10 Things You FORGOT Happened In The Last Decade

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10 Things you Forgot Happened in the 2010's reacted to by Adults.
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Adults React to some of the biggest events you forgot happened in the 2010's. Watch to see their reaction.
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One Direction
The Avengers
Gay Marriage
Chicago Cubs
Ride Sharing
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10 Things You FORGOT Happened In The Last Decade


Published on


Dec 13, 2019




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FBE 8 months ago
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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 3 months ago
Why does it seem as if FBE doesn't have anyone as a reactor that represents any Christian povs?
lemonade 3 months ago
is nobody going to talk about rio the movie?
keval patel
keval patel 7 months ago
The 11th thing is the rise of Katy Perry!
Christian Joyce
Christian Joyce 7 months ago
FBE maybe you need to do a little math 2010-2019 is only 9 AND a decade is 10 years we have one more left
cybercy taylor
cybercy taylor 7 months ago
@Miki Plumb ikr
Mariana Friend
How can anyone forget the avengers ??
Granny Hacker
Granny Hacker 4 days ago
I literary came here for one direction.
Jasmin 6 days ago
What about the last hp movies
Ohio and Delaware
You forgot that a fool was born
Trevor Torres
Trevor Torres 8 days ago
Why is vine on this list no one forgot about vine
Joshua Aguilar
Joshua Aguilar 8 days ago
10:52 "Guys i'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan" i am too bro heck yeah
J Simon
J Simon 9 days ago
Yay this stresses me out because I feel like I need to know everything that happened in the decade
SydneyRey 10 days ago
"yayyy its about to be 2020 im so excited!!" Me in a time machine: bruh you've seen nothing yet...
max dag
max dag 11 days ago
I love. Sharons laugh 😂
Sx_lostkid 13 days ago
honestly who clicked bc of one direction
Dado M
Dado M 15 days ago
Witcher 3???
Dado M
Dado M 15 days ago
Witcher 3 ?
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 18 days ago
TACO BELL FTW!!!!!!!!!!
Mariza Vicencio
Mariza Vicencio 20 days ago
Me here waiting two more days until its the 10 year anniversary for One Direction... =)
Gabriela Cruz
Gabriela Cruz 20 days ago
I'm a simple girl I see harry styles I click
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson 20 days ago
I see Harry styles, I clicked😂
And you cant forget about fortnite can you? That monstrosity of a game...
Rebel Ann
Rebel Ann 21 day ago
OH MY GOODNESS LOST WAS *THE* SHOW MY FAMILY WATCHED. WE WOULD WATCH LIKE FOUR EPISODES A NIGHT. Please tell me someone gets these- Not Penny’s boat. You didn’t know about the polar bear? You are everybody!!
megan boyce
megan boyce 26 days ago
Let's not forget that in 2011 the first girl group won x Factor
Job Veldhuizen
Job Veldhuizen 26 days ago
Could be me cause I really love the walking dead but I really miss the walking dead in this list
Nicole's Novelties
Nicole's Novelties 29 days ago
That bit about the Cubs winning the world series... Did you seriously forget that Back to the Future part 2 had predicted that it would finally happen (although they said it would be in 2015 so a year off).
That One Guy
That One Guy Month ago
So uhhh we gonna disrespect adventure time like this? Hm.
Christopher Nelson
Trent Couser
Trent Couser Month ago
We just going to ignore how the Cavaliers beat the best team in nba history the 73-9 warriors and did it by coming back from being down 3-1 in 2016
liam garrett
liam garrett Month ago
4 billion dollars in 10 years
Line mørup
Line mørup Month ago
I had musical.ly in 2015
Taryn S
Taryn S Month ago
Kearsten Derr
Kearsten Derr Month ago
george: honestly i’ll be in the middle of that group hug bro sammmeeee😂❤️🤤
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez Month ago
Also only thing I like from taco bell are the dorito tacos and some burrito which I don't remember the name of, now, I barley even eat taco bell, I mean I never really ate it, but meh, I prefer actual tacos, but If you guts like tacobell, I won't judge
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez Month ago
Why is the Avengers even on this video!?!? The first Avengers film build up the films to endgame! What!?!
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez Month ago
When the X logo shows up from X Factor, I thought it was X men and the lady said "X factor" I was like, huh, A LOT of people remember the X Factor (Marvel)
Kobe Johnson
Kobe Johnson Month ago
Can u please tell how to get on fbe it’s so cool
Tata Month ago
The decade started with Iron Man and ends with Endgame me after Tony died: :'0
Wissam Hamdane
Wissam Hamdane Month ago
one direction is gonna reunite this year i have never forgotten abt it best boyband to ever exist
mumbo for mayor
mumbo for mayor Month ago
Me being british and not understanding anything about tacobell- seriously I think it's so crazy how many fast foods restaurants you guys have in the states like you have 50 fast food options it's insane
Emilia Heron
Emilia Heron Month ago
Dis makes me feel young because I was 2 in 2010 😂😂
Jessica Delisha
Jessica Delisha Month ago
I was 15
Zaid Sherzad
Zaid Sherzad Month ago
Don’t come 2020 stinks
Maggie Sumner
Maggie Sumner Month ago
It's just sad cause most of my childhood was in the last decade. Ages 3-11. It's just sad.
Charlotte Hermance
One Direction were like 2 years old where tf did the time go!?
Hyukii-San Month ago
5:34 Sounds like a warning that Siren Head is coming
Quikytron _YT
Quikytron _YT Month ago
now its the END GAME 4:01
Slùshi_YT Month ago
My grandmother and father watches lost every night while my mother takes my baby sister to bed, I only know John and Saeed I remember Saeed's name because that's the name of my cousin too :3
Noobz Month ago
I’m happy he said that he was St. Louis cCardinals
amanda breinberg
i'm a simple girl. i see one direction, i click
Tyler MCA
Tyler MCA Month ago
0:25 what happens to Nevel from iCarly
mumbo for mayor
mumbo for mayor Month ago
Is that the tango tek t
Anna-Rose De wet
Anna-Rose De wet 2 months ago
i was born in 2010!
Hend Althani
Hend Althani 2 months ago
I’ll never forget one direction. I miss them so much. I’ve been here since the start and I’m still a directioner. I miss them so much🥺❤️
Nuget Games
Nuget Games 2 months ago
Ky Tomlinson
Ky Tomlinson 2 months ago
thank you for including one direction here
Ky Tomlinson
Ky Tomlinson 2 months ago
i saw harry. I'm a directioner.
JaxThe Diabetic
JaxThe Diabetic 2 months ago
Danny, lets go! Go cards go!
Kiwo Xgen
Kiwo Xgen 2 months ago
Lmao i thought the plane scene from ironman3 since there is tony stark on thumbnails
Delaney Elias
Delaney Elias 2 months ago
In 2010 Lady Gaga dressed in her Meat Dress as a protest against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, it was eventually removed and LGBT+ soldiers were allowed to serve again. 💖
Aviva Boele
Aviva Boele 2 months ago
2019 wasn't that bad looking back😂😂
CHLOE BEISNER 2 months ago
This has NOTHING to do with this video, but this video was posted on my brothers 4th birthday! 😂😂
RUDYG21X 2 months ago
Marvel series didn’t start in the last decade. It started in the decade before that. The Incredible Hulk isn’t counted as part of the MCU but Iron Man came out in 2008.
ThatDorkDom 2 months ago
What about Area 51
ThatDorkDom 2 months ago
What about area 51
DVD Playz Games
DVD Playz Games 2 months ago
Go Cubs Go Cubs are the best
GachaHan _101
GachaHan _101 2 months ago
Also Justin Bebier happened. Oof
NoahNacks Gaming
NoahNacks Gaming 2 months ago
you forgot dab
Anton Ihle
Anton Ihle 2 months ago
Tacobell is sh**
SpongeBob TrianglePants
10:58 “Honestly, I’ll be in the center of that group hug” 😂
Malachi Bozikis
Malachi Bozikis 2 months ago
Go Cubs!
Blaiden Dickson
Blaiden Dickson 2 months ago
Danny I love the cardinals heck I live St. Louis
Kilmarie Rodriguez
Kilmarie Rodriguez 2 months ago
Who tf forgot about one direction and vine lmao in what world do y’all live in😂
Hurricane Lucas
Hurricane Lucas 2 months ago
13:28 so many huge moments 2020: So many huge moments like coronavirus and hurricane season and tornadoes and murder hornets.....
Sir Nico
Sir Nico 2 months ago
U know what I still use iPad
Maria Funimate
Maria Funimate 2 months ago
How do people forget one direction👁👄👁
AlphaSlash 2 months ago
5:41 "oh my god"cHAnDLer BiNg ahahahahahahahahahaha (Incase you don't understand, it's a F·R·I·E·N·D·S reference)
Öykü Çelikbilek
Öykü Çelikbilek 2 months ago
Things you forgot, 2. One Direction hmmm The've been on hiatus for 5 years but they still manage to have 18 million listeners on Spotify. I dont think they are forgotten but I guess you can have your opinion
The official_Jacobg10
2012 we all thought the end of the world is going to happen really it’s 2020
AlphaSlash 2 months ago
No, we thought the world would end in 2012 cuz the dyslexic person read 2012 as 2021
Gregory Sambrano
Gregory Sambrano 3 months ago
New iPad today thicker 😭
Music is My life
Music is My life 3 months ago
I started school in 2010 so this is what I went through in school and grew up with
Paloma Moreno
Paloma Moreno 3 months ago
i cried with the part of one direction and idk why? I think that because One direction will always be part of my life
Nino Bravo
Nino Bravo 3 months ago
Same sex marriage MONUMENTAL. Thank you President Obama. It's unfortunate we waited that long.
El Mundo de Hades
El Mundo de Hades 3 months ago
no one in the comments is going adress the fact that back to the future ALMOST got it correct with the cubs XDD
-_- 3 months ago
I still listen to one direction
Daniel Vazquez
Daniel Vazquez 3 months ago
I had that I pad it was so boring I couldn't play fornite
TheOakster 3 months ago
“You couldn’t not be happy for the cubs” Liverpool fans: this doesn’t happen for us
Qxeen.alanah517 riley
I know this was about 4 months ago and it’s 2020 but they put avengers on this list of things you forgot but didn’t Avengers both start and End in this decade🧐
Davidev94 3 months ago
That Macbook Pro happened in the early 2010's too. Maybe you didn't change it because you forgot about it?
nintendogamer FR
nintendogamer FR 3 months ago
I feel so nostalgic for 2010s, especially 2011, and I do not know why...
SotM- Valad
SotM- Valad 3 months ago
Cuz were all in quarantine now. Thats why.
1 6
1 6 3 months ago
"She is thicker than a bowl of Snickers"
asi muronga
asi muronga 3 months ago
As if I’d ever forget One Direction
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan 3 months ago
Lauryn Blake
Lauryn Blake 3 months ago
Madison: yeah I really thought the world was gonna end in 2012 ...Oh yeah and I got enganged!
TallAsfLeo 3 months ago
You forgot the original ben 10
Julia Welsch
Julia Welsch 3 months ago
HEY!!!!! Little Mix happened too!!!!!!! 😡😡😡do NOT forget about them!!!!
Emily Robertson
Emily Robertson 3 months ago
I’m just here for 1D 👀
Eva Emeraldvalley
Eva Emeraldvalley 3 months ago
Little did they know that they were about to have the worst year of their lives
SotM- Valad
SotM- Valad 3 months ago
Yup. One of The worst for humanity as a whole. The 1918 flu 2.0
Kasper Nielsen
Kasper Nielsen 3 months ago
I really like Sharon. would totally buy her a cup of coffee if she came to Copenhagen :D
steven joel
steven joel 3 months ago
Umm no Uber is still if not more dangerous than regular taxis
Christe 3 months ago
The first five are dug in my brain so 😂😂😝😝
Christe 3 months ago
Don’t forget Hunger Games and Twilight
Jonesze4322 3 months ago
They don’t know how good they had it
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp 3 months ago
look at me now. *LOOK AT ME NOW SISTER* **george posing as a badass at a moschino sign**
i_like_chicken _wings44
Not gonna talk about H1n1 OK.
T1-C1 3 months ago
taco bell=Dysentery
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