10 Best Places To Visit In Japan | 2018

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10 Best Places To Visit In Japan.
From glimmering skyscrapers and neon lights, to traditional tea shops and geisha, Japan is a charming confluence of new and old with a distinct character that separates it from the rest of Asia. With so much to see and do it can be difficult to know where to start, so to help inspire you we’ve listed ten of the very best places to visit.
1. Tokyo
2. Hakone
3. Kyoto
4. Nara
5. Kinosaki Onsen
6. Hiroshima
7. Osaka
8. Kamakura
9. Himeji
10. Miyajima
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Feb 25, 2018




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Comments 226
Josiane Heroux
Tobe Smith
Tobe Smith Day ago
Shrines and castles are the most boring and forgettable things you will do in Japan
Kai Lee
Kai Lee 26 days ago
My dream place to visit 😊
noel sylvie
noel sylvie Month ago
Who here HATES google speech videos? It's simply lazy.
Arhriz Paul Arguelles
Soon Baby
Aarogya Dahal
Aarogya Dahal Month ago
My Drem is to come on japan
劉進和 Month ago
I have been to Tokyo this year. I think it's so so.
Marcel Kröger
Marcel Kröger Month ago
Ich liebe Japan Ich hoffe ich bekomme ein Visum
Marcel Kröger
Marcel Kröger Month ago
konichiwa? give plz
Marcel Kröger
Marcel Kröger Month ago
hallo? gib jetzt
Marcel Kröger
Marcel Kröger Month ago
ich will auch eins!!!
Strong Believer of the Holy Bible
All Glory to our Father God and His Son Lord Jesus Christ for a wonderful creation 🙏❤️🕊🌼🌺🌸🌷🌳 Repent, Forgive, believe in the Gospel
ӄʀʊʟʟ Fǟռ
I love JAPAN 🇯🇵 love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Manish sharma
Manish sharma Month ago
Nice place in Japan very clean city also
Japan Highlights
Japan ❤
K. Wlfca
K. Wlfca Month ago
Yo this computer voice is bunk. Feels like my ears are being molested.
khem 2020
khem 2020 Month ago
mohammad rasel
mohammad rasel 2 months ago
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노부스윙바디 2 months ago
Japan is the second Chernobyl. It's a country full of cesium.
T S 2 months ago
obnoxious music and computer voice ... dislike
Young Anime King
Young Anime King 2 months ago
I feel like its wrong from sum one thats not from japan to judge japans places
H P Y X C A Z I N S 2 months ago
I guess Yokohama is cool
Kushan Sasanka
Kushan Sasanka 2 months ago
I love japan...
m b
m b 2 months ago
Really that’s all there is?
Rajesh Rai
Rajesh Rai 2 months ago
It's a wonderful place
Faria Khan
Faria Khan 2 months ago
I love Japan 🇯🇵
Luis Incorvaya
Luis Incorvaya 2 months ago
Japan is magical so nice
tane chu
tane chu 2 months ago
Astr0 Feline
Astr0 Feline 3 months ago
I’m glad to be Japanese!
Kill Young Lee
Kill Young Lee 3 months ago
Please to be advised that you should not visit to Japan! Why? Have you ever heared about Fukushima Nuclear Disater?
Ramakant Jadhav
Ramakant Jadhav 3 months ago
I just want to settle down in Japan 😍😍💝 beautiful place with nature peace and love
ckhwanny 3 months ago
The Japanese government has officially announced that it will provide food to athletes from various countries participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 by making agricultural products and various kinds of food products produced in Fukushima where the nuclear power plant exploded. The Japanese government is in the position to announce to the world that agricultural products, livestock products and seafood produced in Fukushima are safe from misunderstandings of contamination of radioactivity.
Bulbul Ahmed Ahmed
Bulbul Ahmed Ahmed 3 months ago
I always love Japan
Basamia 3 months ago
what is the name of the park at minute 2:10 in Hakone
Don Don Roxas
Don Don Roxas 3 months ago
Japan is one of my favourite country
Chaeyoung’s biggest fan
Don Don Roxas Yeah it’s so cool!
Océane Raff
Océane Raff 3 months ago
isa salleh
isa salleh 3 months ago
litterally u just shown a picter of kuala lumpur for the 2# one of tokyo
Miguel Angel Soto Olmedo
Couldn’t they find a better voice for this video!
Hlo Hli
Hlo Hli 4 months ago
Christopher Calara
Christopher Calara 4 months ago
“Pesky deer”?
Lee Kombo
Lee Kombo 4 months ago
Your computerised voice make this video boring 🤮
Japanese beautiful scenery CH
nice photo!
Boring Old_Fart
Boring Old_Fart 4 months ago
Sorry, but I don't listen to robots. Human commentary please I'm out
Emmanuel Caceres
Emmanuel Caceres 4 months ago
Meghana Kankara
Meghana Kankara 4 months ago
I will visit Japan i love japan
Meghana Kankara
Meghana Kankara 4 months ago
this video is good. the presentation is awesome
adreil computer
adreil computer 5 months ago
日本は最高の場所です i'm japanese im slow in english but i'm hight in filipino my friends is filipino 日本の場所が好きな人
Abil Batman
Abil Batman 5 months ago
*10 Best places to visit in Singapore 2019 next* 🇸🇬
Pradip Loha
Pradip Loha 5 months ago
Lovely Japan
tanti khan
tanti khan 5 months ago
Still in my memory my study visit to Japan 20 years ago under AOTS (Asia Overseas Technical Scholarship ). Stay and visit Japan for 3 months. And study Japanese language in Nagoya. Hope to comeback to Japan one day... beatiful country
Van Nguyen Pham Thuy, TA (Classroom)
I love japan
fforever1989 5 months ago
Japan was always on top of my bucket list and is fascinating me since I am a child. During my travels around the world I now had the chance to finally visit this beautiful country. Please feel free to check out my story and videos in my channel :).
DarkShima Hiroshima Flower
Hiroshima, is my favorite City, it's beautiful since it got bombed but it's still beautiful
R_ife2 ROBLOX-ML 5 months ago
あなたが日本ならコメントのように Tanslate: like the comment if your japan
Happy Miyachi
Happy Miyachi 5 months ago
She's talking like siri,it's kinda creepy
Fruitydc ri
Fruitydc ri 5 months ago
Badly presented robotic voice and I saw Kuala Lumpur and New York, what Tokyo? Amateurish video with stolen photos
John yes
John yes 6 months ago
Japan will not forget the gratitude for praise in this comment box. I express my gratitude and respect to my friends in each country. I am glad that I will continue to love Japan from now on. Will treat you.
PiscesGirlT 6 months ago
Please stop butchering the names of the cities lol ! 😱 This is supposed to be a guide. You should have researched the correct pronunciations of these names...
Youcheng Zhu
Youcheng Zhu 6 months ago
really using the a helper called read, and write for it to read for you
Sufian Khan
Sufian Khan 7 months ago
I love Japan county and Tokyo city
AKimmd 7 months ago
The Japanese culture is a sickening and disgusting culture!!! I have been there, because I worked for a Japanese company. In the video they only show you their typical make-believe world. Don’t let yourself get carried away in believing that everything is so wonderful over there, that everything has been taken care off.........On the contrary; it is not a coincidence that this country still has the highest number of suicides in the world, together with North-Korea. Many of their traditions are outdated and cruel. They don’t care about the elderly, children are still severely beaten in schools, they don’t care about the sealife surrounding the Japanese islands, actually they don’t care about human or animal life at all....................... In Japan everyone is expected to work themselves to death. Japanese Labor Law demands that all full-time workers have vacation time and overtime pay. The laws exist, but workers are so loyal and competitive that about 13% of workers actually use their allotted vacation time. Many work places don’t have a punch-in-punch-out system, so the hours an employee actually works is not recorded, sometimes working 14 hours a day. This system causes a lot of stress, resulting in suicides. And don’t think these rules apply only to adults. From the time kids start middle school, they become full-time students. Besides a normal school day being from 8.30 - 4 pm, kids have club activities, private lessons (juku), and tutors that will keep them busy well after 8pm. Then they can go home and start their homework. During Winter, Spring, and Summer holidays the teachers make sure to give the students enough homework that they practice each subject everyday during the break. The kids study for tests that are given by the state each trimester. And, of course, high school in Japan is something students need to test into, so the varying grades, and distance between high schools ends up fracturing a lot of middle school friendships. Earlier this year two high school girls jumped from the 4th or 5th story of their school.The news played it as a tragedy, but didn’t bother to look into the reasons why it happened. Everyone knows why, but no one wants to talk about it........Welcome to beautiful, despicable Japan!
F H 5 months ago
I Smell some Kimchi here
Nur Baiti - Hikaru
Nur Baiti - Hikaru 7 months ago
I prefer Kamikochi in Matsumoto.
Marky Maarty
Marky Maarty 7 months ago
Can you name the buildings where to take the photos?
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