10 Things Lil Uzi Vert Can't Live Without | GQ

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When Lil Uzi Vert hits the road there are a few things he can't live without. From his BIC lighter and his Goyard backpack to his Chance Cologne by Chanel and cocoa lotion, these are Lil Uzi Vert's travel essentials.
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10 Things Lil Uzi Vert Can't Live Without | GQ


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Sep 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Joker 3 hours ago
Uzi a national treasure
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 5 hours ago
“try it”
Mihir 11 hours ago
i don’t know why but i keep finding myself come back to this video
Kenon O Thomas
Kenon O Thomas 11 hours ago
3:32 that little face and action he did
Max 13 hours ago
Other rappers: arrested for homicide and drugs Uzi: arrested for driving a dirt-bike recklessly
Ben the Pen
Ben the Pen 19 hours ago
Uzi godamn funny with his essentials
Kings Slayer
Kings Slayer 22 hours ago
Do one with La Flame 🔥🔥
Reagan aka that bitch everyone hates
Listening to him talk about his muffins was a religious experience
Charles Sands
Love that Buju shirt. Salute to the legend Gargamel.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Day ago
Try it
monstman99 Day ago
I only showed up to hate on his stupid face tattoos
Danyelle Cornelius
Danyelle Cornelius
3:32 bro🤣🤣
Cooper Petersen
Uzi just seems so chill
Shawn Cobbs
Shawn Cobbs Day ago
3:29 😂😂
August McKenna
aNd A sOcK
Christopher Mulvey
Yo thats my wife's favorite perfume son. Get Chanel bleu for men atleast
SNG Day ago
We don’t deserve uzi.
cløut Day ago
3:30 try it 😂😂😂😂
cløut Day ago
I can relate with the bacon soda toothpaste
tyron e
tyron e Day ago
try it
jAh ReezY
jAh ReezY Day ago
Dude look demonic
4Nor2bert0 Day ago
Dylan Williams
Cutest expressions.
NvteFN 2 days ago
Uzi is like a proud 4 year old at his schools show and tell
NvteFN 2 days ago
Uzi is probably one of the greatest friends you can ever have
Balraj Brar
Balraj Brar 2 days ago
"And a sock"
Skala is the Messiah
IcyGirlAJ TFM 2 days ago
Uzi for real has one of the most likable personalities of all mainstream rappers rn.
Jake Peterson
Jake Peterson 2 days ago
Other rappers essentials. Expensive shoes, weed. Lil uzis essentials. Lil bites lotion deodorant lip balms
suha ayyad
suha ayyad 2 days ago
that cologne for women
Bergy 37
Bergy 37 2 days ago
Lil uzi vert: Nothing beats a white tee. Ketchup and Spaghetti sauce: Are you sure about that?
Gavin B
Gavin B 2 days ago
Like 2 boxes per week. Uzi: No like two boxes a day
YRN. Hasani
YRN. Hasani 2 days ago
Sam Ellis - New Type Beats Daily
he really do be Lil
Jonas kjetland 2
Jonas kjetland 2 2 days ago
Go watch ASMR fantastisk befare you game ruvid.net/video/video-VNWU6JdxhHM.html&feature=share
Drug Induced Fever dream
"...Try it?" 😂 gets me every time
IONTOLL 2 days ago
Why does uzi sound like he’s always sick
aNeverCare 2 days ago
1:44 Yo, link/producer of this beat? fire
MysticMykal 2 days ago
The “try it” got me 😂😭
Emmy_ Day ago
Plz show some luv for Uzi 💜💜 ruvid.net/video/video-olS10pkQ_To.html
Rorisang Mosai
Rorisang Mosai 2 days ago
He talks about going to paris the same way i talk about going next door
GloCC Johnny
GloCC Johnny 2 days ago
Be honest we only came here because we saw him say “try it” on instagram or social medias
Gooner 14
Gooner 14 2 days ago
“ It tastes good “ 🥺❤️
ya boy zay
ya boy zay 3 days ago
Thats my fav loshion to
Kingston Daley
Kingston Daley 3 days ago
Fresh proclub
14Ox 3 days ago
Is it just me or Uzi looks like X?
Cali 3 days ago
acqua di gio fire
Linduvuyo Dayimani
Properly like this guy now 💯
Andrew Wiwi
Andrew Wiwi 3 days ago
it’s surprising how he’s 5”2
Kobie Collins
Kobie Collins 3 days ago
When he said try it and moved it I thought I was at the lunch table wit my friends
sharp sniper3
sharp sniper3 3 days ago
3:29 Uzi sounds like a pre school kid when some asks can they have one
bradlee rouzier
bradlee rouzier 3 days ago
Plot twist: Hes actually standing
Smoothie 3 days ago
He said try it. My man a meme
Mayra Montero
Mayra Montero 3 days ago
He’s so cuth. I just wanna kith him🥺
payton sciascia
payton sciascia 4 days ago
literally the cutest human being everrrr🥺
Thomas Mendenhall
Man's gotta whole insurgent.😂😂😂
Lariah Griffin
Lariah Griffin 4 days ago
He looked like he didn’t want to share
Seth Belfort
Seth Belfort 4 days ago
I mean, he offered his muffin without hesitation
Dynisty 4 days ago
5:26 pause here, I never knew he was missing a tooth
Hunter Brumley
Hunter Brumley 4 days ago
im Lowkey
im Lowkey 4 days ago
yall most likely came for this 3:28
AntiSocial Fredo
AntiSocial Fredo 4 days ago
Other guy: What do they taste like? Uzi: Try it
AntiSocial Fredo
AntiSocial Fredo 4 days ago
Seth Belfort I know y’all did 🤦🏽‍♂️
Seth Belfort
Seth Belfort 4 days ago
Yeah we saw the video bro
ツxKevin 4 days ago
Keep uzi safe at all costs
mommas little flower boy
We know what the sock is for🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚!!!!
grxmos 4 days ago
A man that cares about his hygiene!
Anthony 4 days ago
They are just regular bites to uzi
Lexi Mura
Lexi Mura 4 days ago
3:30 don’t mind me I’m just making myself a replay button lol “try it” *pushes bag of muffins like a cat
Poope 4 days ago
He kinda sound like a teen that tries to make he’s voice sound deeper.
Poope 4 days ago
Seth Belfort expert at noticing it.
Seth Belfort
Seth Belfort 4 days ago
You're familiar with that then
rawr 4 days ago
He’s so adorable idek why I love him
Presley 5 days ago
I get what he talking about though. Those little bites are gone in like 2 seconds. I can eat so many of those so easily.
awesfromsolo rn
awesfromsolo rn 5 days ago
Lol try it
Miyah Mafia
Miyah Mafia 5 days ago
🤷🏾‍♀️ try it 😂
0verGamer 5 days ago
Am I the only one looking at his eyes and realizing that his eyes are all black
luv 5 days ago
omg i love him
fadinqeli 5 days ago
these things are pretty accurite. niceee. ✰
Hunter Garden
Hunter Garden 5 days ago
I bet the guy that got the muffin in his mind must have been like wow I’m sharing a pack of little bites muffins with lil uzi
Dion Thomas
Dion Thomas 5 days ago
I respect his buju shirt
chacken god
chacken god 5 days ago
Hey dad what dose drugs taste like 3:29
OuzoLemoni 5 days ago
This guy has a music career? LoL USA audience is very funny.
erick Hernandez
erick Hernandez 5 days ago
Quarantine soo boring at this point that this is my 20th time watching this!!!!
“ idk try it” this had me dying lmfao
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