10 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Title Fights

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Apr 14, 2019

UFCMMAMMA On PointMixed Martial ArtsDana WhiteJose AldoConor McGregorJon JonesDaniel CormierRonda RouseyCat Zingano10 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Title FightsHeartbraking Title FightsSad Title Fight Moments




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Comments 1 291
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Hour ago
DC never lost the rematch. The fact you put up a fight DC won because Jones was caught cheating is fraudulent. You even said a "clean" head kick. No the kick wasn't clean and Jones lost and was suspended because yes a cheater. Jones is such a cheater and took so much steroids he will never pass a drug test again. That's a historic level of cheating.
TieuM 11 hours ago
Just one of the best MMA s channel on utube, great work guyZ, huge thumb up 4 u. 👍😉
Adam Nixdorf
Adam Nixdorf 12 hours ago
I would watch the video, but we don't need commentary. we just want to see the clips. So for that reason, I'm out.
f0t0b0y 13 hours ago
What a great video. 👏🏼 to the production value.
kevin staples
kevin staples 15 hours ago
I hate people. God I really do
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy Day ago
Junior asking them why they are booing him is so sad
Ben Breeze
Ben Breeze 2 days ago
Rhonda rousey shouldn’t have made this list when she lost that was one of the greatest moments
IV XX 2 days ago
Conors career ended after the Aldo fight. Nothing impressive since. Alvarez wad passed it, went and goofed off in a boxing ring and got tkoed, got beat by nate arguably twice depending who you ask, got dominated on the ground and feet against khabib. Fangirls will suck his dick no matter how many times its proved he's a hype train or exposed as an average fighter.
Hes the only money fight in the UFC. People love Conor, and you saying his career ended is nonsense. Once a fighter always a fighter, I dont even like him but I cant deny that he will be one of the most recognised fighters to ever live.
3J 2 days ago
MoppyPuppy 2 days ago
*13:05* will fuck up your day.
Bushido Bell
Bushido Bell 2 days ago
The fact that Conor McGregor was able to hop out the ring and get in the face of Jose Aldo with his daughter between them flipping out.... but Khabib jumps on a grown man and doesn't even punch him... then gets back in the cage and it's the end of the world? Bs
Bushido Bell
Bushido Bell 2 days ago
Junior dos Santos getting booed is the fault of Dana White. All he does is pander to casuals. So when they all come out in Las Vegas, they boo at true sportsmanship and a real good fight, they have no respect. But yet everybody wants to talk about Brazil. There is no question that Las Vegas is way more disrespectful to MMA fighters than Brazil. And don't come at me about their fucking chant because they haven't killed any fucking body that has fought there and they're clearly not fucking serious. That's like when people chant you suck, do they actually want you to suck their dicks?
Mike Tat
Mike Tat 3 days ago
No one feels sorry for Ronda
erikcarrillo33 3 days ago
When JDS asked why the fans were booing like that it legit mad me sad. Definitely heart breaking
SumFuckinCat 3 days ago
"I know how it feels.... I do..... But you gotta know.... You're more than just one fight"- creed
William Sullivan
William Sullivan 3 days ago
Why was JDS booed by that Vegas crowd? Mexicans.
007 T-5
007 T-5 4 days ago
I thought Joe was going to just pass out from blood lose. Man that was brutal...😬
eazzy paizi
eazzy paizi 4 days ago
Conor should take number one not Aldo. With his asswhooping he recieved from khabib. This video is made 3 months ago. Dude dont be such a B Conor chicken fanboy
Brent Wunderlich
Brent Wunderlich 4 days ago
I dont feel bad for Rousey. She belongs In WWE
Important man Commenting
# 10 was hilarious 😆
Connor Wellman
Connor Wellman 5 days ago
Fuck aldo fight ducking bitch 😂😂😂
wilson inaci
wilson inaci 5 days ago
Fuck you 😂😂😂
Dev Decker
Dev Decker 6 days ago
Bisping really is a dick. I’m surprised his name isn’t Kyle, or... fucking chad or some shit. he just screams douchebag every time he talks .
Marc DeBenedetto
Marc DeBenedetto 6 days ago
Holy Sheet, Lady GaGa and Trump agreed on something. Amazing what some people have in common when when they don’t divide themselves.
DTown Blastin Salvi
JDS is awesome what is wrong with that fucking crowd?
Eric Carter
Eric Carter 7 days ago
I was so happy when Rousey and Silva lost! Especially Rousey.... 🤣
Jacob Sanchez
Jacob Sanchez 7 days ago
I will never feel sorry for chael sonnen
Rutger Koudijs
Rutger Koudijs 8 days ago
Rory broke his nose
Steven Ramos
Steven Ramos 9 days ago
Everyone was fine with Rockhold honestly that guy was being a jerk for tgat whole build, never respected or liked chris for immediately exploding in joy and cockiness when Andersons shin broke, i didnt feel bad for Rousey until they got to the close up of her that look was just soul sucking. Seeing someone that broken after having all that pressure, never liked her but did feel bad after both losses.........then she started speaking about it and pointing blame which took the emoathy and sympathy away.
Mr Locorio
Mr Locorio 9 days ago
That must have been devastating for Aldo, Conor McGregor is a fuckin' prick.
Dubz Ace
Dubz Ace 10 days ago
I hate how pronounces the J in Jose instead of with an H
Carl Marchiano
Carl Marchiano 10 days ago
To be fair, stevenson cries after every fight
Nate Haji
Nate Haji 11 days ago
I definitely feel bad for Luke. Fact if he never let his ego get to him & LET Bisping knock him out he wouldve still been a top 3
oisin Mccoy
oisin Mccoy 11 days ago
Cormier shows a true man not afraid to cry
oisin Mccoy
oisin Mccoy 11 days ago
Why is chael in the list when he’s clearly won he’s undefeated and undisputed never even lost a round
ForTheHonor 11 days ago
Another heart breaking moment was holly holm after she lost to Germaine de Randamie. if the ref took a point off Germaine when she struck her after the bell the second time, she wouldve won.
Here we Go Again
Here we Go Again 12 days ago
Respect to all those fighters. It’s extremely hard to walk into the Octogon.
Hookers n' Cocaine
Hookers n' Cocaine 12 days ago
Rousey getting fucked up and sent to retirement was good for all MMA fans around the world.
1212goose 12 days ago
Rousey is a shit human. She deserves every ass whoopn she gets and im glad it only took two to retire her worthless ass.
DON ANTONIO 12 days ago
You forgot to mention how Cormier's loss was made so much worse when he found out that Jones cheated.
genericpleb 12 days ago
microwave hotdog wtf
Infamous Jericho
Infamous Jericho 13 days ago
Stephenson deadass put out his blood, sweat and tears
Jesus Hitler
Jesus Hitler 13 days ago
Ronda was a cunt that had it coming
Gustavo hernandez
Gustavo hernandez 14 days ago
Thumbs down because you did state that the fight dc vs jones was a no contest because jones did roids. Smh
Mr. 2 Hands Up
Mr. 2 Hands Up 14 days ago
Yoel is definitely the best at that weight.
Mr. 2 Hands Up
Mr. 2 Hands Up 14 days ago
Luke I luuuuuuh youuuuuuuu!
LRD TAYGø 14 days ago
I love the UFC because it’s the only sport that shows these athletes are still people.
Curtis Clark
Curtis Clark 14 days ago
Great video!!! Really badass.
Realms 15 days ago
I don't feel bad for some of these fighters specially the ones that act cocky and talk smack only to get a good doze of humble pie.
Sopro Found
Sopro Found 15 days ago
That JDS bullshit broke my heart watching it live
Richard Badoux
Richard Badoux 15 days ago
Poor JDS, that moment should have been number 1. The Mexican Vegas crowd that day should be ashamed of themselves.
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