10 Stubborn Homeowners Who REFUSED To Move Out

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Selling a home is a tough decision. There are many who are emotionally attached to their home and others do not get sufficient money in return for the same. Here are some of the stubborn owners who did not sell their home for different reasons.

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Comments 100
King Sisyphus
King Sisyphus 7 hours ago
China. Why am I not surprised?
cbeartv00 Day ago
Why does this video remind me of Trump and the elderly Scottish lady, who's land he tried to buy when building his golf course... Yep you guessed it, he couldn't get his own way so treated her horrendously, leaving her without water for over six months!!... The tactics of the Chinese government who'd have thought it ‼️
cbeartv00 Day ago
I can't help thinking that the UK is right to do compulsory buy outs, so our government never ends up with a house in the middle of a new dual carriage way!! ⛔⛔
Merveil Meok
Merveil Meok 2 days ago
Humans are very complicated species, individuals and governments. Humans from get for power and appreciation.
Jonathan Burrow
Jonathan Burrow 3 days ago
Fuck your annoying ads
Hoeseph 4 days ago
Went I grow old, I aim to be this level of petty
livewithdignity 4 days ago
The story covers only the USA and China. India is full of such "stubborn" owners, both individuals and groups (these are mostly religious groups who have disallowed authorities to demolish places of worship). The New Delhi Capital Region or NCR has been built with whole villages intact inside developed sectors, with the villagers not willing to accept the govt. offered compensation
livewithdignity 4 days ago
No individual "owns" property in China
raymond fernandez
When its about land and being wrong the chinese are pioneers..
anne neilsen
anne neilsen 4 days ago
Well I don't blame them I won't sell my house for no one don't care how much they give me I still won't sell... Thank you for sharing
Sheila Betonio
Sheila Betonio 5 days ago
The number 1 in this list is soooooo painful for the land owners! It's their life, their residence, their farm, their treasure, their income! How can they just take it from them? Unless the government find them an equally productive land where they could plant and farm again then it wouldn't have been as big of a problem as it was. Money can't solve everything you know!
Belinda Jasotharan
Does anyone one realise how fake the thumbnail is who ever is the owner of this channel please stop making click bait videos your so bad #no offence
Sulman Hafeez
Sulman Hafeez 5 days ago
I've been to that airport . It's nice. I like the 9hr hotel as well
Amy Carmichael
Amy Carmichael 6 days ago
What’s wrong with all these crazy Chinese people??! 🤪🤪🤪😳😳🤪🤪
smith ville
smith ville 5 days ago
Chinese people are known to be greedy. Ofcourse they will tell that the compensation isnt enough. They want money, money is number, and number never ends.
Vsoo 6 days ago
They were the OWNER to begin with, they ain't stubborn 🙄😒
Oh Wang Jing
Oh Wang Jing 6 days ago
I Salute them
Tina N
Tina N 6 days ago
STUPID developers that decided to still go ahead with their original designs / projects. Who's more stubborn? Despicable!!!
shayshaycabana 7 days ago
This is how petty I inspire to be!!
# OTF 7 days ago
Them yellow people are always on some shit loll
Gerard Parker
Gerard Parker 8 days ago
#9 where is the driveway?
Carressa 8 days ago
I can’t believe that I’ve been to that Ross and Top Pot in Ballard and didn’t notice that house 😞
Aysha Sideequa
Aysha Sideequa 8 days ago
If it were India... They'll neva cnsdr the ryts of an Individual... Simply they will demolish evrythng widoud the owner's permission nd the reality is haves only were respected even by d government, havenots are ignored nd questioned... Hit lyk if u agree... Indians
Shabina Ansari
Shabina Ansari 8 days ago
In India ... They will just send u the notice and they will start breaking it... Without asking u...
ButtWait! 9 days ago
if they were in India, they would have been beaten up or killed So much for the world's so-called biggest democracy.
benson dy
benson dy 9 days ago
this only prove rhat china respect private property rights unlike the western propaganda
zem policarpio
zem policarpio 9 days ago
Nikka Maliwat
Nikka Maliwat 9 days ago
Its because they refuse to sell they are stubborn ! Its their house they have right to choose ,stubborn is not a right word
انطونيو ال مهدي
هاذي هي الحريه تحياتي لاحرار
Raul Dana
Raul Dana 9 days ago
Just sell you’re house why should a couple of people ruin a whole airport. Life doesn’t revolve around you.
ba kheg
ba kheg 10 days ago
Aliandra Yorgason
Aliandra Yorgason 10 days ago
we need more people like this in america.
Eric mahaan
Eric mahaan 10 days ago
Construction revolution in China..
Carmen W.
Carmen W. 10 days ago
Most of them just want to ask for more money, they thought since they are the last one there, they can ask for whatever they want, but obviously that doesn't work out at the end.
Karsten von Fluß
Karsten von Fluß 10 days ago
Whats with all the chinese home owners being in the way of the common good... is china supposed to be communist?
King Resyy
King Resyy 11 days ago
Bakery sa Sm sangandaan join the group. Lol.
Yangs Yin
Yangs Yin 11 days ago
It's not about the money.. it's about the memories you have in that house. Just because they didn't sell their home doesn't mean they're stubborn 😪
Thomas G.
Thomas G. 12 days ago
Am I the only one who's thinking about the movie *batteries not included?
Garfield Wong
Garfield Wong 13 days ago
The majority of the these are in China. You know what that means...
Boom Panot
Boom Panot 13 days ago
Most of this video are chinese... this is the only proof that they not following thr ruless or law.... very selfish.... hahaha
baron hyatt
baron hyatt 13 days ago
First of y'all have to realize 90% of this is in China so they can get the fuck they want they can cut your water electric anything they want
Bunnylisha 13 days ago
Steven Chaw
Steven Chaw 13 days ago
Very funny
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada 14 days ago
LOL...Ya and the other Chinese are really dumb Fs. Only in China. Actually, they’re all stupid beyond belief.
Wambeti Kathuri
Wambeti Kathuri 15 days ago
I would really take that money without hesitation
GCT10/31/1990 15 days ago
You would think these damn building contacts and plans would get everything together first before developing... Which means paying off those who live in said development site.if someone doesn't take said payout... Why start building?
Hater Oftheleft
Hater Oftheleft 15 days ago
MobileDecay 15 days ago
Good they stood up for themselves. Something the poster probably knows nothing about.
Maya Husn
Maya Husn 16 days ago
This is classic example of how crocodile eats small fishes!!!
Samusic 16 days ago
This video shows that there's no Freedom in China but Dictatorship
3cs3hs 16 days ago
i thought that the Chinese government was tuff on it's people? how come half these places are stubborn chinese people not moving? why can't the governemtn just go in and shoot these people? What property rights do they really have?
Val O'Brien
Val O'Brien 16 days ago
Funny how the "Bumps" and "Uneven Lanes" signs at 2:54 are in English, in a Chinese province! Weapons of mass confusion!
Salanieta Tuipulotu
I don't see it as stubborn, but infact i see government to be stubborn coz they just build it around that owner's land. They have every right to say no.
chatline villaveza
chatline villaveza 17 days ago
They are not stubborn. They just know how to put value on their homes, they live and nurture each and every memorize on it. It is the owner's right. Not gonna consider it stubborn. Not all of the people are like american who will sell something if they are not using it. Bless america. Don't even know how to value such thing.
Lil Metro
Lil Metro 17 days ago
Life is the grestest
Alina Gutierrez
Alina Gutierrez 17 days ago
FRANK GONZALEZ 18 days ago
That's what he gets for being so greedy.just sell we're not taking anything.and our kids won't appreciate what you leave them.
julius stacy
julius stacy 18 days ago
Communist china cuts off everything wheb people dont want to sell. And we never hear how its inhumane by the same bleeding hearts who believe killers should have tv in prison.
吴子豪 18 days ago
they refuse to move,beacuse of their greedy,the most reason is they want more money than others got.
Lost Wanderer
Lost Wanderer 19 days ago
Most of these are from China because communist China is a shit hole.
Prince Wakanda
Prince Wakanda 19 days ago
That’s why China is historic
Rico g
Rico g 20 days ago
One million dollars for a tiny house. Fuck that. sold!!!
Amit Banerjee
Amit Banerjee 20 days ago
Video is a proof of , mostly Chinese are peculiar by nature ha ha
Jason X Chongthu
Jason X Chongthu 21 day ago
No 10 Banner is "For sale"
Chad The progressive libertarian
Why not divert the freeways a couple hundred feet 😒the work and cost that it would take to come back and demolish the homes would would be equal or less to the cost...
Greg James
Greg James 21 day ago
Hahahahaha when you fight with your girl and you go to the extent to show a point on another level lol!
John Alexander
John Alexander 21 day ago
These people are just hard headed
xox comtery
xox comtery 21 day ago
you aren't stubborn, if the house had so much memories and things to keep. Money can't get everything if your values is what u truly believe.
Dezi Monae
Dezi Monae 21 day ago
Stubborn? Use another word
jakda alfklda
jakda alfklda 21 day ago
Leftists lmfao
dave Scopes
dave Scopes 22 days ago
At 3:30 Diners replaced with CONDOMS. Lmfao 🤔😂😂😂😂😂
triniti korneli
triniti korneli 22 days ago
Big projects ruined by little things. That's not good. The law can easily fix this by pressure the buyers to pay twice the average price in exchange of the desired place.
Bill baggins
Bill baggins 22 days ago
Most of these are fake 10min clickbait 😂
Waleed Belal
Waleed Belal 22 days ago
Moral of the story = Asians are stubborn harder than a rock
Youjiro Hanma
Youjiro Hanma 22 days ago
To be specific. Its not your house. The government owns the lands. If they find that you have oil reserves under your house. The conversation be like this : Gov.: How much for moving out ? You: Its not for sale. Gov.: 1 million. You: Not For Sale Gov.: 4 million. You: I said not for sale. Gov.: 8 million You : Honey get the kids we are going to live somewhere else.
JohnnyCacao 22 days ago
This is conflicting
Fisty Carrera
Fisty Carrera 22 days ago
love the random stock footage
Frank Jay
Frank Jay 22 days ago
Really enjoyed, i love the video
John Morgan
John Morgan 22 days ago
Number 4. reminds me of the Bugs Bunny short: No Parking Hare.
Franklin Barnes
Franklin Barnes 22 days ago
I like how they just show random generic negotiation scenes between 2 textbook businessmen. Like something you'd see in a commercial or something lol.
Darra Muldoon
Darra Muldoon 22 days ago
4:06 is what you all came for
_Itsnaate_ 23 days ago
🎵"Our House, In the middle of the streat"🎶
Tramplin O’Hanlon
Standing in the way of Chinese mega projects? Looks like these folks have more rights than we do down here.
Shahmeer Hyat
Shahmeer Hyat 18 days ago
Rob Constant o fuck off.
Rob Constant
Rob Constant 22 days ago
Watch out you aren't allowed to say non negative things about china.
Jasmyne Del Carmen
Jasmyne Del Carmen 23 days ago
The houses of those chingchongs look very dangerous.
STONEDay 23 days ago
So much filler.
Taisho 29092016
Taisho 29092016 23 days ago
Why do u want to put scary soundtrack for something simple and funny like this??? You intended to make it scary for WHAT??
The _Darkhorse
The _Darkhorse 16 days ago
this is already scary for you ????
Marinela Nipay
Marinela Nipay 18 days ago
Taisho 29092016 8
Rayhan Joy
Rayhan Joy 23 days ago
giabread 23 days ago
Stubborn old people can be a fucking scourge.
Mo Cuishle
Mo Cuishle 23 days ago
Just make a trunk accident to penetrate down this house, and let the insurance company to pay for it. Then we can all have a great smooth driving road.
MissGourmandefr 23 days ago
So funny to hear Chinese names being destroyed by the American accent
Zafar Syed
Zafar Syed 23 days ago
But in Canada there is a law if there is a project for public benefit like road then there is no choice for the owner but have to sell it to the authority. This is not apply to to private developer like building Mall etc.
Kesavaditya Nagavolu
In my country, if you stand in the way of something like this, you can't stand anymore.
colbyricho 23 days ago
Tell him he's dreamin'
Mason mason
Mason mason 23 days ago
Stubborn fuckers have no respect for others
Amit Kushwaha
Amit Kushwaha 23 days ago
many chinese would have been killed in the process i bet
shidifen yang
shidifen yang 19 days ago
Toni Everitt
Toni Everitt 23 days ago
why are people stubborn if they dont want to sell their home some people think they have the power to take what they want guess what screw you. MUPPETS.
Toni Everitt
Toni Everitt 23 days ago
screw the goverment and everyone else my house my home and NOT FOR SALE so get used to it
Legacy Jeet Kune Do
It’s surprising the Chinese fascist government doesn’t seize the properties in question.
Legacy Jeet Kune Do
Washington is a state, not a city! Get it right.
01001011 22 days ago
Who cares
Haotong Meng
Haotong Meng 23 days ago
2 looks photoshopped
Jessie Angel
Jessie Angel 23 days ago
Good video
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 23 days ago
You can’t force people to move because of greedy business Men
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