10 Amazing Tanks With Obscure Engines

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Apr 19, 2017




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Comments 80
VisioRacer 3 years ago
Good evening everybody. You like this stuff? Thanks for watching!
Nuno Miguel Rodrigues Silva
@VisioRacer please do
john sadar
john sadar 5 months ago
VisioRacer you confirmed my suspension that the engine in the US Sherman tank looked like a aircraft engine, thanks!
Dr_Dacosta 5 months ago
Soon we going to be watching videos on the t80u and shit or wait that’s red effects channel, oh wait wrong channel
Jospeh Stalin
Jospeh Stalin Year ago
We dont like it.. We love it
Rick S
Rick S Year ago
Thanks. The was really interesting. The black Volga almost sounded like a Detroit muscle car.
Krushpak 99
Krushpak 99 6 days ago
Ok the Lt vz 38 had a watercooled engine. How unusual is this? Get your things straight and do not upload bullshit
Lawnly Rider
Lawnly Rider 15 days ago
Hi VisioRacer, can you do more tanks, please?
Frank Biro
Frank Biro 17 days ago
Dude u have no facts we’re the abrams number one battle tank in the world it will kill that whole bs list
Priidik Möls
Priidik Möls 28 days ago
DT 6V-53T makes hell of a wrong sound for an I6. Also look here: encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRhSLQDyzqLhMG7PMg3PlMbxecWUY5jI1dIEXa4qG6JatXYPaxZ&usqp=CAU
Pete Guthrie
Pete Guthrie Month ago
P like maybe two of them
Pete Guthrie
Pete Guthrie Month ago
I thought Sherman had a Cadillac big block.
Pete Guthrie
Pete Guthrie Month ago
There is a military museum not too far from me I can check up on your information
Pete Guthrie
Pete Guthrie Month ago
Pete Guthrie
Pete Guthrie Month ago
Deltic or radial
Tiger 2
Tiger 2 Month ago
M4 Shermans are Trash
Taron Month ago
How can you forget the Turbine engine of the T-80?! Some engines like in the M60 aren't special AT all, and you forget THAT?!?! Dissapointing.
RePlayBoy101 Month ago
t-64 was the best tank of its time ... it can hold up even in modern combat
Redeye -/-
Redeye -/- Month ago
Standing behind a starting T-34 you will get a serious carbon monoxide poisoning!
Szymko SV8
Szymko SV8 Month ago
8:28 there is a mistake, that tank isnt a Challenger, because it is Chieftain Mark 10 and it is powered by 19 litre, 2 stroke 6 cylinder, 12 pistons Leyland L60 engine.
Whim Month ago
To bad the LeClerc did not make the list, as it uses an V8 that is overcharged with an gas turbine, making it easiest on of the fastest tanks of the line by modern standards (when it works...)
Diax1324 Month ago
You didn't explain what was interesting about the engine of the Praga????
《Viper》 Month ago
8:15 I though it was a T-80U because if the turret, but I saw the road wheels and it's a upgraded T-64
flight2k5 Month ago
T34 were actually pretty shitty tanks
Glorious Delta
Glorious Delta Month ago
Imagine a tank with the Bugatti W16 engine, that’s 1500 hp
Ric O'Shai
Ric O'Shai Month ago
Highlight of the mans vid is at 6:55 , GM 2 stroke Diesel and an RX8, Thanks VR
a panda
a panda Month ago
The m551 Sheridan had a variant witch could fire 152mm missiles the tank was called the xn551 sheriden
NoFckYou Month ago
There aren't really light, medium and heavy tanks anymore, only one Main Battle Tank
Andys709 2 months ago
If had to pick a tank I’d pick the one with the Detroit diesel for sure. Just be a good soundtrack to get blown up to 😂
Muhammad Yusuf Irsyad
how about M1 Abrams and T-80U Gas Turbine engine?
Oak 2 months ago
tanks pay aportant pole in paws
Sam Jenkins
Sam Jenkins 2 months ago
Were not even gonna talk about how the a1 Abrams has a jet engine well a turbine engine
6meter kuk
6meter kuk 2 months ago
The Leopard 2 has an even stronger engine than the challanger 2 at 1500hp
Михаил Коломейцев
jumo 205 TWW.
Brannen Thompson
Brannen Thompson 2 months ago
At car shows like SEMA or the Tokyo Auto Salon you get scantily clad vixens and at tank shows you get????? well, 05:35 will show you just look at her seductively draping herself sexually across a crate, pwhoooar.
Brannen Thompson
Brannen Thompson 2 months ago
how many are watching this because they also play"WOT" lol
Nick K
Nick K 2 months ago
8:15 That sweet T64 flutter
Nacho Merino
Nacho Merino 2 months ago
Only one of them opened fire. Such a shame.
Brian Anthony
Brian Anthony 2 months ago
We had the Scorpion tank with the Jag 4.2 petrol engine way back when in NZ. It was not unknown for people traveling at 60 mph on a NI highway next to an army camp to be overtaken by a Scorpion, giving them one helluva fright.
paralogregt 3 months ago
You have chieftain and challenger mixed up
Goldmarble 4 months ago
Just wanted to add a bit more detail about the FV101 Scorpion and its engines, as what you said feels a bit misleading. The FV101 and it's subsequent family of tracked vehicles (That range from the FV102 Striker ATGM launcher, the FV104 Samaritan Ambulance, to the FV107 Scimitar armed with a 30mm autocannon), were initially designed to use the Jaguar J60 engine. This engine was commonly found in civilian use in cars like the Jaguar E-Type, or the XJ-6. It's an DOHC inline six, was pretty good for its time. The engine was chosen because it had a high power to weight ratio for the time, and was easily sourced. It was mated to a David-Brown TN15 transmission, that gives it both 7 gears forward, and reverse. Yes, the Scorpion can go just as fast in reverse, as it can forwards. Britain kept using the Jaguar engine for some time, I believe they started converting to diesel in the early 2000s. Export versions of the Scorpion however, had, I believe, started being offered with a Perkins diesel of some format that I can never find any concrete information on, and the Cummins 5.9L which everyone knows and loves. However, the 5.9L is a bit of a tight fit in the engine bay apparently, and makes it a pain in the ass to work on (Referencing youtuber Matsimus ruvid.net/video/video-GMWaLWApiAc.html ) Apparently, at some point a company was looking to offer an upgrade to the Steyr M16 3.6L Turbo Diesel engine, but I cannot find any concrete evidence on it, who it is, or if anyone has bought this upgrade.
Kostas Kiriazidis
Kostas Kiriazidis 4 months ago
In the video you show as a T34-85 I now that tanks
Jochen Heiden
Jochen Heiden 4 months ago
The T-64 sounded bizarre.
flight2k5 4 months ago
Holy fuck how many Bloomberg commercials are their going to be on this video. Fuck that dude.
R E Burdoc
R E Burdoc 4 months ago
The Alvis Scorpion was air portable, two in a Hercules & also the fastest tank designed to have a light footprint like a solder All to do with what it was designed for
AndreiTupolev 4 months ago
So how is an 11 litre Volvo 6 cylinder in any way obscure? In fact it's hard to see how many of these could in any way be called 'obscure'. What is the criteria supposed to be?
rodo88 4 months ago
Nothing beats that roar of a Detroit Diesel !
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 5 months ago
Nice video. But would have liked to see the engines themselves well more details, especially that multiple straight six all connected together one. How the heck did they do that one?
Edilson Martins
Edilson Martins 5 months ago
Muito bom!
Philip Knüttel
Philip Knüttel 5 months ago
6:10 Sheridan with derp-gun
norgiter 5 months ago
T-64 is two stroke opposite Diesel engine! Still the best!!! Still in production!
norgiter 5 months ago
norgiter 5 months ago
norgiter 5 months ago
YKS Gaming I found video there you can see this new engine 6TD-4 and other parts of new Ukrainian tank project. Ukraine was a backbone of Soviet tank industry and still producing better tanks (t-64bv, Oplot) than Russians. Russia is capable to produce only image))))
norgiter 5 months ago
YKS Gaming Ukraine uses 6td-2 engines for Oplot (1200h.p.) and developed new modernization of such engine 6td-3 and 6td-4 with power up to 1800h.p. Speaking about Russian T-14 engine they have speak about 1500-2000h.p. BUT it’s “raw” engine and there is no serial production not of T-14 nor of this x-shape engine. Anyway it’s two times bigger, thirsty and heavier then 6TD-4.
YKS Gaming
YKS Gaming 5 months ago
@norgiter I don't think it has more power tho, the t14 engine can do 1500hp and 2000 in short bursts
rayo toxi
rayo toxi 5 months ago
Light mebium and heavy tanks dosent exist anymore Is MBTs (Main battle tanks) IFV (infrantry fighting vehicle) APC (armor personal carrier) Souts And Mobile Sam site
Glenn Tang
Glenn Tang Month ago
Kinda...as far as I can tell... Technically MBTs are medium tanks that are performant enough to do heavy tank things at light tank speeds, making them basically universal. However, light tanks occasionally still pop up for use by airborne mechanized units, with their designation now coming from the fact that they are light enough to air-drop for fast deployment.
German Prussian empire
You better practice speaking in english for 5 weeks this is my tip for you my sir I heard on the last list was T44 not T-34(Tee-thirtyfor) and the "Paiton" whats a Paiton its Patton(pah-ton)
Bad Donkey
Bad Donkey 5 months ago
I used to not be able to understand you, but after seeing so many of your videos i can't remember what it was like
MrKeys57 5 months ago
Has never anybody thought of building an electrified tank..? - now that we have the Tesla tecnhology and all, it shouldnt be impossible..?
YKS Gaming
YKS Gaming 5 months ago
@MrKeys57 I guess I did take it too seriously lol Didn't notice I typed this much words
MrKeys57 5 months ago
@YKS Gaming you have too many words! 😆😆😆😆😆 and dont take it so serious! 😆😆😆
YKS Gaming
YKS Gaming 5 months ago
Electric trucks and electric tanks aren't the same thing tho, you see. Tracks are massively harder to drive than wheels as their rotational mass is much higher and they have a much larger friction to drive. As a result, the motors cannot simply 'coast' while cruising, like a truck. Also, they take a long time to charge, which is going against the current trend of warfare (i.e. extremely fast paced to surprise enemies) and there is the cooling problems too, as the batteries are large and heavy, unlike a gas turbine, even tho both output massive amounts of heat, a gas turbine is small in comparison to a battery, so it has much more space to do cooling. In a truck it is a small problem but in a tank that often go off-roads and have to deal with harsh weather conditions(extreme heat), I think cooling is going to be a major problem as to move a 60-ish ton tank you need a lot of power(that's why electric double decker bus is still not viable rn and a bus only weighs 20 tons). And then there are the high powered Infrared sensors for night vision or the autoloading systems, those use a lot of electricity too. Btw, if you want to put the battery at the bottom like Tesla cars, it is not possible as the bottom hull is used to store the suspension components and of there is a mine blast, which is very common nowadays, it might damage the battery in contrast to a normal tank it is able to continue on if the mine hasn't blown it's track off or penetrated it's lower hull.
MrKeys57 5 months ago
@YKS Gaming wrong! Tesla have developed engines and batteries for heavy duty use, they have big Tesla trucks for big heavy loads for long distance, they could be converted to tanks some way, i think the strongest can haul 70ton 250miles, and thats quite a lot, only wait a couple of y and tanks might be electrified, also with all the infrastructure and logistic it needs. Dont strive backwards, and be so oldschool!
YKS Gaming
YKS Gaming 5 months ago
No, a tank is too heavy and it requires too much power to move the damn thing. You couldn't even use regen braking as the track itself already have a lot of resistance. And the max operation range is going to be like 50 miles or something
John Doe
John Doe 5 months ago
I love watching the tanks
John Doe
John Doe 5 months ago
Sorry this guy made a leg with suspension after he lost his leg motorcycle racing I thought I was sending him a message
John Doe
John Doe 5 months ago
Good man you're a great American bless you
Rob Hoard
Rob Hoard 6 months ago
A video about engines, with no information about engines.
sol star
sol star 6 months ago
Is there such a thing of a stealth tank 🙈
YKS Gaming
YKS Gaming 5 months ago
PL-01 But a stealth tank is pretty useless as very few military actually use radar to target or spot tanks. Modern militaries usually use Infrared sensors as tank engines has a large heat signature.
David Peters
David Peters 6 months ago
I love your videos. PS: Acronyms have to be pronounceable the letters and numbers are abbreviations and designations.
greg porsche
greg porsche 6 months ago
Last one 102 is Rudy from polish movie 😁
Paul Devenney
Paul Devenney 6 months ago
Does the engine ever clear up . Can see it coming for 10 miles !
Bjørn Post
Bjørn Post 7 months ago
A few of these engines could go into a series called «Engines with a drinking problem». 😁
Titanis2000 7 months ago
I love your channel always interesting stuff and great information.............I get a kick out of your Slavic accent
Zepheris 7 months ago
8:31 is a Chieftain Tank. Different tank to the Challenger 2 in the rolling shot after. Chieftain is using a 6 cylinder 12 piston two stroke L60 engine. A very unique sound
Daniel Son
Daniel Son 8 months ago
No bing bong
MagirusDeutz Jupiter
I used to repair tank engines, spending more time removing armour plates than repairing them ..lol
sean Nazhand
sean Nazhand 9 months ago
What a great rx8 😂
flip inheck
flip inheck 9 months ago
The Scorpion was not a tank, it was an ARV
Khadijah Brown
Khadijah Brown 9 months ago
The Sherman was death trap.
Joe Easy
Joe Easy 9 months ago
The first clip of the challenger isn’t actually a challenger, it’s a centurion or chieftain 🤦🏼‍♂️
rossmum 8 months ago
Chieftan. Centurion is the white-painted tank with "MUSEUM" written on it during the IKV video. The Chieftan has a very prounounced, pained-5-cylinder-screaming kind of sound because the Leyland L-60 is very similar in design to the T-64's 5DTF, and had a similarly problematic development.
DriedRhombus1 10 months ago
The first clip for the chally 2 is a chieftan, not a challenger
thejudge 1897
thejudge 1897 10 months ago
I hate to break it to you but your first video of a "Challenger II" is in fact a Chieftain tank.
Cody Sonnet
Cody Sonnet 10 months ago
France, poland and Czechoslovakia all invaded germany prior to 1938
Cody Sonnet
Cody Sonnet 10 months ago
Germany defended itself in ww2
Cody Sonnet
Cody Sonnet 10 months ago
Boxer engines, diesel engines and opposed cylinder engines ALL GERMAN INVENTIONS
S Guntha
S Guntha 11 months ago
what if they LS swap it xD
Thermidor le vrai
Thermidor le vrai 7 months ago
ls swap are gay
TheAndyboy888 11 months ago
Actually the T-34 wasn't a good battle equipment. Just the high number of them won second world war for Russians.
SimiOn 11 months ago
We all know what engine is the wierdest on a tank the sherman firefly wich had 5 car engines welded together!
plchef1 Year ago
What about Panhard EBR? A 12 Cylinder Flat aircooled tank running over 100km/h with two drivers and hydropneumatic suspension made in 1955!
Reginvalt Year ago
There no light, medium and heavy ones nowadays. There are only MBTs (main battle tanks) now. Unification occured after the WW2, so everything named "light tank" after that date is either SPG, AFV, or garbage (tank lookalike for sales). T-64 engine is 2-stroke and it is bad in everything except weight/power ratio. Abrams and T-80 have turboshaft engines.
Rene Puntigam
Rene Puntigam Year ago
jp Year ago
Your first shot of a Challenger is in fact a Chieftain which as 6 cylinders and 12 pistions, an oposed piston blown two stroke. The Challeneger has a Rolls Royce designed turbocharged CV12 engine of 1200BHP. Someone is not doing their homework properly.
Kevin Varney
Kevin Varney Year ago
The Chieftan tank had an engine that could run on petrol, diesel or anything else that would burn, only it did not work very well.
YKS Gaming
YKS Gaming 5 months ago
As do any gas turbine like the ones on the M1 Abrams or the T80 And the "multi-fuel" engines on the Chieftain and the Challenger tanks are pretty pointless as a change in fuel actually requires engineers to take at least a few hours to modify.
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