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The Xperia 1 is Sony’s most EXCITING phone in years with a 4K OLED HDR 21:9 screen - it really is the ULTIMATE Movie & Gaming Phone! For £850 / $950 - should you buy the Sony Xperia 1? ▶ Xperia 1 Amazon US: amzn.to/2YjVa6T | UK: amzn.to/2JrtZyL
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Jul 6, 2019




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Comments 80
The Tech Chap
The Tech Chap 11 months ago
Would you buy a 21:9 Phone?
Yatharth Kaushik
Yatharth Kaushik 20 days ago
Lhar Capili
Lhar Capili Month ago
Yes id like to. But i have no money
jakilah moulien
jakilah moulien 3 months ago
Xay 3 months ago
bimal kbs
bimal kbs 4 months ago
sony is the best......but always under rated
Mohamed Zaharan Seyed Ahamed
Review the new Xperia 1 ii, expecting soon...
Nawaz Waseem
Nawaz Waseem 10 days ago
Tiny ass battery, battery hog of a display, slow charging and NO headphone jack?? It's as if Sony is trying their hardest to make thier phones suck as much as possible LOL..
Ghost_Plea 15 days ago
It can run fortnite at epic 60fps
kpsuhail 20 days ago
Wait for xperia 1 II u will love it. Xperia is unique 💗💗
kirk walker
kirk walker Month ago
Can you please tell me if I can Port the Google cam on my Xperia 1?
JDL Month ago
Why would you want a punch hole or a notch on your screen? This Sony and the Pixel 4XL got it right. Slightly under my 7T Pro McLaren.
bucwolf Month ago
I literally want to change my iphone over the years. I have never been a brand fanboy, i just jumped the wagon for products that seemed best for me at a specific time! And sony caught my eyes this year
Hugo Aero
Hugo Aero Month ago
This is my dream phone
Vic 2 months ago
Put 120hz screen and 5000mah battery. I'm sold.
Nemz Mendoza
Nemz Mendoza 2 months ago
Japanese technology: Quality Others: Quantity
Ashton Mitch
Ashton Mitch 2 months ago
I actually like the 10 plus pretty great phone imo
Hilal 2 months ago
Wallpaper ?
aSif G
aSif G 3 months ago
I've a pocophone f1 and wouldn't mind trading it in for the Xperia 1. Is it a good upgrade?
bonecake 3 months ago
Great video. Highly appreciated!
Rpesh Bhujade
Rpesh Bhujade 3 months ago
6:15 tiktok approves that 😂
Marius Gabriel Mateescu
Keep it up Sony! I love your design... I don't like banana phones. Phones started to be so curved... I hate that. Notches... Even worse 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Dimetri Drossos
Dimetri Drossos 3 months ago
i think i would go for the s10+ or the oneplus 7 pro. but with the xperia 1 mark II comeing out with a headphone jack, much larger battery, apparently much better speakers, wireless charging, and all of those perks, i think i might go with the xperia for my favorite NEW phone.
The Vman
The Vman 3 months ago
Can you turn off the 4k?
john Sf.
john Sf. 3 months ago
Judging from the pictures you post on this video xperia 1 is better..
The Malice King
The Malice King 3 months ago
im getting this phone for $520. Is that a good price for this phone?
Abdul Aden
Abdul Aden 3 months ago
Face unlock has been proven to be less secure compared to apples Face ID...can’t see why ur making it sound like it’s a negative thing to pick at
LIQUID SNAKE 3 months ago
Xm3 earbuds where is it?
junley pick
junley pick 4 months ago
Old fashion?? No at all there design make it unique..among other phones..they are good in camera if you own sony camera you know it..just used it in proper way.
motocokeable 5 months ago
I've been using the S10 Plus for months and bought the Xperia 1 a few days ago. Now after watching a ton of movies on the phone, I can't stand to look at the S10 Plus. It seems less sharp and yellowish. The screen on the Xperia 1 is really fantastic. The camera on the other hand is more than adequate. Great in daylight and not that great in low light.
Hara Thea
Hara Thea 5 months ago
I hate how smartphone fanboys here in the comments just says "Never had a problem with Sony", Sony is King .... Like LOL You say no phone is perfect but like BE HONEST
Suresh GO
Suresh GO 5 months ago
The XPERIA Z2 I had never gave a single complaint in 5 years of use. That happened neither with Samsung nor oneplus. Sony quality is top notch.
loyal4 the way
loyal4 the way 5 months ago
I'm gonna buy sony Xperia 1 and use it for 4 years i need a quality smartphone man
mcdus78 5 months ago
The Samsung Galaxy A80 is the truly full screen phone.
Jon Seaweey
Jon Seaweey 6 months ago
Sony without a headphone jack no way I would buy it then cheers.
Farhan Malik
Farhan Malik 25 days ago
Sony Xperia 1 ii (Mark 2) brings back the headphone jack... Apple and Samsung: Wait, that’s illegal!
Nick Hoffman
Nick Hoffman 6 months ago
It comes with a small 3.5 mm adapter jack. I actually kind of like this better, because if you use quality over the ear headphones I can't connect to the jack if I have a case on the phone.
Michael Woods
Michael Woods 6 months ago
3.08 I'm surprised. I sent my Samsung Galaxy s10 plus back as I didn't like the notches and holes on the screen. Bezels are better than irritants on the screen. Would anyone like holes on their TV screen?
thewonderofyou1 6 months ago
It’s ugly though
Desi Keremidarska
Desi Keremidarska 6 months ago
And what would you say about the microphone quality? During calls, the Xperia XZ Premium has been perfect for filtering the surrounding sounds, but Xperia 1 has been doing very crappy job, apart from the voice, you can hear totally everything around the person talking to you on Xperia 1. Can you try and do a test on that, and see how it's doing?
Tobias Hedlund
Tobias Hedlund 6 months ago
Linus, did you have any focus issues with the camera? Like images taken with the subject at a distance coming out unsharp? I have that problem and i have 2 Xperia 1's and both have problems with auto focus.
Avikesh Karan
Avikesh Karan 7 months ago
Google pixel 4 xl has a big bezel
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 7 months ago
Question please I'm thinking of this phone the Xperia one or the Rog phone 2 I'm leaning more towards the Rog phone because of their refresh rate that headphone jack the speakers 855 + I don't know what's the screen is enough for me to lean towards the Xperia what do you think please and that 6000 milliamp hour battery on the other phone you know what I mean
fieryfirestorm 8 months ago
Don't mind the way it physically looks. But 6 Gigs of RAM.. not for the kind of productivity I do :(
Gino Guillermo
Gino Guillermo 8 months ago
I heard there was an update to the camera(s) lately. Have you received this? And how was the improvements? And any more slight improvements you noticed?
No Idols
No Idols 8 months ago
Every reviewer misses that high resolution audio is a huge Sony feature! Everyone listens to audio on phones n for Sony to include this is a big deal! You don’t need a stand alone high resolution audio player. Just this phone! That adds a few hundred dollars in value in my opinion! So best audio n best video! Hmm unless you like worse quality why wouldn’t you get this phone? I’m so confused by all these stupid reviewers
knowledge of important issues
Just bought one for £470.00 on ebay
North Pole
North Pole 8 months ago
I love Sony dispite what. Since Sony Ericsson days I love their trusty phones.
BB engineer39
BB engineer39 8 months ago
Still old fashioned but still super Sony style which is I love it!
richystar2001 8 months ago
Sony is trying but... Not hard enough.
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
Too expensive
Sophea Chea
Sophea Chea 8 months ago
For an office user who doesn't take much photos. Will you recommend for buying?
pressefr 8 months ago
There is a face unlock provided by Google in security settings. And it's not obvious camera, its a small icon of a face to know its unlocked and you swipe up.
denny hermawan
denny hermawan 9 months ago
Nice review
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
Brutally honest
Joyjeet Paul
Joyjeet Paul 9 months ago
But love that boxy design than then rounded corners
Tigerex966 9 months ago
Please please please, do 1 month with the LG G8X ThinQ. It will be your best smartphone video ever, as you go through all of the features, instead of a hour preview than forget about it.
seydaömerfrk 9 months ago
Sony Xperia 1😎❤😍🇹🇷
Ygor Cortes
Ygor Cortes 9 months ago
This phone seems to be AMAZING. I'm just sad Sony still hasn't fixed their terrible dynamic range and noise reduction on the camera :/
Az Madu
Az Madu 9 months ago
Is the white one you're using available anywhere in the UK (will Sony UK support it for repairs)? It seems that most outlets only sell the black or purple one and there's no sign of the grey one either! Carphone have got it on offer for £699 which is more palatable than the £849 original asking price given the stiff competition. I'm contemplating it given the Note10+ also has no headphone socket and is not on offer, yet!
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
Only the Sony Xpedia 5 in grey exclusive from Curry's and PC World. Not sure about the Sony Xperia 1
Ozomaki Borotu
Ozomaki Borotu 9 months ago
😍😍😍😍 my favorite phone brand my god!
deedas 9 months ago
I was thinking of buying this until a few of the reviews left me with the realization that that beautiful screen is just going to be wasted since there is no content for it available.
Arif Zulkarnain
Arif Zulkarnain 9 months ago
Still waterproof??
Jude LopeZ
Jude LopeZ 9 months ago
Use the camera in manual mode and be amazed!
犬熊玉 9 months ago
Only apple can get away with a LCD screen
KURTH VLOG 9 months ago
is that a giveaway?
nandan prakash
nandan prakash 10 months ago
One who dislikes sony pic and likes samsung/apples photo should criticize dslr photo too as they produce natural colours not artificial like sammy apple or chinese craps
Jerry Berglund
Jerry Berglund 10 months ago
I think its in sense wrong for reviewers to say that Sony camera isnt better than S10+ or not in the same place. To be frank Sony Xperia 1 is as good as Samsung galaxy S10+. Maybe you should put it more like this. Sony aint a good point and shoot camera I'll give you that. But if you are a photographer and wants to plan your photos, its in sense better than any other phone on the market. Its in Manual mode Sony-phones always shined on. So yes, High dynamic range might be bad on Xperia 1 in automatic intelligent mode because the HDR is de-activated to let EYE-focus work properly. Because it seems to not work while HDR is activated. But if you use manual mode HDR is activated. And yes it seems like Stabilisation isnt that good when filming in 4K, but how can that be a problem really. Just stand still and it wont be if you wanna move, use a hand-held gimbal. I think just because you reviewers (not just you that is) is kinda lazy and not really try the features where Sony Xperia 1 do shines in like manual mode, and everytime someone points that out, the answer is always, normal people dont use that. But normal people dont use many of those features of Samsung devices or huawei devices, but you do reviews though features. Thats its just this strange double standard amongs reviewers. Sony phones never really gets the cred it deserves because of lazyness. Yes you did take your time for this review... 1 month is kinda a long time, not to try the manual mode for real. Sony camera gets written down just because he point and shoot capabilities isnt as good as the others, but the others aint that good in manual mode either. Only LG can compete with a SOny phones manual mode...And they do have the same issue... no one really tries that out. Somehow LG manage to make a good point and shoot.
Ahmed Jabr
Ahmed Jabr 10 months ago
I have been using the Xperia 1 for more than a month it's the best right now
Yanno Love
Yanno Love 10 months ago
Does it support volte or call drop to hasp??
Jay Kalinka
Jay Kalinka 10 months ago
no headphone-jack. have to wait another year for xperia 2.
Richard McClure
Richard McClure 5 months ago
Very few flagships left with it
spinachpies 10 months ago
Really great review! Love Sony for trying something different and I want the 21:9 aspect ratio. There's just too many negatives. Stabilisation on 4k was the final straw for me b
Quantique Man
Quantique Man 10 months ago
Baterry? Long life?
Photography Australia
Photography Australia 10 months ago
I would say it is the world's best phone ever made
Sagar Sethi
Sagar Sethi 10 months ago
This phone is good for gaming and normal basic tasks which is really good for 2019
danish Hassan hassan
danish Hassan hassan 10 months ago
Xperia 1camera is superb... You can see the natural colors also more details then galaxy s10 plus.... 21:9 is best way to see Netflix... Also oled 4k screen is best in the market... Xperia 1is way ahead.. Those people who purchased given 4 star.. Don't use beauty mode u look grt in normal mode
007 Miah
007 Miah 10 months ago
Even if Galaxy S10+ or iPhone XS Max was £400 sim free. I wouldn't buy them, REALLY REALLY hate notches & hole punches!
Crow Migration
Crow Migration 10 months ago
Great unbiased review. S10 plus is better all around. I've been using it for a week now. I have not seen xperia 1 yet so I can't say if the screen is better. I can say the s10 plus screen is amazing. At half brightness its visible in sunlight. And I've had many "wow" moments with pictures and video. Taking professional looking stuff with no effort. Speakers are fooling me into thinking they are true stereo, and so clear and loud. And a headphone jack for more crowded environments.
Rohit Khanna
Rohit Khanna 10 months ago
Currently £630 on o2uk... So around £200 cheaper than what u stated. As at my post.
Rohit Khanna
Rohit Khanna 10 months ago
Im pretty certain Netflix does support 4k for this device, so not sure if ur point around 1:10 is true.
Akhil Gavankar
Akhil Gavankar 10 months ago
Great review! Shaky videos in 4k must have been before FW upgrade. If I turn on stabilization from CinemaPro app, 4k videos look smooth. Not as stable as Xperia1's 1080 standard but smooth enough to get cinematic shots.
ismail sajid
ismail sajid 10 months ago
Very good latest tech update & phone launch news. No coz others offer a lot more than Sony Xperia in this price launch.
ismail sajid
ismail sajid 10 months ago
Thank you brother
sey 30 Spyderco
sey 30 Spyderco 11 months ago
ابو احمد
ابو احمد 10 months ago
Raj singh
Raj singh 11 months ago
Where to buy in India
Crow Migration
Crow Migration 10 months ago
Big Mike
Big Mike 11 months ago
I already pre-ordered mine. I've never been this excited for a smartphone. I hate the direction that the industry has been going the last few years.
decomposed3 11 months ago
I already bought it and it's the best phone I ever had!
McGoals Gaming
McGoals Gaming 9 months ago
Mine arrives tomorrow...cant wait
decomposed3 9 months ago
@Yanno Love don't know but I do not need it
Yanno Love
Yanno Love 10 months ago
Does it support volte wifi calling
GeoT91 11 months ago
You're taking pictures wrong....to get the most out of Sony Xperia devices, you should use the dedicated physical shutter button. Half press to focus, full press to take picture just like a regular camera-novel concept. I earnestly don't understand why anyone would opt to use the screen button when there's a shutter button. I get that it has become the norm, but it's really inferior to the physical shutter button. Again, the volume buttons are for zooming in/out, which is also a more natural way of doing it. No mention of eye auto focus.
Pan De Vera
Pan De Vera 9 months ago
GeoT91 right... only xperia 1 have them aside from newer sony alpha and canon eos, the last time i checked... am not sure if nikon already have them... yet this youtuber fail to mention it... but i agree with "some" of his points...
Tanti Tantos
Tanti Tantos 11 months ago
Pretty phone
Saahib Vlog
Saahib Vlog 11 months ago
And that's very expensive compared to other flagships.
Saahib Vlog
Saahib Vlog 10 months ago
Rohit Khanna From where ?
Rohit Khanna
Rohit Khanna 10 months ago
You can find a gud deal on it
Hung Lieu
Hung Lieu 11 months ago
Sony number one
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