(1 Hour) Come & Go - Juice WRLD ft. Marshmello

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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 100
Riding Norcal
Riding Norcal 11 hours ago
I listen to this when I do my homework
Lori Meyer
Lori Meyer 20 hours ago
This best song ever
little deep YT
It's my little things in life
Wappula Carson
If I get 2k likes I will sing this at my youth group talent show next time
Gavin Cooper
Gavin Cooper 4 days ago
best singer that was on earth juice wrld #dislikes are thos hoes
Spencer Abell
Spencer Abell 4 days ago
Reply #JuiceWRLD #ComeAndGO #LegendsNeverDie if you think that Juice lives his legacy in this song
La'akea Aipia
La'akea Aipia 5 days ago
thanks for the one hour loop
Erin Johnson
Erin Johnson 6 days ago
Great song i watched this whole thing, keep up the good work,
Cardinal 7 days ago
The goal in life isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 7 days ago
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 8 days ago
Yes it is beter so YES
Joshua Muller
Joshua Muller 12 days ago
Rip Juice Shoutout to #TheDailyHour
Matthew Adkins
Matthew Adkins 14 days ago
so wird
Monica Vega
Monica Vega 15 days ago
this was one of the best songs I ever herd
owen carter
owen carter 16 days ago
Brendan Campbell
Brendan Campbell 17 days ago
He really did *come and go* 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sai Thura Naing
Sai Thura Naing 18 days ago
this song is super amazing
TheIlluminatiGamer 18 days ago
i dont like this song I love it
Fearfulwindow :098
Fearfulwindow :098 18 days ago
Every loser pressed dislike
Bella is Beautiful
Bella is Beautiful 19 days ago
Maggie Games
Maggie Games 19 days ago
thx for the 1 hour version.
LV - 08PA 783970 Hillcrest MS
This is my favourite song and it’s sad that he died so I would listen to it while looking at pictures of him
EnathanML10.1 20 days ago
yeah Marhmello
Lalan Wilder
Lalan Wilder 20 days ago
one of my fav
Poogster 21 day ago
This song is legit
Scandal Plays
Scandal Plays 21 day ago
Im singing this in class
Isabel Bach
Isabel Bach 23 days ago
MOHAQT 23 days ago
i love how he says i pry to go to make me a better man
Valter Stridbäck
Valter Stridbäck 24 days ago
Aidan Herrera
Aidan Herrera 25 days ago
This song it the BEST all other songs are 😴
Melissa Kauzlarich
Melissa Kauzlarich 25 days ago
Regina Cwiklinski
Regina Cwiklinski 25 days ago
This is the best song ever!!!!!!!
Kingztun Pollard
Kingztun Pollard 25 days ago
999 forever
Aidan Petrlik
Aidan Petrlik 26 days ago
Desmond Miller
Desmond Miller 26 days ago
two of the best artists come together to make one of the best songs
Daniel Heminger
Daniel Heminger 27 days ago
if there was a love button i would click it cause i love it
Alex Dragon
Alex Dragon 28 days ago
BLOB 28 days ago
come & go
Raptor Dude
Raptor Dude 28 days ago
This type of love dont always come and go
Nicholas Vella
Nicholas Vella 29 days ago
TheKidWhosWeird 29 days ago
i like this its very chill
The Epicgamer
The Epicgamer Month ago
This song is fire love it fav song
There a 10 hour one
Dylan Rich
Dylan Rich Month ago
The best song I have ever heard
Charles Gambino
Charles Gambino Month ago
Juice wrld didn’t want to live forever he wanted make a song that will be played forever
Cael Brubaker
Cael Brubaker Month ago
love this song im in class btw :)
Doom_crucksy Month ago
we miss him #LLJW
Don't deny it this is everyone's 11th time here
Joyful0704 Month ago
rip juidce world no drinking drugs
Big noob
Big noob Month ago
I’m always fucking up and wrecking shit
Anthony is cool
Anthony is cool Month ago
Anthony is cool
Anthony is cool Month ago
#1 hours .......
Anthony is cool
Anthony is cool Month ago
Anthony is cool
Anthony is cool Month ago
Pokemon Master Greninja
999 forever juice wrld 😭😭 this song was great
raimonds rudzajs
This song so good but people that dislike are falling asleep
Shadow Anime Plus
The description is so- *HELP**
Jo Mansell
Jo Mansell Month ago
Best song ever
Bdcork11 !
Bdcork11 ! Month ago
Love this
Augustus Renzi
Augustus Renzi Month ago
but its really good!
Augustus Renzi
Augustus Renzi Month ago
I'm surprised that juice did rock he's does pop a LOT!
Quinton Perez
Quinton Perez Month ago
R.I.P Juice WRLD
Filomena Anderson
People who dislike are high on vodka
Alejandro Serrano
Itsbanana313 Month ago
I love this song
RedChiCKen Month ago
christian keith
christian keith Month ago
I didn't appreciate this song at first but now that there is a 1 hour version i love it
Yousef Muthana
Yousef Muthana Month ago
wow nice
AIM_AR Month ago
SSSSSS 44444444444
Michelle Grimes
Michelle Grimes Month ago
i love this song
Wade King
Wade King Month ago
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you I LOVE THIS SONG
XxAvatarRoblox Month ago
anyone wanna add me on roblox XxAvatarXx10
Jon Jon 123
Jon Jon 123 Month ago
Yea I am happy because this song his
Avery Ibarra
Avery Ibarra Month ago
This is the best song ever
FunnyBoys1172 Month ago
This song is my favoriote
Andrew Alvarado
Andrew Alvarado Month ago
i wanna die
KNG Clan
KNG Clan Month ago
Thx u just got a sub
Evan MacDonald
Evan MacDonald Month ago
this is my fav song it's sooooo good
Bot Month ago
Hamidi Jenna
Hamidi Jenna Month ago
finnally a song i can listen to when i eat a peach it takes me this long lol
dhruv chandra
dhruv chandra Month ago
Love this thx I liked this vid
Fortnite Noob
Fortnite Noob Month ago
This is my favorite song
Lisa Mcneely
Lisa Mcneely Month ago
This is the best thanks also fly high King #lljw
Jacob Rowe
Jacob Rowe Month ago
I love how juice wrld sings and marshmallow does the DJ this song is the best thanks juice wrld and marshmallow
jayden Month ago
me to
jayden Month ago
thes is the behts
Jomath Month ago
Thang Ney
Thang Ney Month ago
He might be dead but this song is proof the dead can make a differrence
Xane Month ago
999 forever
Jacob Markland
Jacob Markland Month ago
This best song
KHANG VO Month ago
Greatest loop I ever heard :p.
Black panther
Black panther Month ago
Fly high Juice WRLD🕊🕊🕊
glenn cools
glenn cools 2 months ago
this song is best look to me
SF Sparta
SF Sparta 2 months ago
SF Sparta
SF Sparta 2 months ago
Jessica Miranda
Jessica Miranda 2 months ago
that song hit different lowkey fire
nolo 5
nolo 5 2 months ago
Dude i needed this
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