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1 Vs 1 Boxing Match Against My 50 Year Old Dad ** Last Man Standing Wins**
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Jul 30, 2020




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Comments 100
THE PRINCE FAMILY 2 months ago
THE REMATCH GAME AGAINST DARION 😤🥊 Click Here: ruvid.net/video/video-qrh74MmcANQ.html
Xxhope .chanxX
Xxhope .chanxX 26 days ago
Shut up my god literally like just cause your 12 yr old bf likes your GF either she ugly but still you have to hurt your dad to prove us wrong literally your messed up in the head BECAUSE WHO WANTS TO FIGHT THERE FATHER YOUR A NASTY SON!!
Kiah Ambrosius
Kiah Ambrosius Month ago
Bathsheba Snead
Bathsheba Snead Month ago
@Niyah’s World Sdfdg
Bathsheba Snead
Bathsheba Snead Month ago
Bathsheba Snead
Bathsheba Snead Month ago
Sani Page
Sani Page 7 hours ago
After his dad is on the ground...literally instead of picking him up....he just walks him over...in talks shit....makes jokes....like such disrespect.......he’s your FATher
Sani Page
Sani Page 7 hours ago
The fact that he would hit his FATHER 😮 just disgusts me.......like no respect....he disgusts me
Levi vs The World
Levi vs The World 10 hours ago
all you ded is go for the fas
Italy SyAir
Italy SyAir 16 hours ago
Sandbag you got your son back cuz his his shirt this hit him and then I saw it it under you to tell me they love the little boy travel aboard at the park with the red one anyone to go see this and he by himself they went to Target on a date and he bought a earring for him daddy and you want to the whip part and Swinging the trailer boy was going to hold him hand and kiss the girl but the girl slap the man the red 12
osmairi torrens
osmairi torrens 18 hours ago
LaShawna Hall
LaShawna Hall 23 hours ago
You can’t fight your dad 👍🏽 👌
Kamryhn Echols
He got known cause of damien
Kamryhn Echols
How would you feel if yo father messed yo thousand dollar car up he wrong Fa beating him up but I would’ve been mad to
guchapo jit
guchapo jit Day ago
Lost Respect🚫
Barbara Murchet
Dorian McLean
Imagine forcing your dad to box then
Jamie Gray
Jamie Gray Day ago
Y’all doing to much
I love this channel more than your dad
Daunel Lovell
Daunel Lovell 2 days ago
Jabari Williams
Jabari Williams 2 days ago
Epic battle but not fear
Hamed Javani
Hamed Javani 3 days ago
Bro wye it's your father😞😞
Mary Williams
Mary Williams 3 days ago
You do that to your dad
NoraThicc 69
NoraThicc 69 4 days ago
I hope god punishes u for that
Juan Villegas-Quintero
Mest up
Samsam Arab
Samsam Arab 4 days ago
And you just beating yo dad
Samsam Arab
Samsam Arab 4 days ago
Bruh I’m like he’s your dad over some just eggs Niigata lol
Creepy Slim
Creepy Slim 5 days ago
This is discusting im a amateur boxer and i would never beat my dad like that
Nathan 5 days ago
Angel Dowd
Angel Dowd 5 days ago
No hands at all
Davionna Dandridge
Davionna Dandridge and
Davionna Dandridge
Call game call game call game do you need your name Damien
Erdal Asan
Erdal Asan 5 days ago
It's your job but your dead bro crezy you
Erdal Asan
Erdal Asan 5 days ago
For 1 car bro
Calli McCloud
Calli McCloud 5 days ago
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
SashieBoo Tv
SashieBoo Tv 5 days ago
Team Pops 👊🏾 come on nah 👊🏾💥
LB Goon
LB Goon 5 days ago
Y’all taking it to serious it’s just gloves it’s not like it’s actual fist. The dad accepted the challenge no bumps no bruises. At least the dad know he get the punch from him.
Damian Mozee
Damian Mozee 5 days ago
That’s respect tho👊🏽fight that sh*t out
Daniel James
Daniel James 5 days ago
Go crazy songs like the game you want and get the best you have ever seen before you want it all right away and you will have the opportunity you have on your own in your life and he will not get the chance that you are playing with kev wls4 and you have the chance to play with kev roblox in his first year in office
Donovanevans July 1985
That's why your dad beat you up Damien
rodneyishmon 5 days ago
Do you wan
thiinamaree 6 days ago
Nina Mclauchlin
Nina Mclauchlin 6 days ago
Shut he ducking needed that shit
Nina Mclauchlin
Nina Mclauchlin 6 days ago
He need it that
Nyvelle Freeman
Nyvelle Freeman 6 days ago
Nyvelle Freeman
Nyvelle Freeman 6 days ago
His father brother and him are going crazy manz
joseph moon
joseph moon 6 days ago
How are you going to fight your 50 year old dad just because of a prank
Okubay Tekle
Okubay Tekle 6 days ago
Yo how u grow up man respect ur parents nigga
Geormaurys Tavarez
When u and ur dad were fighting it’s like two big k9’s fighting each other
Jayden Allen
Jayden Allen 6 days ago
On my god
Jayden Allen
Jayden Allen 6 days ago
On my god
Alejandro Espinoza
Damien wait till u fight a real Man U will get fucked up
Super Sire
Super Sire 6 days ago
I love you
Super Sire
Super Sire 6 days ago
Super Sire
Super Sire 6 days ago
Super Sire
Super Sire 6 days ago
Natasha Davis
Natasha Davis 6 days ago
Tashel Johnson
Tashel Johnson 7 days ago
they are domb
The Jordan Twins
The Jordan Twins 7 days ago
Is your dad a ok
Jakob Lil Bank Gang
Prince family
Nevaeh Charles
Nevaeh Charles 7 days ago
I did it
Lamari Yarber
Lamari Yarber 7 days ago
That’s sad 😢 he’s old dude
Kecia casteel
Kecia casteel 7 days ago
His dad deserves what he got coming to him. He was dead wrong for doing Damien Lambo like that
Mila Mandongana
Mila Mandongana 7 days ago
Damien disrespects his dad too much. He doesn't understand how much some children out there would die to have a father and he's here treating his father like a piece of idk what. Tbh I was hoping he's dad would beat the shit out of him. Your dad did too little.
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones 8 days ago
i would of done the same thing
Ishmael Toney
Ishmael Toney 8 days ago
U let her take to ur dad like that hmm🤬
Ishmael Toney
Ishmael Toney 8 days ago
U let her take to ur dad like
Halima Hassan
Halima Hassan 8 days ago
father kill him
Halima Hassan
Halima Hassan 8 days ago
i love my dad people who like there dad give a like
Dol Ufi
Dol Ufi 8 days ago
you got smch
persia b
persia b 8 days ago
I’ll take the grid
persia b
persia b 8 days ago
You lame asf
Pule Sagote
Pule Sagote 8 days ago
Adrian Olvera
Adrian Olvera 8 days ago
That's your fucking dad who will do that and Bianca do something and just ignore it and talk it like man
Nu-Cheylan Rooskrans
i hate you'r wife sorry for that
Controller Clipz
Controller Clipz 8 days ago
Literally doesn’t even have a six pack
Chrisianna Severson
team Bianka and Damien
Nathan Henock
Nathan Henock 8 days ago
Nice one dude
MrJay423 8 days ago
Y’all can’t fight
It’s unique Lauren Yall
And Bianca u don’t know what u talkin bout like I justt can’t
erica green
erica green 9 days ago
You think you tough just because u beat up your dad🌝
Life Style
Life Style 9 days ago
Why would you make that bet you’re going to lose all your RUvid channels if you lose the 50-50 chance
Bryson Fulton
Bryson Fulton 9 days ago
That’s sad 😢
Dakidd 9 days ago
noo lie you real lame for this one
Mady. Mcneill
Mady. Mcneill 9 days ago
They cannot fight
Andy Zamora
Andy Zamora 9 days ago
U not a man cuz u was fighting with ur dad and u fighting with ur brother no good that’s makes u a pu*** Ong
Andy Zamora
Andy Zamora 9 days ago
Nigga think he a good fighter cuz he beat up has dad he can’t fight
Rico Kbrown
Rico Kbrown 9 days ago
Guys go subscribe to Rico Kbrown channel help him please
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson 9 days ago
he got beat up
Javaris Rayford Jr
I kneew it
mr omaty
mr omaty 9 days ago
this is hella fucked up
Haleigh Thomas
Haleigh Thomas 9 days ago
you going to win damin i know that i wached this late but your going to win
Kela Brown
Kela Brown 9 days ago
Gary York
Gary York 9 days ago
I think this is fucked up
akira banks
akira banks 9 days ago
do.nt tunk your dad can win u can do it
akira banks
akira banks 9 days ago
damnen i tink u can bet your dad
Gaming with Darius Chatman
What happened to the love this not right
King ZD
King ZD 9 days ago
Lmaaooooo they cant fight fo shih if i was one of them the other person gone be on the flo i gotssss them handss nokizzy try me
King ZD
King ZD 9 days ago
Damian know he cant fight
Terrance Laws
Terrance Laws 9 days ago
At the end of the day u shouldn’t do yo dad like that like real talk I understand that y’all was beefing but at the end of the day that’s yo dad and Bianca if u was a real woman u would’ve told yo husband to don’t do him like that
Zamir green
Zamir green 9 days ago
Angela Grant
Angela Grant 9 days ago
Same to same i’m with you Damien
Soulemane Songne
Soulemane Songne 9 days ago
Emanuel Rivera
Emanuel Rivera 9 days ago
Damien you can’t fight
Kw Star
Kw Star 9 days ago
THE BEBAS 10 days ago
Omg that’s your dad I mean I love you guys 💕 put I don’t think you should of done that like that’s your dad he Tuck care of you and gave you everything. 😔Put I mean I love you guys.🥰
THE BEBAS 10 days ago
Who els is mad at them a little bit
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