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Some of the most awkward moments of celebrities like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Adele and more!
1. Ariana Grande
2. Cardi B
3. Justin Bieber
4. Jennifer Lawrence
5. Lady Gaga
6. Kanye West
7. Kim Kardashian
8. Taylor Swift
9. Kylie Jenner
10. Jennifer Garner
11. Adele


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Apr 22, 2019




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Comments 3 575
Shishee Meow
Shishee Meow 12 hours ago
Is the last one real?
Iqbal Nadeem
Iqbal Nadeem 20 hours ago
The second one got me like 😑
Jade Gilfoy
Jade Gilfoy Day ago
*tbh, Justin is a loser*
Austin _1_9
Austin _1_9 Day ago
Conan’s part had me dying hahhahaha
siimplypanda Day ago
jUsTiN aRe YoU iN lOvE wItH sEliNa What. Kind a question is that.
aishath eema
aishath eema Day ago
0:40 I'm gonna hear this in my nightmare 🤣
Crafty Club
Crafty Club 2 days ago
Cardi's one was so funyyyy
BAMBAM Jackson
BAMBAM Jackson 2 days ago
Kanye west look like he’s mind controlled or something😂😂
Skyfox 3 days ago
I thought the Gaga one was pretty cute actually.
Benedict Mohr
Benedict Mohr 3 days ago
Disagree on Justins szene being on this list. He is honest and totaly right. Show some respect for the love of god. Annoying shit. Didnt even finish watching ...
Aleks Wong
Aleks Wong 3 days ago
I miss Cat Valentine
Pranav Panchbudhe
Adele was dope!😂
Hearing Visions
Hearing Visions 4 days ago
Adele interview at the end got me Lmfao!!!
Andrea Giraldo Horri
I found so funny when Adele is saying OH MY GOD! She is like is this really happening 😂
Diamond Soul
Diamond Soul 4 days ago
Kanye west is not even awkward
Strawbaby ‘s
Strawbaby ‘s 4 days ago
Ariana was just straight up cute
Ella Mizzy
Ella Mizzy 5 days ago
Honestly I feel bad for adle for having to deal with that interviewer 😂😂😂
Aydan Ele
Aydan Ele 5 days ago
does anyone know what dress jennifer garner is wearing at 4:50 ?? pls help
DannyTV 6 days ago
I'm just a normal person. I see justin half-nude - i click.
Maxine Beth
Maxine Beth 7 days ago
Lady Gaga was so uncomfortable and unsure after the guy asked to touch her head piece. It felt like she felt really unsafe
Virgo Heart
Virgo Heart 7 days ago
0:31 I thought that WAS Nikki Minaj.
That boi Brian
That boi Brian 8 days ago
Ariana Grande: this isn't real Every feminist/girl/etc: OMGGG IKRRR
Naly K
Naly K 8 days ago
4:33 your mom wants to have a conversation with you “ShE’s HaRrAsSiNg Me”
Naly K
Naly K 8 days ago
3:42 Omg, who says that? And I’m definitely not talking about Kylie
Naly K
Naly K 8 days ago
1:06 Constantly being harassed by paparazzis and he’s still politely asking for space
K a r ā
K a r ā 8 days ago
Adeles laugh 😂😍
Kendra De Vuser
Kendra De Vuser 8 days ago
The Adele one is from a dutch tv show. The interviewer is actually a blonde and she dresses up and interviews celebrities like that
Emerson Hunter
Emerson Hunter 10 days ago
The Kylie Jenner one sounds like it came right out of dance moms...
Normal Human
Normal Human 10 days ago
2:40 OMG Kanye is actually smiling😂
Justin's friend
Justin's friend 11 days ago
What kind a question is that? Obviously he is not in love with Selena. He only love Hailey that's it. And also paps should give him space 😠
Fusions3789 12 days ago
weird to watch i cringe
Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas 12 days ago
Fuck the Kardashians and their fake butts!
Kenna M
Kenna M 13 days ago
6:08 the interviewer looks like she makes super suits on the side
Matt Sterling
Matt Sterling 14 days ago
Best thing Taylor swift ever did was fart on camera
Matt Sterling
Matt Sterling 14 days ago
Kanye is a delusional wanker. His music is absolutely boring shit
Matt Sterling
Matt Sterling 14 days ago
Omg that woman saying god bless you Justin needs her fuckn face punched
Matt Sterling
Matt Sterling 14 days ago
Cardi B sounds like a fuckn witch
Matt Sterling
Matt Sterling 14 days ago
I hate Ariana and her stupid pony tail. Her music is shit
AlyssaPlays Roblox
AlyssaPlays Roblox 14 days ago
3:46 Kylie is now Kendall
Rayan Fadel
Rayan Fadel 15 days ago
0:42 She gone slap the heck outta u it ain't even funny.
Hatzumy Rangel
Hatzumy Rangel 17 days ago
Cardis laugh she wanna kill someone
Däng Itz Jøcelyn
Däng Itz Jøcelyn 17 days ago
Lady Gaga: *No. No. No. No. Haha. No.*
Drxp 18 days ago
the adele one is hilarious
Niwar • 10 Years ago
We are animals. Specifically mammals
Niwar • 10 Years ago
0:42 wtf is that laugh tho. She sounds like a witch
Niwar • 10 Years ago
Ariana's skin tone looks so weird because she used to be white as snow
Eric Gorham
Eric Gorham 19 days ago
2:03 Wtf looks away from someone like that when they talk to em
Ellie Cook
Ellie Cook 19 days ago
I couldn’t help but relate to adele
Maryam Alkoussayer
Maryam Alkoussayer 19 days ago
Woman: You have a weird accent Adele: Oh do I... Me: Have you heard yourself??
Madalline Lopez
Madalline Lopez 20 days ago
Justin still doesn’t now that he’s a celebrity 🤦🏽‍♀️
Kanoa Asistin
Kanoa Asistin 20 days ago
Awkward Cardi B laugh intensifies*
mya cheyenne
mya cheyenne 20 days ago
the adele interview was just straight up hilarious
mya cheyenne
mya cheyenne 20 days ago
Interviewer: "Is there ever a change that you and Nicki would make up and perform together?" Cardi: "HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH"
ItzCookie -
ItzCookie - 21 day ago
Kylie: “Mom your acting a little crazy” Kylie’s mom: “Mkay”
ALEX CROMIX 21 day ago
Cardi b looks like she wants to slap the director or boy😂😂
Infizy 22 days ago
5:14 - 7:03 interviewer : Shilu Mis adele, Adele shi woman? Adele : AHahahaha Hi interviewer : Hi eheh. interviewer : Um what is the bigest dibence between a goose song and a goose se* Adele : Goose on and goose sex? interviewer : (:DD) yhEs Adele : Omg, So... good song you get a good feeling when you get a very good feeling when you have sex. Yeah interviewer : (:DD) yeAhh Adele : yes.. interviewer : u hEb vEdy verY axcent Adele : oh do i? interviewer : hOW u cOLin ur Axcen Adele : Uhm, probably say cockney chockney interviewer : COCK NEY.? COCK NEY?? Adele : Chockney, Yeah interviewer : COCK NEY Adele : Ehahaaha! *inhales* interviewer : Cock ney?!?! Adele : heHAahahhehahhah omg heeo interviewer : xgomonaleshayo cOcK nEY gohUShaisks Adele : HAHahahAHA interviewer : you have dirt minddd!! yeshh OK THATS ENOUGH LOL
Infizy 22 days ago
No one : Not a single soul : Cardi B : eHehehEHheEheee *inhales* Eheheehehheh 0:42
ttvfrost boss
ttvfrost boss 22 days ago
0:22 best porn set up
imnobody 22 days ago
Adele face is like pls help I want a go home
Hello 22 days ago
Ten goose foussey tube
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