10 Secret Entrances You Didn't Know You Can Make in Minecraft!

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Sub shows you 10 Secret Entrances that you would have never thought you could've made in Minecraft 1.15 and Minecraft 1.16!
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Welcome to Sub's World! Here, he'll (try) to show you some cool Minecraft Builds, Minecraft Redstone, Minecraft Top 10's, designs and way more stuff!
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Builds by Entity Builds: www.entitybuilds.com/
Voiced by Blake Swift: ruvid.net/u-ShadyVoxYT
Inspired by PrestonPlayz, Unspeakable Gaming, Logdotzip, Dream, Mumbo Jumbo, Magma Musen, GrianMC, and more fantastic Minecraft RUvidrs!
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Comments 80
Ryan Willam
Ryan Willam 2 hours ago
Eystreem viewers also watch these
25noob1 is a man that hacks games
me when i see these kind of videos: wow thx for telling me some traps and secret entrances :D
Romanttuu9ikm Elliott
I always use pig transport
kasy gaming
kasy gaming 22 hours ago
I mean secret base
kasy gaming
kasy gaming 22 hours ago
You create a tutorial entrance
Penang Green
Penang Green Day ago
But sometimes lagggg
Penang Green
Penang Green Day ago
Sub good job !
Rock smasher
Rock smasher Day ago
Wtf is a netherite ingot
ANU GUPTA 2 days ago
Amazing vedi
Alyssa Mulgrave
Alyssa Mulgrave 2 days ago
I love dis
Hamdaan Ali
Hamdaan Ali 4 days ago
OK 😱😱😱😱😱😱👌👌😎📱😱😱😱
Yoon Miran
Yoon Miran 4 days ago
sub:HMMMM Steve:DIE
Creeper Craft
Creeper Craft 4 days ago
nice vid
Puci Puc
Puci Puc 4 days ago
You can do a secret base behind the books because I have one too
lina bramley
lina bramley 4 days ago
MS Playings
MS Playings 5 days ago
Dylan Pregizer
Dylan Pregizer 5 days ago
This is too much for my little brain to comprehend
I love circus baby
Its not secret anymore
mr. kunga
mr. kunga 6 days ago
can you make a vid with secret bases where you can close the door behind you so you can hide in it too? I just noticed that when you enter the base you leave the door open behind you so steve can follow you inside...
Robert Wills
Robert Wills 6 days ago
Epic sub
Ruma Shama Shama
Ruma Shama Shama 7 days ago
Good sub.
Air_Force_One 1
Air_Force_One 1 7 days ago
*subtitle* ..... but if you watch subs videos, u will become a pro :)
MaeJay Diy
MaeJay Diy 7 days ago
Stetson Shanklin
Stetson Shanklin 8 days ago
I actually have two that I use when available, early game I dig a long one block water tunnel that leads to an open one block maze with dry two block holes with lava dispensers and pressure plates to kill intruders, late game I'll migrate with ender chests, and make a base with a lecture puzzle requiring different power books in exact placements to open up the base, similar to the lever puzzle in the jungle pyramids. Usually I'll have an entire underground village set up by that point with a one block backup exit into a cave or something so that I don't have to worry too much about anything.
Christelle Geustyn
Hahahahaha that is so cool
Elvan Atik
Elvan Atik 8 days ago
sub says netherite is just added VILLAGEES ARE FROM OLD VERSIONS LOL HOW???
Scam Adviser Reviews - ROBLOX
0:09 Ing-gots
Fireshard NEO
Fireshard NEO 14 days ago
Well, if it’s a rocket launcher, then yes, the Truth hurts
cheryl hadden
cheryl hadden 15 days ago
Sub wants u to sub to his channel to do some things are useful!
Johnny Salcedo
Johnny Salcedo 15 days ago
Johnny Salcedo
Johnny Salcedo 15 days ago
Johnny Salcedo
Johnny Salcedo 15 days ago
Cindy Garcia
Cindy Garcia 17 days ago
Will you be my friend on mindcraft and me and you can build secret bases together i am asking you this is becuse i like your Stiles
Timon Zich
Timon Zich 17 days ago
Your one of the best RUvidr ever
Royce Chan
Royce Chan 20 days ago
The problem of these entrance. 1. A random pressure plate on the ground. That is fishy. 2. Only a 1 time use. 3. Not an entrance. 4. Players like me will open all doors no matter what. It won't work on everyone. 5. If you need to break something or burn something, next time make a hole in wall and just fill it up. 6. A waste of time. When people found a lever and normal players would just break the ground and follow the redstone. 7. Villager doesn't always works how you want to. 8. Prof of Steve is a dummy. 9. This is just awful. 10. Again, make a hole in the wall and fill it up. I think 90% of the people already knew that.
Red & Blue Skul
Red & Blue Skul 21 day ago
Liked and subscribed I want to be famous like you my channel is Cool gamer man
Brandon Greco
Brandon Greco 22 days ago
Sub, u da best
David & Ma’s Channel
Sub makes big houses
Kiwi The Kitten!
Kiwi The Kitten! 24 days ago
How do u use red stone ;-;
Morganiscool4 da best!!!
My bookmark: 6:58
robo oliver
robo oliver 26 days ago
Figure redstone outlets in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall 26 days ago
Amyone in 2021
Trite 26 days ago
Dont subscribe to this liar
Trite 26 days ago
Wow 10minutes just to put ads in it shame on you
GTxInsanity 27 days ago
I love these bases!!!!
Igen Cezar Ruiz
Igen Cezar Ruiz 27 days ago
themainpain 05
themainpain 05 27 days ago
This seems like a mincraft version of 5 minute crafts lol
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez 27 days ago
I’m bad at red stone make on without red stone
Overkill Maximus
Overkill Maximus 28 days ago
How about instead of making worthless stupid bees they create a door that has a lock on it!
NOOBDP 28 days ago
08:19 Not gay!
Blake Bynum
Blake Bynum 29 days ago
minecraft is awesome
Jacob Goonewardene
These are all as useless as just taking out a pick and mine the blocks to your base.
Vicky Zheng
Vicky Zheng Month ago
People: start with simple redstone Mumbo: makes @ a 50 by 50 prison door when he started Mumbo: heh good enough
Brandon Cook
Brandon Cook Month ago
You must really be running out of ideas if you think any of these “secret” doors are a good idea.
Wizzard10159 Month ago
I've been subscribed for so long. "Sub's World" is so amazing and a great way to relax and enjoy life. Love your videos'.
Sean ムamingㄚ匕
I sub to you😊😊😊
DVolt Z
DVolt Z Month ago
I like alot of these just a shame people x ray or can see your name through the ground... I was at bedrock and a player would still see my name.
Ethen Jude the Gamer Dude
I love your videos!😀
Corazon Lorenzana
Just put a Ender chest full of stacks of shulker box :o
MZW Gamer
MZW Gamer Month ago
Sub I want to sent you a video can I send it in your Instagram account mine is itz_bhavik_pahuja
Intel Logo Animations
Sun why don`t you make some really secret bases in your own minecraft world
N00B_GAMING YT Month ago
im the tenth comment lol and I also subbed
Matthew Matesic
Matthew Matesic Month ago
I did Subscribe Sub
The Last One : Mine Is Stone Not Wool But Wool Is Behind The Stone And A Ware Store
Extreme Gamer
Extreme Gamer Month ago
I am so confused right now
Patricia Mae
Patricia Mae Month ago
There’s only 6 comments ??
Jaden Ip
Jaden Ip Month ago
I did subscribe
galexykittyxd Month ago
Its just gray wool but what if steve goes there and Burn's the cave as its" useless"?
Music Month ago
Julia Month ago
JADJ Mapili
JADJ Mapili Month ago
Wow its cool
Supriya Yuvaraj
Supriya Yuvaraj Month ago
Wtf 2nd comment
Trip Six
Trip Six Month ago
thumbnail shows a ladder inside a chest... is found nowhere in the video itself.
Ranju Rekha Baruah
Unusual ways to kill Ender Dragon
Erik Stania
Erik Stania Month ago
Sebastian Plays
Sebastian Plays Month ago
Cool 😎
Agent Awesome
Agent Awesome Month ago
I'm currently working on a under water base that is made out of an old sand temple. Just clear a five by five space where the water covers the bottom of the sand temple and put glass blocks to make a window. Hollow the base of the sand temple out to build a big bunker around the treasure chamber. Use redstone and sticky pistons to make a secret entrance from the treasure chamber and use pressure plates and signs to make an under water exit.
Jhairuz Lawrence Perilla
Sub love your vids I sub
theredbaron20 Month ago
I like this channel a lot
nick'sgames4 you
Good video!
Jose Lebron
Jose Lebron Month ago
Next videos