10 Evil Morty Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True

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What do you think is the true origin of Evil Morty? Could he really be the original Morty? Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
Rick and Morty is one of the most brilliant, well written, and insanely hilarious shows on TV. It has gained a devoted fan base because of its multidimensional characters, geniusly intricate storylines, and crudely endearing sense of humour. Rick and Morty fans are notoriously a devoted and passionate bunch, who’s love of the show overwhelms even it’s creators. This devotion to the show has led to the creation of some pretty out of this world fan theories, one’s that challenge what we know about the show and it’s beloved characters, specifically the one we know as Evil Morty. The diabolical alternate version of Morty has sparked some hot debate, with theories like: could Evil Morty be trying to rid the universe of Ricks, leaving all the Morty’s left to help him rise to power? Is Evil Morty even evil at all, or simply trying to eradicate the abusive Ricks from the universe? Some wonder if Evil Morty is out to get revenge on the Rick who abandoned him in his early years, and if he is actually a Morty with a Rick brain, and Doofus Rick is a Rick with a Morty brain too. Fans have questioned if all Mortys eventually turn into their evil counterpart, and if Rick is trying to suppress their evil urges. Because Summer can’t catch a break, they decided that maybe it was her who accidentally created Evil Morty after a mix up in the lab. In a show about the multiverse, it’s possible that Evil Morty is from a timeline where Morty is the genius hero and the Ricks are the sidekicks. Could it be possible that all Mortys eventually grow up to become Ricks, or could he be just a robot instead? And finally, the be all end all of Rick and Morty theories, is Evil Morty the original Morty to our Rick, the grandson he abandoned to rejoin the family we know and love today? In the Rick and Morty universe, anything is possible, and with Season 4 confirmed for sometime in the near future, we can’t wait to see if any of these turn out to be true.
A Morty Without A Rick
Evil Morty Isn’t Evil At All
Evil Morty Is Out For Revenge
Did A Rick And Morty Switch Brains?
Could Our Morty Turn Evil Too?
Summer Created Evil Morty
Evil Morty Is The Hero
Evil Morty Is A Future Rick
Evil Morty Is A Robot
Evil Morty Is The Original Morty
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Jun 10, 2018




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Comments 617
Evil Morty
Evil Morty Year ago
Finally a video about me
Evil Morty C-137
Evil Morty C-137 3 months ago
How dare you try and steal my spotlight!
XxwolfyxX 3 months ago
U god
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions 3 months ago
Evil Morty AAAHHH
mr Whale
mr Whale 4 months ago
a year later still only 1.2k
im a retard
im a retard 21 day ago
First theory isnt true because well, he tortures many morties in season one and was controlling his "rick"which was a robot
PuppetManiac 27 days ago
Craig says Oh No NO
Isn’t the dumbest Rick “Tall Morty”
alexis maria saqics bff for life
Does anyone realise thats a morty minupulater chip from pocket mortys in evil mortys eye patch or is that just me ( when i say the chip i mean an early version)
Hood animation
Hood animation Month ago
What if " A rick knew his grandson's potential and wanted to raise him to be better than him, and at once died which causes the morty to be sympathetic to his rick and wanted to avenge every Rick who are not like his Rick and wanted all dimensions to have Rick like his Rick and became the Evil Morty "
Dayna McMaster
Dayna McMaster Month ago
how can there be a morty without a rick , rick is morty’s grandfather and if rick dies morty is never born
Jaegar Barlas
Jaegar Barlas Month ago
What happens if he was the mortyest morty
Tio Month ago
Crazy how morty party morty knew evil morty was evil.
Tio Month ago
Evil morty been a cyborg.
Star Monroe
Star Monroe 2 months ago
I like the theory of how Evil Morty is Rick's original Morty. It makes sense, because there are images of Rick with a very young and baby Morty. I don't think that it's too far-fetched. And, yeah. I think that Evil Morty is just a cyborg.
finger 0
finger 0 2 months ago
The mortys mind blowers was made to stop morty from becoming evil morty
Bat Weasel
Bat Weasel 2 months ago
Did the Mortys also lose their Moms and Dads too?
gingerbread48 2 months ago
Evil morty might just be like terminator(a robotic intelligence that has evolved to understand the cruelty of its predecessors and has decided to revolt.)
David Hidalgo
David Hidalgo 2 months ago
And what if Evil Morty is an cat's-pawn organic cyborg made by the most evil Rick of all... Or maybe a resentful Rick who want revenge of those who try to kill him, but they ended up killing her partner.... Bringing us to a paradox... Well, I found the card in the Rick and Morty's creators sleeve which will catch our attention forever, or until McDonalds brings Szechuan Sauce to the market again in honor of Rick and Morty show.
toast! 2 months ago
I have an even better one, and it isn't a theory. Evil morty is the president of the new Citadel. And I have proof.
xRed -
xRed - 3 months ago
@8:05 didnt one of those Mortys jumped in a portal because he wished for all Mortys to be equal as Ricks or something and as soon as the happen, the Evil morty became President and start changing things around? Maybe that one Morty that jumped into the wishing portal couldve ended up somewhere and thought of a plan to change things around like lets say become President? Any thoughts? Or am i wrong
xRed -
xRed - 3 months ago
Loophole timeline
I just realized evil mortys like hitler
layneyloo14 3 months ago
I feel like you've done the same video 3 times.
Brade Duck
Brade Duck 3 months ago
Maybe Rick raises Morty because Morty grows up to be Rick and by this process he passes on his knowledge to himself while also achieving a certain immortality by doing this process. This also plays along with my theory that evil Morty wants to kill off all bad/evil Ricks and through this process all Mortys who have Ricks will have a positive role model to look up too. I'm Duck and this is my thoughts
Tom is playing12
Tom is playing12 3 months ago
Watch the evil morty rap for my favorite theory
Turusik Kattuk
Turusik Kattuk 3 months ago
The mortiest morty is evil morty.
Danny Dorito
Danny Dorito 3 months ago
Well he can’t be a robot since in the 3rd season he got shot and had blood
I& S
I& S 3 months ago
If rick had just returned in Beth’s life in episode one how come in Morty mind blowers there is a clip of Morty having his 13th birthday and he threw the 13 number candles at rick
Ketnipz 3 months ago
evil morty downloaded slow ricks brain contents (hense why he is slow) and is now going for c1-37s. slow rick was in the class of all the mortys if none of you remember.
JusticeGraceful 3 months ago
He'd be an Android, not a robot.
Dylan H
Dylan H 4 months ago
They are probably waiting for the best fan theory to use for an evil morty episode...to blow everyones minds.
Big Red 318
Big Red 318 3 months ago
Lol facts
Nanaj Sabila
Nanaj Sabila 4 months ago
Our morty gets fed up with rick in a couple of years, imagine having a rick your entire life
Maximo's Ebenen
Maximo's Ebenen 6 months ago
8:20 „Yes tall Morty?“ „Did I gratutate this Time yet ?“😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wolfy Rock
Wolfy Rock 6 months ago
9:08 LOL i love that scene
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 6 months ago
Morty Campaign: Exploits the aristocracy of evil ricks, and reformed the lower class, also known as morties. Sounds like communism
K maz
K maz 6 months ago
Yeah it me and I dont talk to these people I dont tuen good.
CheezeIt 101
CheezeIt 101 6 months ago
I’m just here for the comment section. 🍿
mistagreeneyes 6 months ago
What if Evil Morty was the Morty left behind in the opening credits and he survived?
Vod Kanokers
Vod Kanokers 6 months ago
6 ads 😂😂😂😂 whaaaaat
Im VenMous
Im VenMous 6 months ago
Slow rick is the dumbest rick in the (known) multiverse, doofus rick is the homie
Cork Gaming
Cork Gaming 6 months ago
Omg yes doofus Rick is obviously Diabolical... really?😔
Tyler Mabe
Tyler Mabe 6 months ago
I wonder if evil morty is just interested in ricks Morty
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 7 months ago
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa aaa aaa aaa Ha haaaaaaaa aaa aaa
Ezzie Wezzie
Ezzie Wezzie 7 months ago
Did everyone notice how did they survived if they didn’t eat dinner
Lezerni Wolf
Lezerni Wolf 7 months ago
Evil Morty = Anti Cosmo
Ingram Edwards
Ingram Edwards 7 months ago
Evil Morty is actually the first robot created by an "unknown" Rick after his original Morty died. "Unknown" Rick put all his Morty's memories into the new Robo-Morty not knowing that his real Morty kinda resented him but never had the guts to say so and then after Robo-Morty realized that his original was simply tossed and replaced he killed Rick in a rage. He took some time to come to grips with just killing Rick (he was also kinda programmed to love Rick but that code got currupted) he decided to end them all.
mia 8 months ago
right so i have a question. if rick and morty are from earth c-137 when the galactic government went to look for rick, why did they go to the planet they 'inhabited' instead of going to earth c-137, where all of the cronenburgs are?
FoxFusion 8 months ago
U made this vid twice
Hero 428
Hero 428 8 months ago
What if the original Rick is the true villain this is my theory the original Morty/ Evil Morty has traveled back in time to save the current Morty from Rick, maybe Rick tried to kill the evil (or not evil) Morty and Morty tried to become president to do anything in his power to stop the original Rick
sirbrim6161 8 months ago
Wait. So in Evil Morty's speech it showed Mortys getting Megafruit. If the Megafruit is what is making Rick smart and the Mortys are getting it for Evil Morty, it makes sense why he is so smart.
Mr.Machees 8 months ago
People love Evil Morty because of the Evil Morty Theme
Soft Wave
Soft Wave 8 months ago
Not crazy at all
Chenia Jackson
Chenia Jackson 8 months ago
I think our Morty is evil Morty that after he detoxed himself he made a clone of himself to leave with Rick to put the toxins back into so Rick wouldn't notice
Devil of Wrath
Devil of Wrath 8 months ago
I think evil Morty’s a rick because all ricks have cybernetics with the eyes and robotic arm and such.
Tyler Rand
Tyler Rand 8 months ago
I always thought doofus Rick is pulling the strings
David Simeon
David Simeon 8 months ago
Ohh Cheeszy
Ohh Cheeszy 8 months ago
Morty is like a crazy feminist
RogueGamer 8 months ago
Is it possible our rick the one we see knows a cocky morty is bad cos the evil morty is actually his morty
waayaaha d
waayaaha d 8 months ago
XxSWAGGERxX 8 months ago
I think the best way to describe evil Morty is that he is the Rickest Morty
Cohan Downey
Cohan Downey 8 months ago
Mum ch aaaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhaa aaaaaaaahaaaaaahhaaa dum dum ch
Andromeda Lightning
Andromeda Lightning 8 months ago
doofus Rick
Chazza Bolts
Chazza Bolts 8 months ago
Yo I got like 10 adds tryna watch this Wtf
Transgender wombat
Transgender wombat 8 months ago
Theory when ricks wife died and he left maybe he went into a universe where his wife didn’t die and he never left Beth and he raised a morty but the morty excelled and became smarter than Rick and he was so embarrassed he went back to regular universe so he could be the smartest person in the universe
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