1 Elimination = FREE MONEY (Fortnite Challenge)

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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 2 340
Nikita Kimovski
at 9:02 there was a lama
阳性Saltyツ 5 days ago
The intro he kinda sounded like Lannan...
Mitchell Hatch
Mitchell Hatch 5 days ago
Was lazar beam talking at the start
French Fry
French Fry 11 days ago
He got fat stacks
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 11 days ago
Your intro song is fire 🔥
Cxden 14 days ago
My squad when we see someone: Wanna rush, or let them fight? Fresh see full squad full health in solo squad: i sMeLl pnenEIessS!11!!1!
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 14 days ago
Man your really growing into your own with this youtube thing.
William Wright
William Wright 14 days ago
You sound like lazarbeam
Ajay Israni
Ajay Israni 14 days ago
Hey Lennon
atley Beckstrand
atley Beckstrand 15 days ago
Epic games 🥒🥒🥒
Liam Gaffney
Liam Gaffney 16 days ago
7x7 is 49 and it doesn't rhyme
Monika Radojevic
Monika Radojevic 17 days ago
So true
TOXICRACKDOWN 3.0 17 days ago
Hey to anybody else that watches freshs streams and if you got a lot of money say “you have 60 min to get as many wins as you can and every win is 100$
Luca Stefan Sandu
Luca Stefan Sandu 17 days ago
Fresh...The bounty hunter
Isaac Gerow
Isaac Gerow 18 days ago
No one Literally no one Not a single atom Fresh: got to do what you got to do when 4$ is on the line
Isaac Gerow
Isaac Gerow 18 days ago
R we sure fresh is not the best in the world
Tyj White
Tyj White 18 days ago
Cash me outside how bout that
Yalissa Romero
Yalissa Romero 19 days ago
“Hablo engles” means I speak English and “cinco de mayo” is the 5th of May
Blaine Laurie
Blaine Laurie 10 days ago
Yalissa Romero wow no shit
Oliver Travis
Oliver Travis 20 days ago
When he says you look like cash I think... Possible kidnapper 🤣
Sarah Szeto
Sarah Szeto 21 day ago
EVERYONE *Cinco de mayo* guys 😀
Leah Deaton
Leah Deaton 26 days ago
usar código fresco That means Use code fresh in Spanish. Lol 😂
HelloHidnf 26 days ago
What we see : 👱‍♂️ What fresh sees: 💵
Spoderlucas124 27 days ago
Why is the intro Lazarbeam
Mike Ruotilio
Mike Ruotilio 27 days ago
Hablo ingles means speak English
Jack Luke
Jack Luke 27 days ago
0.35 in the vid lol😂😂😂
HeedfulWindow35 27 days ago
[Mystical] Thunderbird
How much money did Fresh make off the donos alone? Number of likes = dollars fresh made
Mo C
Mo C 27 days ago
What you do for a dollar...
yq wang
yq wang 28 days ago
Me:i see people Fresh:I see cash
vlogger Epic
vlogger Epic 28 days ago
Who else noticed that lazarbeam did the intro
Rachel Melvin
Rachel Melvin 28 days ago
He sounds like lazerbeam in the beginning
Caleb Osborne
Caleb Osborne 29 days ago
Hatch 29 days ago
2:12 who thought of will from strangers things
savage addy
savage addy 29 days ago
I hope the beam knows that hablo ingles means speak english and cincode mayo means may the fifth
Connor Piwowarski
Connor Piwowarski 29 days ago
Did anyone else see the llama 9:05
Luis Luna
Luis Luna 29 days ago
Cassius Semmens
Cassius Semmens Month ago
wtf that sounds like lazar at the start
Olivia Mays
Olivia Mays Month ago
cinco de mio is my bday lol
sub to arron rice
RUvid: uploaded 1 minute ago Also RUvid: 751k and 28k likes Me:wtf
Ismael Ramos
Ismael Ramos Month ago
Did anybody see the llama
X Row
X Row Month ago
Did fresh see that llama at 4:02
Lynda Blakely
Lynda Blakely Month ago
Are we sure lazar beam isn’t related to fresh
Jax Boquiren
Jax Boquiren Month ago
Comment 2 one v one me
Ilhan Karaman
Ilhan Karaman Month ago
1:00 did anyone see that ?
Angel Wells
Angel Wells Month ago
Sounds like lazar beam in intro
PremiumSoupBoi Month ago
PremiumSoupBoi Month ago
you there reading this comment fresh thing you're worth a total of 7 dollars now he thinks you're cash
PremiumSoupBoi Month ago
does lazarbeam do your intros
Ash Nash
Ash Nash Month ago
Dudes who can help us get some cash to buy a ps4 i wanna play fortnite 😢
iamaninja x
iamaninja x Month ago
Are you Hispanic or Australian
Dee Ross
Dee Ross Month ago
How many times did fresh say 7 dollers and cash
Andrue Lambes
Andrue Lambes Month ago
Any one else started cracking up to the second game?
Deismic-Shogun Month ago
sounded a lot like lannan in this vid
ZB Games
ZB Games Month ago
Did Lannan do the intro?
Challenge 5
Challenge 5 Month ago
1:00 There’s a gnome in the wall
Jerónimo Alverde Ayala
It doesn’t mean that the thing you said it’s I speak English
Fraaudd Month ago
Best vid yet
Rollet Rhodes
Rollet Rhodes Month ago
freshes sweat level was over 9000
Vortex_ HW
Vortex_ HW Month ago
When fresh sees a default: 7 dollars!!!!
[iOS] Deadly Virus
Hablo English that’s yes in Spanish 😂
28KB 28
28KB 28 Month ago
He got more sweaty when he got $1 per kill than $10 per kill
Cyz Roblox Gaming And More!
“Don’t touch my ball” - fresh, 2019
Hedgehog !
Hedgehog ! Month ago
Did anyone notice how much ‘cash’ Fresh was making?
Jordan Cumpton
Jordan Cumpton Month ago
You sound like lazarbeam
Juicy Joni
Juicy Joni Month ago
Asian dropping out of school?????
Dawn Gamer
Dawn Gamer Month ago
Im getting scamed i watched this live
Caleb :-l
Caleb :-l Month ago
1 Kill = money Fresh: 99 eLiMs
Sydykitty 1228
Sydykitty 1228 Month ago
😂 Hablo English mean speak Spanish
Hasan Mudey
Hasan Mudey Month ago
Dustin Larson
Dustin Larson Month ago
You should 1v1 ninja
kaun aaron
kaun aaron Month ago
SI puta tu madre y suuka
xgabe13 finnamore
Was that lazerbeam doing the intro??😅
Main acount
Main acount Month ago
You sound like lazerbean
Jayden Leafe
Jayden Leafe Month ago
Why isinglass fresh in click
Kaidan's gaming channel
Gotta go I'm going to the area 51 raid
The Profaci
The Profaci Month ago
Ive looked up to mrfreshasian for quite a long time...ive continuously watched his videos through the ups and downs of the past few years. The content mrfreshasian has made inspired me to pursue what i love most,making videos,i have cleared my schedule for the next few months for the sole purpose to make videos. I would enjoy all the help i can get while i explore another chapter of my life. I understand if you cannot subscribe at the moment but doing so would mean a lot.
Mister Crabs
Mister Crabs Month ago
Fresh didn't even notice the 2 100 bomb
Amy Bennett
Amy Bennett Month ago
I used to think lennan said the intro 😂😂🤣🤣
Beth Cannon
Beth Cannon Month ago
7 times 7 is 49
Lijiao Zhang
Lijiao Zhang Month ago
LOL when fresh see someone he attacks them then say “ GIVE ME MY 7 BUCKS😂😂 LOL a 7 dollar loot drop
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