10 Best Electric Vehicles You Can Buy in 2018: The Short List

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Electric vehicles are the future… as long as fuel-cell powertrains and large-scale renewable energy remains on the sidelines. Automakers are investing big bucks and loads of engineering talent to bring battery-powered cars and trucks to market. Despite inherent tradeoffs, there are plenty of appealing EVs to choose from. Here are 10 of the best electric cars you can buy today with options from Tesla, Chevrolet, BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes and more!
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7 авг 2018

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Shock Dream
Shock Dream 23 часа назад
Should be name this video 10 Expansive electric vehicle you can't buy in 2018 Could be
Tyler O'Connell
Tyler O'Connell День назад
BMW i3.... lame!
Abdul Jalil
Abdul Jalil 9 дней назад
I need a 7 seater full electric MPV please update if there one coming
Gabriel Malek
Gabriel Malek 11 дней назад
Criticizing Tesla.... surprise surprise.
I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room
combustion engine 125 years old
Camden Bergeron
Camden Bergeron 19 дней назад
Go to time 7:47 and look at his face lol btw Tesla is the best and they will have the fastest car the..
Camden Bergeron
Camden Bergeron 19 дней назад
TESLA!!!!!!!! Is the best!!!
Dan Swan
Dan Swan 19 дней назад
This list is/was trash. Model 3 should easily be the top spot
ppags84 24 дня назад
Looks like he's wearing his dad's coat
Khaidem Echanu
Khaidem Echanu 26 дней назад
Jaguar i pace ❤
Paul Franks
Paul Franks 27 дней назад
Complete knob
funinthesun888 Месяц назад
The Tesla Model 3 is the 3rd best selling CAR (not just electric car) in America right now, behind only the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. You did not think to include the Model 3?! Plus, all those negative comments for Tesla. There are tons of unsold Chevy Bolts. According to Reuters, there are now more than 6,000 unsold Bolts on hand in the United States -- or a 111-day supply (70 days is considered ideal). Are you a shill for Detroit?
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey Месяц назад
The single *WORST* review of current EV's I've seen this year (and there have been some *bad* ones!) Starting with the "blurb" stating "As long as fuel-cell powertrains and large scale renewable energy remains on the sidelines" ...,.......... *WHAT* !!!?? .... Fuel cells *will* remain "on the sidelines". Renewables will *help* EV's. ......... Then rambling on about last years models, compliance cars and those you can "order" (but good luck getting one!) before stating .... "They can't make enough Model 3's" Only enough to outsell the *combined total* of the non-Tesla models listed here..... By a considerable margin! *RUBBISH* !
matt A
matt A Месяц назад
When the car price get more then it's not number one you get more km and options but you have to sell your house or pay the price a house to buy it.
Skippy Jones
Skippy Jones Месяц назад
Hyundai Kona????
M B Месяц назад
Evs will continue to improve
mikeandersonwa Месяц назад
Honestly these ranges are laughable. The standard car manufacturers really need to step up their game in the EV market or they're going to get left behind really fast.
Mehdi Mohseni Nasab
Mehdi Mohseni Nasab Месяц назад
Where is the model 3 !!!!
Mike Montpetit
Mike Montpetit Месяц назад
The Tesla Model 3 is the best and I absolutely love mine!
Fadzilicious Месяц назад
Tesla couldn't produce enough because so many wanted them. That is an amazing car
Atchi Reddy
Atchi Reddy Месяц назад
Sir please develop Jaguar I phase electric cars manufacturing in India. Sir here diesel price very high Sir
Mitja Karba
Mitja Karba Месяц назад
make caravan for 20.000 € that can make with single charge atleast 600km and last 10 years and i would buy..
Atchi Reddy
Atchi Reddy Месяц назад
Sir please develop BMW i3 electric cars manufacturing in India, here diesel price very high sir
Atchi Reddy
Atchi Reddy Месяц назад
Sir please develop Tesla s750 electric cars manufacturing in India, here diesel price very high sir
Atchi Reddy
Atchi Reddy Месяц назад
Sir please develop Nissan electric cars manufacturing in India, here diesel price very high sir
Atchi Reddy
Atchi Reddy Месяц назад
Sir please develop Volkswagen e golf electric cars manufacturing in India, here diesel price very high sir
Atchi Reddy
Atchi Reddy Месяц назад
Sir please develop Chevrolet bolt EV electric car manufacturing in India, here diesel price very high sir
Atchi Reddy
Atchi Reddy Месяц назад
Sir please develop smart r electric cars in India
asmpparker Месяц назад
The jazz hands bit at the beginning ruined the whole video for me.
Sanket Thakuriya
Sanket Thakuriya Месяц назад
tesla model 3 at 35k is a no brainer.......
Alain Koch
Alain Koch Месяц назад
most of the cars on this list probably wont make it on next years list.. just look at upcoming cars like Porsche mission e...
Wylie Eilyw
Wylie Eilyw Месяц назад
wack ass list. I see more Tesla cars on the road than these other EVs.
J V Месяц назад
Hyundai Kona Electric???
Tobs Месяц назад
You'd better start updating this and include the Tesla 3
John Dominic Escapular
John Dominic Escapular Месяц назад
Can i use my samsung charger and how do i recharge my car if i am stuck in the middle of an abandoned haunted woods with 5% battery left in my car.
Bob Marshall
Bob Marshall Месяц назад
Is this presenter Barney Fyfe or Hiram Holiday's brother?
DAV Месяц назад
Biggest setback for electric cars is the very limited range and price.
scroood cococ
scroood cococ Месяц назад
Anyone heard of BYD?
shadowdance4666 Месяц назад
This video is getting horrible ratings Almost as many dislikes as likes
Thabiso Maleka
Thabiso Maleka 2 месяца назад
Nothing comes close to the TESLA MODEL 3!!!!
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose 2 месяца назад
I love my 2018 Nissan Leaf - it hits the sweet spot in range, comfort, and price. It was price and some features that made me pick it over the Chevy Bolt.
JKmoney320 2 месяца назад
Ha future XD Gasoline is history the future is the death of gasoline Rip
Angelo Oddi
Angelo Oddi 2 месяца назад
top 10 electrics without Model 3? You don't have a frickin clue what you're talking about. it's top 5 of ALL vehicles sold in August 2018 and #1 selling car in revenue . Perhaps you should find a better way to spend the ample time you seem to have on your hands. cleantechnica.com/2018/09/09/tesla-model-3-becomes-1-best-selling-car-in-the-us/
S Wms
S Wms 2 месяца назад
Only 3 had a range that would allow you to leave town and in winter weather the other 3 would loose a lot of range. Funny how they never show them in winter and the range at 20 below
Phillip Willardson
Phillip Willardson 2 месяца назад
Best selling car in US in August 2018 but not on the list. Wow!
agentscu11y 2 месяца назад
model3 - volt - kona ev : best 3choices for 2019
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes 2 месяца назад
You dont just act like a fool, you are one. Stupid list'
Dawit Melaku
Dawit Melaku 2 месяца назад
What a crappy list, any rational and informed adult who's alive in 2018 should know this list should be dominated by Tesla cars, where is Model X and Model 3? Unreal, just unreal.
Bill Carson
Bill Carson 2 месяца назад
What can't provide listed price for Telsa model S ?
zura baduashvili
zura baduashvili 2 месяца назад
tqve debilebo jaguari tesla s jobia debilebo
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