10 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Title Fights

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Comments 100
GravityLee 10 hours ago
Leave DC alone you basement dwellers
Thor yL
Thor yL 12 hours ago
Rory got his nose shatteted from a brutal jab right in the face, thats why he collapsed. Without that he would have pushed through
justin pfaff
justin pfaff 22 hours ago
your voice always reminds me of mike goldberg lol
kongvinter33 Day ago
fuck Dana Whites Irish bitch boy. Where is he now?
Justin Smear
Justin Smear Day ago
It should be noted that in Cormier v Jones 2 that Jones was juiced up in a big way and that fight doesn't even matter to the records now.
Norlee Garcia
Norlee Garcia 2 days ago
Um you left out that epic Cyborg knock out by Nunes too. Lol 😄
mic e
mic e 2 days ago
Jds we love u bro never boo u 💪the best heart
Nah its rockhold...dont feel bad at all Great vid tho😂
Brandon Baranowski
Max is the best featherweight of all time
captain P
captain P 6 days ago
You can add. Namajunas vs andrade. To this list... namajunas was dominating the whole round to be slammed and lose.
DaciousMC 6 days ago
What if Jon punched just 2% harder because of 'roids? What if that was the 2% that pushed Daniel into being knocked out? That would start to add up with each punch. He always explains it away, but for real, what if it was the straw that broke the camel's back?
Bob Saget
Bob Saget 8 days ago
No one was heart broken when Chael Sonnen lost.
conspiracies are just great stories
Jose Also? Really? He wasnt humble in any fucking way. He was a motherfucker before and after the fight. In fact, he kept being a motherfucker for year + after that. There's nothing sad about that fight. It was a pleasure to watch him lose
conspiracies are just great stories
Rhonda should blame her coaches and management team. She should have played the humble card when coming back from her loss to Holm and handle herself with class. Instead, she was trained to get into a slugfest with Nunez and trained to carry her arrogant hatred into that fight. It's all because she listened to the wrong people
Esteban Aguilar
Esteban Aguilar 10 days ago
And thats why Ronda is in WWE now lol
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 10 days ago
Sad how at the time mcgregor beat Aldo, all these new ufc “fans” didn’t know who aldo was. No respect in a respectful sport. Bandwagon fans suck, it was annoying seeing all these mcgregor “fans”
saloneju 11 days ago
Number #8 should be on the "Most satisfying MMA moments" -list instead of this one. Sry but not sorry Ronda.
Meris 12 days ago
Meris 12 days ago
Gonzalez _MMA
Gonzalez _MMA 13 days ago
Rory’s loss got me man if he hadn’t broken his nose too he would’ve won that fight
Fatal Flaw
Fatal Flaw 14 days ago
I thought the fight between hendo vs bisping was emotional for hendo because he was booed in his final ufc fight in london
Luke Jo
Luke Jo 14 days ago
3:46 she's tapping that badge
Jake Fortier
Jake Fortier 15 days ago
What is the point of this?
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg 15 days ago
Chael v Anderson; you know it's coming.
V K 16 days ago
Still kinda fucked how Aldo never got a rematch. Almost every body else that lost a title got it right away.
TheMrmoc7 16 days ago
I was a Mcgregor fan until what he did to Aldo. I still have not forgiven him and never will. I wake up everyday praying for his downfall. Yes he's rich, but I drive a Mustang GT, and my girlfriend is hotter than his baby mother.
Jack Walters
Jack Walters 15 days ago
You sound just as shallow as he is lol.
Antonio Genovese
Antonio Genovese 16 days ago
rockhold losing etc was not heartbreaking at all
Tim Cross
Tim Cross 16 days ago
Ronda Rowsey lost due to a severe coaching failure, if she had stuck to what she was known for she would still be a champion.
Jack Walters
Jack Walters 15 days ago
Tim Cross Now she's working as a jester in wrestling. How the mighty have fallen lol.
Montana 16 days ago
Seeing JDS like that really makes me wish MMA corners threw in the towel more. He wasnt going to quit and there is a fine line between an experience you will learn and grow from and one thats just hurting you physically.
Beats by Saile
Beats by Saile 16 days ago
this video was not an easy watch wow didnt expect these feels lol
Beats by Saile
Beats by Saile 16 days ago
that JDS moment....
Noelly P
Noelly P 16 days ago
Are you joking? Everyone loves to see Luke Rockhold get whooped. He is the most unlikeable mma fighter ever.
Noelly P
Noelly P 16 days ago
Same with Rousey, this list is crap.
Pay TheKost
Pay TheKost 16 days ago
Edmond should be charged, tried and hung for what he did to Rousey. Absolutely criminal. As much as I hate that she-male, to see a fighter destroyed by a trainer is just wrong. Who tells Mike Tyson he needs to start kicking in the ring? Who tells Rousey she needs to start boxing in the octagon? If she stuck to her grappling and ground game, she would have retired undefeated.
Phil And Stuff
Phil And Stuff 16 days ago
11:23 Name of ringside physician in yellow?
Phil And Stuff
Phil And Stuff 15 days ago
+Jack Walters Nuh uh.
Jack Walters
Jack Walters 15 days ago
Phil And Stuff Buck Angel.
Vishal yadav
Vishal yadav 17 days ago
Aldo should get a 2 Chance
BTreze Treze
BTreze Treze 17 days ago
Ronda losing is never heartbreaking... Should be replaced by Silva breaking his leg against Weidman.
Michael Bonar
Michael Bonar 17 days ago
Rory vs Lawler will forever be my favorite all out war. I watched that fight live and remember cheering on Rory the whole time. Definitely never been as devastated before after watching a fight. it was so hard to watch him win the fight up to the point, then literally break down with a couple minutes left.
Daniel Straughan
Daniel Straughan 17 days ago
Who microwaves a hot dog?
Jack Walters
Jack Walters 15 days ago
Daniel Straughan Bachelors.
JxeWarren -
JxeWarren - 17 days ago
McGregor vs Aldo was funny as fuck😂
jadestoner 17 days ago
dc lost twice to a juiced up jones. that is why he's so mad about those losses.
the Notorious
the Notorious 18 days ago
In my opinion for Ronda rousey I could give less shits about her She talks about being a role model and not giving up but after a loss she cries and goes to WWE Like honestly everyone fucking loses and she can’t even take a one single loss That’s why I feel no sympathy for her
Please End my existence
they can make fun of people on the internet but wouldnt dare throw a punch to them face too face
Shane Reilly
Shane Reilly 19 days ago
Don't forget that the UFC shit all over Aldo in the lead up to the McG fight and constantly demeaned one of the greatest fighters the world has ever seen. To lose without being able to fight was the worst thing that could have happened.
Gio Vanegas
Gio Vanegas 19 days ago
I remember the Aldo-Mcgregor fight, that’s when I first caught wind of Conor and that fight really is what got me into the ufc
Michaelth55 19 days ago
13:10 Bruce Buffers face after Conor slept Jose
Prakib Bajra
Prakib Bajra 19 days ago
" the landscape at MW is vastly different " Well Said👏
jaime delgado
jaime delgado 19 days ago
damn I never realized tommy toe hold was on mma on point
Nishil Parmar
Nishil Parmar 20 days ago
I should not cut onions while watching these videos. Smh.
Stephen Irons
Stephen Irons 20 days ago
Fuck Aldo. He's a long time cheater. Getting away with it no more. He's a shell of his former self.
TheHaggard82 20 days ago
No one felt bad for Rousey lol
Chris White
Chris White 21 day ago
Rhonda deserved that shit because of the way her whole attitude changed when she got into the UFC, and an arm bar wasn't going to work with those blows to that dome..!! She could still whip my ass though..!! 🤣
UnoneTV 21 day ago
3:45 wou, that's the beauty.
True2022 21 day ago
Shed a tear watching Rory .Being part of one of the greatest fights ever was no conciliation and was never the same .
True2022 21 day ago
Only a moron could boo JDS.
True2022 21 day ago
You are kidding about Rockhold right ?Loved every second ha ha .
Najeeb Rahimzai
Najeeb Rahimzai 22 days ago
how about Khabib Vs Conor McGregor ??? 😇
Nate m80
Nate m80 22 days ago
Stevenson straight balling, pussy!
Nate m80
Nate m80 22 days ago
Cuckhole can eat a D. Bisping is better than you.
Karl Hart
Karl Hart 22 days ago
William Lacombe
William Lacombe 22 days ago
Rockhold is the most over rated fighter in ufc
Snorting Dandruff
Snorting Dandruff 23 days ago
Rockhold....was a submissive bitch
Mark D
Mark D 23 days ago
Idk about the Rockhold one. Its hard to feel bad for that guy at all. Guy is so full of it, he's gonna get his ass handed to him at lightweight too.
micdoses1 23 days ago
Love jds
Fade 23 days ago
Why do people make fun of Cormier? He can wrestle, wrestle, and he can throw you
Liam Dennington
Liam Dennington 23 days ago
The worst part about the Aldo k.o is that, thats all casual fans remember him for. The guy is an absolute beast and his record speaks for itself. Will never forget fabers leg after his fight with aldo.
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala 24 days ago
The crowd booing JDS broke my tiny black heart. FFS, what is wrong with people?!
Jack Walters
Jack Walters 15 days ago
Kriste Isopahkala Morons. That's the only explanation.
Crying to Radiohead Isnt Lame
god damn man chaels post fight comments were hard to listen to. especially since he promised his dad before he died that he would become the world champion and just hearing him recount his shortcomings is fuckin hard man.
Jivan D
Jivan D 24 days ago
Does anyone know the background beat?
Its LumberJack
Its LumberJack 24 days ago
I got so mad when they booed jds. Like whats the fuck? Really shows how retarded mma fans are.
A 87
A 87 24 days ago
Rousey and Rockhold was not heartbreaking it was fucking satisfying. Bad choices.
Michael Kirkland
Michael Kirkland 24 days ago
Fuck Vegas fans for booing a warrior like JDS.
Patrick G
Patrick G 24 days ago
Something about MMA that makes losing in a fight more emotional than boxing. It might be money or the lack of notoriety
Kikou Zaki
Kikou Zaki 24 days ago
Top 3 Saddest Scenes ruvid.net/video/video-w8HVkiqJ910.html
finnf4 24 days ago
thank god that one fucking pig finally lost
Matteo Luis Rizzo
Matteo Luis Rizzo 24 days ago
Fuck the booing crowd. People are shit!
science 24 days ago
You forgot khabib vs coner , coner crying like a bitch afterwards LMAO!!!
Sony Emerson
Sony Emerson 24 days ago
Watching diego seems like another restraining order will be serve...
Guillermo Ruiz
Guillermo Ruiz 25 days ago
Lol @ Rockhold, also fuck all those people booing my boy JDS after that Cain fight.
Eric Sawyer
Eric Sawyer 25 days ago
dc deserved it felt bad for jds :(
Mad Monk
Mad Monk 25 days ago
MAN FUCK THAT CROWD. makes me want to cry. never boo someone who just fought their heart out in the cage for your entertainment especially JDS the nicest guy in mma
nate lizzle
nate lizzle 25 days ago
hahahha Rockhold got raped... Pretty sure he secretly started the #metoo movement.
420 Monster
420 Monster 25 days ago
That rousey loss was the most satisfying. Fuck Ronda!
spencer v.
spencer v. 25 days ago
They actually do Silva vs Weidman again
Danny Murdoc
Danny Murdoc 25 days ago
Bones vs DC II was not heart breaking at all lol
jtothea612 25 days ago
Fook Luke cockold! So glad bisping whooped his ass.
AwesomeWoj 25 days ago
People seem to forget that Silva was an arrogant douche, back then. I celebrated both losses to Weidman, it was just too satisfying. Of course, all that humbled him a lot, and since then he has become quite likeable, I think
Marissa Sue
Marissa Sue 25 days ago
Awwwww mannnnn :/ I don't even know these people, anything about the MMA world... none of it, and yet I found this compilation very emotional. Got a lump or two in my throat while watching. I remembered how BEYOND SHOCKED I was when Rousey lost to Holly, though! And I'm not even her fan or anything! But to see her lose again... wow! Makes me wonder if she really was as invincible as they'd marketed her out to be during her heyday or if this is just the natural end to her glorious reign! Hmmmmm...
Marissa Sue
Marissa Sue 25 days ago
@ 2:56 - 3:00 :( :( :( Oh my hearteu! And I don't even know these people, MMA history, the background stories... nothing :/
Sean Bourassa
Sean Bourassa 26 days ago
Man I wish I never saw that video of the crowd booing JDS. That shit made me feel so bad
GET_IN_THE_VAN 26 days ago
I do hope at some point Aldo gets to run it back with McGregor again. I doubt Conor will do it though. Sitting on the win is the best thing he can lay claim to.
Joey Cortina
Joey Cortina 26 days ago
Jose still deserves a rematch
Kitari 26 days ago
*McGregor's lost against Khabib likely finished his career.*
Randy Boisa
Randy Boisa 26 days ago
W,T,F, Does Lady Gaga know about fighting, that thing has never been in a fist fight in her life!
Richard Soto
Richard Soto 26 days ago
Aldo and JDS was awful because I watched both fights. I have to say as a UFC fan you can't find any classier guys than those 2.
mo hawk
mo hawk 26 days ago
What the hell does that even mean that the weidman-silva fights had no conclusion ? Weidman beat him two times in dominant fashion. In the second fight he dominated him in the first round, and even the fight ending sequence wasn't an accident. It's not like Silva tripped and broke his leg. He suffered an injury due to a technique used by his opponent, namely checking a leg kick. I know he's one of the all-time greats, but it's not like he gets to have a go at the guy as many times as he wants until he wins.
James Lambert
James Lambert 27 days ago
Condit gor ROBBED in the LAWLER title fight.
Benjamin Maynard
Benjamin Maynard 27 days ago
5:50 was the exact moment rousey realized that shes nothing but a loudmouth pussy
James Lambert
James Lambert 27 days ago
Benjamin, whatever happened to your big brother Grey?
Mindaugas Mazrimas
Mindaugas Mazrimas 27 days ago
Bro,when those photos of Silva's leg and Aldo's KO had me fucking rolling ;D
Chuck LyDown
Chuck LyDown 27 days ago
13:07 Joanna's Reaction in the back (white jacket)
Ohshii 27 days ago
If you dont respect JDS you can go fuck yourself. JDS is one of the most humble MMA fighters ever. Literally, ever. Also seeing Aldo's entire career basically end in seconds to McGregor was extremely painful to watch. :(
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