10 Astronomical Events That Will Happen In Your Lifetime

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From comets to the very special birth of a star, get your telescopes and calendars at the ready as AllTime10's brings you 10 Astronomical Events That Will Happen In Your Lifetime!
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Apr 24, 2017




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Comments 6 384
8:13 my birthday
Ace 6 hours ago
I saw the moon close to earth in 2019 December 29th and it was red it was there for 1 hour and went back to its usual place it was breathtaking
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson 6 hours ago
Anyone else find the two stars colliding into one star kinda wholesome? I never thought stars could be cute lol.
Aniken Delmundo
Aniken Delmundo 11 hours ago
In 2061 ill be 61 years old and in october is my b-day
Boss Boss
Boss Boss 13 hours ago
My mind cannot comprehend the size of anything without the comparison of a football field 1:29
King Yolocolco
King Yolocolco 14 hours ago
2020 Coronavirus: nah these people ain’t gonna see this in their lifetime
Obama !
Obama ! 29 minutes ago
@King Yolocolco but the infected increasing is linearly decreasing
King Yolocolco
King Yolocolco 11 hours ago
Already killed 2000
King Yolocolco
King Yolocolco 11 hours ago
Well it’s getting worse every day around 100 people die
Finn Ballard
Finn Ballard 11 hours ago
King Yolocolco it ain’t even that bad
troy Day by Day
troy Day by Day 14 hours ago
The birth of a star is 2 years away
Shannyn Williams
Shannyn Williams 15 hours ago
Ahhh yes I will definitely live 400 years to see the planet alignment
Just a Bronie
Just a Bronie 16 hours ago
Three and a half football fields
Åsa 17 hours ago
Not if I kill myself
IZZY 19 hours ago
Oh I was thinking more of a kinda thing were everyone dies
Chandra Shekhar
Chandra Shekhar 20 hours ago
Can't wait for betelgeuse to turn supernova:)
Blamex Day ago
That comet thing was fake i have saw 3 comets in my life and im only 10 lol
Mirage Day ago
The full planetary alignment is on my birthday too bad I’ll be a rotting corpse when it happens :(
Zareef Uddin
Zareef Uddin Day ago
tbh i only need 5 mibs to see a solar eclipse IDC
JS Mariani
JS Mariani Day ago
supernova 1987A actually occurred in a satellite galaxy of the milky Way, a mere 168,000 light years distant.
Christopher Columbus tricked the Natives in the New World that he could control the Moon and the Sun.
Ashhh Day ago
Anyone gonna talk abt how the moon is in the back and I front of the sun? 3:00
Mr. Ditkovich
Dad this video make anyone else sad?
Lord Chuter
Lord Chuter Day ago
I'm still sad that number 1 was miss calculated. :(
Lord Chuter
Lord Chuter Day ago
Should be blowing number 9 outa the fucking universe before it even gets close to here ffs. Why are we even letting this thing come near us? We easily have the technology to do so,... what's the hold up!?
Allen Gard
Allen Gard Day ago
What's with the moon in front of the sun, but another moon off to the left?
Spider Zation
Betelgeuse it's gonna explode we just don't know when it's a dying star it will happen 2020 supernova
The HANGNAIL Day ago
backround music sound like dogs by Pink Floyd
Poopy Face Tomato Nose
Are you assuming I won’t die at a young age? I feel disrespected...
Rhythm Spill
Rhythm Spill Day ago
What's the background music!?
Badly Day ago
What if you die young?
Just_ Rj
Just_ Rj Day ago
I saw The Super Moon In 2016 I was like "Mum...why is the moon so big?" And I thought the moon was going to hit earth
DreadRBLX 2 days ago
Rip my parents will never see Hayley’s comet
Dr. k47
Dr. k47 2 days ago
Alltime10s: these astronomical events will happen in your lifetime me: NOT IF I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOU-
Evan White
Evan White 2 days ago
What if that metore is pulled in bye earth gravity
Megamastidonboy 2 days ago
2020? Anyone?😂
Son Gokuß
Son Gokuß 2 days ago
Me: being from a hundred years in the future I can positively say that none of this happened
Zach vlogs
Zach vlogs 2 days ago
I passed away and I never saw these
loldj125 lol
loldj125 lol 2 days ago
So we gonna die
Chillax 2 days ago
None happened. Im dead now.
maxidise 3 days ago
yuppp okay after this one i’ll go to bed
STRATE PAPER 3 days ago
Where do these heathens get these numbers from a bag of bar codes?😭🤣😭🤣🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥
Faze_ Four
Faze_ Four 3 days ago
Black hole when the supernova happens?heroic way to die
Bama Bear
Bama Bear 3 days ago
This video is pure lies
FedoraMen 3 days ago
I have 89 years old and I don't think I'm going to expierence all of this.
Xavier Harvey
Xavier Harvey 3 days ago
Isn't it crazy how a star kinda dies in the same way cells do. by expelling there molecular forms into the vast emptiness when it can't hold on anymore. Except for a star it's more explosive lol. Idk it's my opinion and I thought it was interesting.
frivolousflake 3 days ago
Imagine being born in 1981
UrDaddyTeddy 4 days ago
Uh im sure i seen haleys comet as a child
Jack F
Jack F 4 days ago
Jupiter could pull that bastard just enough to fuck us.....
Salana Wolfie
Salana Wolfie 4 days ago
I feel special.
Vinpods 4 days ago
Im 87 yrs,thx ill wait for it! 07-05-2021 dead
Leinad Gaming
Leinad Gaming 4 days ago
By the way - 2014 eclipse was on my birthday :)
Maka’s Guides
Maka’s Guides 4 days ago
What if I’m 90?
Jon Hunter
Jon Hunter 4 days ago
This is me waving 👋 to the future humans. I’m jealous that I cannot experience going onto another planet like you do. 😅 pls. tell my descendants I enjoyed this roller coaster life on earth. 😁
THE FIREBRIK 4 days ago
Look at the bottom of the screen
Jeremy Yeo
Jeremy Yeo 5 days ago
Spoiler alert: 1). That’s not going to cause the birth of a star ..... this assertion you’ve made is only an assumption without any observational science in plotting this hypothesis. You’re ignoring the main fact - they were already created. 2). Humans will never live on Mars...... and just - why....???! 3). “We in the west” are not going to see the eclipse, unless you’re planning to be in Africa. 4). None of us are going to be around in 2186....(you moron)
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway 5 days ago
Here when it's 2020
StarWarsMarvel 5 days ago
1313 1414 1515 1616 1717 1818 1919 2020
Mytholicle 5 days ago
Global warming and coronavirus: imma stop you right there
Max Thunder Gaming
Vien Aj Boadilla
Vien Aj Boadilla 6 days ago
*AnD y0Ur liFe tiME TO0*
claaria_ᴥ 6 days ago
omg my birthday is May 6!!!! It’s the same day on the line up planet whatever thing will happen around 2100
Spyros Giantsoulis
Анжела Стоилова
I have saw a super moon
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