10 Amazing Tanks With Obscure Engines

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Apr 19, 2017




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Comments 699
VisioRacer 2 years ago
Good evening everybody. You like this stuff? Thanks for watching!
Jospeh Stalin
Jospeh Stalin 8 months ago
We dont like it.. We love it
Rick S
Rick S Year ago
Thanks. The was really interesting. The black Volga almost sounded like a Detroit muscle car.
Tim Palmer
Tim Palmer Year ago
Yes, thank you . I trained on the Sheridan in early 70's. It weighed approx.18 ton and we had a 155 MM Main gun that was capable of firing a laser guided Shilleighly Missle.Also Aluminum Casting
Mars Deimos
Mars Deimos 2 years ago
VisioRacer Like this stuff - yes, but the video title was amazing tanks with obscure engines, now I'm sorry, but apart from the radial engines in the Shermans and the opposed-piston 5cyl in the T-64, all the engines in the rest of the tanks seem completely ordinary to me, for their period of time. I'd expect something like a M1 Abrams with its multifuel gas turbine, or a Stridsvagn 103 (an obscure tank in itself) which used a Rolls-Royce K60 opposed-piston 6 cylinder engine (replaced by a Detroit Diesel turbocharged V6 in later version 103C) combined with a Caterpillar gas turbine. Now that's what I call obscure engine, a gas turbine combined with a reciprocating engine of unusual configuration ( diesel sixes are typically inline, not Vee, and the Rolls-Royce K60 opposed-piston is just bizarre - two stroke, able to run on almost anything that will combust)
g8ymw 2 years ago
I hope I'm giving a bit more info. The Rolls Royce Meteor was built at the Rover works with some steel parts instead of aluminium as the engine was never meant for flying so weight was less of an issue (I know about the supercharger situation) I thought Churchills had the Nuffield Liberty engine (American design built by Britain) or was that some models? Matilda 2's also had 2 Leyland engines fitted. I saw some newsreel of Russian T34's clanking into Berlin and amongst them was a Matilda (How that got past the Soviet Commisars, I don't know) The Challenger tank morphed from the Chieftain because the Saudi's wanted a Rolls Royce diesel instead of the Leyland lump. Rolls Royce Diesels were bought out by Perkins Cheers Tony
Titanis2000 4 days ago
I love your channel always interesting stuff and great information.............I get a kick out of your Slavic accent
Zepheris 6 days ago
8:31 is a Chieftain Tank. Different tank to the Challenger 2 in the rolling shot after. Chieftain is using a 6 cylinder 12 piston two stroke L60 engine. A very unique sound
Daniel Son
Daniel Son 18 days ago
No bing bong
MagirusDeutz Jupiter
I used to repair tank engines, spending more time removing armour plates than repairing them ..lol
sean Nazhand
sean Nazhand Month ago
What a great rx8 😂
flip inheck
flip inheck 2 months ago
The Scorpion was not a tank, it was an ARV
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown 2 months ago
The Sherman was death trap.
Joe Easy
Joe Easy 2 months ago
The first clip of the challenger isn’t actually a challenger, it’s a centurion or chieftain 🤦🏼‍♂️
rossmum Month ago
Chieftan. Centurion is the white-painted tank with "MUSEUM" written on it during the IKV video. The Chieftan has a very prounounced, pained-5-cylinder-screaming kind of sound because the Leyland L-60 is very similar in design to the T-64's 5DTF, and had a similarly problematic development.
DriedRhombus1 2 months ago
The first clip for the chally 2 is a chieftan, not a challenger
thejudge 1897
thejudge 1897 2 months ago
I hate to break it to you but your first video of a "Challenger II" is in fact a Chieftain tank.
Cody Sonnet
Cody Sonnet 3 months ago
France, poland and Czechoslovakia all invaded germany prior to 1938
Cody Sonnet
Cody Sonnet 3 months ago
Germany defended itself in ww2
Cody Sonnet
Cody Sonnet 3 months ago
Boxer engines, diesel engines and opposed cylinder engines ALL GERMAN INVENTIONS
Michael Jany
Michael Jany 3 months ago
what if they LS swap it xD
Thermidor le vrai
ls swap are gay
TheAndyboy888 3 months ago
Actually the T-34 wasn't a good battle equipment. Just the high number of them won second world war for Russians.
Sharkão 4 months ago
We all know what engine is the wierdest on a tank the sherman firefly wich had 5 car engines welded together!
plchef1 5 months ago
What about Panhard EBR? A 12 Cylinder Flat aircooled tank running over 100km/h with two drivers and hydropneumatic suspension made in 1955!
Reginvalt 5 months ago
There no light, medium and heavy ones nowadays. There are only MBTs (main battle tanks) now. Unification occured after the WW2, so everything named "light tank" after that date is either SPG, AFV, or garbage (tank lookalike for sales). T-64 engine is 2-stroke and it is bad in everything except weight/power ratio. Abrams and T-80 have turboshaft engines.
Rene Puntigam
Rene Puntigam 5 months ago
jp 6 months ago
Your first shot of a Challenger is in fact a Chieftain which as 6 cylinders and 12 pistions, an oposed piston blown two stroke. The Challeneger has a Rolls Royce designed turbocharged CV12 engine of 1200BHP. Someone is not doing their homework properly.
Kevin Varney
Kevin Varney 6 months ago
The Chieftan tank had an engine that could run on petrol, diesel or anything else that would burn, only it did not work very well.
Raffaele Ronga
Raffaele Ronga 6 months ago
There are other 2 examples of tanks that you maybe forgot to put in the list: Leopard 1 and Type 90.
EA SS 6 months ago
@ minute 8:27 with the intro of Challenger II, you are showing a late model Chieftain until the correct AFV is shown @ 12:14. Also there is nothing obscure about a V12 engine, nor most of the engines shown.
Thierry Fontenay
Thierry Fontenay 7 months ago
As far as I know, radial engines (such as the Wright Cyclone) equipped US tanks far before the M4 Sherman. The M3 Stuart and the M3 Grant/Lee for instance. Some M3 Grant/Lee were also builded with Chrysler "5 in one" A57 Multibank engines, before the Sherman existed. As US army preference was going to the more academic and reliable Ford GAA, the main part of Sherman "Multibank" engined tanks were shipped to the british...
Frank Boyle
Frank Boyle 8 months ago
The tank you showed with the Challenger 2 was a Chieftian mk10. You can See it and Hear it with its exhaust.
Frank Boyle
Frank Boyle 8 months ago
Max Guillen
Max Guillen 8 months ago
Hey nice channel! where are you from dude? russia?
Лев Чумаков
Russian tanks better! The most reliable, cheapest, most simple in field repair. They can be done a lot during the war and can be quickly repaired right in the forest.
RW 9 months ago
Opposed piston engine in t64 sounds awesome. Like a sports car
danturbo316 9 months ago
OP engines, we should see more of them in the future :) Thanks for your work.
Снэтиік 9 months ago
Kosovo i Metoxija*
Creeperboy and friends
A Detroit diesel sounds really fitting in a tank with the 2 stroke diesel roar
Tom lovelace
Tom lovelace 10 months ago
cant understand his accent-.--
Gear Whine
Gear Whine 11 months ago
The Sheridan's engine wasn't obscure in the US back then. Detroit Diesels were everywhere, but 2-stroke engines have since fallen out of favor here. 🙁
Gear Whine
Gear Whine 11 months ago
Those Chrysler flathead sixes saw service in many an airport tug. I'm not surprised that design was used to power tanks.
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 11 months ago
tune up that cummins it could do 100
Robert Harris
Robert Harris 11 months ago
wanna be toyota scions suck. won't be long and they'll dropped. lol the Japanese Saturn
IONGAZ TABLETA 11 months ago
Chieftain @ 8:27
Berenger Christy
9:22 where battlefield 4 got its tank powertrain sound effects
Larry Schonberg
With the exception of the Sherman with the Chrysler a57 engine setup and the t64 5cyl 10 piston engine, all of the various types are very common in one fashion or another. The Detroit diesel 6v-53 was a v6 engine with 53 cubic inches of displacement per cylinder, this along with the 6v-71 and the 6v-92 were used extensively throughout the US in buses and early commercial trucks. The v12 diesels you can find to this in large construction and mining equipment and large boats (fishing trawlers for example) I would have loved for you to show examples of the Chrysler a57 engine and how a 5 cylinder 10 piston engine would work. Other than my minor complaint this is a good video, thanks
David Fitzgerald
The tank shown at 8 mins 27 is a Chieftain and not a chellenger
my dad
my dad Year ago
1.3 mpg lmao
Ruud Varekamp
Ruud Varekamp Year ago
The Sheridan’s engine is not an inline 6, but a V6 engine....you can definately hear that
Kuba Gajda
Kuba Gajda Year ago
11:36 Rudy?
Ender Year ago
For the M-551 Sheridan, your details list the engine as an I-6, the 6V-53T is a V-6.
Takuma Sensei
Takuma Sensei Year ago
Lool the RX-8.....
Renny Prokosch
Really ? No Abrams with the gas turbine
Randy Magnum
Randy Magnum Year ago
T 34's lay down smoke 100% of the time they're running, like a honda!
Randy Magnum
Randy Magnum Year ago
Originally to use 4.2 jag? Might as well have been a towed artillery peice!
Andy Harman
Andy Harman Year ago
Loved the sound of the Russian 5-cylinder OP engine. I never knew they had anything like that. It seems there were quite a few interesting engines built behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War that we in the west knew little to nothing about. Other engines used in armored vehicles that could be mentioned are the Rolls-Royce and Leyland opposed-piston I6's, and the hyperbar-boosted V8 used in the French Le Clerc tank.
dillon james
dillon james Year ago
Hey do more tank video bro plzj
noti51 Year ago
What about the Ford GAA
granskare Year ago
we had a Sherman tank with a airplane engine with used gasoline and it blew often time
Man, you missed the M1 Abrams which is turboshaft-powered with 1500 hp.
Frank Lee
Frank Lee Year ago
Anyway, they work!
Nadien Sans
Nadien Sans Year ago
I did find something that just doesn't reality. It was when the M551 came up, it was never a "tank", and 2) when the specs came up on the r/hand side it showed the engine as an I-6 which is way wrong. the text along the bottom did say the correct engine as a 6V-53T which stands for V-6 53 Series Torbocharged. nice vid though.
Billy Tasker
Billy Tasker Year ago
yeah, the other lad is right. your start of the challenger section is showing a stillbrew version of the chieftain tank with the Leyland L60 6 cylinder 12 vertically opposed piston diesel engine making a lot of noise and smoke and not enough horse power.
Daniel Paasche
What is obscure on a V12 diesel?
Mohammed Shahid Nawaz
@VisioRacer, How can a Engine with 5 cylinders have 10 pistons? (The tank in question is T-64)
Mohammed Shahid Nawaz
VisioRacer can you share a link where I can see and understand?
VisioRacer Year ago
Opposed pistons share a single cylinder
Adam Riffe
Adam Riffe Year ago
T-34’s were garbage in terms of reliability, they were only good because they had numbers, to easily change gears on them you needed a hammer and a crowbar, I could see a Matilda make this list instead of the T-34 because it had 2 double decker bus engines and transmissions just because they were easy to find
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