 20 days ago
What about the astros winning the world series in 2017
Cool Dog.
Cool Dog. 20 days ago
Damn Brittany looks gorgeous asf
Becky Timberlake
Becky Timberlake 20 days ago
Jasmine Qubain
Jasmine Qubain 20 days ago
I still have the 2nd iPad . . . off
Jasmine Qubain
Jasmine Qubain 20 days ago
dang i ment oof ):
itsjust me
itsjust me 20 days ago
Ahhh.... i miss vines
Ariana Rodriguez
Ariana Rodriguez 20 days ago
iLove1Direction !
iLove1Direction ! 19 days ago
Same!! :"(
Isabel Safi
Isabel Safi 20 days ago
I have the second gen iPad still
Samir Aguilar
Samir Aguilar 20 days ago
* The curly hair girl with the white shirt appears* My eyes automatically:⬇️⬇️
RXB3RT 20 days ago
Is it me or did she let herself go
Destiny Pezantes
Destiny Pezantes 20 days ago
Selena Ortega
Selena Ortega 20 days ago
forget Doritos loco tacos, they brought back the cheese sticks in Jack in the Box
Ramsey Desiga
Ramsey Desiga 20 days ago
Ah, I see were all just gonna pretend like that wierd clown thing didnt happen.
Coop has LT
Coop has LT 20 days ago
Teachers learning some kids actually learn to leave us kids alone
Coop has LT
Coop has LT 20 days ago
Coop has LT
Coop has LT 20 days ago
Coop has LT
Coop has LT 20 days ago
Coop has LT
Coop has LT 20 days ago
brokeboy 20 days ago
was created in 1997
Lil Herrera
Lil Herrera 20 days ago
Looking the baseball team celebrating and reminding myself that's not DR 🤣🤣🤣 here people run to the field and everyone celebrates in there 😂
Bilalhu 20 days ago
Novah Martin
Novah Martin 20 days ago
Y'all forgot the walking dead game😕😔
TheYoungOneYT 20 days ago
you missed minecraft
ikurauta 20 days ago
ikurauta 20 days ago
When you think about it there was no year 0 so the tenth year is year 11 so to the next decade we have to wait one year.
Emo Ocean
Emo Ocean 20 days ago
ikurauta 🤡
Oogle Boogle
Oogle Boogle 20 days ago
When it said same sex marriage I clicked right off the god damn. Same sex marriage was a mistake
Destiny Pezantes
Destiny Pezantes 20 days ago
You're this mistake.
Ramieverse !
Ramieverse ! 20 days ago
Okay sure whatevs
brokeboy 20 days ago
Novah Martin
Novah Martin 20 days ago
I mean people are entitled to their own opinion but.....
Rachel Anderson
Rachel Anderson 20 days ago
Just because that is someones opinion doesn't mean you can go around calling them a mistake, that's not okay
[ GACHA - HOLLY ] 20 days ago
I actually have the first one still in good condition and still use it
Hailey Sweeny
Hailey Sweeny 20 days ago
Ha today is the first day of 2020
Selena Ortega
Selena Ortega 20 days ago
Mario and Luigi
Mario and Luigi 20 days ago
Im watching this on a second generation ipad lol
Kush Barot
Kush Barot 20 days ago
val valdrin
val valdrin 20 days ago
3:47 calling iPad a tablet is the most offensive word an Apple user can hear.
ellie12606 20 days ago
i know.
Santi Cheeks
Santi Cheeks 20 days ago
I call everything that looks like that a tablet
Marko Todorovic
Marko Todorovic 20 days ago
I think it is the other way around. Apple users don't think, they just buy from the machine. If you don't think you can't be offended. Calling a tablet an iPad would be offensive.
DDRUTOU 20 days ago
She got engaged? And SHE FORGOT???
serial killers fascinate me
Madison is so pretty
EnesKx 20 days ago
5:38 July 16 is my Birthday. What a coincidence xD
EnesKx 20 days ago
@Yaretzi Avila oh thx I meant to write 16
Yaretzi Avila
Yaretzi Avila 20 days ago
she said 16, i think
Yusof-_- 20 days ago
S1lo3 20 days ago
Reverse Brand
Reverse Brand 20 days ago
2020 is not a new dacade, is the last year of the decade
Destiny Pezantes
Destiny Pezantes 20 days ago
Wrong. It's the end of the 2010s ans begining of 2020s
Emo Ocean
Emo Ocean 20 days ago
Gabriel Simonsen
Gabriel Simonsen 20 days ago
Reverse Brand dumbasre
Awesomefacematt 20 days ago
dude that's not correct, its about the first number, the 1 becoming a 2 means it's a new decade.
ロリ 20 days ago
It's the end and start of a new decade.
Kayla Styles
Kayla Styles 21 day ago
Who came just for HARRY?
Melissa Lima
Melissa Lima 20 days ago
Definitely me! 😂❤️
Aron Nuqui
Aron Nuqui 21 day ago
All i could remember in 2010 is facebook games and Y8
Evan McLean
Evan McLean 20 days ago
I was in year 10 does that make me a boomer?
Luke Meloche
Luke Meloche 21 day ago
LOok at all dem chickens
Adriane Williams
Adriane Williams 21 day ago
I live in a small town and we don’t have uber
Natalie 19 days ago
I don’t live in a small town and neither me or my parents have ever used Uber
Nikk Bahl
Nikk Bahl 20 days ago
Wow nice
Thomas Hardy07
Thomas Hardy07 21 day ago
Adriane Williams that sounds awful
illuminolive 21 day ago
Memes!!!!! I’m shocked those weren’t included in this.
Solvem Probler Studios
You guys pretty much replayed the OG try not to laugh video from react! I remember watching those 6 years ago and doing the challenge with my friends!
Octavio Chavez
Octavio Chavez 21 day ago
13:45 I just lost it and started crying here
SirRedFruit 20 days ago
Same, we love Sharon
gradeA justinA
gradeA justinA 21 day ago
Vine was better than tic tok, change my mind.
Micah Czekalski
Micah Czekalski 20 days ago
No. I will not
Vertex_XD 20 days ago
You can't argue with that
Allman 21 day ago
Game of Thrones?
Jabston 5791
Jabston 5791 21 day ago
Sharon you rock you are the best!!!!!!!!!
kodi mandeville
kodi mandeville 21 day ago
how could you forget about one direction
phoenix c
phoenix c 21 day ago
remember when the world was supposed to end like 12 times in one decade
Walter Phillips
Walter Phillips 21 day ago
Trump was the first president who came into office openly supporting same sex marriage. Think about that 🤔
Walter Phillips
Walter Phillips 21 day ago
phoenix c I think the media tells you he hates you but I don’t think he does. I think republicans have just become more open to lgbt+ compared to a decade ago.
phoenix c
phoenix c 21 day ago
marriage equality is a sliver of equality for lgbtq+ people. trump still hates us.
ToonsOff Fun
ToonsOff Fun 21 day ago
Tictok is the same thing as vine...
Ginger Janzen
Ginger Janzen 20 days ago
Way worse
•Greycee• 20 days ago
Caitlin Hernandez PREACH!
Caitlin Hernandez
ToonsOff Fun tik tok could NEVER live up to vine.
TenticLess 21 day ago
Who actually forgot the IPad and The Avengers?!
Ur boy skinny
Ur boy skinny 21 day ago
Corine 21 day ago
239 years since we became a country 😔 that’s sad they waited that long to let people be with whom ever they want
Solvem Probler Studios
Corine People didn’t really even start coming out until after the 1970’s. Marriage was out of the question, first homosexuality needed to be recognized in general.
SUPERZANG101 21 day ago
English please?
William Hardy
William Hardy 21 day ago
Anyone else notice Sharon rhymes with karen? It’s pretty ironic since she’s the biggest one
Jaden Rief
Jaden Rief 21 day ago
I was shocked that the avengers movies came out this decade it feels like they have been around for centuries and I hope that the movie characters and actors will never be fogotten.
I don't think
I don't think 21 day ago
Jaden Rief I didn’t watch any of the movies and thought they started 5 years ago!
WaxyPeach 21 day ago
What color is that dress?
Fernando corea
Fernando corea 21 day ago
Bro they forgot when vine died
It’s me Abby
It’s me Abby 21 day ago
I just turned 13 and I feel so old watching this
It’s me Abby
It’s me Abby 20 days ago
Lindsthestudent ok did I ask?
Solvem Probler Studios
Lindsthestudent Awesome. So are are over ten million other people.
kodi mandeville
kodi mandeville 21 day ago
Lindsthestudent it’s not a competition lmao
William Hardy
William Hardy 21 day ago
Ok boomer
PopJava 21 day ago
It’s me Abby .. I wish I can tell my 13 year old self so many things. 🙌 🤔 High school might not be the best but hanging around the right people helps. ⭐️ People with goals, & Positive mindsets! 👌Be more comfortable in who YOU are. Theirs always gonna be that one person that doesn’t like you. But, Theirs always gonna be those people that LOVE you! ❤️✨ Most importantly, don’t waste the time you have!! Learn a new skill, explore your creative side. 🎹👨‍🎨👩‍🎨 You got this. Just keep swimming :)
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