10 Celebs Who Insulted Ellen DeGeneres ON Ellen

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Comments 80
Foeko 3 months ago
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David Clogg
David Clogg Month ago
Chase Rutty
Chase Rutty Month ago
👌 ok
Elijah smith
Elijah smith 2 months ago
RED DOT 🔴 this week please watch out your name for your dad please send it please call mom I will send him to text me to tell him what I’m going through to you
Dr. Baldi
Dr. Baldi 3 months ago
You are the most clickbait I’m surprised people watch you after there first video
Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap 3 months ago
Foeko hi
Andrew Hwang
Andrew Hwang Day ago
who else came here for Billie
bernhard85 2 days ago
Wendy having a show lol the world is over haha these stars think anyone actually cares about their opinions haha we really don't only the people without a real brain care haha ... love you Ellen
bernhard85 2 days ago
Leave it to Bruce to hate same sex marriages wow wtf is the world coming to when the guy who tries to be a woman hates same sex marriages lul can we say hypocritical...
Les Btc
Les Btc 2 days ago
click bait shame on low life
Avani Rajan
Avani Rajan 3 days ago
who clicked on this just to see Billie Eilish but didn't see her🙋‍♀️
Khawlah Alkhlass
Khawlah Alkhlass 5 days ago
You are just trying to find fame your a clickbater
Grey Slate
Grey Slate 6 days ago
Ellen doesn’t seem to like people
Tracy Rex
Tracy Rex 7 days ago
Did he just said Jaty Perry
Hanna Johansson
Hanna Johansson 7 days ago
That's weird I only saw 8 not 10 celebs, and where was Billie Eilish?
sarah smith
sarah smith 8 days ago
Your going to prison
Paul Thiel
Paul Thiel 8 days ago
The title said top 10 you only included 8
Andrew Manche
Andrew Manche 12 days ago
the Ellen Degenerate Show!!!
Kurt Kremer
Kurt Kremer 12 days ago
Ellen is horrible person to begin with
Sierra Mathes
Sierra Mathes 12 days ago
Hey does Danni know his song is being used? I feel like we could get a video out of this 😂
Mia Diveroli
Mia Diveroli 13 days ago
I only came here for billie😑😑
A fat cat from sweden
Ellen Degeneres isn’t a kind person but her shaming a shoplifter is jusrified.
Nasrin riyaz
Nasrin riyaz 15 days ago
Billie wasn't there😡😡
Rosemary Anderson
Rosemary Anderson 16 days ago
I don’t think a lot of these are insults, and more of awkward moments. But I do like your style and editing!
Tiniko Iashvili
Tiniko Iashvili 18 days ago
Why is Billie always on the clickbait of ellen insulting videos?
urbanobstacles 18 days ago
Is it just me or is ellen a bit or is ellen easily offended
Josh Mcdonald
Josh Mcdonald 20 days ago
areida Smitt
areida Smitt 22 days ago
O mi god!! I'm tires from this loudd noisse!!is a scandal day by day by day....... ..........scandals por chutt offf noislly dogg
Ldbeastmode 06
Ldbeastmode 06 23 days ago
Who else knew that Billie didn’t insult Ellen but still clicked anyway
Lee Gutierrez
Lee Gutierrez 24 days ago
This commentary voice is annoying AF
Lee Anne
Lee Anne 25 days ago
Take Billy off your cover if she's not on your video.
Lee Anne
Lee Anne 25 days ago
I did see the episode with Jennifer Lawrence and I'm sorry but it was weird that she though that all cats where only one sex...
Josephine Lalnunsiami
Foeko:10 celebs who insulted Ellen on her show Also Foeko:02 the audience Me:🙄
Branden Medina
Branden Medina 26 days ago
Why the fuck would you not put any relevant clips in only ones from different interviews?
nxsonic Ms
nxsonic Ms 27 days ago
Billie no la insultó fue un tic del tourette
•Ayato-Chan• 28 days ago
Billie Eilish? *she never insulted Ellen, Billie just complimented her like a million times lmfao.*
ChantexxX Mclaughlin
When you have nothing else to do with your life and this is in your recommendations
PAJ Your Lifecoach
PAJ Your Lifecoach 29 days ago
can u stop saying jady perry
Ryan S
Ryan S Month ago
Why do you have to talk, show the videos of what happened. Stop listening to yourself jabber.
Jennifer Martinez
This is cringy
Tom Busshart
Tom Busshart Month ago
I hate this disgusting tv show !
Penguin 25
Penguin 25 Month ago
Amel Aljabarti
Amel Aljabarti Month ago
You had billie elish in the thumbail you laiarrrrrrrrrrr
AllaynaSkye TV
AllaynaSkye TV Month ago
Click bait!! I only came for billie
Pee Peenut
Pee Peenut Month ago
Tsitlo Magolo
Tsitlo Magolo Month ago
I have subscribed a long time ago, but I liked and this is my comment...literally Foeko since I subscribed I have been following the algorithm like a reflex...you gotta do something about this😂😂😂
Kristen Faul
Kristen Faul Month ago
click bait
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Month ago
None of these are insults
John Dough
John Dough Month ago
Foeko here’s an idea. Stfu and jus play the clips. Oh and stop click baiting ppl btch
Joe Greet
Joe Greet Month ago
Wendy willoams just hates rhe lgbtq communities.
Liza Ramos
Liza Ramos Month ago
I see The courage in you, it's not easy to tell your friends off, but sometimes you only grow if you Love yourself as you Love others
Matthew McSheffrey
Elyan Ibrahim
Elyan Ibrahim Month ago
i see billie, i click on the vid!
Y Hong Nhu Dang (Nhu Y)
Adaure Onwuneme
Adaure Onwuneme Month ago
rosy jory
rosy jory Month ago
The music was really annoying
Angela Navia
Angela Navia Month ago
Wow ellen its so biutyfol👀😃😃😃
SNR vlogs
SNR vlogs Month ago
I watch full video
Angel B.
Angel B. Month ago
Wtf. I really just wasted 11 mins of my life listening to this idiot. I wish I can take back this view he got from me, damn it....😤😤😤
keybladexiorra Month ago
So no one noticed sonic the hedgehog is the narrator
Faze_RAM123_ YT
Faze_RAM123_ YT Month ago
Faze_RAM123_ YT
Faze_RAM123_ YT Month ago
im on mushroooms fuck all of yah your reality is fugazy
Tim Reeder
Tim Reeder Month ago
I'm only here to say " who gives a shite"
Kim Kloet
Kim Kloet Month ago
Couldn't watch this till the end.. and i'm watching sh+t on YT for the last 2hours because of a freakin flue. And don't get me started on the clickbait.. YOU have one less subsriber.. baiiiiiiiii
Fanny Gomez
Fanny Gomez Month ago
She is so mean now that I know I
Patricia Ann Patungan
how is katy perry the one who insulted ellen?
Akok Longkumer
Akok Longkumer Month ago
You talk too much let us see the video..
Wendy Martinez
Wendy Martinez Month ago
Worse video ever, didn't even play the videos when people were there, no wonder it has almost 7 thousand thumbs down, what a waste of my time
nandar linn
nandar linn Month ago
I don't like ellen.😒
knightrcer Month ago
Who is the woman in the thumbnail of this video? The same woman appears in every video that shows Ellen with the same celebrities ticking off Ellen but she never appears in the actual video.
bille eyelash
bille eyelash Month ago
yo amazing please make more please
bille eyelash
bille eyelash Month ago
Rebecca Farley
Rebecca Farley Month ago
Bruce Jenner, male, dna says he is.
Grace Velasco
Grace Velasco Month ago
Why does this people use someone who did not do something wrong as ther thumb nail
Pippa Skinner
Pippa Skinner Month ago
This whole thing is click bait
blink struggles
blink struggles Month ago
ellen was just shading caitlyn jenner please-
Dorkas Kauapundu
Ellen is the best
Ida Pirog
Ida Pirog Month ago
0:06 Is that Katy Perry? xD (I know it's Ellen lol)
Papaya_grl 619
Papaya_grl 619 Month ago
A majority of these celebrities didn't even insult Ellen. One of them wasn't even a celebrity.
potato edits
potato edits Month ago
Roses are red Violets are violet I got clickbaited U did too
lazy cat
lazy cat Month ago
Foeko??? More like mo-fuck.
Nyeesha Tasco
Nyeesha Tasco Month ago
Wow seriously.. Stealing the fuck. Give it to my black girl tho respect to u
Neil Month ago
Terrible video
Domingo Month ago
Cant understand how this has only 6500 dislikes...
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