10 Strange and Unique Candies

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Giant gummies, breakfast lollipops, and more!
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Comments 80
Vat19 10 months ago
Our breakfast characters don't seem to have a long life span around here...😂 See us with other strange foods here: bit.ly/2QhvT7a
gheorghe florentin rada
Y want the stiky the poop
Mechanical Guy
Mechanical Guy 5 days ago
vat19= gummy gods
Matt Mackowski
Matt Mackowski 7 days ago
eitasham mohammed
Halal one please
Nah who eats fricken donuts for breakfast? You can only eat donuts for breakfast in specific circumstances.
Hummingb1rd 4 minutes ago
Wait that dessert menu is an etch a sketch!
Vershace Bacalso
Vershace Bacalso 2 hours ago
When Guava juice tried to Make cough drop Cotton candy it kinda worked
Lol Neb
Lol Neb 7 hours ago
Does beer jelly beans have alcohol
Susanna Staub
Susanna Staub 11 hours ago
My favorite been Boosel flavor is dog food and lawn clippings
Renzoh’s Club
Renzoh’s Club 18 hours ago
I just wanted real ice cream that wont melt
Emma Victor
Emma Victor 20 hours ago
I love your videos this one is the best one of all
Noble Wilkins
Noble Wilkins 22 hours ago
They stole their own videos.
Lana Blood
Lana Blood Day ago
12:15 Does the word 'Lollibacons' count as the word bacon??
Minikarma Day ago
just remember somebody agreed to be the unicorn in the unicorn farts ad
The word bacon sounds weird now
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Day ago
Hmmm, Doesn't Melt Huh? *Gets Flame Thrower* . Welp it melted
Johann De Joya
3:30 tho.
Itsuki Gacha
Itsuki Gacha Day ago
Ice cream bapakkau
xd an ikea sofa
White Star Gaming
Miranda Pearce
The fact that they think that flavor will cool you down🤪🤨
XD Queen Hannah Drummond
Im Literally STARVING now
Are the beer ones for kids or just adults ??
Jerry Do
Jerry Do Day ago
46 bacon
Jillian Nicole
is a beanboosel flavere
Jillian Nicole
i like the tooth paste its good so i do not mind it
Ava Friedlander
Did anyone else think bacon was weird after he said it so many times? No? Just me, ok 😳
Doggie Kid
Doggie Kid 2 days ago
Title: 10 strange and unique candies Video: 12 strange and unique candies Me: wait, that illegal
Karis Xu
Karis Xu 2 days ago
Stop saying bacon
Emma Leznik
Emma Leznik 2 days ago
I legit smelled waffles when you guys were mourning his death at the maple tree XD
ᴍᴀᴅ ?
ᴍᴀᴅ ? 2 days ago
What's with vat19 and gummys
This ad makes no sense 12:17 And it made me laugh 😂😂😂
Senpai SSS
Senpai SSS 2 days ago
Those are Winter Popsicle
Shadonight Galxrix
4:10 What the-
- Tohru -
- Tohru - 2 days ago
6:25 perfect pause or cut
LokiTeeVee 2 days ago
i got diabetes from this video
Nik 1 Khamphavong
Im your big fan!
Denzel and Music
Denzel and Music 2 days ago
12:55 No thanks.
Shyanna Schmidt
Shyanna Schmidt 2 days ago
Instead of pie lollipops they should be called pie pops
Mordo MXD
Mordo MXD 2 days ago
I want to get drunk of ale flavoured jellybeans
Whitney Myers
Whitney Myers 2 days ago
leonuta 3 days ago
Pickles are fruit
Wendi Day
Wendi Day 3 days ago
10 strange candies Vat19: plays twelve
mandy leggett
mandy leggett 3 days ago
Now just freeze the gummy popsicle. And then it’s totally accurate.
brawl stars si animatii
4:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
PRO ISAK 500! 3 days ago
Shadow Sans
Shadow Sans 3 days ago
I hate sushi but candy sushi oh i will eat
_ghghfhhuh_ 3 days ago
Unicorn fart so funny!! 😂
i like your gummies i'm a big fan.
RAS construction LLC
_poor Fogto
Luna wolfs Zin tun
Wait doesn’t gummy’s mouth when you leave it on the Sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FisheyXNaw 3 days ago
i can’t tell if they’re actually selling these or it’s a joke
《Dynamo the fallen》
Do you guy's have worldwide shipping?
Lia Unicorn Campos
Why does it say 10 in the tital and in the video it says 12?
Thomas wall
Thomas wall 4 days ago
Can you make cotton candy with the hard candy cotton candy maker with any candy? I want some Smarties cotton candy. 😀😀😀
camacaze 4 days ago
Are you aloud to put soda in to?.
RobloxKid 9000
RobloxKid 9000 4 days ago
0:14 imagine how tempted to eat it when they wait it to melt They edited the part of melting so it went straight to small
wei guo
wei guo 4 days ago
You can freeze it
xoxo Gacha wolf
xoxo Gacha wolf 4 days ago
the gruine one with the lemon and garss i like that bc its both good i think both are good
TheHannaBunch 4 days ago
This is how much Eric said bacon ⬇️
Is that Circle
Is that Circle 4 days ago
Best day 101 Step 1: Get Gummy Popsicles Step 2: Free the Gummy Popsicles the night before the hottest day of summer or the year. Step 3: Get your kids, friends, brothers ,or sisters to have fun outside. Step 4: Get the Gummy Popsicles Step 5: Give it to your brothers, friends, sisters, or kids. Step 6: Eat the frozen goodness and enjoy your day.
hoff toffe
hoff toffe 4 days ago
What if you accidentaly dipa the candy sushi on A REAL SAUCE
Vance Clyde Llanes
Jamie had chest hair.
Spider-Man 4 days ago
3:58 Now I've seen everything.
Jyrix YT
Jyrix YT 4 days ago
Me comes to watch The popsicle This video:BUY NOW!!! Me: bruh...
Goose Francisco
Goose Francisco 4 days ago
Honk: my name was eggo
White Star Gaming
Food canibal. Waffles: DON'T EAT ME! Beacon: Yummy. Egg: Waffles. Die again next time.
Reid Roby
Reid Roby 4 days ago
"No thanks, I am going to stick with my seaweed and wheatgrass stroller." Me : That looks healthy
It's strudel.
It's strudel.
Golem playz
Golem playz 4 days ago
Anyone think they should make gummy spaghetti, and try to re create the scene from the lady and the tramp
Scp 173
Scp 173 4 days ago
Excuse me but *_pickle flavoured fairy floss? You have angered god_*
ferman plays
ferman plays 4 days ago
What the everloving fuck os this video ?
Blaiirsome 4 days ago
I’m on a diet.. 😤👊
• Liquee •
• Liquee • 4 days ago
Seaweed and wheat grass stroodle? That honestly sounds good.
Saira Wajahat
Bro look closely,you will see raw ramen noodles wraped in seaweed
Unicorn Rainbows
Unicorn Rainbows 5 days ago
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ C͢a͢n͢d͢y͢ c͢a͢n͢d͢y͢ a͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢h͢ ≧﹏≦
Frightened Føxes
Why did you speed up the normal popsicle but not the gummy posicle at 0:23
Benjamin Broniak
Benjamin Broniak 5 days ago
is a tomato a fruit? yes=like no=reply
ChickenMissBunny 5 days ago
Why so much baken
Rayne Spahr
Rayne Spahr 5 days ago
nooooooooo way you are so cool
Ashton Lichliter
Ashton Lichliter 5 days ago
1:58 I don’t know but this is kind of sad actually
Jayrob Plays
Jayrob Plays 5 days ago
The unicorn farts tho 😂😂😂
JACKSON Stewart 5 days ago
3:56 that’s weird don’t cha think
XCryptix 5 days ago
How i see it vat19: how do we make something original? Also Vat19: LETS ADD A STICK
Stephen Bartolic
Stephen Bartolic 5 days ago
why have a pie on a stick?
mladen škrlec
mladen škrlec 5 days ago
0:46 that's how coronavirus has spreaded
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