#1 in Texas, #3 in The Nation Duncanville v #3 in Texas, Southlake Carroll🔥 Football Playoffs 6A D1

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#1 in Texas, #3 in The Nation Duncanville v #3 in Texas, Southlake Carroll🔥 Football Playoffs 6A D1
🔥 Bosco v Mater Dei Championship Game (CA) ► ruvid.net/video/video-4zDZ-IcoORY.html
🔥 280 Pound RB Goes Crazy ►► ruvid.net/video/video-0SGpxtCgPyw.html
🔥 Hawaii Punahou vs Long Beach Poly ►► ruvid.net/video/video-QIJHZvHv1uo.html
🔥St John Bosco (CA) v Island Power Mililani ►► ruvid.net/video/video-TBru7t_zJdc.html
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Comments 80
king king
king king 2 days ago
They still dont produce the amount of nfl stars as florida... Stay humble texas
Frank M
Frank M 3 days ago
North shore will give them that work again.
nikolas murillo
nikolas murillo Month ago
What’s the 2nd song?
Tim Washington
Tim Washington Month ago
I would have much more loved to have seen this on TV. They could have put yourself on a certain Channel and certain time and put it on TV because it was that good game!!! I would love to see them play against these teams from Georgia maybe they could do something like that race and money like a good charity. I know they have great pride in football in Texas I'm from Tucson Arizona and I know that.
Ac Month ago
Cant wait till my st frances panthers bmore to come to texas this year an beat duncanville
Q Hank
Q Hank 10 days ago
Sorry but Maryland not fkin with any Texas school.. Not even a 7man team..
thiCc P0tat0
thiCc P0tat0 2 months ago
Both teams are good, some of y’all making this a deal of color. Stfu and enjoy the game. Be colorblind, because it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, red, yellow, green, or whatever.
sevaughn Ligon
sevaughn Ligon 2 months ago
Dream Match St. John Bosco Braves vs Duncanville Panthers California vs Texas Mater Dei Monarchs vs Southlake Carroll Dragons California vs Texas
FixMyPC 14 days ago
St John Bosco would beat Duncanville by 21. Mater Dei would destroy SLC by 35 or 42 points it wouldn't be close. MD has far superior defensive backs. St John Bosco has the 2nd best defense in the country after St Thomas Aquinas. South Lake Carroll reminds me of Mission Viejo. Mission Viejo would beat SLC by 7 to 10.
Student Ryan Corson
Student Ryan Corson 2 months ago
What the music called
ricster_stm 2 months ago
Primo Benavides
Primo Benavides 2 months ago
Duncanville played Houston's North Shore for the State Championship.
Berg the Great
Berg the Great 3 months ago
so it looks like the 9u oregon ducks decided to play up
Duke Ha'o
Duke Ha'o 3 months ago
It’s a school full of white boys tf they think was gonna happen
Jay Bassmaster
Jay Bassmaster 3 months ago
Their colors remind me of the giants and the jets
Black Water
Black Water 3 months ago
How can you clowns talk down on Texas football? We the ones who started this shit. Y'all need to be grateful, and should bow down to the Lone Star State. 🤘
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino 3 months ago
duncanville isn’t the best in texas it’s northshore. they lost to NS 2 years in a row for the state championship
GILBERT Hernandez
GILBERT Hernandez 3 months ago
I single handedly can whip Duncan High Football team
Fabian Moye
Fabian Moye 3 months ago
I mean it was kinda obvious who was going to win before the game
Mekhi Phillips
Mekhi Phillips 3 months ago
what’s the second song called?
Eric Huerta
Eric Huerta 3 months ago
Wack asf
MasterC117 3 months ago
Sorry aaaaa duncanwho!!
Arthur Her
Arthur Her 3 months ago
# 56 big asab
Bill Norris
Bill Norris 3 months ago
Duncanville used to be a nice place to live until the south Dallas ghetto expanded and ruined it. 😢
adub4ever 3 months ago
This should be called the Segregation Bowl!!!
michael hammond
michael hammond 3 months ago
Welp....that was easy pick....North Shore boat raced Duncanville.
christopher Burks
christopher Burks 3 months ago
Where is lake carrol? They have no black kids on the team...what is this a rich ass part of texas?
Johnathan Davis
Johnathan Davis 3 months ago
Out there in the Mac in that nice new stadium.
Aseer Bey
Aseer Bey 3 months ago
9:47 lmao! #1 🇲🇦
Francisco Davis
Francisco Davis 3 months ago
6A? My high school was 1A lol
Connor Thornburg
Connor Thornburg 3 months ago
Duncanville is a great team, but they need to humble themselves or they'll get slapped in state again.
MasterC117 3 months ago
Wooooooooooooo lets go North Shore Eastside!!!
rayt 3 months ago
Houston and Dallas best in Texas football this will be war .
mr fake news
mr fake news 3 months ago
so teaching them to say black power is cool
Johnathan Davis
Johnathan Davis 3 months ago
Why not. All we've ever heard is white power. Don't mistake our pride for white hate. Besides it's just a game not the civil war. ✊🏿
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 3 months ago
So basically the white school vs the black school...
the king of utub e
the king of utub e 3 months ago
Y can't Texas play other states I would love them to play mater dei or st John bosco
marcus lawton
marcus lawton 11 days ago
the king of utub e Longview plays a team out of Louisiana in the Independent bowl every year
Mike Tee
Mike Tee 3 months ago
That’s game is in the city I live in McKinney tx
Johnathan Davis
Johnathan Davis 3 months ago
Mike Tee I see you baby. 💪🏿
Real Stressed Out Avocado
Let's go North shore
Retro 1
Retro 1 3 months ago
It’s hard to believe #3 is a qb because of he’s hella built like an RB but dimes.
Zee Naught
Zee Naught 3 months ago
And this was only the Quarterfinal round
michael hammond
michael hammond 3 months ago
North Shore win it all
EB 3 months ago
who says Texas has the best football?
HokiePitcher22 3 months ago
SLC qb throwing into coverage like its going out of style
deedz 3 months ago
slc was throwing all over dville this game
Flexy Bros
Flexy Bros 3 months ago
Duncanville vs Miami northwestern... Texas vs Florida Make it happen 🤔
6ROVE 5IDE 3 months ago
Hope JJ didn't tear his ACL like the coach think he did. This messed up, them boys was gone win State this year easily. 🤦🏿‍♂️
Dominic Williams
Dominic Williams 3 months ago
Sike....u thought the defending champs; who been missing their #1 star receiver all year, graduated most of their defence from last year, #1 rb missed alot of games, with some other major distractions going on this year was going to lay it down to somebody they already beat just last year? You smoking... Boizz out the east side of h-town ain't barring noone. We going to see a repeat session.
Rycue 3 months ago
Rockwall got destroyed by Duncanville today and going back to school is going to be sad for us
Team Venture
Team Venture 3 months ago
Rockwall got rocked Jeez Duncanville
Aaron Kovacevic
Aaron Kovacevic 3 months ago
Are these Highschools?
956 Fishing TV
956 Fishing TV 3 months ago
Team Venture
Team Venture 3 months ago
445 are those middle schoolers or fans
GarBear 3 months ago
Team Uprise it’s the crew people. They do flags and pushups after a td
TJAY 2112
TJAY 2112 3 months ago
Dville vs Lowndes who wins?
TJAY 2112
TJAY 2112 3 months ago
@Wooski Onehundred 😂😂😂
Wooski Onehundred
Wooski Onehundred 3 months ago
ILAMOSE Mezidor 3 months ago
Oh i remember dragons they got blowed out 50 something 7 all they have is blondies
Camden Ziadie
Camden Ziadie 3 months ago
ILAMOSE Mezidor no they all bleach their hair blonde for the playoffs its tradition
brian Lohse
brian Lohse 3 months ago
I think you should drug test Duncanville
brian Lohse
brian Lohse 3 months ago
@King Roddy Ok give me a couple of days to study.😉
King Roddy
King Roddy 3 months ago
Go drug test yourself for that comment 😂
MrJbuno 3 months ago
southlake don't have no brothas ????
MrJbuno 3 months ago
@Deonte' M. Damn it man !!!!!
Deonte' M.
Deonte' M. 3 months ago
MrJbuno they have one black dude. That’s it
Monique Aka MoMo
Monique Aka MoMo 3 months ago
Thought UIL didn’t allow tinted visors and only allowed clear ones?
Andre Wright
Andre Wright 3 months ago
Where’s the beats at
keith brown
keith brown 3 months ago
#34 and #15 for green should might as well wear shorts on field
ZeusPolamalu 4 months ago
Guarantee they come to Cali to face top schools, no way they can keep up
Nicole Alexander
Nicole Alexander 3 months ago
Texas will whoop California a new ass. BOY BYE!
Q Hank
Q Hank 3 months ago
It would have to be a Private School fr CA minus Poly all public schools in CA are trash.. Texas 4A schools would stomp any public school in Cali.. No lie. Texas is on a different level.. In California if you're an athlete the private schools will find you..
lunaSWEATS 4 months ago
Love the sportsmanship at 6:13 from south lake o lineman 77 showing love to defense player
GarBear 3 months ago
6ROVE 5IDE so what?
6ROVE 5IDE 3 months ago
It's only right cause Southlake was crying after Dville beat the breaks off them 51-7 last year, and Dville players hugged them 😂
Clapz 4 months ago
10:29 #2 trying to fight everybody🤣
PK Munson
PK Munson 4 months ago
9:46 what is this man 15 doing
Benjamin Gorenc
Benjamin Gorenc 4 months ago
2:58 that lineman is scary
Hdhehe Hdhdhdh
Hdhehe Hdhdhdh 3 months ago
Benjamin Gorenc yeah
Benjamin Gorenc
Benjamin Gorenc 3 months ago
@Hdhehe Hdhdhdh Number 56?????
Goat God
Goat God 3 months ago
@Hdhehe Hdhdhdh that's sad
Hdhehe Hdhdhdh
Hdhehe Hdhdhdh 3 months ago
He does not start tho
Goat God
Goat God 3 months ago
Yeah he's massive
A Green
A Green 4 months ago
Speed kills
beachbum8842 4 months ago
does anyone remember when everyone want a fake gangster??
TR3Yz _
TR3Yz _ 4 months ago
What happened to Allen?
King Roddy
King Roddy 4 months ago
Allen lost to the team that’s about to face Duncanville next in the Semis, Rockwall
Mayra Mares
Mayra Mares 4 months ago
Texas holds the crown rt now with 74 committes, while Cali has way less. So I don't understand how Cali is better?????
the king of utub e
the king of utub e 3 months ago
Sjb and md both had 50+ d1 recruits that's y those two teams r better then any Texas team Texas is the better overall state tho
Deonte' M.
Deonte' M. 3 months ago
Mayra Mares the recruiting private schools rule high school sports in California
John Manning
John Manning 4 months ago
Who does Duncanville play next??
Ryan _ Nation
Ryan _ Nation 4 months ago
Ra Vigorous
Ra Vigorous 4 months ago
southlake is the least athletic team ive seen play in a championship... prolly ever.
GMashtonwinz 4 months ago
You say that...them boys can ball now. Don’t disrespect them cause theyre white lol
bigh00 4 months ago
Their school is tied for the most state championships in Texas. The athleticism means nothing.
Ryan _ Nation
Ryan _ Nation 4 months ago
This isn’t the championship buddy. This is only round 4. Semifinals are this weekend. Then state championships start on December 18th and last until December 21st.
deedz 4 months ago
they have more athletes than u think
Parker Martucci
Parker Martucci 4 months ago
From the thumbnail I thought this was ncaa14 gameplay
Caleb McDill
Caleb McDill 4 months ago
Southlake boutta be a problem for a couple years... QB threw for 4000, 45 TD/3 INT as a sophomore, probably will be the top QB in his class. RB ran for 1200 and 23 TDs as a freshman, and didn't even play on varsity the first 3 games... Duncanville looks unstoppable this year tho.
146 Quality Tony
146 Quality Tony 4 months ago
State Rematch? Galena Park North Shore Mustangs v. Duncanville Panthers?
Sy Bandz
Sy Bandz 4 months ago
Go to 9:47 dude tried to act like he slapped him lol
Pinion512 4 months ago
dirtyass Duncanville. I cant wait to see Northshore beat them again.
Daniel Faraimo
Daniel Faraimo 4 months ago
Prediction on the score next time these two play?
Bryan 4 months ago
where is number 1 going to college?
Hulk Hogans Bad Mood Mustache
Looked like a battle of the QBs.. SLC has a top guy running their team. They'll go deep the next couple of years!
cHamPboiK YT
cHamPboiK YT 4 months ago
#3 Lamar Jackson 🤔🤔
David Vega
David Vega 4 months ago
Texas has the second best teams in the country and could arguably compete with the top California teams for the number 1 spot but Texas has more home grown talents and mater dei and Bosco recruit there players so they have unstoppable teams they have only lost to each other
Jheihan Shaw
Jheihan Shaw 12 days ago
@Damien Hernandez Exactly!!!! Like my Northwestern Bulls!!!!!!
Maurice Clayton
Maurice Clayton 15 days ago
Maryland does we just can't stay out out of trouble lol 😅😂
Ralph Tyrell
Ralph Tyrell 19 days ago
yall we see md play top level talent nearly every week lmfao Duncanville plays not so great teams. and only private schools recruit all the public schools are homegrown.
pasxsxz 21 day ago
Goatbe Bryant 🧢
Damien Hernandez
Damien Hernandez 24 days ago
Texas has second best teams in the country.........probably cuz first always belongs to South Florida.
Potato aim
Potato aim 4 months ago
Lol the dragons have all white ppl and the other team almost have all blacks 😂😂
Deonte' M.
Deonte' M. 3 months ago
Potato aim SouthLake Carroll has like 2 black people on their team and Duncanville has maybe one white person. Majority is Black and Latino
fazjewls14 4 months ago
South lake has no running defense . Not as good as they used to be . Duncan I’ll has a weak passing defense. You stop their running game and you’ll win. Great 👍 game
deedz 4 months ago
yeah but no one can stop their running game u just have to force turnovers
1ooTv 4 months ago
Fire game. I need both of these tracks though
Johnny_ Hebrew19
Johnny_ Hebrew19 4 months ago
I wanna see Dutch Fork Play a 6A Texas School
Deonte' M.
Deonte' M. 3 months ago
Justin Griffin Dutch Fork lost to Allen 58-53
Justin Griffin
Justin Griffin 4 months ago
Dutch Fork Played Allen when Kyler Murray was there and won
TheRealJSnr 4 months ago
Hebrew_19•_• Tribe of Judah dutch fork played allen in 2014 when allen had kyler murray
Jha manyfield
Jha manyfield 4 months ago
Green team is highly overrated. I only want to see Texas vs Florida or California teams.
deedz 3 months ago
TheKrazyTim it’s definitely just the luck of the draw slc was in d2 a couple years ago but couldn’t win it, but this year they definitely seemed like the 3rd best team in the state behind dville and north shore they would have walked through division 2 with ease.
TheKrazyTim 3 months ago
@deedz not for long as far as most total titles. Theres no teams with 8 still playing except Aledo. They are favored to win. Hell they are always favored to win. They have a very good chance of getting out of the tied for 8 with SLC, Katy, Celina, and become the first school with 9. That immediately makes the teams tied for 8 irrelevant . If we would have been placed in D2 bracket we would be playing for a other title this Saturday against Austin Westlake. That would have been perfect. Todd dodge coaching in another title game, against his son Riley coaching his first title game as Head coach of SLC. I also think it would have been fitting if Katy and SLC could have faced eachother in the title game allowing one team to claim their 9th title at the expense of the other. I think we will have good odds of winning in the next season or two with the level of talent the underclassmen have and it should only get more refined from here on.
deedz 3 months ago
TheKrazyTim well they have the most state championships out of the 6a teams
TheKrazyTim 4 months ago
That makes no sence. We (SLC) technically have no 6a titles since our 8th title came in 2011 there was no 6a in TX yet. There is no team in TX better than Duncanville currently, so that claim makes no sence either. SLC gave Duncanville a game tho. We put up double the score of anyone else so far against them, and also the only team to ever be back within 7points in the 4th qtr. Martin scored 17 against them, and St John's scored 14 at beginning of the season. Almost Every other team got 6 or less, 5 of those teams got zero points. This was the best SLC team we have had in years, we could have won this but the flip side of that is Duncanville could have won this by alot more. Bottom line is we got beat by a better team and for me anyway I want to Duncanville win it all. Noone wants to loose to a team that then looses. Guyer may win d2 title this year but that and 1 blemish on their record is from SLC. Hopefully the UIL will devide 6a into d1 and d2 from the get go. SLC is a d2 school numbers wise. SLC enrollment is about half what most of the d1 bracket has, but considering things like that I think we gave Duncanville a very good game, and now routing for their victory from here on this season.
deedz 4 months ago
they were undefeated and beat better teams than dville and are historically a top program cmon have the most state championships in 6a
GN LII 4 months ago
Duncanville is legit
KillerG G
KillerG G 4 months ago
1:16 how can he see
Wilson Nguyen
Wilson Nguyen 6 days ago
@Chris Hooper those are his dreads lmao
Chris Hooper
Chris Hooper 3 months ago
KillerG G it’s like a tinted window g
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