10 Cool Back to School Tech! (Under $100)

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It's that dreaded time of year, back to school season. Check out 10 cool tech ideas under $100 to pick up for school!
🔥 Amazon Prime Trial: amzn.to/2N4jcNi
🔥 Qi Charger / Pen Holder: amzn.to/31xExTk
🔥 Orbit Dual Chargers: amzn.to/2TAaYOb
🔥 Bladeless Fan Light: ban.ggood.vip/sslo
🔥 Amazon Echo Show 5: amzn.to/33BKr7O
🔥 Digital Alarm Clock: amzn.to/31DyY5J
🔥 Yeti Insulated Mug: amzn.to/2YJEaIe
🔥 WD External Hard Drives: amzn.to/31DwODd
🔥 Minimalist Slim Wallet: amzn.to/33E2xGn
🔥 Everykey: everykey.com/
🔥 Office Home & Student: bit.ly/StudentOffice2016
code: UKrandom
🔥 Windows 10: bit.ly/Windows10PC
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• Manfrotto Tripod & Head: amzn.to/29vcRVi
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV
• FalconEyes LED Light: amzn.to/2NxS72a
• Rhino Slider: amzn.to/29vcKt0
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 978
onigk61 Day ago
the bladeless fan is ok but not worth £15 and its just as loud as other fans. the fan is in the bottom and just blows up
ARMADILO ! 2 days ago
Or just get a crowbar. You will be able to afford the very best
Odemus 3 days ago
Slipknot in your phone made the video 100% better
Old Bayzor
Old Bayzor 3 days ago
ughh someone give me link to that wooden monitor riser
hanasolk m
hanasolk m 4 days ago
1:36 Yea, sure a external charger with a proprietary charging port seems like an GREAT idea....
Meneses 7 days ago
Gabrielius Kačinskas
Fuck the school
KoolKashew 7 days ago
Music taste is on pointttttt. Just another thing that makes you the best tech youtuber 😂
GTech 8 days ago
Not gonna lie, that simplistic clock is super nice looking
Dude Derek
Dude Derek 8 days ago
RTIC is like Yeti but inexpensive.
Shea Murray
Shea Murray 8 days ago
Bold for Austin to assume students have any money
Anit Kumar
Anit Kumar 8 days ago
you forgot to add a bulletproof vest
Dipto Nag
Dipto Nag 9 days ago
I’m a tea ☕️ person not coffee ☕️
CxllumWright 9 days ago
3:57 respect, woulda gotten annoyed if my dot went off
Sebastian Suarez
Sebastian Suarez 9 days ago
Cool video. Really like the B-roll shots you put in.
Micah Chilly
Micah Chilly 9 days ago
Cry’s in student
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal 9 days ago
I just wishlisted that qi charger/pen holder and all the suggestion items were from this video. Ppl buying ALL of it lol
samdt61 sam
samdt61 sam 10 days ago
In Claas u dont need your phone😂
Lukas 11 days ago
That password device is super easy to hack, don’t buy it!
Jtzkb 11 days ago
Please don';t link to or pitch illegal volume keys for Windows; you're unwittingly helping your viewers get scammed
D&Js World
D&Js World 11 days ago
This Is Great! Thanks For The Tips 👍🏽
Fahad Al-Mutawa
Fahad Al-Mutawa 11 days ago
I bought the orbit dual chargers last year. I do not recommend them what so ever, they are quite terrible. They barely manage to charge my phone (s9).
Jorge Nicolas Ortez Vazquez
1:27 Slipknot Fuckers!!!
L.T.'s reviews
L.T.'s reviews 12 days ago
Bro i didnt know he went to wilkes i live like 10 minutes away from wilked
Lucky Banana
Lucky Banana 13 days ago
Dude your my favorite RUvidr I love your channel theme: Electronics. Thanks for all the Ideas!
Pyroesnipex 13 days ago
still cant afford😂
王翰儒 14 days ago
A thermal mug? How is that a tech worth recommending? Don't we all see them everywhere anyways?
Elias Ghaucha
Elias Ghaucha 14 days ago
Do you have a link for your iPhone wallpaper?
TBGaming 14 days ago
I would buy that fan but it on a scary website
sage 16 days ago
i think its time to clean that fucking lamp frank
Epidemike 17 days ago
+randomfrankp More info on that skull headphone holder?
Mike 8th
Mike 8th 17 days ago
Where u get that wallpaper
DaCho 17 days ago
what were your speaker stands in your second setup
w1t 17 days ago
Stop listenig to good musich
Rxbin 24
Rxbin 24 20 days ago
Great video
Qasim Muhammad
Qasim Muhammad 21 day ago
2:40 that's jibbos corpse
12345678910 go
12345678910 go 21 day ago
100$ that’s funny
Alren 22 days ago
You forgot to say elementary school because 9 year olds matter
Dave Francis
Dave Francis 22 days ago
I need a USB hub that is switchable and has minimum 7 outputs... any recommendations or preferred brands? I’ve tried a few without any luck, either poor quality or don’t seem to have enough power.
Apple Obsessed
Apple Obsessed 22 days ago
As soon as I heard that that fan was $20 I ordered one 👍
hur2k 22 days ago
Back to school is shit maderfak this has nothing to do with school bitch
Jack Powell
Jack Powell 22 days ago
So many toys and gimmicks.
CrazyExploitz 23 days ago
lol look what i found *Read more*
Xtuk 23 days ago
*I can see a MacBook a iPhone XR and there under a hundred dollars I think not*
James Crowe
James Crowe 23 days ago
Lol, wait till Alexa can spell
Sarai the Gigabyte
Sarai the Gigabyte 24 days ago
I had been in college for 6 years and graduated this summer but I still wanna watch this lol
Vault 24 days ago
Just FYI love my everykey but the battery is trash. Expect to charge it as often as an apple watch
Ej0rgzn 24 days ago
You can get word and stuff for 2$ a month on microsofts website if you choose student pack or smthn
Adrian Hernandez.J
Adrian Hernandez.J 25 days ago
More like things that i will never need but its cool to look at
Derposaurus 25 days ago
A brushless fan … DJI ☺️pls make a drone without props like this fan
JC Automotive
JC Automotive 25 days ago
You forgot about the juul
Jarrod Couch
Jarrod Couch 25 days ago
The blade less fan/humidifier is something I never knew I needed😂
Brennan Nau
Brennan Nau 26 days ago
FRANK!! The windows 10 you showed is a SCAM if you need windows 10 don't go off of a 3rd party website.
Brennan Nau
Brennan Nau 26 days ago
@randomfrankp What they are selling is volume license keys, those keys are meant to be used in a company environment where the license will be re-armed on a regular basis by the companies Key Management Server.
randomfrankp 26 days ago
no, it isnt. Ive used them for years and never had an issue with keys.
Luke Playz
Luke Playz 26 days ago
I’m in elementary school lol
Leon Eltrich
Leon Eltrich 26 days ago
„If I have a really early class like an 8 am“ Me having to get up at 6:15 everyday because mine starts at 7:45 daily 😐
Raphael / LexworD
Raphael / LexworD 26 days ago
Nice vid!
ZC Lab
ZC Lab 27 days ago
My old 5th grade teacher hade that just a different color
Oliver Sundseth
Oliver Sundseth 27 days ago
my boy listening to slipknot
Zeh Zahl
Zeh Zahl 27 days ago
Cool tech! But the Orbit chargers seem a bit bulky and underpowered to me. I have an Anker Astro E1 pocket charger with both USB-A and C and 6700mA.h capacity and it's much smaller than these.
safe 27 days ago
Almost all of these are completely useless as a student and a waste of money.
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