10 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Title Fights

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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Paul Albert Antonio
That Jose Aldo moment just didn't put his emotions in his place. He just let Conor goes in his head and he paid for it.
Terry Terry
Terry Terry 2 days ago
Romero is a lover...
Kwame Baroown
Kwame Baroown 3 days ago
5:50 nope not a single person felt sympathy in that moment. I cheered, you cheered, they all cheered. Ronda was arguably worse than even conor, at least in loss connor is humble and acknowledged the other fighter. Ronda is just a coward and a mentally weak human being
John Q Public
John Q Public 3 days ago
I don't feel too sorry for anyone making more than a million bucks a year. They'll be fine. I loved watching Rhonda get her shitkicked in though.
Aaron Romo
Aaron Romo 5 days ago
khabib vs poirier it broke my heart
Exzactz 6 days ago
Seeing DC cry makes me happy
Abdullah Aziz Khan
Its sad to see DC lose aswelll........cuz Jones was tested positive for steroids
CloggedArtery99 6 days ago
0:40 Luke rockhold? He deserved everything he got form mike Yoel and Jan I love seeing him get hit.
BG Johnson
BG Johnson 6 days ago
13:05 what breaks my heart is Bruce Buffer's reaction
Tyson Vincent
Tyson Vincent 8 days ago
I’m a big fan of Conor but I did feel sorry for Aldo
Steven A
Steven A 8 days ago
"Nobody wants to win a fight via injury" - EXCEPT Weidman who was celebrating like a pig in mud after doing exactly that. I had respect for him before that rematch, but that evaporated pretty quickly, so it was awesome to see Rockhold ground and pound the shit out of him to take the belt away. And it was even more awesome to see Weidman go downhill rapidly after getting smashed. Just one win in six fights since 2015. Fuck that guy.
gtfrank 8 days ago
I’d consider adding Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje to this list after the outcome of UFC 249
Meir Wise
Meir Wise 9 days ago
Who the hell can boo any fighter? Whoever boos should be forced into the ring to see what fighting is all about!
Oscar Stephano
Oscar Stephano 10 days ago
Yose Aldo
Iloka Ayemi
Iloka Ayemi 11 days ago
They just booed the wrong guy😭
josh 12 days ago
"No one wants to win a fight via injury..." Uh, have you ever actually watched post fight celebrations?
ryan 13 days ago
I don't understand booing JDS.
707 SaV
707 SaV 13 days ago
Theres nothing with a grown man or woman crying for thinking he failed. But they didn't fail at all, we all proud of you and thank you for your service in this sport.
frawldog 13 days ago
Stevenson was bad
Leo Rocko
Leo Rocko 14 days ago
Fuck those fans booing JDS.
Taylor Dalton
Taylor Dalton 16 days ago
12:18 connor looks so casual yet so pissed off
ByJimbo 26 days ago
I love this channel so much and it’s one of my favorite sports but Stop the hate on others sports in basketball and soccer you can have the arch heartbreak after not winning a championship
William Langfeldt
William Langfeldt 27 days ago
fuck chris weidman for cheering after silva broke his leg
Ayush Marsh
Ayush Marsh 29 days ago
Rockhold 👆 are best
Kevin Siagian
Kevin Siagian Month ago
The most heartbreaking scene is the reaction of Jose Aldo's cornerman that's wearing a hat at 13.05. That man looks like he has to watch his loved one crashed by a car. I'm so heartbroken.
Mamduh Nedal
Mamduh Nedal Month ago
6:53 and yall call it a sport?
The Notorious
The Notorious Month ago
Juste shut the fuck up and show the video
HOW TO DRAW suraj karki
Fuck these people booing jds get in the ring and flight they will not last for 1 sec
Introduce Anarchy
Whyd they do that to jds 😭 hes the most likable guy ever
Kyan Month ago
Okay but why did the JDS one make me so sad he seems so confused and hurt that the people are booing on top of him losing. ☹️ YOUR AN AMAZING FIGHTER JDS WE LOVE YOU
get up and go brush your teeth
Rory & Robbie’s fight was legendary, fight of the century
scott762mm Month ago
I really enjoyed watching Rhonda get kicked in the head! She can go away forever now.
Matthew Bendana
Matthew Bendana Month ago
I really wish there was camera at the Pedro Rizzo vs Randy cloture there first ever fight man i really thought Pedro won
Matthew Bendana
Matthew Bendana Month ago
Dude y’all can’t tell me you haven’t felt what joe daddy Stevenson felt man such a great guy so underrated
Hotlegs Hoolihan
I DO NOT feel bad for Luke Rockhold. Have you ever heard that dumb motherfucker talk? Fuck him......... I also don't feel sorry for DC. He ran his mouth for months and thats what he gets. Speaking of douchbags running their mouths, jon jones will have his moment of anguish soon enough
Tyler Burton
Tyler Burton Month ago
Chael Sonnen's retirement presser was so sad
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Month ago
DC and Jon Jones always hates each other. But after their second fight you really see respect from both sides
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Month ago
I'd personally not be able to live with myself after booing JDS
Dylan MacKinnon
Dylan MacKinnon Month ago
"aldo 10 tried" you bein slick with that
George Worshington
Fuck yoel romero
You forgot to add Zingano was coming back from a torn ACL
Manu Nardoni
Manu Nardoni Month ago
you forgot jones vs. shogun... that was hard to watch
Mr. Bee'Otch
Mr. Bee'Otch Month ago
Everyone in the comments are saying, "Why are fans from { *Insert Country That Is Not Yours* } such pieces of shit towards JDS." It's as if none of the other 9 examples are prime reasonings why *YOU* are the problem. I swear MMA fans pretend like they never irrationally hated a fighter for no other reason than said fighter was fighting a fighter you were rooting for to win. But, like everyone else, it is heartbreaking to see JDS get booed by a bunch of Mexicans.
ANTOIN3 DA GR8 Month ago
Seeing Ronda getting her face beat in was nothing but glorious...... she talked too much shit and tried to taunt Holm who known as a class act and very humble..... she got what she deserved
Muzzleflash Month ago
Wtf is wrong with the ufc treating Aldo like that? The man clearly deserves a rematch, and mcgreggor doesn’t want nothing to do with it. After they did aldo like that, I knew the ufc was all about money, and not really about the sport. Number one bullshit.
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley Month ago
Lawler vs. Mcdonald was the best fight iv'e ever seen
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley Month ago
Man Trump clowning on rousey was brutal
Jimferno 63
Jimferno 63 Month ago
I still remember silva's broken leg like a clear water. Though it was years years back
Vd3r Month ago
Rousey loss wasnt heartbreaking.. everyone was rooting for bully to fall.
America The Free
Anyone who Booed JDS should be put in the cage with him 1v1
Brently Oliver
Brently Oliver Month ago
When they booed JDS it really hurt me how could people do that to such a nice man that never did anything to hurt his fans
Nick Murphy
Nick Murphy Month ago
Nunes vs Ronda was awesome. Ronda was such an awful dickhead. She was like an earnest Conor without any of the wit, cleverness or legitimate staying power. I was cheering when Amanda beat her ass. My least favorite female fighter vs my favorite (maybe tied with Rose),
Home Kitchen
Home Kitchen Month ago
The boo'd because they're racist "brown pride" pieces of shet. Why the UFC didn't force him to remove that tattoo is pathetic. Dana White is a POS.
darttoyou1 Month ago
Dam, this was depressing. I'm gunna go find some Corona virus and die.
Sprout fb
Sprout fb Month ago
Don't feel too bad for Aldo, the guy has been doping his whole career. He even "spilled" his test piss lol.
Gordon Eisenach
Gordon Eisenach Month ago
The End of the Lawler - McDonald fight still bothers me. His nose was shattered, the pain is what made him colapse. What does that lady in the yellow dress do right after rushing into the cage? Presses a tissue hard on his nose and he passed out again... how dumb do you have to be to do that?
Chad Mower
Chad Mower Month ago
After the Rousey v. Zingano fight, I remember seeing a meme of Ronda an implied nude photo and the caption said, “yeah, I’d only last 14 seconds, too”
Mr. Blonde
Mr. Blonde Month ago
nah, watching Rhonda get lunched was delicious.
John Poo
John Poo Month ago
Too much talking. Stfu dude.
rishabh agrawal
rishabh agrawal Month ago
11:19 seeing Rory MacDonald trying to get up after the Lawler fight made me so uncomfortable! I can't even imagine what he must have been going through at that moment! It takes another level of courage to put your life on the line to earn your place in the sport. Huge respect for Rory MacDonald.
TurtleWeirdo Month ago
I’m just gonna say Conor is the best featherweight now wait wait wait I say this because he beat all toughest guys there by way of knockout except for max Holloway who might give Conor a run for his money MAYBE tell me what you think...
Vince B.836
Vince B.836 Month ago
That joe stevens picture makes me cry
I swear, a lot, if not MOST of these youtube mma commentators and content creators would make FAR better live commentators than the idiots they normally have sitting next to Joe Rogan.
Zach Baker
Zach Baker Month ago
Mostly what I got from this list is that Junior Dos Santos is a great fucking person.
TheGamingGecko Playz
Even if Chael Won, he tested positive for some performance enhancing drug, so he wouldn’t have been champ anyways.
Huggsterz Month ago
I honestly thought cruz vs garvrandt would be in there
Michael Peoples
Michael Peoples Month ago
People have already said it a lot but ya people booing JDS just makes you equal parts sad and angry like just, why, it makes no sense.
pukeylukey199 Month ago
Sonnen didn't look like he tapped looked more in pain slap *one* *wait, wait wait* *two* not *one* *two* .
DONNIE K 2 months ago
Fuck rockhold
Jaden Faulkner
Jaden Faulkner 2 months ago
MMA "mma isnt like other sports" On point
Gen Posh
Gen Posh 2 months ago
I never like Rousey...but when she just stood there, I felt so bad for her. This sport is cruel, too cruel sometimes.
Jay McDonald
Jay McDonald 2 months ago
These blood sports are a sign of a civilization in decline
Lemontarts01 2 months ago
Rockholds a fucking retard. Shoulda accepted yoel and do what every fucking smart fighter does - don't read shit from fans
NKL 2 months ago
aldo is just a sad example of why you can't fight with your emotions, but i guess connor just got way too deep into his mind and planted all that fear
Ronnie Whiteman
Ronnie Whiteman 2 months ago
DC was never a real champ. Haha
dabears2216 2 months ago
No one feels bad for Rockhold. He’s a douche bag
King David
King David 2 months ago
I felt really hurt for Rhonda. She was having the time of her life and it boosted her ego alot. She's actually a really sweet woman and that what happened to her can happen to any of us. I always like how she maintained a feminine hotness to her although she's a fighter. She's not hard and manly looking. She's beautiful and although the media won't admit it in this politically correct and over inclusive society, Rhonda's attractiveness is what really hyped her up. The victories in the ring only got her the attention. It really saddens me to see her embarrassed like that. So adorable when she stood in there after Herb stopped the fight.
Keif Sweat
Keif Sweat 2 months ago
Las Vegas has shithead crowds always booing and shit. Im from vegas tho. The only fight i seen live was cormier vs miocic the first time. Haha the crowd was booing Ngannou and Lewis the whole damn fight. Hahaha we also enced up doing a wave in the crowd of the third round cuz we were all bored it even went a full circle twice. Haha
Corbin Singleton
Corbin Singleton 2 months ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 hard to watch 0:35 🔥 👇🥊
Chewbaccasaw 2 months ago
I was sooo heart broken when dc got knockout ... so sad for him
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