10 Products That Come to Life When You Add Water

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How do you make these products even more fun? Just add water!
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To show off our new Sour Powdered Chewing Gum, we're rounding up our favorite water-related products! Between the Watermelon Ball and the Life Straw, we've got something for everyone!
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Comments 80
Vat19 8 months ago
Are there any foods you wish came in powdered form? Have you seen some of our other weird foods? ruvid.net/video/video-_-Ic5nS5TXA.html
Skullers Gaming
Skullers Gaming 2 days ago
I dont have a pool vat19
Skullers Gaming
Skullers Gaming 2 days ago
I dont have vegatable oil i only have gasoline oil
Mechanical Guy
Mechanical Guy 3 days ago
me: finds sneaky star dust. also me: snorts it
rosa nary
rosa nary 7 days ago
anonymous, ik, it's a dumb name
Never even thought of powered gum let alone something else lol. Maybe a jaw breaker? Or nerds?
ErikVU Day ago
Vat19 COVID-19 Hmm
Rita Fingerman
I subscribed and turned on notifications! I also sent fan art!!!
Shreyas Upasani
11:08 ..... Did Danny even drink water?
{Jane_Elise} Cupcake
It’s not that even disgusting
Anthony Marinara Sauce
Anyone else notice that at 10:38 the girls shirt says ass
DylProPlayz 2 days ago
I bought the aqua bot water bottle at LL bean store!?
Soysauceater 2 days ago
6:20 PUN-CITY!!!
OziPurpliy 3 days ago
Spitballs are just Orbeez
Louis Ciccia
Louis Ciccia 4 days ago
who likes don't like watermelon me people that are ilergect
hmm yes
hmm yes 4 days ago
6:03 I see what you did there
Noah Wyckoff
Noah Wyckoff 4 days ago
but now in 2020 there is corona virusthere is nothing left of vegtable oil or olive oil soooooooooooo... wth
Jordan Does Stuff
Anyone think that the guy that brought tp in bare and scared is a genius now because of covit 19
The Krazy gamer
The Krazy gamer 4 days ago
what a monotone french woman
william 4 days ago
I first learned about vat19 in 6TH GRADE I’m 20 years old and still keep up!
ireallylovealldoggys roblox
11:38 Naked and Afraid Logic
ultratrash 64
ultratrash 64 4 days ago
So is there a 1% that the life straw won't work
caleb martinez
caleb martinez 5 days ago
vat19 can I have some gum 413 king valley circle .
Emily Ly
Emily Ly 5 days ago
11:40 anyone gonna talk about this...
Emily Ly
Emily Ly 5 days ago
9:55 it looks like orbies (no offense)
Bernadette King
Bernadette King 5 days ago
Lillie Cookie
Lillie Cookie 5 days ago
Did Jamie actually get hurt??
sans the main man
Bruh skip to 2:56 it tells you what to do you dont need to but it
MrsCanadiam 14
MrsCanadiam 14 6 days ago
okay I like ads now
Henry D
Henry D 6 days ago
what if someone doesn't want it to be sour to bad
The Overall Beast
Lol aqua pod was so cool and funny
twilight gacha
twilight gacha 6 days ago
4:15 someone came to my school they had made a home made one and it goes higher then that we were watching it and it went over the road
Danae Knorst
Danae Knorst 7 days ago
Spit balls are Orbeez.....
Rob jacob flores
Rob jacob flores 7 days ago
0:36 Wants some Mmm'more products check our website vat19.com
Volt64bolt 7 days ago
Another ad
Jax McClain
Jax McClain 7 days ago
I love vat19
Jamie Maxwell
Jamie Maxwell 8 days ago
5:12 shoulda used dr.Pepper
Theme Guys
Theme Guys 8 days ago
Berdo six
Tucker vlogs Stuff
I’m basically just watching adds
robcsutorka 8 days ago
I bought sneaky Stardust
Sou Suratthadhipati
Not me
Sou Suratthadhipati
A some your butt further macdutty 🖕
Angela Nepomuceno
suriV anoroC
suriV anoroC 8 days ago
8:40 . That 0.0001% of bacteria makes you sick and ill
Madeline McBride
Madeline McBride 8 days ago
I was terrified when the water powered clock was set to the time I saw this ( 7:23 )
Jtrudio 2008
Jtrudio 2008 8 days ago
Looks at title Africa: am i a joke too you
Skylar Weatherford
Hala Fadel
Hala Fadel 8 days ago
my brother and i love your Chanel this is my favorite video
onlyintheD11 9 days ago
why cant that guy in the intro just use a life straw and drink from the ocean
Never&Ever Forever
Cotton candy that turns into gum is good.
Doruk Efe Özkan
Doruk Efe Özkan 9 days ago
1:59 that is a traditional artwork in Turkey. Re-make?
Sawyer Evans
Sawyer Evans 9 days ago
Cool This is cool I like it
A Random Ace
A Random Ace 9 days ago
kitty kyxie Pang
kitty kyxie Pang 9 days ago
Did the water bottle hit your eye?
Dead Ender
Dead Ender 9 days ago
Roblox Keith
Roblox Keith 9 days ago
Melon ball? Im gonna just use a real fruit
Rhoninja Redbone
Rhoninja Redbone 9 days ago
they missed a pun city :( 6:18
Floams GMD
Floams GMD 9 days ago
Makes you go: Hmmmmm Sour thing is: mmmmmH R E V E R S E D ?
*Hello Zâräh*
*Hello Zâräh* 9 days ago
siyuan yu
siyuan yu 9 days ago
You know that guy who’s finding water probably doesn’t know he’s on a beach with the ocean water right beside him😂
YT Subtostarcloud
YT Subtostarcloud 10 days ago
0.58 when u look at a booty too much
Thomas Potts
Thomas Potts 10 days ago
Common sensing ain't so common so more
Pengus Playz
Pengus Playz 10 days ago
1:12 is what i did 😂
Orkid Suri
Orkid Suri 10 days ago
11:07 no one realized that the water didnt even go in his mouth?
Tyler Hicks
Tyler Hicks 10 days ago
Danny has a way with words
Dominic Talarico
Dominic Talarico 10 days ago
Cloudzy_Terraria 10 days ago
What if you shows an African this video🤔
powerplay -ON
powerplay -ON 10 days ago
0:53 chewing like cows!!!
Amber Berglind
Amber Berglind 11 days ago
so, can LifeStraw filter Covid 19?
Shayan Arbab
Shayan Arbab 11 days ago
2:10 plot twist magic powder is drugs
Eddy Cabreja
Eddy Cabreja 11 days ago
5:40 Well, you can't spell "watermelon" without "water"
Ceren Şen
Ceren Şen 11 days ago
Vat 19: Aqua illustrations!! Me who lives in turkey and has this as a culture (it’s called ebru): *what*
Taun Tses
Taun Tses 11 days ago
Beast ads ever
นําชัย สืบสายอ่อน
So its a gum...that's look like cocain?
NAT3 11 days ago
Why don’t they put these ads in games
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 12 days ago
LifeStraw does not filter salt water............. Eric scooping out some salt water from the beach and drinking out of a LifeStraw
Aidan Woodward
Aidan Woodward 12 days ago
Free ad skip 0:46
Aidan Woodward
Aidan Woodward 12 days ago
Best Food Reviewer
Best Food Reviewer 12 days ago
7:31 wow a clock and a water bottle?!?! how cool
shahina sultana
shahina sultana 12 days ago
Gum asmr
LeadSine 12 days ago
Vat:look powdered gum Me:(intensely flashes back to the time hubba bubba made powdered gum)
DahUltimateLionFan Oh yeah
i got tricked to watch a 13 minutes long ad
Great Stranger
Great Stranger 12 days ago
0:55 is me when something is stuck between my teeth
Pamela Mabry
Pamela Mabry 12 days ago
For the water clock do you HAVE to use fresh water or can you use the ocean?
Linh DP
Linh DP 12 days ago
Does the wizard look like Dumbledore?
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