10 Puzzles That Look Hard But Are Actually Easy!

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Hello Friends! Today is all about trying puzzle that may look hard, but they're actually super easy! Join us as we go back in time and revisit the good ol' Matthias Channel days! We will still be uploading our usual DOPE or NOPE videos along with some Matthias channel styled videos! Grab a snacc and buckle in because today's video is a hilarious one! Let us know if you have ever tried to solve some of these crazy puzzles!

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Jun 14, 2019




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Comments 8 654
maverickolo maveracka
GameHunter !!!
GameHunter !!! 3 hours ago
I didn’t know :/
OmppuPlayS 5 hours ago
When i was like 10 years old my grandpa had a puzzle that he had tried to solve for a long time and he told me to solve it for 20€ and i solved it in under 10 minutes.
PewDiePie Hack3r
PewDiePie Hack3r 5 hours ago
matthias: i'm basically a genius also matthias: tries to eat snickers bar with wrapper still on it
Genji Shimada
Genji Shimada 6 hours ago
I solved the sea urchin puzzle in less then a minute....
Septic Stache
Septic Stache 7 hours ago
Feel the banjo kazooie nostalgia of when it was good
fork knife music
fork knife music 7 hours ago
0:57 give the man some slack
Stephanie Cheney
Stephanie Cheney 7 hours ago
I love the Hellraiser movies
ross0930 ross0930
ross0930 ross0930 8 hours ago
my friend has puzzle 2
Ethan Martinez
Ethan Martinez 12 hours ago
I dont like Australia, but now I found a couple new reasons to hate it!
Fernando Rabell
Fernando Rabell 15 hours ago
paul eating pual
maressa *-*
maressa *-* 15 hours ago
4:58 i did :D i know how to solve it since i was a child
Riley McGowan
Riley McGowan 15 hours ago
Kwanta Reid
Kwanta Reid 17 hours ago
Hey I’m Australian Matt we sleep in beds not pouches
Luca Verbeeck
Luca Verbeeck 17 hours ago
I now the second one, I have one myself
The Watcher
The Watcher 18 hours ago
i was that guy that was taking his pants off
Jamie’s got tentacles Fan
Matthais: i dont like regular flat tooty puzzles Tanner: WORK MONKEY 😂😂😂😂😂
Tyncewhodestroys Joles
Oh I actually am dumb I didn’t know how to solve the first lvl 3 puzzle
Fahad Zafar
Fahad Zafar 20 hours ago
I was not able to do it in first attempt
Blake LaValley
Blake LaValley 21 hour ago
The squidward boxes joke was hilarious 20:55
iRisk951 21 hour ago
Slim shady
Liam Barker
Liam Barker 21 hour ago
i have the crate puzzle and immediately knew
John Mangiameli
John Mangiameli 22 hours ago
Says "Iron man" but shows a picture of Freiza lmao
AMP Guardian
AMP Guardian Day ago
I knew how to do the porciepine cage one
I’m Australian and we do not sleep in a kangaroo
mercster Day ago
Hanayamas are never done until you can re-assemble it.
CATFACE_: 3 Day ago
Bunch of joeys over in Australia mates
please get off my channel
Only gods noticed that these videos are 24 mins long
I like origami but that is so bad
Armored FFA
Armored FFA Day ago
I only clicked because I recognized the lament configuration from hellraiser
Ryan Herrera
Ryan Herrera Day ago
Alexandr Koufalis
a litle
Gray fox
Gray fox Day ago
14:54 🤣😂🤣
Michael Treacy
That...is not...Iron Man...that's Lord Frieza...
Emma Matsuoka
5:00 i have one big box like this . my mom own it. antique stuff in it.. also weird stuff too .
Dead Rider
Dead Rider Day ago
That misleading thumbnail tho
Daniel mcmahon
Come on seriously? Putting down Aussies constantly! We're pretty good people, like don't judge us when we're all from the same country origiannly anyway
Hayley Hume
Hayley Hume Day ago
Hayley Hume
Hayley Hume Day ago
Jazmin Hampson
matt: "sleep in a kangaroo pouch" me: omg haven't heard that one before XD
Yusra Dania
Yusra Dania Day ago
Am i the only one who thinks he sounded like that evil doctor in jimmy nuetron when he said fascinating?
Gandalf - Noah Henius Odgaard
10 bannanas that are actually banannas but they are actually apples !
Sneakls Day ago
The Lament box could be a neat little weed stasher
4:05 mouse played pubg to die in a small wooden crate
Korni1409 Day ago
I love how I was laughing at jokes about putting pants on and then came moment of realisation that Im sitting in front of my pc without pandas xD
sherlynprimo 48
I can't solve any 😂
Xavier-Rai Day ago
I clicked for lament configuration picture. The description given by Matthias is kinda lackluster and crappy.
Mike James
Mike James Day ago
ROFL at 20. Yup I should put my pants on...🤣. Ahh...yup sleepin nude dude
Golden star VB
Oh no guess I gotta put my uncomfortable pants on
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