10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS

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10 Most Expesive Adandoned Car on Junkyard
Hi guys! Not only cheap cars can be found on the dump. Sometimes there´s even a chance to spot the fastest and most powerful supercars worth millions of dollars!!! Today, we are going to present some forgotten treasures of family garages, impound lots, and even city dumps.

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Nov 22, 2017




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BMB Gaming
BMB Gaming 2 hours ago
Jagwire? Its said jag you a
Rusty K
Rusty K Day ago
the cars in the Middle East become abandoned because there’s a death law for debt
monstersince Day ago
you never been to Dubai eh
Honking Honker
Honking Honker 2 days ago
The people who write these scripts still haven't improved gramatically, either they are mentally handicap or can't be bothered to improve the quality of their videos because fuck it why improve when people are willing to watch mediocre shit tier videos.
Chino Bambino
Chino Bambino 3 days ago
seeing that dodge daytona all fucked up is like seeing the prettiest girl in highschool getting trained by the nasty football jocks and hearing them yell yo her shits loose as fuck now put it in her ass
Rylan brandon
Rylan brandon 3 days ago
Robert Cavitt
Robert Cavitt 4 days ago
1990 chevy brou
DesiredNoodles 6 days ago
this was uploaded on my birthday!
jay son
jay son 9 days ago
Dubai, Qatar... These countries have severe punishment for those that cannot pay their debts. Many cannot afford to keep these cars so they abandon them and flee those countries. Most cars are abandoned near airports.
LEVI EBERT 27 10 days ago
Their is more to the story that Ferrari Dino it was stolen but got back to the owner :3 nice cars tho I love the charger and Shelby coupe
Cat310 562
Cat310 562 11 days ago
😭 so sad
Cowboy Animal
Cowboy Animal 11 days ago
This is what happens when you don't spend enough time with your camels and they complain and say "it's either us or the car".
Artie Tatum
Artie Tatum 12 days ago
where's the two door charger
Melissa Haines
Melissa Haines 14 days ago
An xy gtho (australia) is 1 million dollars
irishwristwatch 17 days ago
Why can't I find a dusty old million dollar car
irishwristwatch ikr
Jason Littlefield
Jason Littlefield 18 days ago
I'd love to have that 69 Charger Daytona
PatolaProductions 19 days ago
Well countach isn't really that rare and its good news it survived but when I saw the miura on the vid I was shocked and why do these people just leave it like that?? Imagine if its really rare and the worth of it increased like 5M$ PLUS!! Thats INSANE!!!!
LordAnestis 21 day ago
Like finding a dinosaur.
Fiffe 21 day ago
the first car (the jag)-if you can't pay off your loan in many middle east countries it is punishable by death
DJcaliban 23 days ago
The writing/narration in this is *terrible*
carl89uk 24 days ago
Never know what you can find about. It's the renovating thats the hard part..
Tyler Mikos
Tyler Mikos 26 days ago
that Bugatti is by far the best find. MY gosh....only 17 made, that's almost unbelievable. fkin french.
John Johnsen
John Johnsen 26 days ago
Randomly abandoned supercars have been owned by criminals that needed to ditch it, but decided not to torch the thing.
the plushie gang
the plushie gang 26 days ago
I found a old mersadies at my grampas junk yard it turns out its almost never found on roads im gona buy it in 2020.
hjhj pot
hjhj pot 28 days ago
car kid hooked
car kid hooked 28 days ago
64 are they selling ill pay anything up to 75k
Parker Obregon
Parker Obregon Month ago
The Dino wasn’t found by two kids.. it was a cover up story from the feds.
Thaniga Thamo
Thaniga Thamo Month ago
Can’t wait yo get a car
C knows
C knows Month ago
Subscribe me
Lord Red
Lord Red Month ago
Jagwire !
Stephen Napier
Stephen Napier Month ago
This made me hurt
Larkspeed Month ago
Abandoned super cars are not unusual in countries like quatar and the reason is not unknown. In that part of the world it is illegal to go into debt, if you don't pay your bills you go to prison. People frequently abandon high end supercars and just leave the country instead of rotting in jail.
Thomas Poslusny
Thomas Poslusny Month ago
costted? really?
Term Sprayz
Term Sprayz Month ago
I thought his name was meth lab
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Month ago
ya bois wana see something else ?
Mikko Collins
Mikko Collins Month ago
I found a 1965 Buick Riviera in decent condition talked with the owner and he legit gave it to me for free! O_O
Aesthetic Boye
Aesthetic Boye Month ago
Birdy  Wirdy
Birdy Wirdy Month ago
Was a good clip til the narrator spoke
leland potato
leland potato Month ago
Why are there dislikes ? Nothing bad in this vid
Dawgs Rule
Dawgs Rule Month ago
The Daytona is beautiful how did he forget about it
I got my name from a Ferrari Enzo
Cosimo Kramarawicz
Jerkoff cars
I want the buggatti
vintage car news
best cars ever
Al Lukas
Al Lukas Month ago
It's Enzo Ferrari
Major Yates
Major Yates Month ago
Forza horizon 4 fans recognize the jaguar amirite
lee guy
lee guy Month ago
I watched something years ago about cars in the middle east idk if its true or not but it made out that impounded cars there cant be taken out of their country( Dubai )
Tim Glover
Tim Glover Month ago
Well that's good 😊
Owen Messenger
Owen Messenger Month ago
Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé
Liz Furnier
Liz Furnier 2 months ago
Sorry the dino was buried by owner and such. Children never found it. It was a cover up by the police
Ayna 2 months ago
im jealous...
Malcolm Washington
Malcolm Washington 2 months ago
10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS 10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS
Antonio Granatelli
Antonio Granatelli 2 months ago
Jag Wire? Are you high or just plain ignorant? Don’t quit your day job.
Red car in the barn Is the Ugly really ugly like a Ugly Nissan hehe or a Cadillac
Michael Loach
Michael Loach 2 months ago
I wish americans would stop calling coupes coups. A coup is where chickens live!
Jake Pr
Jake Pr 2 months ago
That was a 1963 at 5:25 not a 64 the white one was a 64
javier gomez
javier gomez 2 months ago
your voice ugh
Raymond Yeager
Raymond Yeager 2 months ago
I love cars
Jody Bliesner
Jody Bliesner 2 months ago
One million hot wheel cars for sale look on OfferUp of wautoma Wis.
asda vs wallmart
asda vs wallmart 2 months ago
i hate his accent dolluuurrrss
Trevor Miller
Trevor Miller 2 months ago
All of those impalas!!
Mr bean full episodes HD
Wait so if we find a abandoned car we can have it?
Batman 4014
Batman 4014 2 months ago
2nd car is A FERRARI LA FERRARI are you a car noob? ( Not A Hate Comment )
Michael Ivey64buick
Michael Ivey64buick 2 months ago
Dude, it's actually an enzo. Look it up.
Alex Assmann
Alex Assmann 2 months ago
I'm up here in Wisconsin and me and my dad were going through a junkyard and saw an AMC javelin
suraj pandey
suraj pandey 2 months ago
Mst hai
max headroom
max headroom 2 months ago
the reason the Jaguar was abandoned: it was a Jaguar
Wazzup Dawg
Wazzup Dawg 2 months ago
The shelby daytona was only sold for 4 mil...? A Restore one is like 7
Hanne Heieren
Hanne Heieren 2 months ago
Soooooo cooooooool
King of skulls
King of skulls 2 months ago
Marcos Gonalez
Marcos Gonalez 2 months ago
Amazing! Awesome vehicles. Would love to have them all.
sangel33 2 months ago
btw Tony,thats sick bro
sangel33 2 months ago
my oldest brother has a 1975 Dodge we call the 'T Bird' and some day i will buy it,and treasure it 1 Like=1 day i spend on fixing it in the future.
picktoo 2 months ago
Umm . . . okay.
joe Bender
joe Bender 2 months ago
So where is the 70 charger?
Pranker Pranks
Pranker Pranks 2 months ago
Wait did you say Ferari GTO its the most expensive car in 2019
Kaas ezel
Kaas ezel 2 months ago
I'm actually confused, how ithe world would SOMEONE think that the charger daytona is UGLY?!
CANUSA Kommando
CANUSA Kommando 2 months ago
A 69 Daytona Charger and its forgotten? Come on! Thats bull shit! No one forgets a 1969 Daytona Charger, a super car , Nascar banned them because they were too good! So Im calling bullshit! As for the A-Rabs , only a Sheik can forget I-talion super cars in the desert. No White Boy would leave such a thing . Sorry if I afended anyone , I'm old and come from the 1960's.
Jane Choi
Jane Choi 2 months ago
I love corvette!!!!
Anand Pandey
Anand Pandey 2 months ago
(Cricket chirps)
Staben Jeko2738
Staben Jeko2738 2 months ago
Chik Annie
Chik Annie 2 months ago
I can't even buy the cheap car...😣
Grumpy Aussie
Grumpy Aussie 2 months ago
You need to learn how to research as the cars in the Arab desert are left behind since it’s jail for failing to pay their loans and owners flee the country
Grumpy Aussie
Grumpy Aussie 2 months ago
picktoo not everyone is a prince over there lol
picktoo 2 months ago
Wait a damn second. Are you suggesting that a wealthy Arabian prince who buys a million dollar toy has to go to the bank to get a loan? Surely you're not that . . . oh, never mind.
Rata 4U
Rata 4U 2 months ago
My heirs will discover an old abandoned Honda Civic in the garage.....along with other trash.
chejlr 2 months ago
I thought the Charger Daytona was a homologation special and 500 copies had to be built.
Chris Odell
Chris Odell 2 months ago
I have a 79 Dodge Magnum it's just as rare
Liam Mendham
Liam Mendham 2 months ago
0:44 Whats the song name
Jurica Čiješi
Jurica Čiješi 2 months ago
So sadd
FRAN SILVERS 2 months ago
HA HA HA this is one of Americas BIGGEST IDIOTS
Sb Photos & more
Sb Photos & more 3 months ago
All us car guys are crying because of the car and the voice over
Oscar T
Oscar T 3 months ago
The fist car was probably abandoned cause it run out of gas in the Desert
CrazyJack29 3 months ago
My grandfather owned a Ford Mustang 1969 Mach 1, got from a bet in California, he never left in his will or told anyone where its hiding, im hoping one day to find it, rusted or not, i just want to see it again
wolfyboy11 Hitler
wolfyboy11 Hitler 3 months ago
Bugatti's very nice my uncle has some
William Johnson
William Johnson 3 months ago
Comment on this if you think and abandon Lamborghini that is unlocked with the keys in it would that be stealing
pat schrodinger
pat schrodinger 3 months ago
My grandpa passed away last year and we found a 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 with 174 miles on it in his barn, it's got to be worth 1 or 2 million right?
picktoo 2 months ago
riiiiight . . .
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 3 months ago
I love these rescue stories. They're the best! 😄😁😄😎✌
DUNIDA 3 months ago
What if white house attacked?
Leonardo Oviedo
Leonardo Oviedo 3 months ago
So... In the real life there are abandoned like Forza Horizon (2, 3, 4)
picktoo 2 months ago
Coco TheEpicGamer
Coco TheEpicGamer 3 months ago
If i found a nissan gtr chillin by my side i would just break the window get in and start it up and give it a car wash and go to a mechanic to repair it
picktoo 2 months ago
Of course you would. Gotta walk the walk, right?
Nektarios Kampourelis
0:50 imma tell you the reason he buy it just to have some fun with it... He got bored and he threw it away beacos in dubai 500.000 cash is like 1€ we can't think like them 🤷
picktoo 2 months ago
Well said, in a terribly unintelligible sort of way.
Boss K-s
Boss K-s 3 months ago
You can clearly see the lack of interest and enthusiasm in the narrator's voice for these cars let alone his limited knowledge...
Гаврил Вильямович
and education.
who tf barries a car?
picktoo 2 months ago
Hopefully, someone who knows how to spell "burys."
ThisAsianDude 3 months ago
Jdm boys have joined the chat
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