10 Biggest Vehicles In The World

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Here are 10 of the largest and most incredible vehicles on earth.
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10 Biggest Vehicles In The World


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Jan 6, 2019




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Comments 74
Its Kamila
Its Kamila Month ago
7:05 am I the only one who finds the front of the plane (like the head) looks terrifying on every plane?
Yonnatan bar
Yonnatan bar 2 months ago
This Supertanker would be the best place for a base in Zombie apocalypse .
DYLAN LASTNAME 3 months ago
I once drew that big nasa crawler transporter!!!!!
Drew White
Drew White 3 months ago
I wonder can you drift that huge power wagon 🤔
Balli Dudhal
Balli Dudhal 3 months ago
John Boudreaux
John Boudreaux 7 months ago
4:48 belaz is still bigger
John Tam
John Tam 7 months ago
The big bike is stupid, what is the point?
Adrian Anthony
Adrian Anthony 10 months ago
Big stupid bike
Prinsipe Motions
Prinsipe Motions 11 months ago
I knew the Maus was gonna be there, there was gonna be a ratte but it was to big :/
Mariyam Nasira
I have much bigger truck than that much much bigger truck than that
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki Year ago
2:53-2:57 yeeeah no it was a giant piece of garbage it would have been bombed immediately and even if it didn’t the thing was so heavy they had to develop a snorkel to allow it to dive under water because it was to heavy for bridges
Kodjo Swole
Kodjo Swole Year ago
You forgot one, my dick. 😂😂😂😂😂
bobs and vegana
This channel is full of shit. They say that if hitler created more mauses he would have turned the tide of the war. No it wouldn't have dont be stupid. That tank was so oversized that the second it had to cross a bridge it be too heavy and break the bridge rendering it absolutely useless. How these channels get popular i dont know.
C Joe
C Joe Year ago
what about Metroplex?
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur Year ago
meatball yo
meatball yo Year ago
The thumbnail is that big fucker from sly 3 yo
Gqbrie.l Year ago
bros i swear this dudes voice should be on other chanels too
Riutanharju Year ago
Could you make a version of this with metric unit subtitles?
Jeff Allinson
Jeff Allinson Year ago
To say that number two is pointless is an absolute understatement and the size of number ten simply beggars belief.
Atheist Orphan
First time I’ve heard the UKRAINIAN AN-225 referred to as ‘Co-sack’.
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 6 months ago
Shut up devil worshipper
Pv. Year ago
You call that big?
Jaden Larson
Jaden Larson Year ago
the Mauses would have got stuck just like the Tigers
nagmashot 4 months ago
Tigers dont get stuck more often than any other ww2 tank...they had a low ground preasure thanks to their wide tracks and the interlinking wheels which spread the weight perfectly over the track ground pressure compare T-34/85 0,87kg/cm², Panther 0,86kg/cm², Kingtiger 1,02kg/cm², Tiger I 1,03kg/cm², M1 (depending on version) 1,05-1,2kg/cm², Maus 1,45kg/cm², E100 1,43kg/cm², M103 0,9kg/cm², IS-3M 0,87kg/cm², M4A1 Sherman 1.1kg/cm², .... calling the Tiger got stuck only shows that u have zerro understanding about tanks and tank mobility
Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt
There are only 2 countries that are still using Imperial Measuring Units: Burma / Myanmar and the US of A. It is not easy to convert feet into Metres and Pounds to Kilggrammes.
Anthony Shillcock
549 like :)
George Khidasheli
What about Thanos Car? Suprised it's not #1
Selva Ganapathy
I think you forget Saturn V - "magnificent machine built by human"
Unknown Error
Unknown Error Year ago
That's the biggest tricycle I've seen
philburch1970 Year ago
The last 2 video clips of the An-225 Mriya are actually the An-124 (the Mriya's little brother). ...both are amazing engineering feats, though.
Seven Matterson
Forgot about Thanos Car...
Juan Fernandez
Traction cities may be fiction but with some of these traction villages might actually work.
ツWill Year ago
my dad has a old power wagon he turned into a truck pull truck
Sky k
Sky k Year ago
My wiener would be on this list if it were a vehicle. It’s not a vehicle that’s why it’s not on here fyi.
Florent Berisha
Lol bro
Sky k
Sky k Year ago
Patrykos004 your mom would say otherwise..
Patrykos004 Year ago
Its because no one has or will give it a ride XD
A motorcycle with training wheels is not a motorcycle.. lol
Rosa Gonzalez That’s a terrible comparison.. lol
Rosa Gonzalez
Rosa Gonzalez Year ago
So a bike with training wheels is not a bike?
Agamerslife 24/7
If you ride the rock 😂😂😂
Dan K. Memes
Dan K. Memes Year ago
What about the BMW M8 GTE
Damian Lucero
Damian Lucero Year ago
That big bike was incredible
putrifiedpuppy disemboweledkitty
the people making these vehicles are juuust screeeeeamin "I HAVE A SMALL PENIS AND A SHITTY LOVE LIFE!" lol
Ham & Eggs
Ham & Eggs Year ago
Samara Weaving
Love Quack
Love Quack Year ago
Crunch berries!
Dick ick
Dick ick Year ago
Crunch Berries!
B. White
B. White Year ago
6:45 April Of 2016 Or 2018?! 🤔
Mukhriz helme
Mukhriz helme 6 months ago
It 2018
Anthony Shillcock
Crime Boss Ent
1:57 whats the purpose of building a bike that big? was it build to just broke the biggest bike in the world record
Man Of Culture
That's right boii! It was made to brake the world record😂🤣
Ицо Year ago
lots of metrics stuff, please put non-retarded units as well, 500k pounds ?
Stefano Amare
Stefano Amare Year ago
You mean non-metric.
Unepical [MC]
Unepical [MC] Year ago
12th comment
sumpurnis Year ago
on Top #7 I see Ukrainian flag and coloring all the way. Makes me wonder - are Top Trending that much idiotic dumbasses not to see it's made actually in Ukraine, not in Russia?
Biljana J
Biljana J Year ago
SSSR ... what 40 mil Ukrainian manufacturer today Antonov? Eny car brand , any thing? Without Russian is 3 world country for non slavic people
Oryx TheMad God
the plane is owned by a company which also decides how to "decorate" it
Stefan Ciganovic
Its made in Soviet Union.And it's Russian plane made in Ukraine, Today made in Russia this one in vido use Ukraine company that's why it has ukraine flag...
Oryx TheMad God
Mistakes happen.
I love this guy but
TOPV Trending
TOPV Trending 10 months ago
jett fagan 🧐but?
putrifiedpuppy disemboweledkitty
you like guy butt?
FBI Year ago
AxisAngel Year ago
Mixxyヅ Year ago
My cousin got triggered when I said, your forehead and the trucks have something in common.....
Danijela & Leksi
Miguel flores
Miguel flores Year ago
Youtube-Will YT
Love all your videos
Nightmare Files
That thumbnail is bigger than my house.
Dark 2 months ago
That’s kinda sad but whatever
Anthony Shillcock
Same lol 😂
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