10 BEST Anime of Fall 2020 - Ones to Watch

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Anime production is back on track in Fall 2020, and there are a lot of shows to choose from. Luckily, I'm here to help you choose the best of the best.
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0:00 Intro + Animator Dormitory Spot
2:55 Jujutsu Kaisen
5:54 Talentless Nana
8:16 Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken
10:38 Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle
13:15 Magatsu Warheit Zuerst
16:10 Moriarty the Patriot
18:08 Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You
20:33 Adachi and Shimamura
22:41 The Day I Became a God
25:02 Akudama Drive
28:03 bonus: Higurashi & Yashahime
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Oct 17, 2020




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Iya Mejia
Iya Mejia Day ago
I’m still can’t move on after watching Akudama Drive, damn the animation is soo good as well as the plot and characters. Even though its just a 12 episode anime, it feels like you have watched more than episodes that you became deeply attached in the characters. The character development doesn’t feel rushed and its sad that only a few people appreciated it.
Moribund Murdoch
Moribund Murdoch 7 days ago
Alex Pekala
Alex Pekala 8 days ago
That was stupid. Sleepy princess in the demon castle.... was so stupid. "You want a pillow." "Yeah, sure."
michael frazier
michael frazier 23 days ago
OST 2:08
Amanda Is Cool
Amanda Is Cool 25 days ago
I feel like you should have put higurashi in the winter category because damn- it went in a crazy direction
ɐupɹǝʍ ʞᴉɯ
ɐupɹǝʍ ʞᴉɯ 26 days ago
Too much spoilers
Justin Carrel
Justin Carrel 28 days ago
So yeah just watched all of Akudama Drive,and all I can see is I didn't see that coming.
Benjamin Perez
Benjamin Perez 29 days ago
Evan Krueger
Evan Krueger Month ago
Akudama Drive falls off hard in its ending but the world-building and ideas that it put forth carry it through to an 8/10
Islam peace
Islam peace Month ago
The messenger of Allah صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم said “You will never leave something for the sake of Allah, but Allah will give you something better in return.” So who ever is reading this I advice you to not watch anime it will not do you any good in this life or the next life. anime contains sexual content, violence, killing, music and other haram things. if you guys love anime then you also would like something better than it right? That is what Allah will give you and Allah does not break his promises. And plus the women in paradise will have far greater beauty then anime girls and they will also have large eyes. So please be patient my fellow anime lovers so we can even have our own lolis in paradise!. Also i'm not a lolicon maybe only I little
Lewis Roach
Lewis Roach Month ago
The day I became a god started out really funny for me but I really did not agree with where it went with it's second half... Akudama Drive pulled it off though. The second half swerves into something else but still manages to make sense relative to the first half and it sticks the landing albeit not gracefully, in my opinion. Scrapes an 8/10 Tonikawa is just wholesome cute and fun and due to previous anime expectations it manages to make the idea of a romance between two people including a bunch of anime tropes - except they are married and it's literally a fine consensual relationship - seem novel and refreshing.
Mike Yuso
Mike Yuso Month ago
Man bro you throw so much shade.... I fucking love it I'm subbed right now.
Yoshia Month ago
Bro do a video of your favorite shoujo ai anime
Pepto Bismol
Pepto Bismol Month ago
Jo Nemo
Jo Nemo Month ago
I want to know how you feel about Warheit Zuerst now that 1. It's over 2. you know it's supposed to be a cheapboi mobage tie in. 3. the world didn't get that developed.
Persephone Pomegranate
Talentless nana and Akudama drive shookt me to the core
Emilija Zivotic
Emilija Zivotic Month ago
Akudama drive is sooo underated, yall watch it.....
Audrey Strouse // Venango EAS
Oh hell yeah, it’s beautiful
Kratel Month ago
i liked akudama drive's first few episodes but imo it got pretty trash
zorohibiki Month ago
you sold me akudama drive at "spiderman motorcycle"
Rhubartu the Saiyan
That kickstarter thing. Their entire plan is just beyond stupid. They are so dumb. They think that they are going to pay people more and still stay in business?... no.. ain't gonna happen. If that was a possibility then studios would already be doing it. The average is what it is for a reason. Obviously the cost of production is so high that artists can't be paid more than the "average"... the kickstarter just isnt going to work. Even if they succeed they are quickly going to realize that the production costs way more than they are naively expecting. Then they will either ditch and run with whatever money is left at that point, or have to cut ssssoooo much of the production costs that it ends up just like any other studio.
amidnightstroll Month ago
Appreciate the danganronpa music in the background
Hanzala mehar
Hanzala mehar Month ago
Cutthroat best husbandu
Anonime 2 months ago
Huzaifa Wajid
Huzaifa Wajid 2 months ago
The worst part of moriarty the patriot is the character of Sherlock Holmes
Joey Idontnoyu
Joey Idontnoyu 2 months ago
7:02 bruh scp-682 reference go brrrrr
Isaiah Carpio
Isaiah Carpio 2 months ago
Akudama drive is indeed and built different it’s visuals and character development are so good
MissesKitty 2 months ago
Ok...about talentless nana *somewhat spoilers here* I did get spoiled a bit for some youtube videos before watching the anime. But Idc..BECAUSE THERE WERE SO MANY OTHER TWISTS IN THE SHOW ANYWAY that one big spoiler didn't ruin anything for me, the entire show was just amazing, I couldn't stop watching it. And even though I didn't get most of the ways things were found out, the show still made me feel smart.
Anysways 2 months ago
The day i became god is very depressing.......
Uncle Musty
Uncle Musty 2 months ago
I want demolition d back
portalMaster299 2 months ago
Ah yes, Danganronpa 1's famously ordinary protagonist Spoiler: I too am effectively immortal (And yes I understand that that isn't revealed for a while)
Aien Fenix
Aien Fenix 2 months ago
Wait why didn't you mention the fact that dai no bouken is a remake of an old anime of the same name?? Also the fact that you didn't even honour mention gochumon make me think you really missing out
Live Coil Archive
Live Coil Archive 2 months ago
Very happy Talentless Nana is on here. I checked it out on a whim after it was already finished. Binged it in two days and absolutely adored it. I've been gushing about it to anyone who will listen ever since, as it is not getting the recognition it truly deserves. You think you know what you're getting into after the first episode, but it is actually so much more. A lot of things happen. The last five episodes in particular are some of my favorite anime episodes in recent memory. It may be a little little less bombastic and energetic than some of the other anime in 2020, but the small, personal nature gives it its own intimate feel. Cannot give it a high enough recommendation, especially if you like My Hero Academia and/or Death Note.
ccSleepy 2 months ago
20:34 this is the gay anime I've been missing in my life
LugiPyon 2 months ago
Recently finished Akudama and Moriarty- currently catching up with Jujutsu Kaisen (Eve-san did wonders on the opening!!) and Haikyuu S4. No regrets at all ~
Richard Samuelson
Richard Samuelson 2 months ago
12:52 So you're saying _Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle_ is a set of slow, tedious, boring disasters made into mandatory end-Chapter segments, and would've made the entire game SOOOO much better if they could be skipped altogether? The first two Paper Mario games had quite a few flaws; Super's best since it has NONE of those flaws, and only ONE stupid Peach segment.
Young Fluke
Young Fluke 2 months ago
what song is playing in background at 8:13 ive heard it before is it psycho pass or danganronpa? Someone please respond
Young Fluke
Young Fluke 2 months ago
I think its Box 15 from danganronpa
Charlie 3 months ago
Akudama Drive animation was stunning story was shit, worst villains in a very long time. and the good one they killed of early......
Pleeji Thoj
Pleeji Thoj 3 months ago
can we agree that gojo sensei is hot AF
blm50881 3 months ago
I love talentless Nana plot holes and all.
Selma Ben Mahmoud
Selma Ben Mahmoud 3 months ago
Pfft. I miss my Moriarty in that list
kat 3 months ago
Smile 3 months ago
I swear to fucking god if you don't watch Akudama Drive rn, ima murder you. It's SO FUCKING GOOD. It's the dark horse of this season, It's better than Jujutsu Kaisen in my opinion.. FUCK danmachi and watch this rn. BINGE IT. It's like a rare gem in a pile of trash, you know what I mean?
my cute pet shrimp
my cute pet shrimp 3 months ago
Adventures of Elaina?
Isaac Heppner
Isaac Heppner 3 months ago
How can i watch the og Higurashi for like, not $300. i saw a few episodes of the new one, got hooked, and want to watch the old one before i continue.
Energy_ Devilzz
Energy_ Devilzz 3 months ago
I dont care what you say. Charlotte was pretty damn good
Rainando 3 months ago
LoFi Lesbian is my new twitter handle
kirbys epic yarn fan
i have returned to say im so mad that i ignored Moriarty the patriot its so amazing and underrated
William Coleman
William Coleman 3 months ago
Your last to watch at the end of this video how is it written or better yet can you give me the correct spelling for the video not to mention the full to watch list for me, of all the videos you mentioned in this video, I will be grateful if you can.
The Spongy Mallard
The Spongy Mallard 3 months ago
I’m from the future. Akudama Drive sucked. Don’t watch it. The story, world building and characters all suck. Story: 4/10 It starts out good, but quickly fails at everything after the half way mark. So much plot armor, unless the plot needs something to happen. One massive plot hole that I can think of and probably a lot more of one were to analyze it. Characters 3/10: Only the doctor lady and Currier have any character and even then it’s barley anything to mention. Everyone else can be described with one short sentence. The hacker is a genius hacker. Brawler likes to punch stuff and it stupid. Cutthroat is a crazy murderer. The girl is a girl. Hoodlum is a regular goon that you would beat up in the Arkham games. That’s how little character he and the rest of the cast have. World building 2/10: The world makes no sense. It’s a Cyberpunk world because reasons and the government bad. There was apparently some war a long time ago and the viewer only knows this because two stick puppets spout exposition when the story doesn’t explain anything(which is often times more than once per episode) It gets a 2/10 because they at least tried, but it still fails on everything and takes you out of it every time the world is explored because it just two cgi stick puppets dumping exposition. The only good things are the animation and art style.
Aliji 3 months ago
@The Spongy Mallard I agree that we should just let bygones be bygones. You have a nice day too.
The Spongy Mallard
The Spongy Mallard 3 months ago
@Aliji Neither of is are really getting anywhere in this argument. I still think the story, characters and world building suck, but you and other can like the show if you want. Have a nice day.
Aliji 3 months ago
@The Spongy Mallard As said before by hacker Kanto was deteriorating. You're also forgetting that Hacker was only able to hack into Kanto because he was already inside of it. Not to mention he still didn't manage to completely hack it, the reason the kids were freed was because they still had a will of their own but also thanks to Hackers help. You really did a bad job at describing a character. Thats like me describing the entirety of Eren from attack on titan's character as "Dude is angry because his mom was eaten by titans." Courier is not the most complex character but he is more than "Parents dead so work is his life. Then he he shows some sympathy.". Like, when describing a character you have to pick a part a characters actions and interactions. I gave you more than 2-3 sentence of the character's description and you write it off by dumbing it down to the point where its not even a character. It is a fault on that the world building is mostly done through exposition,but working with 12 episodes its better than just the characters saying it just to tell the audience. You also don't seem to understand how propaganda works. They play it to beat it into people how glorious and good Kanto is. It even seems like a children's show. Ontop of that this "show don't tell" arguement is lacking because if you look at the background of those same ads it sometimes literally shows you things. For example, when they talk about how Kanto ships goods to Kansai you can even see Courier's bike in the background. Your example of the "worse" time is literally something none of the characters would know. Possibly Hacker would know but he literally would just say the same thing. That being said, 2/3rds within the series Hacker jacked the show and around this time he already had control over it. Using re:zero is a bad comparison because, it's a longer series, and the main character is being taught along with us. Doctor TELLS us how brawler died because there would literally be no way to show she did a botched job unless it was blatantly crappy. She TELLS Hoodlum she wants control over death because she is directly speaking to someone What do you mean that we are told how they act when they saw the train? Like, you see executioners killing citizens and then they see the train. You know what happens next? Not a bunny exposition. Their reactions are shown and not told as they pray to the train like some god and rush to it for safety. Plot doesn't save her from being killed by cutthroat because she literally never dropped the saber thing in her hand. Or at least tell me what you think plot saving her was. I literally told you about why the civilians revolted. Did you forget the massacre and protesting taking place in the final part of the story. Say like 8, 9, 10, and 12. They are angry with their government because they don't seem to be doing their jobs since the "dangerous criminals" are still at large. Ontop of that they even stole something from the shikansen which is SHOWN in episode 10 that they see it as a safe haven and something similar to a God. Thats when the massacre comes into play where the label many civilians as akudama despite doing nothing and murdering them. The events leading to the protest were SHOWN but nope! Why would they possibly revolt? The final nail in the coffin is a video being shown of them killing a "normal civilian" without any hesitation.
The Spongy Mallard
The Spongy Mallard 3 months ago
@Aliji Not all exposition is bad and it can be done well so that the viewer isn’t taken out of the experience. Re:Zero. The only times as far as I know where there is blatant explosion is when Subaru is just starting the learn about the world, but this makes sense because to survive and work there, he needs to be told. It’s like he’s going to school. The other time is in the capital when they’re explaining the whole “finding the heir to the kingdom, but it’s thrown off as a joke because the people in charge are seen to be super ceremonious and they do it every time. It’s also a great way of showing believable character growth and characters in general. We learn more about them through their interaction with the main and side characters. It’s not like in Akudama Drive where we learn more about what little character they have because they just state what they are doing/feeling. We learn about Courier from a 3 minute flashback and he’s soft twists the kids because he grew up alone too. We find out that the doctor wants to control death(which is kinda interesting and a cool idea) but we know this because she just outright tells us out of nowhere. We’re *told* why Brawler dies because she only fixed him up in a way where the stitches would come loose if he fought, but again we are told this rather than shown, so there is no foreshadowing.
The Spongy Mallard
The Spongy Mallard 3 months ago
@Aliji It's true that stuff happens "because plot" in stories, because stuff has to happen and that's just how stories work, but if stuff happens solely "because plot" and not believably told, it's kinda badly written. The only reason the doctor dies is because the people trampled her before she can stitch her neck and we only know why the people board the train like maniacs is because of the puppet exposition express. Cutthroat admits that he's wanted to kill Swindler from the very beginning and just as she's about to die, BOOM plot saves her out of nowhere. The REAL plot happens so fast and comes out of nowhere so there isn't much buildup or foreshadowing. Wasn't the government the one to send people to the digital world or whatever? Why would they want to start riots and tear down the government out of nowhere in the last episode?
Yo Pierre You Wanna Come Out Here
I was absolutely floored by Akudama Drive’s beautiful ending. I felt like I just walked out of a movie theatre and was just left with silence. The whole thing is an eyegasm, especially with the motorcycle scenes, and I am amazed with what Studio Pierrot can put their minds to when their animators aren’t subjected to long running anime budgets. Everything seemed to click with this anime (apart from perhaps the opening idk it wasn’t my thing). Definitely top 5 in my favorite anime of 2020 because of how unique and fun it was.
MOHIT 3 months ago
Nicholas Saville
Nicholas Saville 3 months ago
The day I became a god is pretty good especially if you like the realistic human feel, definable a Rollercoaster and funny. Its actually one thats so good a second season might be bad.
Hailstormful 3 months ago
Talentless nana: Among us, meets X-men Akudama Drive: ShadowRunners, meets JoJo Jujutsu Kaisen: "What if you wanted another Bleach, but slightly more Naruto" Sleepy princess: "What if princess Zelda was also kind of a psychopath"
A Day in White
A Day in White 3 months ago
Now that "Kamisama ni Natta Hi" is over, I can confidently say that I should not have put all of my eggs in one basket. It done did a "Charlotte". I can't complain, though... I was VERY aware that this could happen and made the conscious decision to put my faith in it. Fuck it. I'm gonna complain a bit anyways. I was completely hopeful until the last possible second. Certainly, the final few episodes felt a bit 'off' (not bad, but just that indescribable feeling that something isn't working despite all of the individual parts checking out), but it was not as though it couldn't be rescued and make a killer ending. Then episode 12 came around. *(SPOILERS)* The 'Farewell' scene sent everything crumbling down and turned it into a disaster. Hina's sudden 'outburst'. The idea that Yota's picture wasn't necessary because he was there (that whole part is a logical fuck-up). Hina's sudden ability to RUN. The headmistresses' (Can't remember her name) change of heart. Yeah. It really, really hurt. Plus, are we just going to forget that Hina should now have an exceedingly short amount of time left to live (just thinking back to the information we got from her father regarding her disease). BTW, I feel like I should mention that when Yota questions if he was feeling the same emotions as Hina's father did, he certainly was not. I don't want to explain it. I don't really care to explain it. But just try to compare the two. You really can't. Anyhow... PEACE!!!
Arab Katib
Arab Katib 3 months ago
I see, so your reviews always contain spoilars. :^)
Scout O'Brien
Scout O'Brien 3 months ago
Aside from "Odin" this guy hangs out with "Ashura" and "Izanami"? ...Well that seems pretty straightforward. 'local idiot hasn't noticed near-omnipotence across his entire social circle despite lifelong friendship with multiple gods of various pantheons.'
Scout O'Brien
Scout O'Brien 3 months ago
Like a large chunk of western audiences might miss the name significance but how do you play Izanami off as coincidence past the first episode to a Japanese audience? Are Izanami and Izanagi relatively common names and I've just never ever run into them?
wktjan4286 3 months ago
Yashahime Inuyasha the Next Generation. Boruto vibes.
sorano 3 months ago
talentless nana is so gas, i highly recommend it! 9/10. WE NEED A SEASON 2!!!!
ROMANTRA 3 months ago
Just dropped Talentless Nana after starting ep 6. I couldn’t watch a certain scene play out bcz a certain character was being utterly stupid. This was the last straw. The first ep is good and shows promise, but the consequent episodes slowly go down hill. Nana becomes annoying, but it’s not entirely her fault. Apart from one guy, the whole supporting cast are a bunch of idiots which makes Nana easily get out situations. This could’ve been a good, fun, mystery ride like MHA meets Among Us with the vibe of Light vs L but with a whole classroom of the other letters. Instead, we got Light vs a room full Patrick’s from Spongebob.
ROMANTRA 3 months ago
Just finished Akadama Drive and was looking to see if you did a review. I was only planning to watch an ep or 2 each day as I watch other things, but ended up finishing it in one day. So good!
LIU XINGYAN 3 months ago
I was reading the manga for the sleepy princess in the demon castle, but the website was deleted. I was on around chapter 80 when it got deleted. Anyone knows another website?
Silver Shoelaces
Silver Shoelaces 3 months ago
Let's be clear: the new Higurashi anime isn't a sequel, and it isn't a remake either...it's a reboot.
Tdoggityrexdini Graham
Update for “ The day I became a God” You were right, My happiness got replaced with sadness quite quickly the further I watched
Ainz Ooal Gown
Ainz Ooal Gown 3 months ago
" Noblesse " should be mentioned
Ummer Farooq
Ummer Farooq 3 months ago
The best anime of this season, goes to Akudama Drive. Worst anime of this season and must avoid: Majo no Tabitabi, jujutsu kaisen. Majo no Tabitabi - contains rape fetish, sexual assault, suicide promotion, worst protagonist ever, masked as wholesome. Is NOT. Jujutsu kaisen - do not watch this, do not encourage your boys to eat dead man's finger, paedo theme.
Ummer Farooq
Ummer Farooq 3 months ago
@Robdu Hailu then you need to go to anti-rape classes.
Robdu Hailu
Robdu Hailu 3 months ago
wait rape fethish n sa?? where i watched it 2 times
DarynLuna 3 months ago
mother's basement, akudama drive is maybe the best anime of 2020 i'd love to hear you do a focused analysis on it
YAkuma 3 months ago
@adnan hussain yeah you still said it like it was a fact which it 100% isnt because it was no where near "the best" if you liked it thats your opinion but it was never as great as maaaaany other anime and thats because it wasnt original in any way
adnan hussain
adnan hussain 3 months ago
@YAkuma that's your opinion
YAkuma 3 months ago
What???!!!! Ngl Akudama Drive was the worst Anime I maybe ever watched It was the biggest bullshit and had the worst plot ever Its Akame ga kill in trash characters, plot and story line Its if you had put cyberpunk because of the fame in but left everything else good out
adnan hussain
adnan hussain 3 months ago
@William Hassell that finale was defo the best of the season
William Hassell
William Hassell 3 months ago
Same, I’m going to finish it tomorrow, and all I can say about it is holy shit. Find a way to watch it. You won’t regret it
Adandre le Roux
Adandre le Roux 3 months ago
DUDE! man! Thank u so so so so so so so so so so so much for this man! Props man props!
KacieGirlGaming 3 months ago
Hi next vid can I get an shoutout bc ima new youtuber and I just uploaded my first video
Bill And Nancy
Bill And Nancy 3 months ago
‘The journey of Elaina is a laid back light hearted delight’ **shudders** *Laid back......yes.....laid back*
19\ Felisitas Michella Purnomo
Maoujou de Oyasumi is faking HILARIOUS EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT I promise, you will have a good time with it 😀
SuccubusLuver 3 months ago
It's not from this season, but I'm obsessed with "Toliet Bound Hanako-kun"
Nightmare Chan The Neko
The wandering witch of Elaina; “laidback, lighthearted delight” - bull shiiiiiiit
Tenma Bates
Tenma Bates 3 months ago
I like how he had to actually add the note to not follow girls around.
dami's slave
dami's slave 3 months ago
You guys should watch kings raid
Alyssin Williams
Alyssin Williams 3 months ago
I've watched every episode of AdaShima so far (most of them at least twce, some more than that...) and its been a goddamned rollercoaster the second half. The last episode should be dropping on christmas eve day, and I hope its a great gift as I'm about to lose my shit. Also, Assault Lily has been far, far deeper than I think anyone has expected, with politics and transhumanism becoming involved, not to mention a little bit of xenophobia from, you guessed it, humanity
JROD310 3 months ago
After watching Tonikawa (it’s over) I love it so damn much, it’s so fking cute
The Watcher
The Watcher 3 months ago
Ah so Warheti is the Terror in Reasonace of Fall 2020 anime got it 🙃 our be Lisa then
Jack Delta
Jack Delta 3 months ago
7:00 seeing 682 when talking about monsters just slammed me to the floor
Auriga Nexus
Auriga Nexus 3 months ago
I about lost it with the poem about Tonikawa 18:57
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
I honestly loved Talentless Nana.
nhpkm1 4 months ago
I was totally gonna skip talentless nana , cus another generic highschool . " Hell with it I'll see the spoiler " - big mistake Edit : binged it . If death note until ep 25 (my favorite ) is 10/10 the talentless nana is 8.7/10 (most anime out of top 100 I watched is 3.5/10 .
Shanara99 4 months ago
The lack of knowledge about a classic such as Dai no daniboken is staggering.
Albert Hardwick
Albert Hardwick 4 months ago
Sogreski 4 months ago
i also recommend noblesse, the new episodes are so interesting!
VeryPG 4 months ago
If they dont have a English dub then I don't watch them
Rod H
Rod H 4 months ago
The Journey of Elaina is laid back.. Me: Episode 3, 4, and 9 would beg to differ
Pressa J
Pressa J 4 months ago
😂 aye the talentless nana 0-100 instantly made me start watching it right now
Reworked 7
Reworked 7 4 months ago
thank you so much, i fucking love you, finnaly an anime i havent watched is bieng recommended, you have a new sub
Braden Buchanan
Braden Buchanan 4 months ago
Please watch golden kamuy
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 4 months ago
In my opinion the best anime of 2020 fall is tonikaku kawwwai
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 4 months ago
Bro u forgot re zero
Con D Oriano
Con D Oriano 4 months ago
i think no sequels are allowed
Paul Davidson
Paul Davidson 4 months ago
Stop watching so much anime and get to work making more videos.... About anime.
Toro Totoro
Toro Totoro 4 months ago
talentless nana is good the manga gets even better imo. the first arc was kinda stupid and was just edging the "oh lmao i guess that works" logic A LOT. after a certain point though (not spoiling since its quite big), Nana does actually start growing and developing as a character, which is what got me hooked. and Kyouya is probably the most interesting character along wit Nana in the series imo, since he acts as Nana's foil. their dynamics are interesting its not for everyone, but i found it highly enjoyable SPOILERS: Nanao (the deku clone who only appeared in the first ep) is not actually dead and becomes an antagonist later on in the manga, when they eventually leave the island
Francesco Chiappetta
The mouth hand reminded me of parasite
foxycritter 4 months ago
Just binged all 10 currently available episodes of Talentless Nana and DANG THIS IS A GOOD SHOW
foxycritter 4 months ago
I definitely want to check out Adachi and Shimamura, as well as Akudama Drive as well. Lo-fi lesbians and DR-esque cyberpunk are both incredibly good.
NOTICE ME 4 months ago
Random Anime Français
Akudama Drive is for me one of the best from this season.
YAkuma 3 months ago
Same but worst Never have I watched something this bad Akame ga kill in garbage with a little cyberpunk in
Emily Marte
Emily Marte 4 months ago
*spoiler* Nah but I would've never guessed cutthroat REALLY tried to kill swindler smh, ngl I actually want doctor to find him and fix him up because I really like cutthroat, besides the whole trying to kill swindler and going crazy shit
Bradley Richard
Bradley Richard 4 months ago
Not sure if you've done this before, but would you be willing to do an anime for kids (age 5-10) range list? I'd love to show my kids some but not sure of where to start outside of Studio Ghibli movies
Javez cruper
Javez cruper 4 months ago
Wasn't great as I thought
Miscellaneous Myths: Loki