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Join Click as we take on a special forces soldier at paintball.
Can the guys band together to defeat him or crumble to the weight of this soldiers greatness?
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
demon blaze
demon blaze 2 hours ago
i was expecting to hear a whistle when they started charging.
Strange_cobra22 3 hours ago
See ther is Captain America, and Captain Canada, Also Captain Mexico. Now there is Captain Australia
Strange_cobra22 3 hours ago
Ji’Sai Game
Ji’Sai Game 3 hours ago
Hi Laserbeam
shiva ram
shiva ram 4 hours ago
muselk ur my best inspration for youtube
Connie Clayton
Connie Clayton 7 hours ago
Me at the last round I don't know who to go for
Yeet Logan 123
Yeet Logan 123 17 hours ago
viktor harhaj
viktor harhaj 17 hours ago
Lazar beam
Logan Gordon
Logan Gordon 18 hours ago
Cray: get the flag I can’t I got asthma
Wachirawich [ Panther ] Hiranil
Bazza “Where is he?” Crayator “HES CALLED A GHOST YOU IDIOTS!”
3RR0R 4RT 19 hours ago
If i was them i wouldhave held the line with my tea.m
Tristan_ plays
Tristan_ plays 21 hour ago
M - Series
M - Series 21 hour ago
Lannan: I don’t care if I get shot, I get a booboo, I still wake up in the morning Also lannan: Plays the whole game like an ABSOLUTE BITCH
Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle 22 hours ago
They just stole the sidemens thumbnail
Jenson Lewi
Jenson Lewi Day ago
Do you really think youtubers who played games (that are unrealistic fps game) can beat a green beret special soldier from the army (green beret are very high rank soldiers)
Axel Arcovendas
That's not fair emil was L2 Spamming
Really Slothalicous
Click is he hit lannan I hit his nuts
Bryant Martin
We miss you click
Irish contryball
Wait Lazar won he nutshoted him then when he said he did not die then he two shouted him and they only get three lives
Nemesis VI
Nemesis VI Day ago
Lannan is the god of Bush campers so that’s what they should do
Emil : side note " i told them what to do" Lannan: side noe " i shot you in the testicles" *awkward silence *
mr__ pingas
mr__ pingas 2 days ago
9:33 is the best way to establish dominance
nfsbryanx 2 days ago
Lol lannan running away the whole time
Sbeve Boi
Sbeve Boi 2 days ago
AUSIE AUSIE AUSIE! FUCK THE BOI! Should have been your chant
Hero Plays games
Hero Plays games 2 days ago
Did Lazarbeam aimes that nut shot
Eddie benit Beaut
I like how the pic for the I’d he still has his barrel sock on
CCZ OFF 2 days ago
Faceless 2 days ago
They needed fresh to carry them to win all the rounds
Mr. Gufi prodoctions
The title should be soldier vs bloody legends
Jordan Ladu
Jordan Ladu 2 days ago
Why is mulsulk always opposite of lazerbeam
YourBoyslaphy 3 days ago
No offense but what kind of soldier is that I’m 9 and I could beat his ass in this game
Tikkari Herra
Tikkari Herra 3 days ago
vFqzia -
vFqzia - 3 days ago
Y do I feel like muselk was scared
Peepers Gamer YT
Peepers Gamer YT 3 days ago
If u play siege as long as ur good ur good
ChiefChipmunk 01
ChiefChipmunk 01 3 days ago
Eliot: We’ve taken him out with a nut shot... MEANWHILE. LazarBeam: Oh my god there’s a bee can you see that bee?
Mr.cracky Kkky
Mr.cracky Kkky 3 days ago
Lannan have you not seen South Park DONT SHOOT THEM IN THE BALLS
Nathan Parker
Nathan Parker 3 days ago
“Its our stupidity thats gonna outsmart him”
MAD clan
MAD clan 4 days ago
I play rainbow six siege so I’ll be captain nah you need meaty marley
Crooked uwu
Crooked uwu 4 days ago
"I played rainbow six seige i sould be team captain." Me: WATCH OUT FOR THE BLITZ
Cody Leonard
Cody Leonard 4 days ago
Lannan: shoots Emil in the nuts Lannan: GET CLAPPED
Crucial Spider
Crucial Spider 4 days ago
I play siege so I will be captain like who doesn’t play siege
Loli Senpai
Loli Senpai 5 days ago
So this why Lannans wins in fortnite he just( Spray and Pray )
PGO Yoshi
PGO Yoshi 5 days ago
Am I the only weeb that watched these vids and got so triggered when they said nar-oo-doe and not nar-oo-toe
WaterFire Dragon
WaterFire Dragon 5 days ago
hmm yes you guys were playing tom clancys ghost recon breakpoint
Desi Craft
Desi Craft 5 days ago
When your a semi pro paintball ear and your 12 watching a navy seal not doing anything right 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️
BfLx Ben
BfLx Ben 5 days ago
I love that lazar tried to hit the drone and the camera man but his second try hard shot he hit him in the nuts
Hi There
Hi There 5 days ago
Emil: “the key to this is communication” Gamers: “Ahhhhhhhhh” Great communication
dhfufu22 5 days ago
Next time use real guns and no balloon's like the other ones :)
Preston Bui
Preston Bui 5 days ago
Lazar bean is soo short compared to the rest
Chaise Osborne
Chaise Osborne 5 days ago
It's lazarbeam
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 5 days ago
Toast and Toasty
Toast and Toasty 5 days ago
I like how they put Loserfruit as the News lady
Trapboi_ Fernie
Trapboi_ Fernie 5 days ago
poor gamers man has an electric marker with automatic and semi and these guys have one shot per trigger
Amber Malave
Amber Malave 5 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Lannan: side note I shot him in the testicle😂
Vortex66 games
Vortex66 games 6 days ago
Was that guy laserbeam?
Alexander Herstowski
“Now the trick here is to not die.” (Points gun at face)
Liam Dowling
Liam Dowling 6 days ago
can i say something they actually won the first round because lannan hit him twice in his interview so click won both rounds
Unwoke Team
Unwoke Team 6 days ago
Cause it’s not for 5 year olds
Unwoke Team
Unwoke Team 6 days ago
R6 is the best game
Che 6 days ago
Video: " *GET THE AUSSIE FLAG* " Australian viewers: *What*
Xtrahunter 6 days ago
Hold up they were hitting every shot and he didn’t get out
Golden crew Wesley
As a paintball player this was funny to watch even watching the “pro”
SoulRaider21 6 days ago
Tbh the add was better than this whole video
Xx Asrecom xX
Xx Asrecom xX 6 days ago
It's like 5 people trying to kill a spider
Sligtstep 6 days ago
That dude in the back is a straight pussy 😂😂
Jhon Mike
Jhon Mike 6 days ago
lazerbeam just hits that nut shot im like wut
Prakhar Srivastava
The only person I think thought everything through was Lannan
Ethan Mason
Ethan Mason 6 days ago
Ghost Recon wild lands is better
paul plays
paul plays 6 days ago
Is that lazer beam
Saphire Axe
Saphire Axe 7 days ago
I think the navy seal was intentionally loosing so that the tactics of a navy seal can stay classified. I will probably disappear after i comment this down.
Elon Huang
Elon Huang 7 days ago
Emil aced
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts 7 days ago
I didn't know Lazar beam was in here
Nazar Gavrishchuk
Who else watches this just for lazerbeam
juan guerrero
juan guerrero 7 days ago
I don't get how come no one build?
MR narwhal68 V
MR narwhal68 V 7 days ago
With the nut shot
Shiloh Cocian
Shiloh Cocian 7 days ago
If I get drafted into ww3 I’m totally the lazarbeam stereotype
vagabond 30
vagabond 30 7 days ago
Memes beat sweats
Leonardo F
Leonardo F 7 days ago
When the pro is last alive your the lost one complete the mission
Vladof Gunner
Vladof Gunner 7 days ago
The funniest bit is that Lannan’s tactics actually work
Brad Schmaling
Brad Schmaling 7 days ago
I love how they have lazarbeam in the group of RUvidrs
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