10 Products That Come to Life When You Add Water

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How do you make these products even more fun? Just add water!
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To show off our new Sour Powdered Chewing Gum, we're rounding up our favorite water-related products! Between the Watermelon Ball and the Life Straw, we've got something for everyone!
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 6 485
Vat19 7 months ago
Are there any foods you wish came in powdered form? Have you seen some of our other weird foods? ruvid.net/video/video-_-Ic5nS5TXA.html
gemnaela lopez
gemnaela lopez 6 hours ago
Vat19 paobeako ninang this is gum 99
gemnaela lopez
gemnaela lopez 6 hours ago
Vat19 paobeako ninang 99
XxGeorgia GachaXx
Ice cream
KrisThe RKO
KrisThe RKO 11 days ago
albanyfaria 13 days ago
pxniniibread 9 hours ago
0:53 That's it. That's how I chew gum.
Claire Baxter
Claire Baxter 20 hours ago
Who else noticed that Danny (I think it was Danny) was naked actually naked? That must have been awkward 😂😆
logan jimmy
logan jimmy 22 hours ago
Throw it at this guys face you are that guy
Wooly Day ago
the magical star dust turned into foam for me :( it was disgusting
Input_ Day ago
Hey, @Vat19, for the SuperSplashers advertisment, you should mention that it prevents pollution
ShepCar Day ago
im too scared to buy the lifestraw
Some Newbie Artist
Is it me or does the first one seem familiar? Didn’t something similar exist before??
Akbar Hossain
Vat 19 is suck.Because vat 19 copies what we do and vat19 is a slopoke.Vat19 is a stoupid compini
Marcus Hoopee
God: water is meant to drink Vat19:
Kelvin Day ago
9:58 oorbeez
Fade Playz
Fade Playz Day ago
Kids in africa are pissed
poo Fishman
poo Fishman Day ago
michikira Day ago
guy: looking for water him: next to ocean
7:37 so on the clock I might just wake up in the middle of the night thirsty and drink it the water
Sky Christensen
Number (6) could also pollutes the ocean and world 🌎
Solena Skylar
Someone tag Cristine from Simplynailogical on that Water Marbling product
The Splash city
The watermelon ball and game is just soccer in the pooling using a dumb looking ball
onlyintheD11 2 days ago
If that guy is really thirsty why does he not just drink from that ocean
Will Scott
Will Scott 2 days ago
I have had my alarm clock for four years without changing batteries so six months is nothing
Autumn and ophelia Jane
hey, guys, me and my twin love you guys and we have a channel can we review your stuff and we get a lotta view and might bigger views for you and we really want to do it channel autumn and Ophelia jane
Yuuki 2 days ago
Also the person who wrote the subtitle got a error in the aqua pod part
Yuuki 2 days ago
The ad I watched when sonic ad was paused the right eye is down first lmao
Dorsey Marston
Dorsey Marston 2 days ago
Can u eat spit ballz?
編集ZariaFlaze 2 days ago
I actually have sneaky stardust!
Marius Bartkevicius
11:06 lmao he is not even drinking the water
GoldenDoom 2 days ago
the only company to make money from their own ads
Jase O'Shea
Jase O'Shea 2 days ago
9:09 I wish I could say that to a girl
Super ryno man
Super ryno man 2 days ago
Do not eat sneaky stardust if you have a cavity because you will be in pain all day
Licka Champ
Licka Champ 2 days ago
I thought the thumbnail off the video said. this is cum
XxCrystal_ Slime
XxCrystal_ Slime 3 days ago
The gum pouder doesn't work bc I tried it and it just turned into liquid that tasted like nail polish remover dont recommend it
Alec Sikora
Alec Sikora 3 days ago
Why would you wash a paper plate? I love you guys
maziah mohd nor
maziah mohd nor 3 days ago
One question, does the lifestraw can drink PEE
yunotastic 3 days ago
To be honest with you i really want to buy that dust to gum so that when i go to class i just show then the gum and they will be so confused on where i got the gum
ferret_kiss 1987
ferret_kiss 1987 3 days ago
Woungardem leveosa
LemonBean 3 days ago
11:09 the water wasn’t even going in danny’s mouth.
D0ji moji
D0ji moji Day ago
Chui Jillian
Chui Jillian 3 days ago
Did you realize Jamie in the spitball one he picked his nose and ate the booger
ssoggie. nuggie
ssoggie. nuggie 4 days ago
I found this at my local circle k in Arizona it’s soooo good I got blue razz
Vexen666 4 days ago
At Wal-Mart, you can buy stackable fish tank boxes, so put fish in the bottom, and the floating candle in the top one, and add some fish decorations at the top.
Kelley Gontko
Kelley Gontko 4 days ago
7:17 When that wizzard said "Shall we duel nErD" it had me right there 🤣🤣🤣🤣
LRMiniV 4 days ago
Mo one is talking about now he can just get water from the sea!
gamerguy 64
gamerguy 64 4 days ago
6:57 Albus Dumbledore
Alberto Cruz
Alberto Cruz 4 days ago
Horcrux Ava
Horcrux Ava 4 days ago
When he said melon I thought of trip from facade
itz_ night- chan
itz_ night- chan 4 days ago
Thats the same thing in turkey the third one iys called "ebru" its a traditional art of turkey (i live in turkey so i knkw it)
AM USoft
AM USoft 5 days ago
AM USoft
AM USoft 5 days ago
JrOrnithologist 5 days ago
I used to have Super Splashers, but I left them outside over the winter on accident.
Rudi Prasetia
Rudi Prasetia 5 days ago
Did i saw the person that you throw the spit balls eat his booger’s
Dominic Filice
Dominic Filice 5 days ago
Rudi Prasetia yes you did saw the person that he throw the spit balls eat his boogers
Ryoji Ev
Ryoji Ev 5 days ago
Imagine being in World War III and some guy says splash the enemy with Super splasher‘s
chilly ven_Rat HQ
I accidentally read the thumbnail as "IS THIS CUM?" Instead of "IS THIS GUM?"
Chloe Jiang
Chloe Jiang 6 days ago
Isn’t spit balls Orbeez
Pengo & Kitty
Pengo & Kitty 6 days ago
That is called hydro dipping Vat19
skunk umer
skunk umer 7 days ago
5:40 so it's just a ball
emily molina
emily molina 7 days ago
It’s the Bubble jug
Elliot Musical
Elliot Musical 7 days ago
....Who else understood the “Naked And Afraid” reference? Lmao
Emmy Terro123
Emmy Terro123 5 days ago
Vincent Deng
Vincent Deng 7 days ago
Eco friendly clock but uses plastic as itself
Runaway Seaa
Runaway Seaa 7 days ago
What’s the difference between orbeez and spitballs?
Ugh It’s that guy again
lol aqua pots are illegal in my country
Why you abounded your Chanel
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