10 Rapid Fire Product Reviews for Mountain Bikers

Berm Peak Express
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Today, we’re doing a good old fashioned 10 mountain bike products video! Very few of these are long term reviews, and most of the products featured were tested while filming, so this is more for entertainment. If you are interested in any of these products, all the links are right here.
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Dawn to Dusk Products
Water bottle (non-insulated!) amzn.to/36JdXuj
Bear hug mount amzn.to/2XjMAE3
Carbon bottle cage amzn.to/3dldCAv
Tasco Scout Shorts amzn.to/2zOLQxz
Crud Cloth www.crudcloth.com/
Flash Stand amzn.to/2XNTj86
Power Lever amzn.to/2XJ7E5T
Tru Chu chutru.com/
Crash Pads betterbandages.com/
Park Tool Hex Wrenches amzn.to/2TV0daJ
Fixit Sticks amzn.to/3dies0I
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May 31, 2020




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Comments 100
NRT_keppy 11 hours ago
1:02 really because there is installation smh
Elijah Benjamin Merle Sipe
11:06 spider climbing up seths shoulder
Who else saw the spider on seth's coat
Parker Bruhns
Parker Bruhns 2 days ago
how much does the topeak weigh? I might use it for XC.
chicken nugget :D
anargya ramadhan
anargya ramadhan 2 days ago
I already watched this lik fifty time and its more entertaining everytime you watched it
John Pots
John Pots 3 days ago
i know you dont like the insulation , but think about this . lask mounth l look a ride in southern Ca in 108 degree heat, and an hour into the ride the water burned my skin when i tried to pour some over my head. In Ca heat an insulated bottle is a godsend.
James Harvey
James Harvey 5 days ago
Good stuff Seth as always. And...2:16 LOL!
xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx 7 days ago
Trevor Pietruszka
11:07 there's a spier on his left shoulder
Carson Campbell
Carson Campbell 8 days ago
11:07 anyone notice the spider on his shoulder i noticed that bun now i relize every one else did before me
Andrei H
Andrei H 8 days ago
why are you using the 90$ grips???
Steve Ronsen the Max
Love the Vids....Whats a good tire pressure gauge for presta and shrader digital and non digital?
Joshua Mechlin
Joshua Mechlin 9 days ago
did any one hear the water sound at 4:31
Mustaafah Maasaiyah
are you from Minnesota
Blayk Richardson
Blayk Richardson 10 days ago
You’re biggest thing is having the right tool for the job so you always carry a lot of multi tools but how often do you actually break something
Ben Osmond
Ben Osmond 11 days ago
Try the dawn to dusk bottle lid on another bottle and see if it works
Jonathan Pain
Jonathan Pain 13 days ago
at 11mins 7 seconds there was a spider on his shoulder
Victory Joao
Victory Joao 14 days ago
but really kinda the same
Marcus Gaming1710
Marcus Gaming1710 14 days ago
Shane Harrington
Shane Harrington 15 days ago
The Strip Gripper need to be tapped in with a hammer, you use the size larger than your stripped screw head. They are "Real Shop Tools" after all.
DerpieGaming 15 days ago
Are we just not gonna talk about the spider on his shoulder 11:07
ALM7MEED _391 16 days ago
Will Pappas
Will Pappas 16 days ago
12:45 what bike is that?
Andrei K Andy
Andrei K Andy 16 days ago
11.08 you have a spider on ur shoulder
The Desart Narwhal
The Desart Narwhal 17 days ago
4:30 "velcro... quick access. common seth lol.
Alex Lindberg
Alex Lindberg 17 days ago
Hahahah all Velcro quick access😂😂
Rusty Nolastname
Rusty Nolastname 18 days ago
Funny how the berm peak express videos are longer than the regular berm peak videos.
puntok uno
puntok uno 18 days ago
I think insulated bottles does not compromise the bottle itself. For example a 750ml insulated bottle is a 750ml bottle. Its not like 750ml becomes 700ml because of the insulation thing right?
Andrew Manczak
Andrew Manczak 19 days ago
11:07 there's a spider on ur shoulder seth
Simon 20 days ago
u could use the crud cloth to wipe off ur brake rotors
Nicks Bricks
Nicks Bricks 20 days ago
Aravind Sankar
Aravind Sankar 20 days ago
Want another bicycle hack video........
davood kamali
davood kamali 20 days ago
I love the way you keep the kid happy 😊 and honored to follow you
Levi Kompkoff
Levi Kompkoff 20 days ago
I hat how he says water
vien seth dungog
vien seth dungog 22 days ago
Can I have your Xtra parts sir SETH
stergios s
stergios s 22 days ago
Does anyone know the song at 2:27?
Kai Traynor
Kai Traynor 23 days ago
MTB are gay MX are the best
Isabel Kunigk
Isabel Kunigk 24 days ago
wooder bodel
Parker Collins
Parker Collins 24 days ago
For the crash pads: maybe intended for trail-side first aid instead of long term healing? They look good to cover a wound and minimize extra dirt from getting in. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Boris 26 days ago
eating candies off the handlebar while riding the bike is a great way to get rid if excess teeth
Boris 26 days ago
OUCH @ 2:14
John M
John M 26 days ago
Megumin 27 days ago
“ They have diffrent *FlAvORs* ”
Makes No Mistakes
Makes No Mistakes 27 days ago
When he missed the couch 😑
Jack on a mountain bike.
You should reveiw some of the crank brothers Y-series multitools at some point.
L3V3L !
L3V3L ! 27 days ago
10:58 thats why I always wear gloves
Tallcanjr Boss
Tallcanjr Boss 27 days ago
Them things on the handle gon mock ya teeth out tryna eat like that
Franko Ribić
Franko Ribić 28 days ago
where do you buy your MTB bike
qenxeツ 28 days ago
Bro I just luv what you do keep it up man good work.
Tz twilight
Tz twilight Month ago
off topic but seth is like the santa of bikes because he always gives kids bikes or new parts for threre bikes
Divine in Purple
You'd want some gauze with the crash pads. Putting adhesive straight onto an open wound is not a good idea because when you take it off, you tear off the natural clotting factors that your body has used to stop the bleeding.
Kaleb Boudreau
Kaleb Boudreau Month ago
I was like those bandages are useless the next day goes to bike park and crash I bought those bandages they work the same
Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans Month ago
Petr Šálek
Petr Šálek Month ago
3:37 I thought he was talking about the supermarket franchise named Tesco (would be a great rival to Wallmart shorts)
Danny.Catherall Month ago
It’s all fun and games until u hit a bump and cut through the roof of your mouth
77 glythyy
77 glythyy Month ago
JAY FLO Month ago
Just saw the thumbnail and decided to reticle the video. “How to brake all of your front teeth.”
Daniel Pond
Daniel Pond Month ago
We just gonna ignore the spider on Seth’s jacket al 11:07?
Morgan Anderson
Morgan Anderson Month ago
I can see the chew thing being use for road bikes
Caleb Mullis
Caleb Mullis Month ago
Nicholas Hamilton
Woooder bottle
houdeX Month ago
Bruh i saw the thumbnail, and I thought, what if you try to take a snack and you just drive on a bump? It basically hits your teeth out lmao
Attila Pap
Attila Pap Month ago
I actually used a flip lid + insulated water bottle in 2004 in my rally car! Didn't used it on my bike, but in the car was everything covered in fine dust, and super heatsoaked. Except for my water. ;-) It was a "dirt-cheap" :-D mtb bottle from Tesco in Hungary, so the idea isn't all that new. I just ordered the Topeak Power Lever yesterday! :-D Good price! Nice shirt!
Ethan_V_01 Month ago
Nobody give af if it’s disposable, it’s a good product
Josh Kirsch
Josh Kirsch Month ago
i eat beans daily
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard Month ago
4:30 **engages Florida man stance**
When you watch it back see drama You Are ra
Adam Calcagno
Adam Calcagno Month ago
This guy is like a slightly microwaved Kumar from Harold and Kumar
Manana Salakaia
Manana Salakaia Month ago
11:08 there is a spider on Seth's shoulder
Jacob Conde
Jacob Conde Month ago
Woter bottle
Brick Bros
Brick Bros Month ago
I am pretty sure the Topeak powerlever is also a tire lever
Krooked Productions
Normal people: water Him: woooter
Sea Iris
Sea Iris Month ago
Crud cloth is a good idea but so is a wet terrycloth in a ziploc freezer bag.
XGC Soul Eater
XGC Soul Eater Month ago
Those bandages are just glorified tegaderm.
Razvan Duciuc
Razvan Duciuc Month ago
I ride a dirt bike but I still watch this
Pjotr Month ago
The sound of the brakes is wurse then my Tinnitus 😂
Seif Eissa
Seif Eissa Month ago
Bfbs GUNNAR Month ago
ozreedys Month ago
What helmet do u use
Benjamin Evans
Benjamin Evans Month ago
Here’s a hack: Put the gummies in an AirPod case and they will have a cover
Mike the Doltish Gamer
Brandon G
Brandon G Month ago
Where does he get those maxxis tires???
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Month ago
Noob Dred
Noob Dred Month ago
Bonus item: Using pacifier bottle as a water bottle
superforcemaster xd
I have a waterbackpack
Bike bros
Bike bros Month ago
Are those scout shorts padded?
TASCO MTB 3 days ago
Bike bros they are just the shorts, no liner at this time 👍
SixDeadly Month ago
ChuTru.. "look mommy, i can ride without my teeth!"
Ryan Cortez
Ryan Cortez Month ago
anybody try the bandaid?
Orionfpv Month ago
That fucking CEO with the belt Sanders lol. That dude is my hero. Not for sanding his arms but because neither of those Sanders a plugged in or have sand paper on them. He didn't even unravel the cords which means he definitely returned them to lowes after that picture. My hero
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Month ago
Lmaoooooooo they could have at least had them running!
Rino720 _
Rino720 _ Month ago
There is a different way than truchew
Harry Edson
Harry Edson Month ago
This is the best thumbnail ever even though it’s not click bait
Marc-Gabriel IORDAN
11:06 there is a spider on his shoulder😬
The Real Narrator
I race cross country mountain bikes, and those chew things are the best. Although we normally just lick them or bite a chunk off the bottom and then stick it into the frame.
MaxiClan4 Month ago
“It was so slippery on the handlebars that my hands slipped on the handlebars!” Seth, 2020
Soumya Nayak
Soumya Nayak Month ago
Hey Seth can you add a suspension on my e-bike it's an electro essentia you shoud check it out
William Bennett
William Bennett Month ago
2:15 You're welcome.
Jesper Dijksma
Jesper Dijksma Month ago
The strip gripper should be called a grip stripper. It only takes away the grip of the bold.
Andrew Hogan
Andrew Hogan Month ago
I like your RUvid videos it’s really cool
new sub! love your videos man. Keep it up!
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