10 Cool Back to School Tech! (Under $100)

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It's that dreaded time of year, back to school season. Check out 10 cool tech ideas under $100 to pick up for school!
🔥 Amazon Prime Trial: amzn.to/2N4jcNi
🔥 Qi Charger / Pen Holder: amzn.to/31xExTk
🔥 Orbit Dual Chargers: amzn.to/2TAaYOb
🔥 Bladeless Fan Light: ban.ggood.vip/sslo
🔥 Amazon Echo Show 5: amzn.to/33BKr7O
🔥 Digital Alarm Clock: amzn.to/31DyY5J
🔥 Yeti Insulated Mug: amzn.to/2YJEaIe
🔥 WD External Hard Drives: amzn.to/31DwODd
🔥 Minimalist Slim Wallet: amzn.to/33E2xGn
🔥 Everykey: everykey.com/
🔥 Office Home & Student: bit.ly/StudentOffice2016
code: UKrandom
🔥 Windows 10: bit.ly/Windows10PC
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 1 122
Rohan1078 Day ago
Thanks for not saying alexa, you the only one who gets it. This one time I’m wearing headphones, I appreciate it anyway.
Sean Dawson
Sean Dawson Day ago
I see u love slipknot too, noice. My favourite song is Critical Darling HBU
Damn Cat
Damn Cat 5 days ago
69$ for a little bluetooth device?! The frick oh my god how is it so expensive
Reina Arana!
Reina Arana! 7 days ago
AliK7 9 days ago
Why do i feel like u have a slight texas accent at the beginning of ur vids
Maxwell Vigil
Maxwell Vigil 10 days ago
Watch the video on 1.5 playback speed You’ll thank me later
Black hawk gaming_lab
I’d sucks in total the items are 200 $$ stupid
GuldFisken gaming
GuldFisken gaming 12 days ago
what is that headset stand? where can i get it...
Pagan liminals
Pagan liminals 12 days ago
0:45 6:27 7:29
Marvelous Meerkat
Marvelous Meerkat 13 days ago
cool back to school TECH shows of coffee mug
Quinn Zachary
Quinn Zachary 14 days ago
Spells out Alexa so he doesn’t set off my google home mini. Appreciate it.
Matthew Ricks
Matthew Ricks 14 days ago
what kind of desk is that? I've been looking to get a new desk for a while so i'm just wondering.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 14 days ago
“$28 wireless phone charger with pen holder” $28 just for a 18W charging brick.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 15 days ago
Ah yes, the mug, the pinnacle of human technology.
Matto 15 days ago
Evan C
Evan C 16 days ago
I see you listening to Slipknot and chevelle I like your taste
Rusty Paperclip
Rusty Paperclip 16 days ago
you forgot to put in the Ak-47
Casey McClure
Casey McClure 19 days ago
Bought like half of this stuff thanks my guy
Gene Burke
Gene Burke 19 days ago
'Cứ như là cưng có tiền cho người ta mượn đấy ~
Pixilic 19 days ago
I think the google hib would be better than the echo
Anna DeLeon
Anna DeLeon 23 days ago
*Pauses video* *comes back like 10 minutes later* vid: "frank pee" me: hehe yes, i have the mentality of a 3 year old.
sh0rtaznant 24 days ago
The batteries are "more than enough to charge your phone, especially most modern phones" lmao what? Especially modern phones? The more modern the phone, the bigger the battery.
ThunderYazxor 24 days ago
last time i looked in my wallet, i saw dust coming out
Renni 25 days ago
You forgot to mention this shit cool for us pre-schoolers. This post was made by pre school gang gang
It’s Jet
It’s Jet 25 days ago
Nice under $100 My last quarter: *REEEEEEEEEE*
J N 26 days ago
Randomfrankp next year please make a middle school type of back to school video cause none of this really for me is the tech for me. Thank You - J N
Giorgi GG
Giorgi GG 27 days ago
Me: Searchs for something good Under $100 Wants everything what's in this video Ohhh there will be more than $100
Pulz3.RNGSmz2007 _
University or college I thought they same ting
randomfrankp Month ago
Different in other countries
Thanks for spelling Alexa out so my My echo show 5 didn’t go insane
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Month ago
11:28 nice
Norwood Davis
Norwood Davis Month ago
could you send the link to the dope wallpaper you have on your phone?
Datman Month ago
“And if you didn’t know what it was, you probably wouldn’t know what it is.”
Link Lloyd
Link Lloyd Month ago
11:27 ah yes the best price
Riley M.
Riley M. Month ago
*Its the middle of January* Me: Ooh back to school...
Sadie Goldsworthy
I can beat the Amazon clock with my smart google and Lenovo 8 inch smart clock
Jaden Dodd
Jaden Dodd Month ago
When I see “under a hundred dollars” I mean all together 😂😂
Dead Potato
Dead Potato Month ago
Photography Highlight
Tech at the front: 5:45 5:45 iPhone at the back: *7:47*
Photography Highlight
Tech at the front: 5:45 5:45 iPhone at the back: *7:47*
Dank Memer
Dank Memer Month ago
The ever key is supposed to remember your passwords so you don’t have to even tho you need to remember a password to get into it lol 😂
Sky Wizard
Sky Wizard Month ago
Who goes back to school in the middle of August
randomfrankp Month ago
About half the country in the US?
lucky ME
lucky ME Month ago
Comments about how poor they are kinda annoying as if it's only for the sake of jokes.
abacaxii. Month ago
"If you didn't know what it was, you probably wouldn't know what it is." -Frankp, Random - 2019
usasupra23 Month ago
Will that Bluetooth PW manager thing work on corporate PC at work? I’d like to have this for my work PC if it won’t be blocked by corporate hardened images? I have a new Lenovo P43S laptop with new WIN10 OS
Daniel Mathews
Daniel Mathews Month ago
When you have a 7 plus and no wireless charging :(
nick robbins
nick robbins Month ago
Random Frank p's hair be looking like Mario's hair but inverted Mario:*brown hair, black hair* Random Frank P:*black hair, brown(dark ginger) beard
nick robbins
nick robbins Month ago
Lol echo show be more expensive then Google's nest
DUSKY Month ago
me just prepping for university, kind of shitting myself
Film Tips
Film Tips Month ago
Love his intro it’s random frank p
VeganCocaine Month ago
“If you didn’t know what it was, you wouldn’t know what it is” WOW REALLLY
Red Paradox
Red Paradox Month ago
Where's the ar15?
M16 Assualtrifle
What about kindergarten tech?
Xboxshark 21
Xboxshark 21 Month ago
I have that alarm clock, highly recommend it
Alec Schon
Alec Schon Month ago
2:54 "if you didn't know what it was, you probably wouldn't know what it is"
Rhvn1 Gaming
Rhvn1 Gaming Month ago
A-l-e-x-a lol
Tommy Bentley
Tommy Bentley Month ago
1:31 my guys a maggot
Zetifyy Month ago
Unsainted playing in the backround
Nolaaan Month ago
Can you use the WD my passport hardrive on MacBook Pro 2018 with no dongle?
Mrcoolboy Month ago
I like the Slipknot
kosta Month ago
69 dollars to save passwords I’ll stick to using the same password for everything
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