10 Star Wars Changes That Were Completely Justified

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If it ain't broke, George Lucas can still fix it.
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Comments 80
X40MUSIC Day ago
We need more rocks in he R2-D2 scene smh
Matthew Allman
Matthew Allman 2 days ago
Stormtroopers being stupid IS FUNNY!
Basic Cheesy Charlie
Shut up y’all only show photos
Dominick Claflin
Dominick Claflin 4 days ago
Talk about the change at the end of return of the Jedi. When he see’s obi wan and yoda’s ghost. Anakin skywalker joins them as ghost but in the old movie it’s played by Sebastian Shaw but in the newer version of the movie it’s played by Hayden Christensen who was anakin in the prequels.
IsaiasSoldier2 4 days ago
Why do videos like this refer to 2011 as the remake? I swore there were earlier versions with these changes already in the 2000s. I watched them as a kid and all these changes were already in those films BEFORE 2011.
Anthony DiNocco
Anthony DiNocco 6 days ago
Femi Taylor rules! Oola lives!
Yeet Mcskeet
Yeet Mcskeet 7 days ago
Oh if this movie was made today
Brandon Zacharias
Anakins ghost being changed to Hayden Christianson was definitely a good change. Tied in the prequels and original trilogy nicely
Domo The Bomb
Domo The Bomb 8 days ago
you missed ghost anakin
Cole Wallace
Cole Wallace 13 days ago
The celebration song is a better change from 1983 return of the Jedi to the 1997 version and including Hayden’s Anakin ghost. The last thing would be the removal of the bushy eye brows of Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi.
Tucker Miller
Tucker Miller 14 days ago
8:58 That's actually Marjorie Eaton, a woman. Lol
Wesley Purcell
Wesley Purcell 14 days ago
Changing Anakins force ghost to Hayden Christian!! Much more touching and emotional after the tragedy of Revenge of the Sith! Made the two trilogies feel more connected!!
Dalton Boardman
Dalton Boardman 15 days ago
I'd like them to re-ad the cut female x-wing fighters from episode 4. The lack of women in general is kinda weird in hindsight since this is supposed to be an advanced society and women are a big part of later lore.
Horst 15 days ago
Number 1 should be the rock infront of R2D2!
Max Hammersley
Max Hammersley 16 days ago
In Return Of The Jedi they switched out original Force ghost Anakin for Hayden Christensen after the release of Revenge of the Sith.
Matija Zanjkovič
Matija Zanjkovič 17 days ago
i like new anikin at the and of episode VI
Ethanc53 17 days ago
The Anakin force ghost change
Mateo D'Avino
Mateo D'Avino 18 days ago
What about anikin in return of the Jedi as a spirit ghost to symbolize the fact that your force ghost represents when your light side self passed away and so when he appears as a force ghost he’s his younger self because that was the last time he was alive as a Jedi/the light side version of himself. Only makes sense that when his spirit comes back to the light that his spirit would be the spirit of younger anikin and that’s what George Lucas did. Should’ve included as number 1
Offaly Lens
Offaly Lens 22 days ago
Don't show the bits inbetween, its lame, you are TRYING to be a cool youtuber but you come across stupid, its over done, much like Lucas did to the changes you idiot.
shadyLemur34 Games
shadyLemur34 Games 23 days ago
Whats that movie at 1:30 ??
Jon James
Jon James 23 days ago
Why do I feel like I’m watching a video for ESL kids? Every second is a dumb picture illustrating of the last word the narrator said. Your audience knows what a galaxy is, they don’t need a clip art picture of one.
Joker knight
Joker knight 25 days ago
8:57 that one is more better
Amir Ben Bassat
Amir Ben Bassat 26 days ago
The anakin change in revenge of the Jedi where you can see him as a force ghost, they changed it from the "Vader" anakin to the prequel one...
Mike Or
Mike Or 27 days ago
Now, Ian McDirmand returns as Emperor Palpatine in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.
Mike Or
Mike Or 11 days ago
@wubbledub It does.
wubbledub 11 days ago
How can he when it doesn't exist?
Mike Or
Mike Or 27 days ago
"You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." -Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Andrew Lucas
Andrew Lucas 28 days ago
1;50 mins Mandela effect. ...........
Gavin King
Gavin King 28 days ago
sebastian shaw's force ghost makes much more sense than hayden's. I don't know why they changed it, since anakin was still good even at the end of ROTJ when he was still vader. dude just wanted to save his wife, ended up becoming a sith lord
JedJ vP
JedJ vP 29 days ago
7:24 Get out Jar Jar =_=
Alex Month ago
There’s one Star Wars change that I like and that’s how George added jar jar binks in the prequels I think he is a really good character and addition to the cast
Stevie Paulson
Stevie Paulson Month ago
I think most of the changes you’ve mentioned are actually improvements. Only ones I don’t agree with are the change of the ending celebration in ROTJ. I preferred seeing the personal celebration of the main characters. Doesn’t make sense why the universe thinks it’s suddenly free either. The Imperial army still exists and surely someone else could just take over. Also, the actor playing Biggs seems a bit wooden to me which is why the scene was probably cut.
Peter Setrakian
Peter Setrakian Month ago
Pdawg Jr.
Pdawg Jr. Month ago
Yo what if the close up on the arm on that abominable snowman looking thing (I forgot the name sorry 💀) but what it was like a call back to the first time we saw obi wan chop some foos arm off in the bar in episode 4😳???
Spooky Boi
Spooky Boi Month ago
You might as well add CGI to 1930's Dracula. Films should remain the same so we can contrast it to past and present films and see how much they've changed over time.
KelpyG 100
KelpyG 100 Month ago
No yub nub song is better
sum random kid
sum random kid Month ago
Starwars fans can be so toxic about litteraly anything. The prequels, the sequels, even some things from the original trilogy, they all hate em.
ADiehardSavage Gaming
Sakib Month ago
You guy find a door closing funny..?
Jack And baby
Jack And baby Month ago
Ok ok ok
Barney Fife
Barney Fife Month ago
Nope. Should’ve kept them as they were. They were movies. No one knew about the story. This wasn’t Gone With the Wind. Novels to film is one thing, but these were just shit George wrote on napkins as time went on.
Jemina on Paras
Jemina on Paras Month ago
Did u just google every single word and took the first picture you saw
RobScope Month ago
Thank God they changed Palpatine in 1980 ESB xD The old one looked so incredibly poor
Risti Anna
Risti Anna Month ago
Itz Bryan11
Itz Bryan11 Month ago
Is no one gonna talk about the Old Anakin to Young Anakin Change In ROTJ
Potato Potato
Potato Potato Month ago
I’m actually happy they added the “Weesa free” Line
Zeref00 Month ago
“Wesa free” was the best part of the celebration scene
Frank Ramirez
Frank Ramirez Month ago
I think weesa free is the best part
Kemo Alvarez
Kemo Alvarez Month ago
I actually like the original lightsaber coloring for some reason
Reece Wagner
Reece Wagner Month ago
I actually thought the celebrations were one of the worst most abrupt changes.
John Wilbur
John Wilbur Month ago
Yeah but the endor celebration scene cut out yub yub
Ryan Farrar
Ryan Farrar Month ago
Had a heart attack when Jedi Rocks came up as number one
Aiden Bolte
Aiden Bolte Month ago
Han didnt shoot first slow it down.
Michael Levesley
Femi taylor was exotica in cats wtf?
Rachel Picheo
Rachel Picheo Month ago
Cloud City was Better without windows. Cause windows are a vulnerabilities and it showed how dangerous living in the clouds would be. Like a Star-base. Watching Return of the Jedi in the theater as a child....The Ewok celebration was the best thing ever. Other worlds would have confused me.
connor brennan
connor brennan Month ago
6.6 million views 😈
MrParkerman6 Month ago
Changing from Jake to Hayden was completely justified to me.
Gregory Girardin
So much talking
PewDeadPie Month ago
CGI Yoda damn it
CacklingElectricGrandpa Returns
Ewoks blinking...less scary bears.
The Out Of Place Show
Hayden as Anakin. I liked that part
Andy Rayna
Andy Rayna 2 months ago
Anikin on return of the Jedi!!!
Scottyman25 2 months ago
A stormtrooper hit his head on the top of the door but GL deleted the scene
Aiden Gough
Aiden Gough 2 months ago
What about jaba
Lxcien 2 months ago
8:57 did you know that that was a woman???
Ocho 2 months ago
Nah that extra Weesa Free is amazing lmfao it bridges the saga even more. And it sounds like Jar Jar
Prothomas OP
Prothomas OP 2 months ago
umm darth vader's eyebrows?
dardan mustafa
dardan mustafa 2 months ago
Hey changed Luke’s lightsaber from blue to green in return of the Jedi because the blue blended in with the sky
Free4life 2 months ago
YBG Fidee
YBG Fidee 2 months ago
Yea but the original emperor was a monkey with motion capture No, seriously A monkey
Daniel Cavanaugh
Daniel Cavanaugh 2 months ago
So he was younger looking?
AmericanPie 2 months ago
You forgot when George changed unmasked darth Vader into young anakin force ghost at the end of return of the jedi.
warhero99 2 months ago
Changing anikin in return of the Jedi
Tdawg 3535
Tdawg 3535 2 months ago
He said tattooine instead of naboo
Patrick Malden
Patrick Malden 2 months ago
How is one gungan louder than like 100000 people
Liam Dracup
Liam Dracup 2 months ago
In the original a new hope jabba was played by a human until they changed him to the big slimy monster we know
PenguDee Nooter
PenguDee Nooter 2 months ago
You forgot the change where the Annikan Force ghost at the end of ROTJ was changed to the prequel Annikan actor.
Mr Jee
Mr Jee 2 months ago
Do a little research - the ”guy” who played the original emperor is a woman.
Roba Sant
Roba Sant 2 months ago
The only change in the original trilogy that I don't like in young Anakin in the party at the end..
IndianaJonesTDH 11
IndianaJonesTDH 11 2 months ago
lad the origonal emperor reminds me of david bowie and kinda looks like him
Nick Haas
Nick Haas 2 months ago
What about Digitally removing anakins eyebrows in return of the Jedi
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 2 months ago
Yo you missed the change in return of the Jedi at the very end when all three spirit showed up
Elijah Yar
Elijah Yar 2 months ago
WeSa FrEe
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