10 Stubborn Homeowners Who REFUSED To Move Out

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Selling a home is a tough decision. There are many who are emotionally attached to their home and others do not get sufficient money in return for the same. Here are some of the stubborn owners who did not sell their home for different reasons.



12 фев 2019




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Ienrxyy Zkull
Ienrxyy Zkull 11 часов назад
Raghul Elango
Raghul Elango 11 часов назад
Most of the stupids here are from.. China or japan😂
Pat W
Pat W 12 часов назад
Scotian Coast
Scotian Coast 14 часов назад
There's stubborn and then there's stupid.
Alexander Kopoev
Alexander Kopoev 16 часов назад
I'm that kind of owner
The Walker
The Walker День назад
If it was india u r done for😤😤
Candy Smith
Candy Smith День назад
How is it legal to cut off their water and electricity??
Mayak Selga
Mayak Selga День назад
The first is in a larva movie😂😂
jaswin dsouza
jaswin dsouza День назад
In India the government uses police to beat people out of their homes
shelloriser 19 часов назад
Wrong kid
Rishu Rounak
Rishu Rounak День назад
Story of china was the worst
Rachit Chaurasia
Rachit Chaurasia День назад
There are lots of stubborn temples in India in the middle of the roads. And people always object during their removal. I wish to just fire a rocket launcher and guess what no more traffic!
i got skemm
i got skemm День назад
Lol people that keep trying to make them sell it are stubborn.
Louandy Brutus
Louandy Brutus День назад
The title of this video should have been: 'pagans and atheists nowadays'
Abbas Ghadiali
Abbas Ghadiali День назад
Basically, a bunch of stubborn Chinese & Americans.
yack em
yack em День назад
Majority of thesw stubborn people are fucking chinese people
Cafe of chemistry
Cafe of chemistry День назад
It seems like government of China don't give much compensation
Cafe of chemistry
Cafe of chemistry 8 часов назад
ASM Seven stop speaking otherwise I will make Chinese noodles and eat you 😂😂😂
ASM Seven
ASM Seven 8 часов назад
+Cafe of chemistry kah kah kah , thats what happen when brainwash idiot lose an arguamwnt
Cafe of chemistry
Cafe of chemistry 10 часов назад
+ASM Seven and the government of China must give psychiatrist treatment to people like you !
ASM Seven
ASM Seven 14 часов назад
In your so called democratic country , those house owners will be kicked out asap . Brainwash retard
Jackpot Jackpot
Jackpot Jackpot День назад
Just Two words 'Thug life' 😎
mio mia
mio mia День назад
Nautybilal День назад
Imagine living in the middle of all that construction noises
ѕlαуєя 2 дня назад
disliked video change title
Sonia PGMB
Sonia PGMB 2 дня назад
Love the thumbnail! Absolutely love it!
gandalf the grey
gandalf the grey 2 дня назад
ching ching chong
Senpai Buns
Senpai Buns 2 дня назад
0:39 tf it looks like the house from larva
tylah cresdee
tylah cresdee 2 дня назад
How come Willy Wonka's dad didn't make the list 🤔
Dler Kaka
Dler Kaka День назад
tylah cresdee hhhhhhhhhhh damm u 😂😂😂😂
Sarcastically Explained
Sarcastically Explained 2 дня назад
How can you mispronounce words so badly? not being rude, but isn't it your job to just say stuff? its awful
SamabiTV 2 дня назад
I know the thumbnail is clickbait but I have to give him credit for the creativity. That thumbnail was incredible
ѕlαуєя 2 дня назад
thumbnail is real.
Matthew Pieter Rice
Matthew Pieter Rice 2 дня назад
U ppl r crazy
jamie schallon
jamie schallon 2 дня назад
Wtf, Mr Lang’s home is in a “construction zone”? What kind of nonsense is that, HE WAS THERE FIRST, there’s a construction company bullying him into selling his said home so they can build “beautiful” condos?! How bout he’s being bullied to sale his home so said construction company and its developers can make millions of dollars in profits! This is why wildlife are attacking, even at times killing, humans because their land is being consumed by various greedy ass developers or their numbers are dwindling and will eventually be added to the extinction list. Disgusting, why not renovate older warehouses and abandoned buildings and turn THOSE into beautiful condos? We live in such a screwed up world right now, everyone’s out for themselves, no one seems to care about the world and environment, and what we’re leaving into the hands of our children, grandchildren and future generations after them to “deal with”.
Dipanjan Biswas
Dipanjan Biswas 2 дня назад
Most of these houses are from china
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee 2 дня назад
To the house whose in the middle of the road, all i can say is.. “VERY BRAVE!” Haha
Nctrnl Mjsty
Nctrnl Mjsty 3 дня назад
I swear I watched this video 5 years ago on a different channel
sultan islami
sultan islami 23 часа назад
deja vü
Karen Burton
Karen Burton 3 дня назад
From this video now I know the Chinese government is way more democratic than we are told to believe.
Rubel Haque
Rubel Haque 3 дня назад
I found Chinese are bullshit stubborn 🤧
ekin thao
ekin thao 3 дня назад
It not stubborn if 1. It’s a legacy 2. Because you said so and you have the rights to say so(logical reason) 3. They build construction around your house purposely so that they can knock it down.
당신나는 싫어
당신나는 싫어 3 дня назад
My family was forced to move out of our apartment before. They removed all immigrants near our apartment. That was like three years ago, and they had to wait 2 years for people to finally move in. 😐
Dominick Sama
Dominick Sama 3 дня назад
Abdul Perkins
Abdul Perkins 3 дня назад
hi have you see thisThe world famous M62 house where 'stubborn farmer refused to move for motorway
Vedant Dubal
Vedant Dubal 3 дня назад
These tell us that Chinese people are stubborn! Jus kidding china
Jason Desantos
Jason Desantos 3 дня назад
Vedant Dubal
Vedant Dubal 3 дня назад
They didn't sell their house now they r billoners
Mnce Khenisa
Mnce Khenisa 3 дня назад
Asian are far the most stubborn people on earth
sitamsh1 4 дня назад
I think the narrator never been in India,here we have toooooo many obstacles.
Park Mochi
Park Mochi 4 дня назад
The thumbnail is 🔥
Andy 4 дня назад
Jason Bourne The CIA Agent
Jason Bourne The CIA Agent 4 дня назад
Is this just UP?...
Reza Hussaini
Reza Hussaini 4 дня назад
In Afghanistan you are out with out a penny.
Rafa Vilaga
Rafa Vilaga 4 дня назад
No wonder, they're chinese..
Truth Spreader Leader of NHK
Truth Spreader Leader of NHK 4 дня назад
Don’t you just hate it when people accidentally bump into your mailbox then when they try fixing it you hit them on the head with a cane Happens to me all the time
Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster?
Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster? 4 дня назад
In the US they would force you off the property because nobody really owns anything. You are just the “holder” of the title. They’d send the police and the military to force you out. It is interesting that people have so many ownership rights in what is supposedly a communist country. Am I the only one who noticed this or do these “Chinese” people live in the non-communist Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Singapore regions? I honestly don’t have time to look up each town mentioned, but it does make me scratch my head when our government goes around acting like communism and socialism takes away the rights of people when in fact “citizens” of the corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have very little freedom or ownership rights, and they are getting worse by the second. Our technocrat elite would love to corral us all into “smart cities” and give us “privileges” without ownership and keep us like house pets. I commend these people for standing their ground. Some things are more about principle than the money.
Henry Peck
Henry Peck 4 дня назад
Good four them stand your ground
Prakhar Srivastava
Prakhar Srivastava 4 дня назад
Tell them to use solar panels for electricity and use air conditioner water for washing purpose and bring huge stock for drinking and cooking.
mwita kebuh
mwita kebuh 4 дня назад
Here in Tanzania the government will kick you out without ransom
Catisy Ellen
Catisy Ellen 4 дня назад
Well that as upsetting. :( Goodbye peace and quiet...
Nagesh Pattanshetty
Nagesh Pattanshetty 4 дня назад
No doubt the Chinese are so stubborn. They don't vacate houses They don't use American and Google products They don't take assistance from other countries during flood, etc. They don't have many good friends
chocolategirl〈3R 4 дня назад
How can ppl be so wicked. That guy even if he was stubborn why should the bank threaten him.
Marty tina
Marty tina 4 дня назад
Sounds like the Chinese have a very a emotional connect with their homes and are also stubborn
draak yu
draak yu 2 дня назад
Mostly because of these people want more compensations from the either the developer or the government.
Mark Waldrop
Mark Waldrop 5 дней назад
If I want to keep my house, I'll keep it. I paid for it to begin with.
Gaspar 0000
Gaspar 0000 5 дней назад
Carl Fredrekson joined the Group chat
Tahera Shaik
Tahera Shaik 5 дней назад
4:10 Thank me later
Dylan Wang
Dylan Wang 5 дней назад
Stubborn? What if those houses are very sentimental for them? Maybe that house bring a thousands memories?
Bokimon 5 дней назад
A lot from the list are from china lol. China come on...
Samonator Gray
Samonator Gray 5 дней назад
Ba8a Ya6a
Ba8a Ya6a 5 дней назад
Asians are tight
Praveen Chandramohan
Praveen Chandramohan 5 дней назад
The Government will kick you out in India. 😔
Malika sheik
Malika sheik 5 дней назад
So true :-(
China is funny country 😂😂😂
Mirza Loreyn Samson
Mirza Loreyn Samson 5 дней назад
The first home... is it the real house in the Larva?😂
Nicole Estrella
Nicole Estrella 5 дней назад
Stubborn isnt the right term...
泠泠清清 5 дней назад
在我们国家,拆迁=暴富。能完完全全让家里每一个人过上想要的日子。 2017年离我老家老房5km的地方拆迁了,每个家庭10 000 000 人民币,田地另外算,是属于比较落后的地区。要知道这个城市,自来水厂上班3000一个月。银行也只是3000多。一般的人工资在2500左右。因为我们只能算中国四线城市,很小,一百五十万人口都没有摸到边。 所以这笔钱简直是天价。 而视频里的那些房子的费用,不可能低于我城市这个价格。 已经北京中心一带的老房子,有的就算是拆也付不起了。我认识得有个就有房在那,她这么说的,所以她觉得暂时完全不可能拆迁。 想让房子被拆掉的时候,有人给钱,两边都好。 但是如果那天你想拆了,没人想买了。就糟糕了
泠泠清清 5 дней назад
My English is not good. The following app is translated. In our country, demolition = sudden wealth. Can completely let the family everyone want to live. In 2017, it was demolished 5km away from the old house of my hometown, and each family was paid 10 million RMB. In addition to the land, it is a relatively backward area. You know, in this city, the water works work for 3,000 a month. The Banks are only over 3,000. The average person's salary is around 2,500 yuan. Because we can only count as China's fourth-tier cities, very small, 1.5 million people did not touch the edge. So that's a lot of money. The cost of those houses in video can't be lower than the price in my city. Some of the old houses in central Beijing can't even afford to be torn down. I had to know someone who had a house there, she said, so she felt there was no way of removing it for a while. When you want the house to be torn down, someone gives you money, both sides are good. But if you want to tear it down that day
Lieutenant Briggs
Lieutenant Briggs 5 дней назад
There is a house in the middle of GCU in Phoenix Arizona xD
Justin Spencer
Justin Spencer 5 дней назад
No houses in the middle of the motorway in the UK. The government will just put a Compulsory Purchase Order on it.
saeed mohammadi
saeed mohammadi 5 дней назад
GROUND_ RIPPERS88 5 дней назад
But it’s there house tho so
jan khan
jan khan 5 дней назад
In Pakistan the government has the power to extend section of the law called Section 4 . Government can aquire any building property or land for anything or anyone to utilise it for commercial or domestic or official use. Section 4 is like draconian law where government even don't pay at the market rate
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 5 дней назад
Very poor pronunciation of Chinese names and places ....seriously dude ...try to do better
I E R ᗅ
I E R ᗅ 5 дней назад
why are these idiot people come from china
Myra Hope
Myra Hope 6 дней назад
Good for these people who refused to become the slaves of the motherfucking sluts the animals the so called ( government) !!! I would’ve refused as well but until the end my death or their which ever came first!!! Fuck these fucking morons who thinks that they can enslave anyone that they want!!! Say NO TO THE FUCKING ANIMALS ALWAYS AND FOR EVER!!!
Cris Bachi
Cris Bachi 6 дней назад
developers must pay 100x bigger of the amount used in building the house. aside from the land and materials to be bought to build a new home to move to...the time, effort, hassles and adjustments the home owners have to go through is not easy thing.
10010011 Midg
10010011 Midg 6 дней назад
Nr 10 got too greedy. Also China seems to respect property rights no matter how poor you are. Not at all communist, where the greater good is more important than individual rights.
brad elmer
brad elmer 6 дней назад
I just like hearing this guy saying Asian words and names
wajeeha alam
wajeeha alam 6 дней назад
Conclusions; din,t mess with chinese, they are danm so stubborn😂😂
Fines Francis
Fines Francis 6 дней назад
:-O . . .
Cloud Tirones
Cloud Tirones 6 дней назад
China bullies at its finest
Blue Toaster
Blue Toaster 6 дней назад
Mikasa Ackermann
Mikasa Ackermann 6 дней назад
Enjoy the vid but they not stubborn it's only natural to react to your house where you grow and by the way it really hurt to kick out in your property
Kenneth Echeverri
Kenneth Echeverri 6 дней назад
Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid
Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid 6 дней назад
Reminds me of the song by Madness entitled "Our House in the Middle of the Street" 😇🌴🌸🌿🌷😘🐓🐙
Tarheel Billy
Tarheel Billy 6 дней назад
Never happened,won't ever happen in a million years. If there was ever "imminent domain" here you go.
killa laimont
killa laimont 6 дней назад
In my country Cameroon the government won’t ask you for it they will take it beat you up and throw you away such a bad government
Luiza H. C. Braga
Luiza H. C. Braga 6 дней назад
Hahahahahaha I loved it!!!! My house, my rules!!!
Fred H.
Fred H. 6 дней назад
So... Don't live in China. Got it.
Adebayo Segun
Adebayo Segun 6 дней назад
dont try this in NIgeria... we have no right
John C
John C 6 дней назад
Don't tell them a stubborn coz you don't know what it feels like to be kicked out💪
Arren Imperial
Arren Imperial 6 дней назад
I saw a house inside a mall hahahaha
May La
May La 7 дней назад
Worried citizen here from the Philippines as our current president is selling us out from the chinese government.
May La
May La 6 дней назад
Hah.. Ipagdarasal ko na maranasan mo ang same fate na na experience nila. I will pray that you suffer the same fate of those people. Amen! 😲
Jey Bi
Jey Bi 6 дней назад
May La fuck you! sell ur self to hell
Allano Escobar
Allano Escobar 7 дней назад
Aint the first house from larva the fuckin show?
Arctic turd
Arctic turd 7 дней назад
So basically your saying Chinese people are stubborn
Thor p
Thor p 7 дней назад
Downtown washington😂
B.F. Burton
B.F. Burton 7 дней назад
Well .... I am so amused that I came across this video....But do these home owners play hardball due to their so-called memories....I kid you not... There is no nostalgia.. It's all greed... that they remain stubborn to the bitter end. There is a situation happening presently in T'dad, West Indies where one home owner has refused to move to give way to a massive traffic interchange on a busy highway.. The home is partly delapidated and on Gov't land.... but because they've been there for how many decades, they will not move until and unless they receive the millions they want....which the Gov't is not agreeing to.. All other homeowners have accepted their compensation and relocation...but not this particular homeowner. The construction is actually progressing around the house...like outside the walls of the house.... remember this is in fact gov't land..I wait with bated breath to see how this pans out....It may very well be added to the list of 'Stubborn Owners who refused to move out' 🤔😂
Kristiyan Krastev
Kristiyan Krastev 7 дней назад
I understand that its your home and all, but if they are offering you $1,000,000 or more, and your house clearly isn't worth 10% of that, why not just accept it? Memories, okay, but is it the place that creates the memories, or is it you that do? I'd much rather move away from literally a MALL built around my house or a highway, regardless of how much I was paid... It's going to happen with or without you. The dude that had his electricity and water cut off, he risked his families health for what?
helen mahazay kab fara shebiea
helen mahazay kab fara shebiea 7 дней назад
The title 🤣😂
Sam Channel
Sam Channel 7 дней назад
The Chinese are the Dirty people of the Word, who is eating Dog,Maus and Cat.... Because of this they have not healthy brain💩💩💩💩💩 👈 your Welcome
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