#1 ♫ Gaming Music Mix | Rock Mix【1 Hour】♫

White Rabbit
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Jan 10, 2018




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Christopher Sawyer
Christopher Sawyer 9 hours ago
Pheonix Down is the best art/music in this Mix......4 real tho
Григории Шубин
Спасибо за крутую музыку
Nobody: Exactly nobody: Me when I hear Skillet:😍😍😍😍😍
Zes 3 days ago
Greg David Moron Castellanos
el rockkkkkkkk
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 4 days ago
Es hermoso
SZSP • 69 years ago
*Modern Nu Core* I cant believe this exists....
Azrael Darkness64
That is awesome work
Redrine Snow
Redrine Snow 6 days ago
no soil ?
良い悪い 中に
That's a strong way to start off! :D
Heru Siswanto
Heru Siswanto 9 days ago
9 days ago
SRDIAS SRDIAS 10 days ago
Maggie Reese
Maggie Reese 10 days ago
The idea of immersing yourself in the music "without noticing the passage of time" while doing some random task around.
Greg Schoellhammer
Greg Schoellhammer 11 days ago
Ach mein gott! These are fire! 💯Ich liebe dich alles!
sid sid
sid sid 11 days ago
Javiera Garrido
Javiera Garrido 11 days ago
Villager 12 days ago
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Gaming music
Gaming music 13 days ago
Cool 🔥 U can also watch this ruvid.net/video/video-JlXJ9ZLbxUo.html
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1-Elliot Jacobs
1-Elliot Jacobs 14 days ago
alexander almeida
alexander almeida 15 days ago
undertale ost
Gl1tch UwU
Gl1tch UwU 16 days ago
It me in vidéo game
ice dov
ice dov 18 days ago
Since when is Pendulum classified as "rock"? hmmmm
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 17 days ago
Ravioli Patchouli
Ravioli Patchouli 19 days ago
not sure if this got recommended to me because of Remilia Scarlet thumbnail or because I listen to EDM
marcelo azevedo
marcelo azevedo 21 day ago
pesadão em
H -ray
H -ray 23 days ago
JOTA PT 23 days ago
Amazon One is a step closer to The Mark of the beast bewere people don't be fooled ruvid.net/video/video-E4_ThFDx0VA.html
Юра Кузьма
Song is old eleven years ago
Alex Voxel
Alex Voxel 24 days ago
Great songs!
ZERO :3 24 days ago
Nickel Core
Nickel Core 24 days ago
Ничё такой микс, одобряю :з
SINIXSI 25 days ago
I have physcosis which doesnt mean what people think which is like a murderer or something i have a diconnection from reality so i have a entire world inside my head and i listen to music and i used this mix to battle one of the most powerful people in that world and its intenst so intenst i wanna make a anime out of it lol
lange darm
lange darm 26 days ago
you call this crap rock?
lange darm
lange darm 16 days ago
@White Rabbit it took you a week to translate :-P? anyway: this is NOT rock, man.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 17 days ago
i call this shit comment
Mrnjau 26 days ago
Nationalist 27 days ago
74k XD
aziui 27 days ago
well, this is more metal than rock, but this is fucking lit
Lucas Diaz
Lucas Diaz 29 days ago
Radiant Vibes
Radiant Vibes Month ago
No wonder this is the #1 Mix. Gotta start of "Stronger" than anyone else 💪😏
Xy Hard
Xy Hard Month ago
I recorded 3,5H with all music of this playlist, after upload on unlisted for a friend, 24 MAILS OF COPYRIGHT FROM RUvid
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 17 days ago
welcome my world
Lucas Demorais
Lucas Demorais Month ago
ER Month ago
dem my finger clicks the mouse very very fast when i hear this music 😂😂😂😂
Carlos Eduado Siestrup
Could you post a link to download all the images you used without the name of the song in the corner? I think they would make nice wallpapers.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 17 days ago
№1 yadi.sk/d/moKmfHO9p16tFQ №2 yadi.sk/d/fSRKLT7VzmKmog №3 yadi.sk/d/HOQXf10qwwTGxA №4 yadi.sk/d/moKmfHO9p16tFQ №5 yadi.sk/d/aR7xDp_qS3w0ZA №6 yadi.sk/d/64UI_KY59DlOog №7 yadi.sk/d/_YnoLm9QsRrQ3Q №8 yadi.sk/d/gKG4CGk_H4e9YA
Restless Films Production
I don't know why anyone would listen music while playing games, other than the soundtrack of the game. Personally I never listen something else than what's in the game while playing. That being said, this mix is really great and good to play when doing things like practicing sport or playing at home.
Restless Films Production
@White Rabbit Oh yes, sure everyone has their own taste, that's the point. :) This is why there's so much diversity in games, books, movies and...musics. As for me, I would have never taken an interest in gaming if it weren't for those games I've mentioned, and the music plays a major and crucial role in those, to create the whole emotion and atmosphere. They basically build what the game is in terms of sound (besides sound effects, footsteps, whispers, etc). And credits led to beautiful songs as well.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 17 days ago
@Restless Films Production I played 10 years ago) you can play there purely for the sake of music) and everyone has their own taste
Restless Films Production
@White Rabbit I believe you :) I'm not familiar with racing games, they're a whole different world for me who mainly plays survival horror games (as well some non-horror adventure games like Jak and Daxter franchise)
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 17 days ago
@Restless Films Production I played few games, but as for me, the best tracks in NFS Most Wanted)
Restless Films Production
@White Rabbit Well, I'm glad so far I've only played games with great soundtracks, that I still listen even when I'm not playing (Silent Hill, Okami, Fatal Frame, Forbidden Siren, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil, Alone in the dark, etc)
Katayoon Eghtesadi
LISTEN IT PLAYING AATROX **WINING** btw, 40% Cdr + Ultimate hunter = 15 secondes ult cooldown :DDDDD
Eldremor Month ago
The Gaming Music Mix 15 was blocked here in Brazil 😫
Pablo Luque
Pablo Luque Month ago
Muy bueno pero puro anuncios
Namoth Month ago
the background image to ''Lacuna Coil - Intoxicated' 4:05 ...cant help to imagen humans & elfs having grown an empire on hunting draconians to extinction while draining the very land dry of energy and now the last primordial matriarch wich all ther species originated from awakened from the deepths and decided to scour the planet clean of all humans & elfs and visit the same mercy upon them that ther locust like behavior gave all others when they spread across the realm building ther spires with the suffering of others.
Graham's Work Stuff
Just the thing for turning a bad day at work into a good day. Thank you.
ElMarcianoNigga DeArentina
Jasson Magne
Jasson Magne Month ago
song 1 this is better ruvid.net/video/video-t8aWe1ks720.html
tiago esser
tiago esser Month ago
JayIceColdD Month ago
Great mix! Although I don't listen to outside music while playing games, these are great tracks. Might use them as a workout mix instead.
{good Music Nation }
Very goood
Animal Pandinho
Animal Pandinho Month ago
Lord Noob
Lord Noob Month ago
fucking anime arts ...music good
Isaac Gonsalez
Isaac Gonsalez Month ago
I love this mix so much 😝
Skylar Keller
Skylar Keller Month ago
motivational speech
Captain J. Flint
Клевая подборка. Респект!
Steven Cruz
Steven Cruz Month ago
¡Realmente AMO esta lista!
TOP01TODAY01 Month ago
So fantastic video ruvid.net/show-UCkhV7LFJXfp9VtLEqffAnxw?view_as=subscriber
Русский надзор
Спасибо, было очень приятно послушать несколько раз. (даже не хочется переходить к следующим частям, а только на первой и сидеть.)
Amazing InstaFilms
Слушаю СУКА уже 2ой год блять !!!!
Taylor Fisher-VanDerVeen
Call me crazy but this mix put on 1.25x speed is the craziest bench press song you will ever hear. Instantly ups that testostrone
DRIPTRAP Month ago
i like that ;) thanks for uploading
Mateusz Orzechowski
Could anyone send me link with this picture from 4:10 to 7:30 minute? It is so much in my style 🥺😍
BURBERRY Month ago
Ima Gamer96
Ima Gamer96 Month ago
The picture for Lacuna coil - intoxicated, is that from something like a film or comic cos that looks cool, actually can anyone tell the different picture what there from if you know
Mauricio Torrealba Diaz
que buenos temazos amigo me re motivo tu video mis 10
TopMusic Month ago
I also made a rock playlist, whoever wants to take a look will be grateful ❤
Cyprian Munene
Cyprian Munene Month ago
So badass... I wish it was a nonstop AMV
EL BRAYAN Month ago
aquí haciendo las guías a las 4 am:((
JA NO Month ago
Amei! Love it!
JhinMaster64 Month ago
Kristy Lewandowski
gummy bear song
GOD OF MUSIC Month ago
Damian Cosme Sacsa Moscoso
las imagenes que usas de fondo para las canciones , podrias pasarlas :v
Just MATT Month ago
This playlist is such a hype .. every time I be feeling low and outoff tune - this jus sets me on the right mood and vibe ‼️🔥🎉
Patrik YT
Patrik YT Month ago
what is anime name all pictures?
Sauron Ikov
Sauron Ikov Month ago
definitely not my gaming music.. but its okay i guess
Simsad Month ago
29:15 What is this image from?
V . F
V . F Month ago
acho que devo ser o único brasileiro ouvindo essa maravilhosa playlist de rock
Yumii Hatake Hyang Mii
nunca na galáxia kkk
V . F
V . F Month ago
@BURBERRY vamo dá deslike nesse porra por Não fazer sentido
BURBERRY Month ago
Play Games
Play Games Month ago
TopMusic Month ago
eu fiz uma tambem meus queridos se quiserem dar uma olhada ficarei grato💥
Kazhix Month ago
excellent !!
Nikita Glagolev
Nikita Glagolev Month ago
Отличные композиции, слушаю с удовольствием, лайк.
COMM4ND0-Steve Month ago
actually pendulum its not rock, its drum n bass
juh ʟᴜʜ sᴇᴛʀᴀ , .
22:55 WIEI
brendow walef
brendow walef Month ago
25:54 RWBY ta fazendo aquei mds kkk ainda com um lobo do lado ? kkk que isso em
brendow walef
brendow walef 10 days ago
@I M P O S T E R so porque conheço? Sou fã ? Eu assisto o anime kkk não sou fã como pensa assim
I M P O S T E R 11 days ago
No Noed for you
No Noed for you Month ago
i dont know why you call some of these songs rock because they count as metal, but i still enjoy your music taste :D
Ignacio Lukšić
Muy buenas las canciones en esta compilación.
Fated Oblivion
Fated Oblivion 6 days ago
@Matt Clark 😂 lololol
Matt Clark
Matt Clark 12 days ago
Kkkkjkkjkjkjjkkkjjjjjjkkjjjjjjj=hi hook j j him j j j him juju j him hi j jojoba Jon j OK j hook ? ±±++.. ±
Fabian Month ago
Starts as one of the best music mixes i've ever listened to.. then you introduce screaming and dubstep and whatnot :/
Fabian Month ago
@Edwin Medina Despite my comment i also kept coming back. Still i would prefer it if some of the screaming was not in it^^
Edwin Medina
Edwin Medina Month ago
I fall asleep and then I wake up to Electric Guitar and drum and then I fall asleep again then wake up with the 3rd to last song lol. This stuff is awesome
Crime master Gogo
I'm playing pubg and I have died 30 times while listening to this collection. lol
Cameron Wark
Cameron Wark Month ago
Crime master Gogo
@Ultimate Gamer what is LOL?? Is it a game?? Or did you just laughed out loud. I'm confused 😂 Also bad news for pubg mobile gamers. It's banned. But luckily I play PUBG pc. 😂 Hum toh bach gaye banned hone se..lol
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer Month ago
@Crime master Gogo Oh,i haven't played much RPG's before,but now i play all kind of games,i even started playing LoL which was boring to me a year ago..
Crime master Gogo
@Ultimate Gamer right now I'm into BR games i use to play RPGs games before but now a I days I don't feel like playing RPGs.
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer Month ago
@Crime master Gogo Also what kind of games you play ?
Uma Raja
Uma Raja 2 months ago
wow sad
wow sad 2 months ago
Cant stop repeating this mix so amazing...
Times Square
Times Square 2 months ago
i love it
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