10 Bizarre Deep Space Astronomical Objects

John Michael Godier
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An exploration of ten bizarre astronomical objects either confirmed to exist by scientists, or are hypothesized to likely exist.
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Comments 80
AmyLeeBasshunter 3 days ago
Hecking moon moon again
ToeKnee Balony
ToeKnee Balony 4 days ago
What about The Great Attractor?
Both barrels
Both barrels 4 days ago
Nothing about Markarian 205/NGC4319 or is Halton Arp still taboo
Nicholas Martyka
Nicholas Martyka 5 days ago
free floating SIMP
Rigel 5 days ago
Moon moon the wolf I hope you feel validated
Matthew Boles
Matthew Boles 5 days ago
Planet at 2:18 is where a lot of yous oughta live
Trump Smith
Trump Smith 6 days ago
Wow very interesting
Jeff Mclearen
Jeff Mclearen 6 days ago
Can a moon have Moonenites? Igniknokt and Err would say yes.
Brad Steiner
Brad Steiner 7 days ago
Sometimes I wish I'd bought more weed. Do some bong hits. Learn about stars and shit.
Joe Dasilva
Joe Dasilva 9 days ago
There is so much hypothesizing in this video that my head is spinning. If A happened 4 billion light years away and XYZ would have a Orange dinosaur, then some may say that G is a soapbox traveling at a speed of 13 objects standing still while a monkey lands on your foot made of electromagnetic diamond tongued semi-moon dwarf midgets.
scottydu81 9 days ago
Isn’t there some teapot out there somewhere?
Glitter Fart
Glitter Fart 10 days ago
Why do people make things up that they don’t even know exist? Lmfao
DaddyCole 2
DaddyCole 2 11 days ago
Is... is that planet called simp?
james alen
james alen 11 days ago
in the beginning God created the heavens (the universe) and the earth (where we live) amazing wright look at all he has created when we get to heaven we will be shown all of gods creations planets everything
Don Jonsen
Don Jonsen 8 days ago
Jumping in front of a fast-moving bus makes you smart clearly,you will believe anything
Manuell 11 days ago
I believe the gratitational situation that might make a (natural) moon-moon possible is represented in Avatar, where they appear to be familiar with a area of low gravity. Like some sort of tidal 'window' in a planetary system where things levitate.
Merrill Slaven
Merrill Slaven 12 days ago
You should lower the volume of the music because it is hard to hear your voice clearly.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 12 days ago
Moon moon
Sid Gillespie
Sid Gillespie 13 days ago
What microphone do you use?
Sid Gillespie
Sid Gillespie 10 days ago
@John Michael Godier Thank you a lot for your reply and for your videos - your voice is amazing and the content too. Thank you for existing!
John Michael Godier
Must warn though, mics can be very specific to voices. I just chanced across this one that works well with my voice after trying a bunch of them. So if you can, try out mics before buying and find the right one for your purpose.
Sid Gillespie
Sid Gillespie 12 days ago
@John Michael Godier God bless you!
John Michael Godier
AKG Perception 220.
bob23456 bob
bob23456 bob 14 days ago
Chris English
Chris English 17 days ago
The background music makes it difficult to understand the narrator
Fransisco Zip
Fransisco Zip 17 days ago
Any time you have a sound problem...shut down sound switch to closed captions ..cc...problem flanked.
The Diehardsaint2
The Diehardsaint2 18 days ago
SIMP at 2:20
Marco Fam
Marco Fam 19 days ago
Rogue planet named simp wow just wow
Dave Scruton
Dave Scruton 21 day ago
A really good reason the big bang didn't create an equal amount of antimatter... The big bag is just a math trick, not an actual thing. Neither is dark matter, dark energy or many other fabrications of einstein's views. No those quasars are not what you think and lensing doesn't prove Einstein. People keep teaching this pseudoscience that has been disproved thousands of times but held onto like a religion. Google the sentence, observations don't fit theory. Yeah most observations have to be mathematically twisted into something that you have to ignore most of the data to accept as true.
Dave Scruton
Dave Scruton 8 days ago
@Don Jonsen I am thinking Einstein was wrong on several counts as were many scientists back in the day...he admitted as much in his later life but it fit the current needs of the scientists. Science is now just a for profit business and people do what they can get money for. Most just listen to what their teacher said and believe it whole cloth. That is a mistake.
Don Jonsen
Don Jonsen 8 days ago
LMMFAO...some youtube tard thinking hes smarter than Einstein AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaaa
John Michael Godier
Bunch of problems going there. The big bang is observational, not a math trick. Firstly the expansion of the universe is evident in even amateur observation with the right equipment. Second the cosmic background radiation is also observable, and needs a big bang to have happened to even exist. You don't need math to see those, just spectrography and a telescope .... or your television, since about 10 percent of the static produced on an analogue television is the afterglow of the big bang. Without a big bang, you need a magical unicorn to flatulate it into existence because nothing, and I mean nothing, will account for it otherwise. And you have way more than gravitational lensing to deal with in disproving Einstein. You have to explain how satellite operators and manufacturers have to account for general relativity and time dilation every day. The GPS system would not work if you didn't correct for that. It works. For some bizarre reason, the people that run around yelling "pseudoscience" never bother to stop and ask themselves if the same science they criticize is actually applied in real life. It is. So you don't get to just blither and say everyone's wrong. That's just blabbermouthing and hot air. No, you have to prove why it seems right when we apply it, a good example here would be nuclear energy, if Einstein was wrong it wouldn't work as it does, or it appears in every day life like static on a television. Screw math, that's a descriptor that apparently scares some people. The reality is that we use this stuff in industry and applied sciences and it works. All math does is give you a precise way to express it so it's useful. And please do not cast it as "most of the data" or "disproven thousands of times", that's just crap you're assuming and it isn't anything close to true.
Mason Patrick Widner
If the moon has a moon called the moonmoon, would the moonmoon also have a moon, called the moonmoonmoon?
Quitbow 25 days ago
Can you turn the music a little bit louder next time, im still hearing the dude talking... No very informative and nice video, but pls next time turn the volume of the music a bit lower, i sometimes had a hard time understanding you.
Vosski Bosski
Vosski Bosski 26 days ago
Omg cant we just have the inerstellar technology and just explore the space haha damn....
Matt Forbes
Matt Forbes 27 days ago
Just FYI I'm having trouble finding your podcast on several apps.
Ben Ranson
Ben Ranson 29 days ago
If Frank Zappa's daughter also has a daughter, shouldn't she be called Moonmoonunitunit?
Viktor von DOOM
Viktor von DOOM Month ago
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a sci fi (space travel) movie besides the following that I have already seen: ++ 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) + Solyaris (1972) ++ 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) + Contact (1997) + Event Horizon (1997) ++ Sunshine (2007) ++ Moon (2009) + Pandorum (2009) + Prometheus (2012) - Gravity (2013) +/- Elysium (2013) + Europa Report (2013) ++ Interstellar (2014) ++ The Martian (2015) ++ Passengers (2016) + Life (2017) - Ad Astra (2019) Watch list: - Alien (1979) - Stargate (1994) - Alien Covenant (2017) Please let me know if you know more :)
Adam Lubert
Adam Lubert Month ago
I could listen to his voice all day
blind eye surgeon
Can we just all agree to call them moon babys?
Booman Month ago
Are we really going to ignore the fact that there’s a rogue planet that was literally named SIMP?
Jercules 117
Jercules 117 Month ago
Simp planet
SientjeL1 Month ago
I always find it funny and interesting how these giant, mysterious faraway things are called objects
Taunter Atwill
Taunter Atwill Month ago
We are the 'moon' of the sun and we have a moon too. And i'm pretty sure i saw yesterday a rock circling the moon. :-))
Scott T
Scott T Month ago
Red shift does seem to be very misunderstood and Halton Arp seems to have got it spot on with "intrinsic red shift".This answers many so called problems with "quasars" and their companion galaxies,but since this would put the "big bang theory" in severe trouble,astronomers ignore this evidence.Anything that casts doubt on the big bang religion is utterly dismissed,without even a glance.Arp felt this and his career was destroyed for questioning the holier than thou "big bang".
John Michael Godier
Did you write that shit on a phone?
Scott T
Scott T Month ago
@John Michael Godier Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.I very much appreciate ur views,but i probably will still disagree with u,especially with the Big Bang Theory(BBT).To b honest my whole outlook on cosmology has drastically changed,as i myself had a dreadful expierience for daring to even question aspects of the BBT.I was suspended and ultimately lost my position as physics proffessor just for suggesting to my students that the BBT may not b correct and could even b enormously wrong.The official reason i lost my job was obviously not notedbas being that i disagree with the BBT.But my ex-colleagues treated me with contempt bcoz i dared to point out the many flaws of the BBT,and then supported Arp's ideas.Science,astrophysics in particular,has been led astray into untestable,unobservable,unfalsifiable areas by theoretical physicists,ALL started by Einstein.IMO, Physics hasn't advanced in a century due to the current views which state that as long as it works out on a board with equations,it's good.These "mathemagicians" have ppl believing in at least one direction which u cannot point.Einsteins work has been raised to the level of scripture and,IMO,all Einstein has done is create a branch of physics that dominate science,and its all theory.All this nonsense about neutron stars,dark energy/matter,black holes etc... ALL of them r treated and taughr as fact and it doesn't matter if they cannot b proven,coz they also cannot b falsified... It disgusts me. Again thank you for replying..
John Michael Godier
I don't know that it was utterly dismissed, as there have been at least several papers that I'm aware of authored on an attempt to observe evidence of intrinsic red shift. As I recall, they didn't see it, but another team called their methodology into question so the low level debate does still go on. But the real problem with Arp's ideas is that we got better instruments and sky surveys in subsequent years and our sampling of known quasars are no longer consistent with what he proposed. His mistake was that he was looking at oddballs; peculiar galaxies that are not statistically normal, and then drawing a conclusion from that and applying it to normal galaxies. Put another way, he was studying tank tracks while attempting to draw conclusions about car tires. While you can infer some things that way, it is far from ideal. You should really focus your study on the tires directly. That was Arp's mistake, not questioning the big bang. The reality of it is most researchers wish things were different. The big bang is a maddening state of affairs that has left researchers with massive uncomfortable cosmological questions such as inflation and what happened during the very first moments. You could almost say that the big bang created more questions than it answered. Another issue with any alternate cosmology is that they have to explain things like the cosmic background radiation, which literally is a glowing problem since it's straightforwardly observed to exist. If a big bang didn't create it, then what did? And remember, it's loaded with clues and evidence pointing squarely to the big bang. Other issues is that crop up when tossing out the reliability of red and blue shift is that it doesn't just toss out the big bang. You have to toss out the entire satellite telecommunications industry since it has to account for the Doppler effect. Radar runs into issues there, as does communications with solar system probes. You also have to ignore that the doppler effect exists in sound waves as well as light, the infamous train changing pitch as it passes by. You have to explain why waves behave that way reliably in sound, but not in light, so on. Point is, it isn't just big bang cosmology that gets affected here. Applied science that we use every day wouldn't work. Yet it does. So my bet is that if there is an irregularity with red shift across great distances, then it's due to something that no one has proposed yet. Perhaps something weird going on with space-time itself that only becomes noticeable when you have a whole lot of it in between you and the object you're looking at.
Verna Johnson
Verna Johnson Month ago
love your planet videos ♡♡♡☆☆
Mountain Fisher
Mountain Fisher Month ago
I've had my whole body scanned by anti-matter. Positron Emission Tomography or PET Scan. It scans your body for tumors after getting a shot of glucose. Tumors suck up glucose faster than other cells in your body. I didn't even feel anything let alone blow up.
Vimutta Bockting
I can't believe I've never found your channel before... Binge watching everything now 😂
Consumers perspective
I think its unlikely that no moonmoons exist
Robert Z
Robert Z Month ago
I made it half way through----couldn't take the music anymore
Iwillkillhthou mortal
The first time in the first to comment on the phonw I am not sure how much I appreciate it was just finished a book on the phone and blackberry by you can I get a ca??!??!??????!!!?!?
Dan Stuart
Dan Stuart Month ago
Bad Lip Reading has already explained MoonMoons. It’s not a moon. Simple.
Rychoo Month ago
How do we know we aren't the antimatter and the antimatter isn't regular matter?
Rachel Orlando
Rachel Orlando Month ago
Your background music is too loud and very annoying.
Tyler Sizelove
Tyler Sizelove Month ago
"thats no moon...its a space station!" - Obi Wan
struckfire 3337
struckfire 3337 Month ago
The name of the Rogue planet absolutely ridiculous amount of numbers in that thing
Jimmy Rascal
Jimmy Rascal Month ago
What an interesting video, great stuff i really enjoyed this, your moonmoon idea was really thought provoking, brilliant stuff keep it up :)
FatheredPuma81 Month ago
Not sure why there's some guy whispering in the background while music plays with various random pictures/videos. Kind of odd really.
Jennifer Gonzalez
I'm still in love with Hoag's Object
John White
John White Month ago
I could have sworn our moon had a moonmoon
J T Month ago
Would a full moonmoon effects cancel out a werewolfism, create a super ultra giga werewolf, or something completely different? Maybe a moonmoon is where they came from. So many unanswered and invalid questions
J T Month ago
All moons are satellites, but not all satellites are moons
Coygon Month ago
Dammit, Moon Moon!
Liam M
Liam M Month ago
Lol ik y’all saw that little brown dwarf planet named simp
drew pedersen
drew pedersen Month ago
Could a moonmoon have a moon of its own? It's all stuff floating around other stuff, so I wouldn't see why not.
James Lewis
James Lewis Month ago
What about FUKIT 69? I think about this all the time.
James Lewis
James Lewis Month ago
Rogue planets, double moons, quasy quasars....you are frightening me.
Morally Bankrupt
Yeah, but can a moonmoon have a moon?
Echoes of Malachor
I just like hearing someone say moonmoons
David Stowers
David Stowers Month ago
The image advertising this, reminds me of Star Treks Doomsday Machine from ahead-on view.
dennis brantley
dennis brantley Month ago
Damit man speak up.
jbiz6569 Month ago
Really like your videos! I watch a number of other channels streaming the same content and I really appreciate that 99% of the time the graphic/footage you are showing is specific to the content you are discussing. Great content!
Fred Fadungy
Fred Fadungy 2 months ago
Hey,, Big Bang is a Theory !
Lucifers Paradise
Lucifers Paradise 2 months ago
That or they are condensed in black holes, which from time to time, belch.
Lucifers Paradise
Lucifers Paradise 2 months ago
Maybe the anti matter was flung farther out. Problem solved.
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 2 months ago
Red shift has never made any sense. If all the galaxies are rushing away from each other, why do we still see so many galaxy mergers? Shouldn't the Andromeda galaxy be rushing away from us according to this theory? But its not at all...
Gregg Hrebenak
Gregg Hrebenak 2 months ago
Moon moon where are you???
DarcnessTrophies 2 months ago
Denise Boldea
Denise Boldea 2 months ago
SHHHHH! Don't tell the greedy people of this world that there are planet's made of Diamond.
soulfull M.
soulfull M. 2 months ago
Say 50 times moonmoons with actual pause between the words.
Jester Realm
Jester Realm 2 months ago
If you don't know how to explain it, just blame it on a black hole.
Andy Dolan
Andy Dolan 2 months ago
Moonmoon, did I stutter?
ADiehardSavage Gaming
Aaaaand we got more of the Einstein BS. Reason why things look like there's gravitational lensing. I have a lot. 1: Gravity is bending the light, 2: Black holes are pulling the light around making things look like a circle, not because space is bent. These diagrams that they come up with are just trash. They do not explain why the universe is infinite and 3D, not a flat sheet that has a thickness with stuff in it. It will guaranteed be proven wrong because it is so unrealistic.
LSB 2 months ago
psychiatry is eugenics
Psychiatry is a scam
Frank from Way Off Topic Radio And ISCPPODCAST
Damn you @John Michael Godier !!! The phrase “ moon moon “ has ruined my life! Lol
Balarion 2 months ago
A moon is a body that orbits a planet. Were it to orbit another moon it wouldn't be a moon
darren jj
darren jj 2 months ago
you are so lost in gravity,grappling at the edge,explaining things in more and more ways,that just get further from the truth,question your axioms..
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