10 Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake Covers Up

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10 Really Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake "Fixes"
As much fun as the new Aladdin movie is, there are several notable things that were left out from the original. Stuff that was a little too provocative for 2019. And for that reason, the creators decided that these things had to be, for lack of a better phrase… “fixed”.
These are 10 Really Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake Covers Up.

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May 31, 2019




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Comments 80
Phil Pietersen
Phil Pietersen 7 days ago
Thankfully I'm past the age where I have any urge to see a puke-inducing Disney concoction.
Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison 8 days ago
Aladin was too dumb and not witty. He seem to not know what was really going on half the time, and definitely not as clever as the original version.
G3A1N TV 8 days ago
Jasmine and Jafar why not Aladdin
Manar Najjar
Manar Najjar 11 days ago
My only real complaint about this movie was that Jasmine wasnt Arabic. Nothing against Naomi. Just felt like a slap in the face that the one Arab princess couldn’t even be Arab, especially since everyone else (aside from Will Smith) was arab
Timm Damiano
Timm Damiano 12 days ago
Profocative??? Covering up SHIT that STILL happens in these third world CUNTries? You cover shit up to hide the TRUTH..PERIOD THE END
Ariene Soares Fonseca
MENINO! Que doidera!
Scottie P
Scottie P 14 days ago
You spelled of wrong my guy
Steve Blane
Steve Blane 14 days ago
Kill somebody for the love of god kill somebody .
Steve Blane
Steve Blane 14 days ago
Also jasmine is significantly less attractive in the live action
Crixus S
Crixus S 15 days ago
Fuck political correctness.
Aura Torres
Aura Torres 15 days ago
Also, on the original, Jafar tells Jasmine that Aladdin was killed/punished by BEHEADING, but they changed the story line on the new one to him simply not showing up to meet her in the courtyard as promised because he was captured by Jafar.
Eva Abe
Eva Abe 18 days ago
So let’s not make the couple too American but making the crowd more attractive & friendly looking is OK? Do they no longer cut a hand off for stealing? It used to be pretty scary to be a thief, but now not so bad. Princess Jasmine (disguised) was pretty bold, those children were starving! They have their rights! Political BS crammed down our throats! I did like the movie, but enough is enough with political correctness! It’s a lie!
Sewar Horani
Sewar Horani 18 days ago
say what u wanna say people but the remake is wayyy better, coming from an Arab
Syed Colon
Syed Colon 22 days ago
ill stick with the original, the changes were mostly unwelcomed or unnoticed. Disney censoring is annoying. I did like the water fountain dance scene
rochelle Crump-mcnulty
I didn't see the live version. The animated version was and still is good enough for me
MaximilianMus 19 days ago
I like the original book one way better than both lol
Arpan D'Rozario
Arpan D'Rozario 23 days ago
For the prince Ali song lyric change he missed out the," heard you Princess was HOT" line.
Paula C. Muñoz Torres
I enjoyed both movies. The ambient in the 2019 is freaking fantastic and I loved all the casting. About the changes, I didn’t really notice them so much, maybe because i Jaś been do long since i whatched the 1992 one. Im my opinion(im not Muslim not Middle Eastern) I don’t think the “slaves” lyrics and harem girls changes were necessary. We tend to blind children to things that exist instead of teaching them history from a neutral standpoint. About the kissing scene, this is funny: as a child I didn’t know that Jafar was dressing Jasmine “sluttier” or anything, just dressing her up in a way he liked, because she’s was already pretty and stuff(again, i was very young, so I didn’t quite catch what sexualize was) but damn, I remember well thinking “Jafar, you moron, she is gonna steal your lamp, don’t kiss her!” Because, who goes from “I hope you die in pain” to “oh gawd you’re so handsome” in 2 seconds? I’m glad they didn’t kiss, it didn’t suit the characters in my opinion. I have a soft spot for villains and Jafar is my baby. I cannot see villains giving two fucks about a princess, or being all lovey dovey like Prince Charming. I am not sure how political and historically accurate is that Jasmine becomes sultana, but it made total sense to me.
Brandy_2228 24 days ago
When I watched the new one I was waiting for that kiss between Jaffar and Jasmine but nope they cut it out.
InfraRed Tiger
InfraRed Tiger 25 days ago
maybe I'm just crazy but I don't remember the line in Arabian nights about cutting peoples ears off
Savannah Winsor
Savannah Winsor 25 days ago
Still prefer the cartoon version better!
Bill Pap
Bill Pap 26 days ago
alternative title: How to SJwash another classic... Well done Disney
27isunknown 26 days ago
Nigga, "harem" actually means, a place where women are free to do anything without the Men misogynistic consent. Based on the Ottoman empire. KNOW YOUR FACTS.
Justin Kenward
Justin Kenward 26 days ago
I like the new Aladdin best when it was doing it's own thing and not trying to copy the OG.
Naomi Anisimova
Naomi Anisimova 27 days ago
Just watched the original movie with my 4 year old and OMG it was not pretty! The remake makes so much more sense...
braedon minnie
braedon minnie 27 days ago
i think the first aladdin movie was perfect
reven ice
reven ice 28 days ago
Honestly I can’t think of one of the listed changes that is positive. Some are inconsequential like the lyric changes while others are actively detrimental, the larger changes to jasmine’s character were they took a genuinely strong female character and make her into a caricature of a strong female character.
Timothy Yee
Timothy Yee 28 days ago
Why didn't Jafar get invited to sing and dance at the end, since it's just a movie. Forgiveness
Maria W.
Maria W. 28 days ago
This is a really good video; all the changes, I think, were good ideas.
Emily Crawford
Emily Crawford 28 days ago
Animated Jafar is a creepy uncle, live action jafar can get it.
Aaron Ratliff
Aaron Ratliff 28 days ago
Fuck you snowflakes ...they steal cut off your hand they still have slaves ..and guess what they put women in there place ..the one thing I agree with ...I pray you fucking lebtards won't stop over gun and start the civil war that it will cause ..and all you strong women lol..that are as strong as men ..that can do whatever men do lol..well you will learn to use a gun or you will submit ..
Loved Bythedeer
Loved Bythedeer 28 days ago
So I am not sure why having a handsome villain would be a "progressive" thing....unless that is implying that progressives want to make evil look good, in which case I would agree that is what they do. On a different note, I think some of the changes just make sense, like removing the scene of her almost getting her hand cut off. And with it being real people instead of cartoon, I appreciate that they did not keep in the "ladies of the night" and that they had the people look like real people. I personally didn't really care for how they made the movie all about Jasmine, and Aladdin almost seems like a supportive character in a movie bearing his name. The best thing I can say about the live action version is Will Smith as Genie. I think WIll's performance was the highlight of the movie. And I think it was good that they didn't make a Black-American man sing something positive about slavery. If they had left that line in it would have for sure created unnecessary controversy.
shadowwolfcat13 29 days ago
I think it's extremely funny how western media demonises communism, yet is gradually resorting to censorship in a simmilar way. I still have Aladdin on casset and watched it 1000 times as a kid. And you know what? It wasn't until I was in high-school and watched a video on RUvid about "oh my!" moments in Disney movies that I noticed some of the things that are now cut out and "unacceptable". I never thought Jasmine was a weak female lead. Heck, I didn't care who was leading or that someone had a grand purpose in life. All I wanted as a child was for the good guys to win. And in spite of watching the "outdated" "restrictive" Disney classics, I grew up to be a good responsible woman.
Jennifer Druidhill
Jennifer Druidhill 29 days ago
they change stuff but nothing was wrong in the original so nothing had to be fix, but we (we eaqual to not snowflakes) know people now are weak and fragile, and get ofended just by looking at their own shadow
Ling Gan
Ling Gan 29 days ago
When jasmine is singing speechless I think her pink dress is a change to the 1992 Queen jasmine
Burningskull13 Month ago
This is why I still haven't seen the live action remake.
Tabi Valéria
Tabi Valéria Month ago
ALL of the changes was UNNECESSARY
Tabi Valéria
Tabi Valéria Month ago
This new movie should have the title Jasmine. It wasnt really about Aladdin anymore
Tabi Valéria
Tabi Valéria Month ago
I don't think any of the things they changed was necessary. I think the many little changed thing ruined the movie as a whole. It was waaay worse than the original. And they wanted it to be much longer, and made big mistakes for it. It become some messy, dumb and long something, which i can't say enough far from the original Aladdin. Disney should REALLY stop making these remakes and creating something new and original
Deepto Bhattacharya
Is it only me or i find the toon version of jasmine super hot and the live action jasmine quite a passe
Sagacious Eagle
Sagacious Eagle Month ago
Political correctness just makes a movie plain dull. It's all those controversial ideologies that spices up the storytelling.
Cole Dahle
Cole Dahle Month ago
I wonder what a remake of Hunchback of Notre Dame would look like today... 🤔
Dilayl Month ago
I don’t quite get why nearly everyone gets so easily offended these days....c‘mom we grew up watching Drawn Together, South Park or Family Guy. Political correctness is ruining the whole movie industry (imo)
Dr. λ the Typer of Terms
Sounds like the once barbaric Agrabah has turned into a place where people go for hugs.
Sage Kooima
Sage Kooima Month ago
I REALLY didn’t like the live action!🤢🤮 Sorry for those who enjoyed it, but nothing beats the original!!!
Greg Moldovan
Greg Moldovan Month ago
Having not wanted to see the live movie, after watching this list I definitely don't want to see it! It looks downright boring!
Robert Merrick
Robert Merrick Month ago
Jay Gima
Jay Gima Month ago
First line with the barbaric was needed to be changed, thank you disney!!! Bruh, you don't know the history, the hand thing is only after 3 penalties, they actually allow giving food to children to kids on the streets! Harem girls were a good remove. I don't know how i feel about Jafar lol.The Prince Ali's song was good it was changed. I would've kept the harem thing in the disney live action for Jasmine personally, maybe not though if I think about it.
storm wright
storm wright Month ago
I didn't really like the remake. Jafar was too young and didn't look like Jafar, the Sultan wasn't bubbly and stout, they added so many unnecessary songs and removed the good ones. They cut out iconic lines and the whole movie focused way too much on Jasmine. They cut out so much character development and chemistry. But the scenes with Will were still pretty funny, even if he doesn't resonate with me as the Genie. Plus I liked that they gave him a love interest too (wish we could have seen if he and Aladdin stayed in touch.) I loved most of the costumes even if some were unnecessary. I loved the background and how realistic it felt. Overall I think they should have just marketed this movie differently
Bay Jets
Bay Jets Month ago
So because of quarantine, our school play was canceled. Me and some of my theater kid friends, are working together to write and produce a play to do over zoom, we are doing Aladdin!!!
Suhas Gowda
Suhas Gowda Month ago
So reality stings doesnt it?
Robby Rodriguez
Robby Rodriguez Month ago
they dont sing well,jasmine lipsync her last song wtf
Raissa Tavares
Raissa Tavares Month ago
Jafar was so disappointing! I didn't seem like him at all!
Esmy Pacheco
Esmy Pacheco Month ago
I think Dr.Facilier He Does Have some of Judge Frollo and Jafar in him.🔥🃏🧞‍♂️❤🖤💜
bart thomassen thomassen
Disney has completely lost its way. Uncle Walt would be ashamed.
Anatoli Stoimenov
I mean this is stupid, saying it needs to empower girls and it is super racist by disney, because in the middle ages this wasn't a part of there culture and it is retarded just to satisfy some people to personally insult a culture that is over 1k years old...
2019: sensitive asf
rumivyuu - neo
rumivyuu - neo Month ago
shodan dragon
shodan dragon Month ago
Pc culture these days it's far far too easy to upset someone this world's gone too pc I acsept there should be a line but the lines gone back too far
Jwrecked 909
Jwrecked 909 Month ago
Of course they were never going to show jafar and jasmine making out. Thats probably a big reason they made him younger, just take the whole awkward situation of naomi scott having to kiss a 50 year old man out of the equation! Little less floozey for Jasmine’s character too and more empowering.
Jak Quinn
Jak Quinn Month ago
I thought these things were included because it's set in the past, you know, when Aladdin is set. Just like French people don't live in towns like Beauty & The Beast anymore, and we don't sail around in wooden ships like The Little Mermaid; and we're also not enslaving Indians anymore like in Pocahontas. I mean i could go on for ages with this.
Alan Kohn
Alan Kohn Month ago
So it's bad to whitewash characters but it's fine to whitewash historic fact, yay bring on newspeak. I'll be sitting over here next to George
zackdreamcast Month ago
8:52 all sjw’s can rejoice
bo lars
bo lars Month ago
This movie should have Been in iraq ore Jordan Thats the original . This shitty movie was like i was in india like wtf it took all the charme
ibrahim odhabi
ibrahim odhabi Month ago
I honestly don't any of the changes were necessary. I would even go as far as to say that all does changes ruined the movie for me
Wanted Gal
Wanted Gal Month ago
I felt all the changes were really unnecessary, we handled it well as kids and so will the next generation, i believe!
garfieldt Month ago
So they neutered the story. Not much left to see....
UbnKilled08 Month ago
Gilbert Gottfried should have voiced Iago
WickedBinge Month ago
Gilbert should have voiced every character, in my opinion.
marcus campos
marcus campos Month ago
I don't think there's anything wrong with the old Aladdin I think some people might be offended but that is what it was and people are too sensitive nowadays
Less offensive probably, but truths are lies
Faruel N.A
Faruel N.A Month ago
I just plain disliked this movie for the political correct bs and historical whitewashing. I will keep showing my kids the original with the best blue genie.
Hanz Month ago
No Changes were Needed the Original Animated Movie was Perfect the way it was. After all its stories were based Arabian Nights and not Disney Nights.
Kaagh178 Month ago
Oh and Jafar is AGED DOWN. Why else would you do this!?
Kaagh178 Month ago
But Jasmine is obviously OLDER and AGED UP APPROPRATELY so it makes no sense not to include it!
Kaagh178 Month ago
Slave Jasmine and bellydancers would have made the film better and more PG. Fight me.
John Sword
John Sword Month ago
They made Jafar too soft. He was not scary at all. They reduced him from a sinister villein to a common thief.
rainynight02 Month ago
Wait, Jasmin and Aladdin were teenagers?!? I always thought they were grown adults.
rainynight02 Month ago
Having slaves may not be a desirable for a Disney hero. It would be a show of wealth for the time period asthetic that Aladdin is placed in. So the original line made sense. People disliking slavery is irrelivant to that point. Saying you have alot of slaves is in and of itself a sign of wealth.
rainynight02 Month ago
You and I have different ideas of "scantily clad"
Lloyd Laskey
Lloyd Laskey Month ago
Evil is ugly. Look at the Warren Beatty film Dick Tracy all are white man and all artists are disfigured in some way. This is to emphasize the evil within in. As evil in the real world isn't seen so ready. Also the Sith Lords in Star Wars is another example.
Maelthis Month ago
Old age Arabian culture had all those so... Cutting a hand, not sure if it still is enforced, but it used to be the usual punishment for theft
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