10 Most Expensive Abandoned Cars

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Expesive Adandoned Car on Junkyard. Hi guys! Not only cheap cars can be found on the dump. Sometimes there´s even a chance to spot the fastest and most powerful supercars worth millions of dollars!!! Today, we are going to present some forgotten treasures of family garages, impound lots, and even city dumps.

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Nov 22, 2017

10 Most Expesive Adandoned CarJunkyardFoundonJunkyardsabandonedmillionaire mansionJaguar XJ220The Ferrari Enzomillion dollarsFerrari Dino 246 gtsdinoLamborghini Miura P400Shelby Daytonathe Bugatti Type 57SAtalante of 19371960 Ford GT40E-type JaguarDodge Charger DaytonaChevrolet dealerCorvair 1960Chevrolet Corvette 1978Chevrolet Cameo 1956Chevrolet Impala 1964




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SSR Video
SSR Video Day ago
Whos Gunna Go Barn to Barn with me and find some of these forgotten gems??? Might have to do it at night some people don't like trespassing lol
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 8 days ago
Bugatti is not pronounced Boo Gautty it is pronounced Bewjetty.
Arya Nonstop
Arya Nonstop 8 days ago
Arya Nonstop
Arya Nonstop 8 days ago
Arya Nonstop
Arya Nonstop 8 days ago
Arya Nonstop
Arya Nonstop 8 days ago
Lawnmower R&R
Lawnmower R&R 8 days ago
He got the Dino story wrong for the two kids were just a cover up for the public.
Jackson Weathers
Jackson Weathers 10 days ago
Breaking News, 18 year old forgets he bought a Dodge Charger Daytona... First off, get this guy some help immediately! Take him to a doctor of something. Second, how do you forget you bought a car?
Miles Daugherty
Miles Daugherty 11 days ago
1:45 no it was not the owner someone else stole it and I have seen the owner it is in a car museum in philly
Neal Head
Neal Head 11 days ago
What's with the robot voice
Xander17 11 days ago
That's an unusual Canadian accent.
GamingWithAsh 16 days ago
This reminds me of forza horizon barn finds.
Outthreenicy 22 days ago
need car sos
troy tucker
troy tucker 26 days ago
I wish someone would leave one of those in my barn
Ain’t no sunshine when Z’ gone.
The abandoned super cars in Dubai are left by people who were given loans that the buyers couldn't afford. It's a criminal offense not to pay back loans. Some just leave the country and leave the cars behind. So I heard 😊
marialucia barbosa de jesus
This Ferrari Dino p400 GTS was stuck underground barried underground Holy god Sad News
SithLord 28 days ago
"forgetful owner who found there sitting in the garage were really lucky" 🤔
John Allan
John Allan 29 days ago
Some good videos to see if you can tell from the past or what they are all having.
2 fat 2 carry
2 fat 2 carry 29 days ago
Vaqaas Mohbat
Vaqaas Mohbat Month ago
The XJ220 wasn't abandoned, there was a sand storm!!
frank mariano
frank mariano Month ago
That looked like a 1963 impala.
No Name No Name
No Name No Name Month ago
Pisses me off that those cars in brand new condition, were sold instead of being put in a museum.
Elmo 2.0 Yeet
Elmo 2.0 Yeet Month ago
my name is Enzo
yoda taco
yoda taco Month ago
Wait, we're not gonna talk about the 1971 plymouth hemi cuda convertible that was buried? Or the 58 savoy that was buried by chrysler? Or the 69 boss 429 that was locked in a container for 30 years? Btw, the 64 is sought after, not "expensive."
Mohammad Ahmed
Mohammad Ahmed Month ago
Jaguar is shine
James Knight
James Knight Month ago
Lando_ _DICKaprio
4:51 i’m crying, How come this faggot has Forgotten about that masterpiece!
Kenshin Playz
Kenshin Playz Month ago
I want oldskool car hahaha
Mr Mario Gaming
Mr Mario Gaming Month ago
One is that a crazy dude found a bugatti divo
newt call
newt call Month ago
not hard to forget a car , a house . people and your kids . how ? you ask them people got money annnd just dont care ...
TheMrTape Month ago
#1:00 Costed?
Kel Raphiel
Kel Raphiel Month ago
this is why i sometimes hate when older people buy nice cars... they just hide it away from people who would actually do something with them
Biface / CS
Biface / CS 27 days ago
Kel Raphiel or they die
Nicole Oosthuizen
Love Vintage cars
Only in Dubai
james musisca
james musisca Month ago
corvette and corvair wow like new
james musisca
james musisca Month ago
that first one died on some rich arab and he left it i mean what else ?
DASH Month ago
If i see ferrari enzo or whatever is called me will tow it and put it in me house
It’s Dheon Singh
There is an car that coast 2M dollaes
David Amora
David Amora Month ago
It hurts
Lucas Thetransformer
This is marveled as hell
Shay TGM 2
Shay TGM 2 Month ago
Is it just or did you see a 1958 Plymouth in 0:16
yoda taco
yoda taco Month ago
Its not but i can see the resemblance.
Joseph Clubbers
Joseph Clubbers 2 months ago
Da first abounded car is my lovely ferrari
Geo Boy
Geo Boy 2 months ago
1:43 ᗯᕼOᗩ ᗩ ᗯTᖴᖴᖴᖴ
The Top List
The Top List 2 months ago
The Ferrari was dope!
Joe Odonnell
Joe Odonnell 2 months ago
Looking for a motor for my cutlas 83
StrucidRBBros 2 months ago
when you said a few children were playing in the backyard for the ferrari its false there was no children digging there its what the police used to cover up the story of how they found out about it.
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 2 months ago
👨‍💻5:07 👉50 brand New Abandoned WAREHOUSE NEBRASKA😲🤷‍♂️ Left gathering dust 1-5mph on clocks wtf 😲🤷‍♀️$ caching!💲🐱‍🐉🤸‍♂️😉
LostInMySpace 2 months ago
I have a 1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme. I parked it one day, got busy with life, and I just saw it diminiush year after year before my eyes. When I parked it, it was a perfect automobile. That was 1994. It didn't burn oil, or leak oil, it was perfect. And now? I am ready to have it hauled away to the junk pile. What is a person like me to do now? Are these vehicles in this stage have any demand? The mileage was about 150,000. Viking Blue, with a white vinyl top, and blue cloth.
Scott Dilinger
Scott Dilinger 2 months ago
The Dino was stolen by a car theft not its owner and the car was in really good condition for being in the ground so long
marialucia barbosa de jesus
Is Ferrari dino 2d1000 GT That was dug up was Sad Sad Sad News 😫😫😫😫😫
Kolins Fallejo
Kolins Fallejo 2 months ago
Kristina LE VAN
Kristina LE VAN 2 months ago
That Daytona is min before is Wes bin stolid give it to me I liv in🇫🇷 house 29
marialucia barbosa de jesus
Yes dude
ChevyGamer622 2 months ago
Flawless* shows dirt scrapes and a tilted mirror
marialucia barbosa de jesus
That was Sad the Ferrari dno 2d200 GTS 😭😭😭😭
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton 2 months ago
amazing classic cars
marialucia barbosa de jesus
That is old was in 1978
marialucia barbosa de jesus
The Ferrari dno 2d200 was Broken in underground Broken in underground Sad News was in 1978
marialucia barbosa de jesus
OMG News
Shane B
Shane B 3 months ago
Your account of the Buried Dino is INCORRECT. Research it FULLY next time....
CountryBoyDiesel 3 months ago
Check out my Chanel!
Ronan Memphis Annuk
Ronan Memphis Annuk 3 months ago
Ferrari 250 GTO COST 48$ millions
Sister Cyclone
Sister Cyclone 3 months ago
Damn, why can't I find something like this?
lil durk
lil durk 3 months ago
Jouse Martinez
Jouse Martinez 3 months ago
What a piece of junk.
Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson 3 months ago
Fucking ragheads aren't good for shit. They make any car look like shit.
Cameron Moles
Cameron Moles 3 months ago
clickbait.i wanted to see the story of the GTX
IncognitoTorpedo 3 months ago
Dear Mad Lab, "Costed" is not a word.
skinnyt 3 months ago
the Daytona sold for 90k
port nut
port nut 3 months ago
Somebody drank that one...sorry but when those get that rusty its not even worth it..unless its a flipper putting lipstick on it which has killed this hobby. Panels behind the 1/4, places you cant see from the outside are rotten in so many of them they only last so long.
Oof Mighty
Oof Mighty 3 months ago
I would get that Bugatti :’)
Joe Casson
Joe Casson 4 months ago
"...it COSTED more than a million dollars..." COSTED??? really? how about using real words
Azad 4765 Ahmed
Azad 4765 Ahmed 4 months ago
So sad to watch these beautiful cars being wasted
Brandon Burrows
Brandon Burrows 4 months ago
Jagwire? Its said jag you a
Rusty K
Rusty K 4 months ago
the cars in the Middle East become abandoned because there’s a death law for debt
monstersince 4 months ago
you never been to Dubai eh
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 4 months ago
I have 💯
Honking Honker
Honking Honker 4 months ago
The people who write these scripts still haven't improved gramatically, either they are mentally handicap or can't be bothered to improve the quality of their videos because fuck it why improve when people are willing to watch mediocre shit tier videos.
Chino Bambino
Chino Bambino 4 months ago
seeing that dodge daytona all fucked up is like seeing the prettiest girl in highschool getting trained by the nasty football jocks and hearing them yell yo her shits loose as fuck now put it in her ass
Rylan brandon
Rylan brandon 4 months ago
Robert Cavitt
Robert Cavitt 4 months ago
1990 chevy brou
DesiredNoodles 4 months ago
this was uploaded on my birthday!
jay son
jay son 4 months ago
Dubai, Qatar... These countries have severe punishment for those that cannot pay their debts. Many cannot afford to keep these cars so they abandon them and flee those countries. Most cars are abandoned near airports.
LEVI EBERT 27 4 months ago
Their is more to the story that Ferrari Dino it was stolen but got back to the owner :3 nice cars tho I love the charger and Shelby coupe
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