1.2 Gallon FRUIT COCKTAIL Eaten in ~5 Minutes!!

Matt Stonie
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So much FRUIT!!!
Probably one of the healthier challenges I've done in awhile, today I attempt to consume 10 cans/1.2 Gallons of Fruit Cocktail in one sitting!
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 60
Waleed Hour ago
sounds like coochie
Nunya Bismuth
Nunya Bismuth 2 hours ago
I fucking wish I had that.
HiroFern 14
HiroFern 14 2 hours ago
I remember Markiplier
Haekal Adzani
Haekal Adzani 2 hours ago
Berbukalah dengan yang manis-manis:
Rowin 검은 사막
My man chew so much food till his jaw gets so sharp
플라이제포시 5 hours ago
hrudayesh hrudayesh
i sawed near table dogs hears
Ian Hedgecorth
Ian Hedgecorth 7 hours ago
This is something I would do looks so yummy
MatthewIRL 9 hours ago
Yummy 🤩
Eg Head costums
Eg Head costums 9 hours ago
The cherries are my favorite in that
KJK KIDS TV 9 hours ago
Me looking at the boul Also me SHARE
Pewdeipie 10 hours ago
Joshua Ruiz
Joshua Ruiz 10 hours ago
Does anyone else think he made this food look really good for anyone else
luxtenebri 10 hours ago
get used to it guys these are most of whats gonna be left during the apocalypse
Squid :D
Squid :D 11 hours ago
One can gives me a stomach ache.... I can’t imagine how many toilet issues you had after this....
Meado 78
Meado 78 11 hours ago
How the hell are you skinny
Ninja 2468
Ninja 2468 11 hours ago
I kinda just want to see Matt eat a nice meal and take his time and enjoy it
Gadget Malli
Gadget Malli 12 hours ago
Anyone plz tell me the back ground music name
BBG Lalo
BBG Lalo 13 hours ago
My mom walked in my room and thought sumthing else😳
Baligong 13 hours ago
**bathroom door opens, unzips pants** "I hope you're hungry Mr. Toilet"
0lBADSPORTl0 14 hours ago
When matt stonie doesnt find any others challenges bc he ate all if the fastfood
Marzia Moretti
Marzia Moretti 14 hours ago
The only time i have fruit cocktail is in a trifle
ke3xdrifting 15 hours ago
Too much vitamins... Go get some BigMac's :D
1000 Subscribers with No Videos Challenge
Matt stonie: Teacher can I go get a sip of water Teacher: sure Matt stonie:
Something Someone
Something Someone 18 hours ago
How does he not have diabetes?
Randel Beneke
Randel Beneke 18 hours ago
Next video eating the whole world in one minute
WattPlays 19 hours ago
I ate one of those 🤮🤢🤮
Ethan Layam
Ethan Layam 19 hours ago
the blush edit was wholesome lmao
Comrade Chadsnikov
Comrade Chadsnikov 20 hours ago
Can I have some bro
Laurent Spatola
Laurent Spatola 20 hours ago
Uh...the human stomach can only fit a max of a half gallons worth of food/ liquid..how? Just, how?
Kevin Phan
Kevin Phan 20 hours ago
800 Subscribers without videos
Am I the only one who didn't Buy the *$5 Dollar Shave*
Hazard 21 hour ago
Every buffet knows this guy as The One who must not be named. We don't speak his name.
Khadija Jabbari
Khadija Jabbari 21 hour ago
I swear this guy is immune to *diabetes*
Logan Williams
Logan Williams 21 hour ago
Have you ever had to redo a video because you’ve choked?
Shri's World
Shri's World 21 hour ago
How can you talk ,after eating 10 fruit cocktails tin
Shri's World
Shri's World 21 hour ago
Who haven't eaten this ,Like👍👍👍
ITE 22 hours ago
nasty bro
Osama Asoo
Osama Asoo 22 hours ago
3:28 me hearing the slurps be like:👁👄👁
Ricol Hua
Ricol Hua 23 hours ago
Am I the only kid here?
Taufiq Halim
Taufiq Halim 23 hours ago
hai from malaysia yow
ACe kiLLer ✔
For preferation he did not eat for 1 month
Adrian Arce
Adrian Arce Day ago
Ceo of slurping
chubz mukbang
Hi im base here in the philippines i am real estate agent maybe you want to buy condo property please contact to me thankyou
Mysteah :3
Mysteah :3 Day ago
I Love Fruit Cocktail! Its sooo good and Healthy
Enzo gaming
Enzo gaming Day ago
Matt pls remove your bandana so i can see ur hair haha
dxxiz Day ago
this stuff Is actually so good
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper Day ago
This video has 5m views...wtf lmao
Janryne Maghuyop
If this guy becomes a zombie WE ARE DONE
ZK_kiwi Day ago
i love you hahaha force a toi mon ami isi paris
Niko Day ago
How many Carrots can you eat in 60 seconds?
Malakah Zayed
I actually saw a dog ear.....and that must actually taste pretty good
Xavier Candray
Those slurps tho😅
Jerry LAN
Jerry LAN Day ago
Matt stonie: I eat 10 cans of shaving cream in 1 hour Viewers: IntEReStInG
noob kid
noob kid Day ago
This video is sponsered by High cholesterol
Unruly Raccoon
I can just imagine when he walks into McDonald’s and that one sponge bob scene where it’s like “REV UP THOSE FRYIERS!
cutedevil シ
cutedevil シ
me love me some fRuIt
Sir Toaster
Sir Toaster Day ago
Matt: goes to the bathroom Toilet: ah shit here we again
Fell Difference
But you dont have the world record on eating bowsers big bean burrito
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